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The Episode starts with Laksh falling from his car and holds the tree branches, just as he is about to fall in the valley. Ragini shouts his name and goes to his rescue. She asks him to hold her hand and says I can’t let anything happen to you. She calls Swara asking her to help her. Swara helps Ragini and asks him too forward his hand. Sanskar comes and asks Laksh to forward his hand. He holds his hand and pulls him towards the safe side. Ragini cries. Swara asks her to calm down and says nothing has happened. Sanskar scolds Swara and asks are you a super woman. You would have told me before making this plan. If anything would have happened to you. Swara says that why I didn’t tell you. Ragini asks Laksh if he is fine and recalls her kidnapping incident.

Just then Garodia family

and Maheshwari family come there. They are all shocked. Swara tells Laksh that Ragini saved you today without caring for her life. She says Ragini loves you so much, and now….how can you be so disgusting Laksh….You have tried to kill my sister and you thought that I will not know about it. She says I was doubtful about you, when you said about the kidnappers nail marks. She says when Uttara confessed, I knew that she can’t do this alone. There was no mark on Uttara’s hand. Laksh feels bad. Swara holds his hand and shows nails marks on his hand. She says Ragini said that there was a green light falling on her, and says she saw same green light when the electricity was off yesterday. She says she has seen his watch yesterday. She shows the watch to everyone and says you are careless and doesn’t know that you lost the watch. She says I was hiding behind the car back seat and called Dadi and Maa to let them know our exact location.

Ragini says I accept that I have done a bad with you, but murder…..you wanted to kill me Laksh. Laksh says I want you to make you leave from my life. He says I love Swara and want to unite with her. She got married to my brother infront of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. You have started accusing Swara and tried to proved her characterless. He says because of you, we are all here. He says I don’t want to kill her, but wants her to go away from my life. I want this even now, and says I hate her very much. He says Ragini has broken our relation because of her motive. I just wanted to punish her and doesn’t know what I was doing. Annapurna slaps him hard.

Annapurna asks didn’t you feel shame to have kidnapped your wife. First you have kidnapped her and then tried to kill her. She says you took your sister’s help in this, and says you didn’t do right. She asks him to apologize to Ragini. Laksh folds his hand and apologize to her. He says I didn’t know when my hatred turned into revenge. I am really sorry..and apologizes to Swara also. Dadi says no and says you won’t get forgiveness for this. Durga says I am seeing a criminal in you today. Dadi says he is a criminal only and he shall go to Jail. (She did forgot that Ragini is a big criminal than Laksh, and is mending the rules according to her advantage). Police comes. Dadi asks Inspector to arrest him. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi tells Inspector that Laksh has tried to kill his own wife and her grand daughter. Annapurna folds her hand and asks her not to get her son arrested. She asks Inspector to leave her son and asks Durga Prasad to say something. Durga Prasad asks Dadi to think again and says I promise that I will punish Laksh. Don’t get him arrested. Dadi asks Inspector to arrest Laksh. Inspector says you can get death sentence for this crime. Inspector arrests Laksh and takes him. Durga Prasad tells Dadi that………..just then Annapurna collapses and faints. Everyone rush to her…Ragini cries as usual. Swara asks Annapurna to open her eyes.

Same precap. Doctor informs Durga Prasad about Annapurna getting a mild heart attack. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to give his wealth to Ragini to save Annapurna. Durga Prasad gives his wealth to Ragini. Ragini gets a make over and says she will write Maheshwari family’s destiny. She slaps Laksh. Swara shouts Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Laksh try to kill ragini .
    Laksh gets jail.
    Ragini gets whole property.

    Ragini try to kill swara.
    Ragini framed swara.
    Ragini separated laksh and swara.
    Ragini tricked laksh to marry her.
    Ragini kidnapped her mother.
    Ragini created so many problems for swara.

    Swara always gets framed for ragini’s misdeeds.
    Ragini gets support from all.
    Why is that?

  2. Exactly .same quesgions from my side also.i agree with poncy.

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