Swaragini 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Dadi thinking to get Sanskar’s office number and name so that she can give it to Adarsh and Parineeta. She comes to Sumi’s home and gets the address. Annapurna grinds all the wheat and asks Parineeta to give medicines. Parineeta asks her to plead infront of her with folded hands and beg her. Annapurna begs infront of her. Parineeta gives her medicines. Swara and Ragini worry for Annapurna and Durga Prasad. Ragini tells Swara that even laksh got a job. Swara gets happy, and says we can’t wait till Sanskar’s loan and Laksh’s salary to come, as Annapurna and Durga Prasad are in bad condition. Dadi calls Adarsh and tells him about Sanskar’s company name. Adarsh says he will see to it that Sanskar can’t get a loan. Swara and Ragini come to maheshwari house. Ragini tells

Swara that they shall enter through kitchen as Parineeta will not come there.

Parineeta is in the kitchen with Annapurna and asks her to fill wheat flour in the boxes, and then keep it in the store room. Annapurna is shocked. Parineeta says shall I keep servants for servants, and asks why you are throwing tantrums. She asks her to do work with cleanliness.

Swara and Ragini see her condition through the window and cries.. Swara writes something and throws near Annapurna. Annapurna couldn’t see the paper. Parineeta returns and asks Annapurna to hurry up. Adarsh calls Malhotra and asks him to send file home. He picks the paper and scolds Annapurna for not cleaning the house properly. He asks her to throw the paper. Annapurna opens the paper and reads it. She comes near the window, just as they were about to leave. She calls Swara and Ragini. Swara and Ragini get happy and emotional seeing her and asks to call Durga Prasad.

Ragini comes inside and mistakenly the bowls falls down. Parineeta and Adarsh hear it and get angry. Annapurna brings Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad blesses them. Swara says they are making you do servant’s work and says we will take you both home. Annapurna says I am doing work with my wish. Swara asks her not to lie and says we will take you both home. Ragini tells them that she made laddoo for them and makes Annapurna eat it. Annapurna and Durga Prasad gets emotional. Parineeta comes there and asks what your husband is doing here.

Ragini and Swara hides. Annapurna says just like that. Adarsh says did you break anything. I have heard something. Annapurna says no. Adarsh sees the cabinet open and closes it. Parineeta scolds her and asks her to go back to room. Adarsh asks them to go. Swara and Ragini come out from hideout and tell Annapurna that they will free them soon. Annapurna asks them to go now. They touch Durga Prasad’s feet and say we will come soon.

Sujata curses Adarsh and Parineeta hearing about Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s plight. Laksh hears chotu crying and tries to make him calm. Sumi says it is okay. He gets call from his boss asking to do work. Utara asks Laksh where is he going out late in night. Laksh makes an excuse and asks her to go and sleep. Laksh is in the car and asks driver to drive fast. Driver stops the car and says Police is checking the vehicles. Inspector checks his car. Laksh thinks about his boss warning that he shouldn’t be caught.

Adarsh comes to meet Sanskar’s boss and tells him that Sanskar is a fraud and if he continues to work in his company then he will suffer loss. Sanskar gets a call from his boss and is shocked. Later Sujata finds the packet which laksh kept in almari, and shouts bomb. She says Parineeta and Adarsh must have kept it to kill us. Swara is about to open it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz end this stupid drama

  2. kill adarsh and pari

  3. i cant accept raginiz character today.i dont know why but still can’t accept rqgini..when she gets angry on pari and going to ask abt ap torture i literally want to laugh..bcz the same things are ragini did and now showing these so i really felt fake.she didn’t have any guilt or any akwardness after doing too much atyachar in past..
    i think cvs didnt plot rqginiz repentance perfectly thatz why i can’t accept raginiz redemption.
    swaraz acting is oustanding today she improved a lot..she really deserve to best actress award

    1. i mean when she seeing pari torture on ap she didnt think once what she did with ap earlier and feel any guilty..dont know i cant accept her..

  4. Mica

    ty soo much H. Hasan mam….stay blessed..
    there was a part missing.. the first scene was, laksh hide the box on the cupboard mingle among the dress while Ragini tidy up the bed and collecting the dirty clothes, Ragini give a slight glimpse toward Laksh, then asked something (maybe about job), laksh answer her , and they hugging.. aahh i dunno what they said… but at least there was lil cute moment for our friends raglakian… yippie…
    really i wish Laksh and Sanskar won’t go to big problem…

    1. Mica

      just laughing to watch Dadi who struggle a lot to destroy others’ life 😀 😀 😀

      1. Sumeeta

        dadi ko thirth yatra pe jana chahiye itne umar ho gaya phirbhi kya kya kar raha hai

      2. Mica

        i can’t understand hindi Dear.. sorry.. btw ty for u and Sanji.. 😀

  5. i love cryinh face of swara.she become red while crying and it is so cute to see..her nose and cheeks become red while crying.looking like an apple.i wanna eat her..awwwww chooo cute my doll swara.love you dear.you are the most natural beauty in whole SR cast..you look damn cute even without any make up

  6. i love cryinh face of swara.she become red while crying and it is so cute to see..her nose and cheeks become red while crying.looking like an apple.i wanna eat her..awwwww chooo cute my doll swara.love you dear.you are the most natural beauty in whole SR cast..you look damn cute even without any make up
    and little bit disappointed with ragini because of her hravy make up in emotional scenes too

  7. Sumeeta

    Main ek baat bolna chahti hu.ragini ko itni ajeeb ajeeb dialouge kiu dete hai.ragini to ap: mummyji apko ye log naukrowali kam kara rahe hai
    Ragini madam apne malkin track pe jo kia tha wo iss se kuch kam nahi thi jisk liye apne kabhi ap nd dp se maafi nahi mangi.sab apko yuhi maaf kardiya isliye ap wo baat kiu bhul jate hai.
    cvs ragini ko aisa dialouge deke uski charactar ko joker ki tara mat banao.mujhe to hasi aaa rahi thi usk ye dialouge pe

  8. nagini better know that how a person behave when they become malkin..thats why she correctly said to swara that where ahould pari go

  9. laksh n chotu scene is cute….Namish get well soon……..

  10. swara my jaan love you sooooooooooo muchhhhhhh.you are a gorgrous girl with golden heart.ummaahhhhhh.

  11. love u teju
    ur the best
    always be the same…beautiful. ..
    love u raglak
    ur the bestest
    I want them to have a sweet love life with tons of care n support fo each other
    love teja’s, namish’s, helly’s n varun’s bonding in real life…
    keeep going all four di and da

  12. why same sadiz are tepeating for swara??but still she looks stunning in any attire
    and plz stop this track..soo irritating to see..they always repeats the things shown in earlier..earlier raginiz torture on family nw the same thing happens by parish.why???cvs dont have story line to execute.then show some romantic moment between leads or show some happy family moment.
    but dont stop because i want to watvh my cutie hellu

  13. NAGINI DEVI PART 2 GOING ON SR.first nagini tortured ap now parineetha.ap is lucky to get such worst bahu like paragini.hahaaha.
    soo many similarities with these bahus
    they are traditional first but bcm asanskari type
    they were silent earlier but now become violent
    they 2 are more poisonous than snakes
    they 2 love mastets in torturing their inlaws
    they two are really dumbozz and chalak in doing wrong deeds
    they 2 are love to play with the with the emotions of their loved ones
    they 2 only say lies
    they didnt like to ask forgiveness for their wrong deeds.i think pari once asked
    and the important thing

    paragini is sounds better than swaragini

    1. Sanji

      superb dear…love u

  14. love swara

  15. Sumeeta

    mica superb answer.go mica go

  16. cvs you made ragini as a jocker by giving stupid inapropriate dialogues.

    plz dont do this with our lovely swara.swasan is the onky sensibke persins in the show

  17. What’s going on yar cvs use some brain

  18. Sanji

    great answer mica…:-)

  19. Hey m new here …u gyz were fighting for swasan or raglak ? lol gyz these r just dramatic characters dont take them seriously some comnts were soo cheap they were using bad mouthing about swasan not good gyz? i m not swasan fan nor raglak fan but AaRA fan i just read WU of swaragini nd found some cheap coments dont say this they all 4 r soo hardworkers we should respect them ?

    1. U will get to c this everyday !!!This is our everyday routine u will only c cheap comments n bashes on this pageDONT EXPECT MORE???

  20. You guys are distgusting as adarsh and parineeta are older than swara sanskar so stop being stupid and wht would they do that in the first place anyways and about raginis charecter your to much she does not decide what she can do and can not do in the serial and the make up she does not do herself okay and the couple s should always stay the same as swasan and as raglak as they look perfect for each other in the serial.

  21. Sumeeta

    What a bold answer.?????????

  22. Awww love hellu cutie

  23. Tamanna n shristi u guys r disgusting????how can u say like that…if u guys r fans of rag….san???read ffs of them…no need to comment like that…swasan r perfect???????their height difference is perfect???swara exactly fitted in sanky’s arm???n their chemistry…love u swasan?????

    1. Mica

      Swara’s height is perfect for a girl. it’s called hugable… 😀 😀
      but please no dirty mind…

    2. Vyshu10

      Swasan are magical

  24. Guys jus ignore those stupid idiots who dnt know how to respect people… Everyday the same problem: bashing.. If u dnt like a person why to badmouth about them in public.. Are u mad! I think u are also a girl, then how can u post something like that… ??

  25. I feel like raglak hug is not proper..dont take me wrong…i think teju is height than namish…so that their hug scenes r somewhat uncomfortable…pls dont bash me…but they r looking cute

    1. Mica

      actually their height just perfect, i saw even Namish bit higher than Varun…
      but the wrong thing was, teju waswearing wedges, if only she wore flat shoes.. they will be perfect.

    2. Heltej

      Teju’s and nami’s Heights are somewhat near.. .. That’s why u felt it!cute hug❤️ No offense… Thank cvs they are giving equal ss.. To both pairs! 🙂

    3. Yes raglak r max equal height..

  26. Stop this Pari dadi Adarsh drama am fed up of this …plsss…bring happiness in maheshwari mansion….make swasan and swalak happpyyyy

    1. Sanji

      how they can make both swasan nd swalak happy?????

  27. Sanji

    swasan is the best pair nd i think mica is the best commentator here

    1. Mica

      <—— ty*blushing

  28. if anyone want to bash bash cvs not actors.. these days swaragini track is boring…. I started loving Shakti now

  29. i dont understand, if u get to watch the video/episode on tv, then yaha akar ye bakchodi kyu krte ho bhai

  30. Vyshu10

    Correct….swasan are made for each other.
    Those 2 commentors are jealous souls. Their words reflect their mentality. I really pity them

  31. Vyshu10

    Eager to know if sanskar loses his job and how laksh comes out of jail

  32. Heltej

    When i checked the site i saw 70 comments…! Its very funny to read everyone’s comments (including mine)..
    Overall everyone defending their own fav ❤️! I request u people… If u find any vulgar words or abusive comments… Do contact tu… ‘may be’ by seeing mass complaints they will take actions! I am not sure!

  33. Heltej

    Thanks TU for deleting the comments ???

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