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Lakshya says I accepted your sayings until today, but not anymore. He says you likes to hear the truth. I will tell you a big truth. He goes and gets his photo from the wall. He says this is not me, but a prisoner whom you made wear the clothes of your prison. He says this is not Lakshya, but Lucky, who likes to have fun with friends and wishes to live life on his own terms. He says this house is not house, but a prison. Everyone is prisoner here and you are a jailor. Everyone have to live with your terms, else you will throw out of the house. He says family members take breathe with your permission. Everyone is suffocating. Durga Prasad says you might think like this.. Lakshya asks him to ask his elder son. His brother asks him to stop. Lakshya says he will end his dictator ship. He tells he wanted to

study engineering, but you made him study commerce so that he can do scrap business with you. His brother asks him to stop him. Lakshya says no one can stop him now. He shows his badi bahu and says she is not your son’s wife, but dowry ticket. You wanted her dad’s 100 acres plot. He apologizes to his bhabhi and says he told the truth. It cannot be ignored.

Annapurna asks what happened to you. Lakshya says he learnt to say the truth. He says because of Durga Prasad, the photo frame is not complete. He gets emotional and says here one more photo was there of my brother and best friend Sanskar. He was my chacha and chachi’s only son. Chacha and Chachi get emotional. Lakshya writes Sanskar on the photo frame. He says what did he do? You couldn’t fulfill his small wish and made him far from all of us. He says he didn’t commit suicide, but you killed him. You are a murderer. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad gets shocked too. Lakshya says it all happened because of you. Annapurna asks what why are spitting poison? Lakshya says you said right, he filled poison in me. May be I can become a human from a robot. I couldn’t say this as I was afraid to leave this luxury life, but now I can’t live here anymore. He made me learn a big thing, don’t tell the truth else these kinds of people will not spare the person. He tells Annapurna that he can’t stay here anymore and breaks his relation with the family and home. Annapurna gets shocked.

Durga Prasad stops Annapurna and says if you steps towards your son then I will end my relation with you. Annapurna cries and stops. Lakshya smiles and says wow, whatever I did today. You proved that I did right, by giving this threat. Relations are run by love, and not by threats, else they all will leave you. He looks at his house for the last time and apologizes to everyone with folded hands. Everyone cries. Lakshya says Namaste and leaves with teary in his eyes. Durga Prasad looks at his photo and stares angrily. He then throws the photo frame. Everyone is shocked.

Next morning, Ragini asks are you sure? Swara says I will talk to your Daadimaa. Ragini gives her best wishes. Swara thanks her and goes. She knocks on the door, calling Dadi and Dada ji. Ragini goes and sit beside Sumi. Swara says I am shona, means Swara. Daadimaa asks her to leave and says she is not letting us to die. Swara opens the window and sees Daadimaa and Daada ji fixing the rope on the fan to hang themselves. She gets shocked and calls Shekhar, Sumi and everyone. Ragini asks Daadimaa not to suicide. Daada ji says we don’t have right to stop you. Ragini cries and asks him to stop it. Shekhar asks them to open the door. Daadi maa asks him to stay openly with bengalan Sumi. People start gossiping that they are doing drama. Ragini cries. Dida comes out of her room and gets shocked too. Daadimaa asks him to promise that he will not marry Sumi and will never take her name. Sumi gets sad. Shekhar looks at her. Dida comes and says we are neighbors naa. You will not die with this rope, and gives thick rope. Daadi maa shouts. Swara and Sumi ask, why you are doing this. Shekhar asks Ragini to bring something. Dida tells Sumi and Shekhar will not marry. She asks Daadimaa to go to hell. Daadimaa says she will write a letter before death and holds Dida responsible for their attempt to commit suicide. Dida gets shocked.

Swara and Ragini determine to get her parents marry each other. They think about the plan. Lakshya comes and says he has a plan, but put forth a condition.

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  1. I think laksh will fall for swara…wat say guys??

  2. Yiu are right nancy

  3. Guys obvio!! Frm nw nly we cn guess tht laksh luvs swara!! So there’s no doubt

  4. But y swara..????

  5. Vaiga wht u wanna say.. I mean make it clear!!

    1. means ragin too has equal opportunity

  6. it can go either way besides lucky hasnt said anything n concentration is on the parents am sure there is a lot drama coming

  7. ragini all the way

  8. nope ragin too has lods of chemistry with lucky

  9. I think lucky should be wiv swara because they got similar personality and have a lot in common !!!
    I dont know…..what do u guys think???

  10. But ragini loves laksh, dnt want problems bitwin 2 sisters

  11. i wnt raksh 2gthr nt swaksh…..nd i thnk snskaar is alive nd he wl b wid swara if raksh is 2gthr nd vice versa…..btw IPL toh Chennai e jitegi

  12. Awesum epizod….. Dida rockz… Laksh yu r awesum man!!.. Nd nw itz tym tu c who falz fa whom…. Plz make Laksh nd Ragini a pair….coz Laksh nd Swara r same typ… Bt Ragini iz too diff….

  13. right ahalya people who are too similar nothing is new or exciting everything is yes no challenge or unpredictability and all successful and top love stories drama or movies the couple are different .truthfully most people who similar to us are our friends not lovers

  14. swara n laksh r looking better than ragini n laksh

  15. ya….i also like swara n laksh

  16. I really want swara and lakshya to be together, they have similar personalities. Ragini is sweet & basically the opposite of him. But opposites don’t always attract.

  17. I also have a feeling saanskar is alive
    Lucky and swara make a great pair than ragini and lucky because ragini is more of a traditional person and lucky and swara are more modern

  18. xory but they do attract ……….ragin also luka gud with lucky

  19. didi u see last week episodes?ragin n lucky do have chemistry and people are afraid of that thats why there is even a debate about who is better for lucky.to be honest they both rock with lucky

  20. opposite or not lucky n ragin rock

  21. pls give a good reason why rashy cant b together not basing on just personaliity its getting old.lots of people who are together are different.xo just say u prefer swara not because of similarities and incase of chemistry they both have it with lakshey.xo its a matter of who u like best

  22. Lucky today u r asom

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