Swaragini 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laksh falling from his car and holds the tree branches, just as he is about to fall in the valley. Ragini shouts his name and goes to his rescue. She asks him to hold her hand and says I can’t let anything happen to you. She calls Swara asking her to help her. Swara helps Ragini and asks him too forward his hand. Sanskar comes and asks Laksh to forward his hand. He holds his hand and pulls him towards the safe side. Ragini cries. Swara asks her to calm down and says nothing has happened. Sanskar scolds Swara and asks are you a super woman. You would have told me before making this plan. If anything would have happened to you. Swara says that why I didn’t tell you. Ragini asks Laksh if he is fine and recalls her kidnapping incident.

Just then Garodia family

and Maheshwari family come there. They are all shocked. Swara tells Laksh that Ragini saved you today without caring for her life. She says Ragini loves you so much, and now….how can you be so disgusting Laksh….You have tried to kill my sister and you thought that I will not know about it. She says I was doubtful about you, when you said about the kidnappers nail marks. She says when Uttara confessed, I knew that she can’t do this alone. There was no mark on Uttara’s hand. Laksh feels bad. Swara holds his hand and shows nails marks on his hand. She says Ragini said that there was a green light falling on her, and says she saw same green light when the electricity was off yesterday. She says she has seen his watch yesterday. She shows the watch to everyone and says you are careless and doesn’t know that you lost the watch. She says I was hiding behind the car back seat and called Dadi and Maa to let them know our exact location.

Ragini says I accept that I have done a bad with you, but murder…..you wanted to kill me Laksh. Laksh says I want you to make you leave from my life. He says I love Swara and want to unite with her. She got married to my brother infront of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. You have started accusing Swara and tried to proved her characterless. He says because of you, we are all here. He says I don’t want to kill her, but wants her to go away from my life. I want this even now, and says I hate her very much. He says Ragini has broken our relation because of her motive. I just wanted to punish her and doesn’t know what I was doing. Annapurna slaps him hard.

Annapurna asks didn’t you feel shame to have kidnapped your wife. First you have kidnapped her and then tried to kill her. She says you took your sister’s help in this, and says you didn’t do right. She asks him to apologize to Ragini. Laksh folds his hand and apologize to her. He says I didn’t know when my hatred turned into revenge. I am really sorry..and apologizes to Swara also. Dadi says no and says you won’t get forgiveness for this. Durga says I am seeing a criminal in you today. Dadi says he is a criminal only and he shall go to Jail. (She did forgot that Ragini is a big criminal than Laksh, and is mending the rules according to her advantage). Police comes. Dadi asks Inspector to arrest him. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi tells Inspector that Laksh has tried to kill his own wife and her grand daughter. Annapurna folds her hand and asks her not to get her son arrested. She asks Inspector to leave her son and asks Durga Prasad to say something. Durga Prasad asks Dadi to think again and says I promise that I will punish Laksh. Don’t get him arrested. Dadi asks Inspector to arrest Laksh. Inspector says you can get death sentence for this crime. Inspector arrests Laksh and takes him. Durga Prasad tells Dadi that………..just then Annapurna collapses and faints. Everyone rush to her…Ragini cries as usual. Swara asks Annapurna to open her eyes.

Same precap. Doctor informs Durga Prasad about Annapurna getting a mild heart attack. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to give his wealth to Ragini to save Annapurna. Durga Prasad gives his wealth to Ragini. Ragini gets a make over and says she will write Maheshwari family’s destiny. She slaps Laksh. Swara shouts Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Saba

    Aj pahli bar laksh ko daikh kar such main raham aaya! I think he’s not bad at all and ragini’s character is fully confusing because if her innocent face, cant understand either she’s acting or not! I love sanskar’s character but some time, I feel he’s such a dumb! He has no words to say anything! Though swasan scene is good! And yeah at the end! Swara mahan! Today I totally irritated to see her! What’s her business to interfere in everybody’s problem!! Had hain…. Is se acha yeh adha ghunta banda kuch aur kar lain! Aur dp kitna mazlum lag raha Tha aj! But had kar diya! But sub se bade dumb hum hai Jo yeh drama roz daikhne baith jate hain

  2. How stupid?? Ragini swara ko mar sakti he. Koi ragini ko mare to galat. Aur ragini ko kese maheshwari sare power due sakte he. Dadi ye haak swara ke liye mangti to thee tha par ragini ke liye kyu.??? Stupid dadi

    • rosy

      ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!! joh kuch rags kare wow sabhi pyar ko pane ke liye aur agar swara sanskar laksh badla lene ke liye kuch kare toh all okkk??????? directors writers go and eat grass you will get enuf brain to think and put things logically!!!…..

    • Deepa

      Wahi to even laksh ne bhi to apna pyaar pane ke liye hi kiya na ye crime. And dadi jo dp ko phasa rahi hai, wo sare bhi to ragini ka video police ko de sakte hai, jisme usne clearly kaha hai ki she tried to kill swara. Dumb serial makers.

      • Ha agar dp bhi black mail kare k woh ragini ko arrest karva sakte. Attempt of murder and fraud me. Chalo swara baks bhi due tab bhi ragini par strong fraud ka case bana sakte he. And after dadi asking for power for ragini they definitely can.
        Dumb serial

  3. [email protected]

    Saba please update ur ff

  4. anu

    swaragini: ragini tells her dadi that she will take her revenge from everyone who has hurt her. she made a chart and kept note on what to snatch from that person. ragini shares her plans with dadi . she hides that chart behind the family photo frame. bajirao mastani stars have come in swaragini. ranveer performs in the show to promote his film. deepika is also with him. ranveer and deepika came to make moment colorful. bajirao has saved sanskaar’s life in the show. swara comes to convince sanskaar. the goons attack sanskaar. bajirao and mastani teach swara the love lesson. swara thinks she loves sanskaar and is dependent on him. she hopes she patches up with sanskaar. ragini is wearing burqa and is after them. she wants to take proof against durga prasad., by which swara and sanskaar can save durga prasad. ragini does not want durga prasad to get free and wants that proof..

  5. Honey

    What nonsense. If Laksh deserve to go to for trying to kill Ragini then Ragini deserve to go to hell for what she did. She tried to kill swara (twice), kidnapped her mother but she is still in the same house. What a direction yaar..

  6. Tara

    I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee swara today. Hateee toooo d coreeee. Why didn’t she go against dadi. She should have said she too want to file complaint against ragini for trying to kill her on her wedding day. Hateeeeeee swara. Even i felt 1% sad for ragini. Poor laksh.. both tes girls doesn’t deserve him. He s such a gem.. sanskar awesome as usual. Hate only swara. Hateeeee swara. Foolishhhhhhhhhhhhhh writers. They don’t have even little creativity or idea or doesn’t know how to make stry. Tey r many fan fictions here farrrrr farrrrrrrrrrrr better than them. Tgey can evn resign their job. Stupidddddd track

  7. Mm

    Really stupid serial… Actually ragini is big criminal bt dadi forgot this one. How much he felt bad by losing his love. So sad… Laksh did right.. He got so much pain that why he did this..why swara also supporting her sister always… Every one happy except laksh.. May be future swara and sanskar become lovers… That time also laksh feel so pain seeing them.. Who understand his love…???

  8. s

    sanskaar scolding swara.. hope their patch up will soon.. swara also realizes that she loves him and dependent on him.. she wants to patch up with him soon and their love track comes now.. and sfter the goons attack she is protective towards him and family… want to see how swara saves them with evil ragini clutches.. tomorrw total dadi asking the home keys handover ragini dp gives.. and dadi taking this as advantage only.. swasan rocks.

  9. Mm

    Actually starting I love swalak pair …. That’s why I started watching serial. Tmrw onwards I never watch this serial … I hate so much..

  10. kashis

    seriously today I am irritated because of dadi.. ragini has made so many mistakes still she didn’t go to jail. but laksh is going to jail. I know laksh has committed crime, but its the evil deeds of ragini which has compelled him to do so.. and coming to sanskar… though he is angry upon swara now , still he is so much concerned for swara. so genuine guy. and swara why the hell putting her head in everybody’s matter.. still supporting her sister..

    • Lucky

      This dadi always irritated me also.. Laksh did a crime so going to jail is justifiable but ragini also must go with him to jail.. and sometimes swara also irritate us when she think herself as mahan.. but what to do i love swasan..

      • kashis

        true lucky because of swasan only we are watching the show.. today only sanskar seemed genuine to me.. apart from him, everyone is dumb… swara literally yaar mahan.. always supporting her sister.

        true ahana… swara too today irritated me…

    • ahana

      agree with dadi calling laado is more irritating now ..
      today i feel only sanskar as genuine all others are selfish including swara

  11. vaidehi

    Ragini is paagal in laksh love
    Laksh is paagal in swaras love
    Daadi is paagal in lados love
    Aaj sbse zyada gussa dp pe aaya vo usulo vala aadmi hai to chup kyu tha daadi ko thappad maar do usi ne ragini Ko galat parvarish di aur phir aag laga rhi hai
    Sirf swara aur sanskar hi practically sochte hain

  12. jo

    tomorrow or friday we see some emotional sanlak scene where sanskaar comes and cup laksh face and consoling and raglak divorce papers where she is burning papers… yesterday only i thought when swara telling laksh about proof and he opened the cupboard and taking watch i had some doubt about the clue regarding that only.. my imagination is correct.. waiting to see swasan reunite soon.. and fight with ragini for family..

  13. Seriously ragini deserves no right to punish laksh I wont say laksh was right bt sumone other than ragini can punish him this make over everything looking silly to punish laksh she is nt a good lady to talk abt hatred to him she was the one who changed him feel pity for laksh his life was ruined coz of ragini and today asusual swasan rockzzzzz

  14. Akira

    Ragini tried to kill swara .. Jb police kyu ni bulai uski dadi ne… Apni maa ko kidnap kia.. Jb kyu ni bulai police ?? Or aj lask ne use kidnap kia or marne ki koshish ki to police bula li…dkha jaye to laksh pe kidnapping nd atmpt to murder ka charge bnega..ye dono charge to ragini pe b bnte h??

    Such a fool nd dumb people they r..khene ko dp itna bda bsns man h pr itni dimag ni lga skta tha wealth dene se phele ki m ragini ko b jail bhj skta hu.. Uske pass to proof bhi h wo CD.. Idiot nd useless fellows

  15. khushi

    Ragini ke character ko sai sabit karne ke liye innocent characters ko kyi kha rhe ho sale kamine log, serial banna nai ata to bnane kyu baith jate ho

  16. Ragini swara ko maare tho dadi ko koi problem nahi hai aur agar ragini ko maare tho jail tho ragini ko jail kyu nahi beja swara ko maarne ke liye ?????

  17. bhuvi

    Oh god… Y al r creating this much drama .. They didn’t do anythin after knowing ragini truth of tried to kill swara…but now y??? So all family (maheswari n gadodia ) Oly care for ragini not for others… N atleast laksh felt sorry for Wat he did with ragini… But ragini… She never felt sorry to her sister til now… She is the main culprit…yes I accept that lucky did a crime…ragini used to say na pyaar aur jung mei sab jayase… Then y not in hater…

  18. amilu

    ragini has tried killing swara ,but noone raised finger against her
    but when swara was accussed of kidnapping ragini ,ap sent her to police station
    the real serial is getting boreed while fanfictions are getting superb
    i thnk they should change the real scriptwriters of the serial

  19. archana

    I just hate today’s episode. Yaar matlab ragini kuch bhi kare toh thik baki sab galat. hope to see swasan soon

  20. Astha

    What the hell is this gng on..why did dadi did not called the police when ragini tried to kill swasa..
    Bechara laksh..
    Nd sanskar..awsm as usual..loved his concern towards swara

  21. Johanna

    Swara is the most selfish person I have ever seen.. first married sanskar to unite her parents.. but always fought with him,insulted his feelings towards her.. Idiot… If she could ask laksh to accept ragini citing the reason that she loves him,why can’t she accept sanskar on the same grounds? Laksh who is hurt very much by ragini did the right thing in kidnapping her.. and he did that also to avenge Swara… but Swara the idiot still supports her sister.. now again ragini is gonna show her true color.. Swara deserves every bad thing that’s gonna happen to her

  22. rosy

    swara you go and open an ashram if you wana do samaj seva….everytime rags ka dialogue wen she is in trouble is that “swara tum hamare saath aisa kaise kar sakti ho???/” but but but swara never even once said jaise tum kar sakti ho waise mein bhi kar sakti hu….

    and today i felt the only good thing happened was the dialogue by laksh to rags that the way you plotted against swara sanskar n me is no comparison to wat i have done…laksh only learnt the whole planning from rags…she tried to kill swara and she was not sent to jail but wen laksh tried the same he will be in jail….wow directors….

    writer are you one of them who was being a victim of 498A that you are actually hinting how many corrupt cases have already taken the law’s advantage????

  23. Harsha Ganesh Upadhyay

    Swasan,Raglak rocks.Nice episode.I like Swara-Sanskar jodi very much than Ragini-Laksh jodi.Main vinanti karta hun ki SWASAN ko ek kardo, they are made for each other.Swasan rocks.Ragini hai ek number ki nautanki.Ek baar phir “SWARAGINI” ko ek ho jane do.

  24. Pls writers just tel us what we are fools to watch this drama…what laksh did man!!!! Oh god dadi pls look at own grand daughter after that taunt others!!!! Now infront of others Ragini is good!!! Swara ye Mahan!!!! Pls make swara realize her love for sanskar!!

  25. sanju

    bollywood life.com..
    swaragini: laksh to hire goons to attack sanskaar?
    amidst chaos, swara annd sanskaar will be seen coming closer.
    revenge, betrayal and love are ruling swaragini now. in last night episode, we saw how lakshya makes an attempt to murder ragini as swara tries to stop him. however, he falls off a precipice and gets saved by sanskaar, swara and ragini.
    there is buzz that in the upcoming epsiodes, we will see lakshya trying his best to seperate swara and sanskaar. he will hire goons to beat up sanskaar and finish him off if possible. he will put up a fight but will be overpowered by them. then, ranveer singh who will promote bajirao mastani on the sets of the show make a heroic entry and save sanskaar from the goons.
    in the mean time, there will be a lot of nok-jhok in between swara and sanskaar. he will be upset with her as she doubted his intentions, when he burnt the red blanket. she will be seen apologising to him but he won’t be in a mood to forget or forgive. swara will realizes her feelings for him and feel possesive and protective abot him.
    on the other side, there will be a bitter war between lakshya and ragini. she has now shifted her attention from swara to him and is sparing nothing to make his life hell. the beneficiaries will be swasan who will use this to get closer and develop a deeper bond.

    • Neha

      Hi shuva I’m fine dear sanskar was soo genuine today his love and care was just so much expressable yaar swasan rocks yaar yeah laksh is not wrong but doing bad with swasan he framed swara in his kidnapping bcoz of him she went to jail this is not love

      • Yeh neha
        He should have not done that. Because of him swara went to jail. And yeh I liked the bit when sankar was telling swara of, he called her super girl. But 1 thing I don’t understand is that why ragini gets away with all the bad things she did, I mean how come no one sends her to jail. She did worse things then Laksh. Andvthat Naagin dadi, I’m confused about her. 1 minute she’s evil and next she’s good.

    • Rids

      Hi shuva. I am not at all happy. I feel bad after reading all of ur comments. Y r these directors spoiling the show. Trust me it has become a bad show now. Tat s y m not watching nor reading updates

      • Hi rids
        Yeh I know how you’re feeling. The writers are dragging the serial to the core and now we have to see more of that Ragini’s drama which I’m not looking forward too watch. And that Naagin dadi she’s evil and selfish and now I where her lado gets her evilness from. Like dadi like poti.

  26. ahana

    agree with all…
    ragini jo kuch kiya swara ko marne ke attempt… even kidnapped sumi who loved ragini as her own daughter…
    ragini ka truth reveal hone ke baad koi usse jail nahi beja .
    par jab ragini kidnap hogeyi.. tho police aya even they arrested swara…
    n dadi calling her laado after kidnapping irritating… dadi again become evil i think

    aur swara ko ho kya gaya hain… wo bhi tho selfish behave kari hain

  27. ahana

    laksh bhi tho sahi hai apni jaga …
    aur muje ragini bhi achi lagi aaj …
    i like ragini in positive role.. par abh wo malkin mangayi tho i dont think wo positive hogi…

  28. Anu

    I hate this epi. Because laksh is not a bad person. Ragini is the reason of his state. I hate dhadhi’s reaction. Firstly ragini tried to kill swara but dhadhi didn’t try to sent ragini to prison. This time the victim is ragini so she tried to sent laksh to orison. Why dhadhi only loves ragini? Dhadhi didn’t love swara. I want swasan but pls not unite laky and rag. I hate that girl

  29. yo!!!

    Wtf! Do the writers think that audience have lost their minds and watch watever nonsense they show us. If I ever meet that ragini ill surely give her a tighy slap n to dat dadi tooo


    Hamne sab dekha magar yea nahi samjha Kolkata main pahar kahase aagayahe. Kolkata main or Kolkata ke as pas koie pahar nahi hain. Khas kar Kali bari ke as pas. Dada kuch to thik thak dekhia. Agar nehi jante ho to jan leajia. Logo ko fool math banaio.

  31. superman

    Saba waiting for your ff . I think annaporna ko mild heart attack hi nahi she should have died vo swara pe shak karti hi nahi toh yeh sab hota hi nahi! Dis dadai n ragini should only be put in jail and ragini should get a death sentence nautanki saali evertym seperating swasn

  32. kashis

    true lucky because of swasan only we are watching the show.. today only sanskar seemed genuine to me.. apart from him, everyone is dumb… swara literally yaar mahan.. always supporting her sister.

    true ahana… swara too today irritated me…
    laado.. ragini. in which way she is behaving sweet man??

  33. nik

    Dis tm its that chanth mrvarn dadi instgtng ragini to seek rvng 4m mhswri’s.U dadi u r nt less yr poti. Lk dadi lk poti, I think ragini hs inhrted this witch avatar 4m hr dadi only. This tm I m really msng did a, who would hv told dadi” a mrvarn agr tu laksh ko jl bhj rha h to tujhe apni poti ko bhi jl bhjna chahiye, uska upr bhi to atmpt to mrdr air kdnpng ka charges lga h.”

  34. banu

    I dont want swara and laksh anymore….laksh deserves to get best..nt d swara who has most selfish character..who changes d destiny according to her dumb sis ..I hope laksh wil get a new pair…other than swara and ragini….both ppl waste who doesn’t deserve laksh …sanskar..omg ..i cant see u man seriously….get sumother girl other than swara..she doesn’t love u..she just dependant on u…how can swara char so dumb..she cant see her sis to be hurt..so she followed laksh.blah ..blah..laksh first kill tis swara and go to jail man..serial end…pls..no more twists and turn..couldn’t tolerate.

  35. nik

    Now dis ragini will agn play rvng-rvng gm. Feeling pity on adarsh what he hv dn bd to ragini n RP, he hardly utters 1-2 words in mnths . These prsns r also lncluded on raginis rvng wall.Did silly gl in dono becharon ko to bksh dti yr. Bt what 2 do ‘gahun k sath ghun bhi pista h.’ Sm is the cndtion with them.

  36. sree

    What is this.this serial sory track is not good.pahle Ragnine swara ko marne ki koshish ki aur maaa ko kidnap kiya aur itna sab kuch kiya aur vo log police ko inform nahi kiya.Jo galthi aaj laksh ne kiya to use police se pakadvadiya.sooo sad.i like swasan together.but aaj swara apni gadiya bahen ke sath diya vo galath da.muje shak he ki dadi bulkul badlahe ya nehi.vo abhi bi ragni ke sath de rahi he.please writers move this drama in good track..other wise viewers will become sad..

  37. Story writer has lost the plot. Unreasonable it is. Why have all forgotten what Ragini did to swara ? Why on earth will durgaprasad write off his property to Ragini ? Total non sense

  38. ragi

    The serial has very good talented actors but the writers are simply wasting their works and audience time with their unconvincing stories

  39. anu laya

    i can accept swara,sanskar,laksh and even ragini because they are justifying their love and their character. But this dadi what a women she is, disgusting!!!!!!! How come she forgot all raginis deeds . During electric shock of ragini whether dadi also lost her memory. PEAK OF STUPIDITY!!!!!!!

    • muskaan

      yeahh ua ryt anu….dis daadi was so against her n moe over she lyks swara now n has no hatred for her…..but den also y she asked only all property for ragini y not an equal share…also y is she supporting ragini who will b targetting her as shown in the spoilers…its coz of swara and sanskar dat ragini cud find a culprit….utter nonsense.!!!!!!!

  40. dhanu

    Omg what the hell is this. …???
    Rg is a murder but everyone avoid her crime so easily. ….and punish laksh. There’s no logic how can someone ignore ragini mistake she trioto kill swara twice.. ..and kidnapped and illegal drugs things. …..how can someone avoid her mistawso easily this all nonsense.. ….and swara mahan devi……i think she never loved laksh. ..she always blabbering. …….ragini. ….ragini.. ..ragini.. …she never learn lesson ….she is so stupi., and so irritating mahan devi.. …she hasn’t time to romance with sanskar or laksh.first she was with laksh always blabbering ragini. …ragini… ???????
    And with sanskar always blabbering ragini.. ..ragini… ?????????
    I don’t think ragini ever love swara as much as swara love her. She only use swara for achieve her selfish motives..
    And also laksh u don’t deserve swara u deserve rags bcz.. ..she loves u na.. ..very much.. …
    I think swara mahan devi need a mahan dev not normal boys like sanlak. …bot brothers waist they’re time in these stupid. …she don’t care san or lak.. …
    If a day came there swara want to choose one between sanskar and ragini.. ..without doubt she’ll select ragini.. ..and someone will ask reason she’ll tell hum dono behen he.. .

    • Jhanvi

      Very true……

      Hi dear…., but I m swasan fan…. I have stopped watching coz of dragging ….I fed up with Ragini drama….. So now only wu…. Nd so many have already left d show.coz of this dragging..

  41. muskaan

    What nonsense was that….laksh went to jail just coz he tried to kill a criminal and dat ragini who did every possile bad thing she will b the head of the house,…..how fair is dis….laksh kidnapped ragini…evn ragini kidnapped her own mother….laksh just tried to kill her but she dint evn got harmed…ragini tried to kill swara..infact she almost died….moreover evn she framed sanskar….n tried to proove swara characterless…..Inspite of all this…no one evn punished her or sent to jail….n laksh who just wanted to finish off all d crimes….tried to kill her not evn killed her n d inspector says he can b hanged……how much fake n crab is all dis….sooo much unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t evn believe the writers how can they b soo stupid….to show dese things coz logically evn swara has prrof against her n evn ragaini can go to jail….but these ppl are showing anything senseless n utter impractical thing….

  42. sofy

    Are yaar..eh comments se kuch hoga kya.. Lagtha he writers ko kabhi kabhi memory loss ho jatha he.. Isliye yehsa twists aatha jaatha he.. Pls writers.. Pls consult aa doctor.. I prefer a psychologst.. Aap log such mein pagal he.. Pls yehsa stupid twists laakar hamein bhi pagal math karo.. Almost 70% viewers already quit this bakwas show… So pls sasural simar jesa math bano..already ho chuki he.. Phir bi.. Or aap log previous episodes dekho.. Thab patha chalega ki aap lok world no.1 worst stupid writers ho

  43. Rey

    i really hate dis serial damn wats gng on n dis serial nd hate u veryyy much dadi wow suprb dadi u r using de situation crtly bt wat rgts u hav to punish laksh 1st try to make ur grand daughter into human person actualy she s a drama queen nd evil …. she made lot of bad things nd try to kill swara twice nd kidnapped her own mum still nw u dn’t even slap her …. bt u send poor laksh to jail hav u lost ur mind ur always care fr ur grand daughter ragini ly hw can u b selfish lyk diss much … actually i am soo worried fr laksh who lost his luv nd lyf bcoz of tat evil rags … he jst kidnapped ragini bt nw he realised his mistake nd apologise to ragini bt till nw rags dn’t ask even sry too …. swara actualy she s always cares abt her sis ly she dn’t care abt anyone actually laksh kidnapped ragini bcoz of ragini try to prove swara characterless bt nw y dn’t stand against dadi fr laksh i thnk he dn’t do tat much of wrong actualy he did rgt nd writers plz dn’t try to irrate swaragini fans there are soo much of dragging already many of fans stopped watchng dis serial again u r continuning dis no one s der to watch dis serial i’m sure abt dis plzzz make swasan scenes nd turn ragini into positive …

  44. Hi guys
    Today what Laksh said about ragini was true. She tells Laksh that how could he do this, I mean who is she to question Laksh after what she has done. She did worse and she blo*dy gets away with it. And that Naagin dadi what’s her problem, she knows that annuproorna is in bad state but she’s too busy making her Naagin lado the owner of the Maheshwari house. That Naagin dadi could go to hell and she should take her Naagin lado with her. And Today again swara had to be detective and show her detective skills to everyone. It’s annoying and please writers stop showing swara as detective it doesn’t suit her. And yeh sanskar was right when he was having a go at swara, he told her that are you super girl. Today’s episode was annoying especially that Naagin dadi.

  45. Why did not Ragini got jail or sentenced when she try to kill swara multiple times ???
    Oh forgetful story writer. They messed up both Ragini and Laksh’s character.

  46. Rae

    As much as I love watching this, am getting disinterested. It looks like the writers are making people believe doing bad things is good

  47. Rids

    I knew u people vil not be happy today also. So oly I did not watch this serial today also. Nik swasan moments vil come oly next week… I think. So next week I ll watch. Meanwhile naagin is topping the chart in trp. Swaragini vil go very down if they continue this drama. Hv u realise with oly ragini s evilness this serial vil complete 1 year in March. Almost 9 months they hv dragged…

  48. ohhhh god wow yar a big round of plause for all the creative team…… jab ragini ne swara ko almost mar diya aur apni maa ka kidnap kar diya tab tho koi bhI jail ya police complaint ke baare me nahi soacha par aab aab tho sab ko nayaay ko padi hai vo bhi ragini ke liye

  49. i love that swaragini when swaragini apni maa baap ke liye poori dhuniya se ladthe the par aab tho ye aapas me ladne ke liye ithni busy the ki maa baap ka yaadh bhi nahi hai hamesha plans games nd detectives i think show makers forgot the name nd tag line of show i hope aab tho ragini ko positive bana de she looks quite prittie in innocence

  50. nik

    Hey rids ,u know what nagin is top in trps coz it cms on wknds n fr people who prfr dramas over rlty shows hv very less optns on weekends coz wknds r full of rlty shows . Only str pls shows cms on wknd also n the tm slot is also a pls point coz btwn 8-9 pm I don’t think that the shows on str pls on dis tm slot is intrstng. N ya cmng 2 swasan don’t know from when their scenes ll start bt whenever strts they ll rk.

    • exactly nik i think sooo to change the name to badhlapur it exactly suites it……yar i want to say one more thing in to days episode sanskaar is looking sooooooo hot and handsome i like him always bt every time i thought yar how can a person be soooo cute like him bt to day i think he almost ready to kill me with that yellow blazer he is soooooo lovely

    • Rids

      Exactly…. I know but still the more swaragini trp goes down the earlier they ll change the track. M really hating it. Every time ragini cries I feel like throwing water on her face . nd every time swara acts too smart I feel like hitting on her head. Nd every time lakshya gets angry I feel lik throttling him. Oly 2 people whom I feel bad for in this serial are sanskaar and DP…

    • Jhanvi

      Exactly yar…… Nd pls koi us psycho Ragini ko pagal khane bhejoooooo…… Use jungle se wapas hi nahi Lana chahiye tha…

      Hey bhagi miss u soooo much yar…..

  51. gaya

    Ithukku enga Tamil serial evvalavo better…… Our nermai irukkum….niyayam irukkum……storya rubber mathiri ponalum niyayam irukkum……but inga ellamey waste….

    • karthi

      s gaya u r correct”””tamilserial la mokkainu itha patha ithu athukku mela poguthu ..kotuma da”’ithuku kdrama evalavo super now i am watching kdrama only

  52. To the hell with this serial.. When Ragini tried to kill Swara, she wasn’t sent to jail when laksh did the same, he was sent to jail and that too death sentence.. OH Goddd… Why do they always shows evil wins ?? And that Dadi, does she think what Ragini did is right that now she is sending Laksh to jail. Why din’t she send Ragini to jail when her truth came out. Now her laadoo became innocent infront of her eyes.Coming to annapurna, she too was hell bent on sending Swara to jail when swara was doubted as ragini’s Kidnapper. Now when her own son is the culprit, she wants them to leave.

  53. vaidehi

    ye saari story ka satyanaas budhi daadi peet rahi hai use na swara ko thappad marna Chahiye pehle usee ne ragini ko bigaada hai aur ab moke ka faayda utha rhi hai

  54. Priya

    In ragini and swaras matter they both r dadi granddaughter….so she did nt send ragini to jail…but laksh s t 3rd person tatz why she wants to put him in jail..

    • Rids

      Ur reasoning is not justified.. Ragini cheated lakshya also… So daadi should think tit for tat nd forget it .

      • Exactly ragini should be locked in jail also. She did worse crimes and got away with it. And yeh rids I miss calling that ragini a psyco so from now on I will start calling her psyco again. And that Naagin dadi she can just go to hell and take that psyco ragini with her.

      • Rids

        Me too psycho ragini… Agreed… Having watched nagin serial.. Daadi deserves worser name then nagin… Devil dadi

  55. sham

    OK laksh tried to kill Ragini, kidnapped Ragini is mistake ……………….what about Ragini who make lot of problem to Swara at her marriage time, she pushed her in to water as good as she tried to kill swara it is not mistake ????????????????

  56. jo

    swaragini; ragini reveals to dadi her plans to ruin maheshwaris..
    the upcoming track of swaragini will showcase some high intensity drama as ragini will take over the reins of maheshwari family by becoming the head.
    ragini will make it clear to everyone that from now, they only have to follow her rules.
    ragini decides to destroy lakshya’s happiness so much that he should plead her to spare him.
    ragini will get dadi to her room and will show her a photo frame of maheshwari family.
    ragini will tell her grandmother that she will torture each member of the family one by one as they have never been good to her.
    let’s wait and see how the maheshwari family reacts to ragini’s torturous plans against them.

  57. Rids

    Trust me had they thrown ragini out of the house after her memory came back it would hv been better… M getting irritated . now. Can I go nd give a new script to those dumb writers …

  58. joya

    blo*dy hell……..
    criminal minded writer…….
    ragini ki har galati maf ho gayi…..usko kisi ne jail nahi bheja…..
    and laksh ko jail……
    stop dis serial ri8 nw………..every1 is criminal in dis show………..
    helll wid this serial………..

  59. joya

    blo*dy hell wid indian television industry…,.
    they all r criminal minded………
    bhejo sabko jail………….
    koi creativity nahi in gadhon k andar nahi koi talent……….

  60. What a story!! I wonder do the writers remember anything that they have written before? I think they even don’t remember title of show!! I used to watch this show from starting. Now , I don’t even read written updates. Just comments. I was a big SwaLaksh fan but now I give a damn. They gonna drag Ragini’s rule in Maheswari family for 2-3 months. At the end SanLakSwara will remember about Ragini’s confession CD only if writers remember:-P This show has lost it’s charm. Ragini ruined Laksh’s life already, what is left? It was a very nice story.

  61. Why Annapurna saying that don’t arrest my son. When they thought that swara was behind this kidnapping Annapurna herself got swara arrested then now why is she saying this??? They all want police to arrest swara now when they saw their own son is behind all these they r requesting??? Wow I am glad they r so bad. And both ragini and laksh should get arrest. Both of them r now criminals. Plz unite swasan soon

  62. Lee

    Hii guyzzzz…
    Nik shuva rids anu saba di n allof u….
    Guyzzzz aj E 24 ke u tv n mai dikha ya ki ragini will treat all the member as her servant….
    N very shoking news is ki wo sanky ka birthday celebrate karne wali hai ek party deke shayad….
    But wo sanky ka bday kyu cele karna chahati hai ii m not getting it….
    N iss sab se laksh ko shak hota hai ragsan par uffffff…
    Kya hora hai ye….
    N that evil ragini wo kyu sanky ke bday ke liye itni excited hai….??????
    Kisi ne dekha kya ye E24 pev to plsss muze koi samazaye…
    Coz mai ne starting se ni dekha….
    N ha what about swasan when will they unit them…..
    Ragini phir se sab ke sath kheligi…
    But ragini kyu sanky ke liye itn a kar ri hai…
    Ek possibility yeh bhi hai ki wo janti hai ki swara sanky se pyaar karti hai n wo kuch plan karri hai ki use apana pyaar realize ho …….
    N epi me sanky ka coat kya lag ra tha …oh my god…
    Uska dressing stylee…..
    Guyzzz kisi ko pata hai to plzzz replyyyy na….
    N ha shuva rids nik anu sab di veene di n all swsan fan….yeh
    Swasan rockzzzz…
    Swasan forever…….

    • Hi Lee
      Thanks for the update. So that psyco ragini plans a birthday party for sanskar and I wonder why, what is she planing now. Anyways Swasan rocks and Swasan forever.?

  63. Sandy

    Some of the latest news ki ragini wants DAT swasan don’t unite, and swalak also don’t unite u all know sanskar sends swara divorce papers, in which swara will be shocked and comes mm to ask him about that days y she doesn’t want the divorces of both happen, and swara will be confused by seeing this and u know ragini don’t divorce laksh and she plans swara don’t divorce sanskar so that she want to take all the piece of the family, and she wants to break swasan and swalak and sanlak and all the family unity that she will discuss with dadi and guys u know now ragini don’t love laksh and now she got to fall for sanskar because he is so caring, understand s in all situations and trusts always and cares for his love swara, you are to experience more drama on pairs in swaragini, because now she want take sanskar from swara, doest it happen watch telly news for more exciting twists and turns

  64. nik

    What the hell when swara is about to rlz hr lv dis witch ragini will fall fr sanskar. If this hpn n then I dfntly ll leave the show n will nvr wch it agn. Day by day they r spoiling this show .

  65. Prena

    Don’t spread fake news..ragini is not going to fall for sansakkr,its purely imagination of some people who doesnt like swasan…
    Ragini will show hatred towards laksh , also in tellyreviews and spoilers it’s clear that sanskaar will get attacked by goons and Ranveer singh will save him,and when swara tends to sanskaar he gets angry on her ,whereas ranveer and deepiks will try to make sanskaar forgive swara ,meanwhile deepika will watch a girl in burqa and chase her .It’s ragini..
    Regarding divorce,Laskh will give divorce papers to ragini.She will tear it off saying ,she will punish him by making him live with her.

  66. vicu

    Aakhir laksh ye sab bardasht kyun kr rha haa, WO foreign kyun nhin chla jata kuj time k liye, naa rhega baans naa bjegi baansuri

  67. ahana

    where did u got plot…
    ragini how can she love sanskar
    she alleged he try to molest her..
    n now she want sanskar
    i think if writer do this trp will surely decrese

  68. Jhanvi

    Whattttt ????? Now that psycho Ragini wants sans from swara Nd separate swasan….. What nonsense use ab take chain nahi mila… Aur kisine use aab take pagalkhane kyu nahi bheja….

    Pls don’t separate swasan now….

  69. ”Swasan fan fiction(season2,episode-1)”…di ki wallpaper toh yaad hoga na phle wali ff mein..isss br v wohi wallppr h…3rd page me chck [email protected]

  70. kirti

    Yaar is psycho rags ko ya paagalkhane bejo ya jail ya fir jungle mein taki vo kisi ko bi preshan na kre
    Aur ye kisne dekha or kha hai k rags vil fall fr our sanky . agar aesa hua to i ll definately murder dis rags

  71. nik

    Hiiiii Prerna,I thnk u r r8, rags flng fr sanskaar is just a rumour being spread by people who don’t want 2 see swasan 2 gthr. Hope its just a rumour.

    • Hi nik
      You’re right even I also searched for the last Spoiler and news but there’s no such thing to be seen. I think it’s just a rumor that’s all. Anyways Swasan rocks, Swasan forever.?

    • bhuvi

      Are yo sure??? Ragini fall for san??? Disgusting… I ll never ever turn to watch this show anyone… Hate it… Hate it completely…..

  72. kirti

    Hey moreovr rags ne khud sanky “bhaiya” kha tha jb vo laksh lo ghar laya tha . Kya kisi ko ye baat yaad hai k nhi



    realllyy kuch naya dikhao yr…swara laksh ke bhabi h yr…jo hua sb kuch bhol jao na…sbko apni lyf me mve on krna chahiye…pata h isss seriallll me sbse Ghatiya chz kya h??yeh ke laksh apni bhabi ke piche para h?i mean agar real life me kisi ki x gf uski bhabi bn jaye tob toh serial dkh kor wo log v apne bhabi ke peche par jayege…

  74. I swear man if that psyco ragini does fall for sanskar and if she tries to separate Swasan then I will blo*dy have a go at the writers. What is the writers problem why are they giving out bad vibes to the society by showing full of crap and nonsense. I don’t know man I’m wasting my time and breath on those writers.

  75. Sandy

    Its in YouTube actually Teju and Varun are laughing towards the news, ragini will be very eager to celebrate sanskar birthday u can search it

  76. Sandy

    Hello nik s im a swalakian but y should i produce wrong news That’s the commentary is back on the show while showing the segment its a doubt raised does ragini fell for sanskar that’s y I said like that you can watch the e24 when again it is given

  77. Sandy

    And even namish mentioned that the swasan love plot is going to start, where she realises her feelings for sanky and beautiful love plot is going to start,
    But I want know does any see the spoiler in which swara said she still have feelings for laksh and it is mentioned by fantasanta may I knew is it correct, if it is correct can u give me the link which I too want to see it plz

  78. Sandy

    Hello fantasanta can u plz give me the link about which mentioned in ur comment plz can u produce the link plz

  79. Sandy

    Swalak fans doesn’t have to spread rumors Shiva its backgrounds news in e24 u can make sure it after u watch it

  80. Sandy

    Swalak fans doesn’t have to spread rumors Suiva its backgrounds news in e24 u can make sure it after u watch it

  81. You know what by reading these comments regarding ragini falling for sanskar is giving me headache, I don’t know what to believe now. I just hope that it’s a boody rumor that’s all.

  82. Sandy

    When they want to pair swasan then y did they showed swalak love story y r they playing with emotions of audience

    • Neha

      Yeah shuva I too will accompany you for killing that psycho ragini how can she fall for sanky but guys I’m don’t know why but this news is making me mad and I’m not able to control my laughter ???

  83. Mm

    I was big swalak fan but writer total changed… Laksh starting looks like very innocent and that is his first love.. Actually first love never ends…

  84. I want justice ur honour laksh dadi and Ragini shld b arrested
    Dadi fr being wid Ragini in her stupid plan at da beginning
    Laksh fr dis stupid fuss he made
    Ragini fr strtng dis whole prob
    On da otr hand swara doesn’t deserves sanskaar
    I heard dat Ragini is gonna fall fr sanskaar den its da biggest change in pairing of dis dmserial evr I think now if dis is true den dp will fall fr sujatha sm day

  85. Sandy

    Exactly swalak love never ends writer changed all the track if they want to unite swasan they y did they showed swalak love story which is charming, gorgeous, and unforgettable moments that chemistry is wonderful

  86. Prena

    Hwy no, not at all..Some are purposely spreading fake news abour ragini and sanskaar.
    Already simar mentioned to swara about sankaar..
    Now Ranveer and Deepika will make them realise their love..
    Swasan is for sure..Only swasan will happen..People who spread rumours will get answer from upcoming episodes..
    Actually when ragini will be busy making laksh’s life hell, there will be swasan who will be realising love.
    This is what is about to happen.

  87. Poncy

    Laksh try to kill ragini .
    Laksh gets jail.
    Ragini gets whole property.

    Ragini try to kill swara.
    Ragini framed swara.
    Ragini separated laksh and swara.
    Ragini tricked laksh to marry her.
    Ragini kidnapped her mother.
    Ragini created so many problems for swara.
    Swara always gets framed for ragini’s misdeeds.
    Ragini always gets away

  88. Poncy

    Laksh try to kill ragini .
    Laksh gets jail.
    Ragini gets whole property.

    Ragini try to kill swara.
    Ragini framed swara.
    Ragini separated laksh and swara.
    Ragini tricked laksh to marry her.
    Ragini kidnapped her mother.
    Ragini created so many problems for swara.

    Swara always gets framed for ragini’s misdeeds.
    Ragini gets support from all.
    Why is that?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.