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Sumi tells Dadi that she will not divorce Shekhar and can stay alone. Dadi says you are very stubborn, but we will not trapped by you. You truth is out now and we will break this relation. Sumi says I will never let this happen. Dadi asks her not to blame her for the happenings. Sumi tells Dida that she will not break relation for one misunderstanding. She says I don’t let Swara’s sacrifice go in vain. He don’t hate me, he is just supporting his daughter. When Ragini’s truth will be revealed, then Shekhar will be broken, I can’t let him break being his wife. Swara and Sanskar hears them. Swara gets teary eyes and emotional. Sanskar gives her handkerchief and asks her to be happy as her mum want to give a chance to her married life. He tells you got Jhansi ke Rani guts from her. Swara

says Shekhar is influenced by Ragini. She says when her mum is with her, then no one can defeat her. Sanskar jokes with her. Swara says we have to think something soon. Parineeta talks to Adarsh and says lets go outside. Adarsh refuses saying he has to handle work. He tells her that he has a meeting to attend in the evening and asks to serve breakfast. Ragini asks Parineeta, why she is sad? Parineeta tells they never went anywhere in their 3 years old marriage. Ragini looks on.

Dadi talks to lawyer. She then asks Shekhar not to be weak and say that Swara is his daughter. Shekhar says she is my daughter, but I don’t want to have any relation with them and break my innocent daughter’s heart (ragini). Servant informs them that Swara came with some women.

Ragini gives tea to Laksh and tells her that Adarsh is pressurized with work. She says we shall send them somewhere for vacation. Laksh says I will talk to Annapurna. Annapurna comes and tells she will send them, and asks Ragini and Laksh also to go with them. She says she will talk to Durga Prasad. She says it is our duty to think about your happiness. Dadi asks what is this acting? The women tells that they are from women organisation. She asks Sumi to tell about her mum in law’s tortures. Shekhar comes out. The women ask him, why he wants to divorce his wife. Shekhar points out at Swara and says she is the reason for our divorce. He says she is acting to be married to Sanskar and their marriage is fake. Sanskar says our marriage is not fake and we married in a temple. Swara also says the same. Dida says she has blessed them. Dadi says they have trapped them. The woman asks Dadi to stop it else she will be arrested.

The woman says it seems you hate your bahu very much. Dida says she hates her daughter very much. Dida reminds Shekhar of his marriage with Sumi. The woman asks Sumi to write the complaint in the letter against her mum in law. She says even Swara can write complaint against her grand mum. Dida asks them to come inside. Sumi tells she don’t want to stay with Shekhar like this. Swara tells that she don’t have any option. Sanskar asks Sumi to make their marriage work. The women tells that Swara told them, how Ragini betrayed her. Sanskar gives her strength with his words.

Adarsh tells Laksh that he can’t come, and asks them to go. Laksh says we will go together. Adarsh says we can’t go together as there will be no one to handle work at office. He asks him to cancel the booking. Laksh calls Ragini and informs her that Bhaiyya and Bhabhi are not coming on a vacation. Ragini gets happy and says she will inform bhabhi. She says she will pack her stuff. Laksh tells I have cancelled our tickets too. Ragini gets shocked and teary eyed. She says I can understand. Laksh thanks her and asks to be his best friend also. Ragini throws the phone in anger.

Ragini tells Dadi that she has to make her place at home, and act good. Swara falls inside the tent. Sanskar tries to lift her and have an eye lock. Ragini tells Laksh that she can understand and gives him milk. Laksh cries and tells that no one can understand him, neither Swara nor her. Ragini asks him to take their relation forward and give her wifey rights, and walks out of room.

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  1. raginis truth wil cm out soon…gr8

  2. god ragini ko kitni aag lgi hai lust ki,.is there only one meaning of wify rights for ragini? blo*dy witch

    1. her lust is the reason behind the destruction of 3 lives..

      1. Very true……but Swara is not like that

  3. Why c is v. Desperate… Hate U ragas?
    Love SwaSan ????????

  4. Ragini y don’t u understand that Laksh don’t love u. Anyways lovely swasan moment. Precap also good

  5. I read somewhere that aadarsh is having an affair n swara will show his true face to parineeta something……

    1. Yup u r right I read it on Facebook.

      And also dat laksh will come to know about ragini true face…

    2. If I get such a beautiful wife… I won’t even turn to any other girl..

    3. Really???

    4. Yeah minnie i read it too and that Ragini will use this chance to provoke Laksh against Swara again. And that Laksh will lash out at Swara!!!!

  6. swara ua too much

  7. Rape karavana he ragini ko uske khud ka laksh se vo bhi

  8. Precap of swara n sanskar moment was good!!!!!
    Love to watch them…
    N rags she is so despo to get f**kd…for her marriage is consummatn….n evry tym she is thnkng abt her physical needs nd nt laksh’s mental peace…n she claims to luv laksh!!!!!!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
    God gv me a break ths rags ko kitni jaldi hai apni virginity lose karne ka….she doesnt even bother to knw abt laksh’s favourites…she is such an selfish witch

    1. Mein chaala jaata hun… She looks hot in a saree 😛 😛

  9. Ragini bhaut selfish hai kamini ka saach Kab aata ki…

  10. I really don’t want swasan to get together it should still be swalak or ragini will get what she wants and she will win

    1. Yep swalak should come together tough i like swasan but swalak made a special place in my heart so can’t get over them….but not so soon swalak should get together before laksh should repent his each word he spoke to shona then it will be fair …….

      1. Yes u both r rite……even I want same to happen

      2. Are nai ab Laksh ko kabi swara nai mile . rosy ki Baat sai he

  11. D episode was good …swasan moments were nice…I like if swara s vth sanskar nt laksh ….even after laksh knws d truth

  12. Q) Y shd swara n b together????
    So dat swara gets insultd by laksh again n again even aftr rags’ truth cumes out….as rags realy cn do anythng to get laksh…so if by chance rags again to do sumthng tricky swara wud b blamd 4 dat…
    Q) Shd swara thnk of herself nd her self respect???
    No a girl shdnt thnk of her self respect…she shd go back to dat guy only who insultd her by tellng her characterless..
    Q) Is there no other guy in da world??
    No u hav to remain unmarried if u reject a guy who insultd u…
    Q) Shd swara marry laksh to win over rags???
    Yes she shd as she shd also becum another rags who loves to snatch one’s love from another..
    Q) Does laksh deserve swara??
    Yes he deserves as he loves swara bt doesnt trust her….so wat sum1 loves u n doesnt trust u??? Its all same!!!!!!

    Think practically guys!!!!
    Shd all ths happen????
    Moreover if writers wana make da serial fictional to such an xtent dat it goes back to da 17 century dan they cud follow all above…bt if de wana deal it practicaly de shdnt do all those written above.

    1. Agree to each of ur words!! Swara shd never go back to laksh yaar!!!! ???

      1. Sooo true!!!!!

  13. soon ragini true colors will come outwaiting for that day

  14. i read a spoiler ragin truth is exposed is that true?

    1. Swara mixes truth medicine in Ragini’s drink and she starts confessing to her crimes infront of family. She then realizes that she was given medicine by Swara. She accuses Swara for giving her truth medicines and instructed her to said wrongly. Swara asks this type of medicine doesn’t really exist. Ragini says it exists and she knows as she gave that medicine to her before. Everyone get shocked with the revelation. Swara tells that’s it, she wanted her to confess. This game is played by Swara which Ragini already played. Laksh blames Ragini for trying to kill Swara and then trapping him to marry her. Ragini gets shocked and thinks everything is falling off from her hand. She acts to faint to take Laksh at her side. Ragini will come with some trick and makes Laksh fall in her trap again. She knows how to win the lost battle and makes Laksh hates Swara again.

  15. ragini has got all her dadi’s charecters
    BTW what is that sanakar’s past of love failure
    they did not show it

  16. Yeah I saw it in sbs that rags will claim that she is been drugged by swara something and when it reacts the person will do the exact thing which other person will ask for then swara will confuse her n will ask but how’d u kno it then rags will say i kno cuz….. but then she’ll realize what she said n laksh will ask bout what all happened was did by u….. then rags will again start her melodrama of feeling dizzy…. that’s what i saw in sbs spoiler

  17. Swara – Sanskar…love swasan?
    Vaise laksh ke pass San much hai..still he is being a cry baby…he has a beautiful wife…a beautiful saali…a beautiful mom in law…a nice big happy family…and he us rich too…still he is being a brat…mujhe Toh lagta hai…ki his tarah ragini laksh ko pana chahti hai..vaise hi laksh swara ko pans chahta hai…oh..god. Too much drama..but I’m loving swasan scenes..

  18. I like Swara with sanskar

  19. Swara – Sanskar…love swasan?
    Vaise laksh ke pass San much hai..still he is being a cry baby…he has a beautiful wife…a beautiful saali…a beautiful mom in law…a nice big happy family…and he us rich too…still he is being a brat…mujhe Toh lagta hai…ki jis tarah ragini laksh ko pana chahti hai..vaise hi laksh swara ko pana chahta hai…oh..god. Too much drama..but I’m loving swasan scenes..

  20. Rags just want Laksh for her needs…..she does not actually him him from heart like swara

  21. plz writer dont make fun of marriage,i know dt ragini isnt good bt marriage is a pure relation,so keep its purity nd give punishment to ragini,plz…love u swasan,sanskar deserve swara coz when he wnt to break swara’s marriage he know dt he ws wrng

  22. so he supported her sometimes,so dont separate them

  23. Shereen Mathew

    Plz end this ragzzz drama she is such a dram queen she is emotionally blackmailn everyone

  24. Swaragini
    Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Colors popular show “Swaragini”..

    As per the current track, Ragini informs Sujata and rest of the family about Swara and Sanskar staying in a tent in the lawn. Elsewhere, Sharmistha tells Parvati that she doesn’t intend to divorce Shekhar as Swara and Sanskar overhear their conversation.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Swara will bring women from various support groups to convince Shekhar and Sharmistha to stay together. Later, Dadi will tell Sharmistha that she will show her how mothers-in-law are supposed to act.Swara will tell the whole family that she saw Adarsh with some other woman. They don’t believe her but decide to reach the hotel and see if there is any truth to her accusations.

  25. Swaragini Spoiler – Ragini to confess her crime in front of Maheshwari family

    Posted on September 6, 2015 by Arefa Lakdawala
    Swaragini Spoiler – Ragini to confess her crime in front of Maheshwari family

    Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Spoiler – Post Marriage, Gayatri shocked to find about Ranaji’s first wife
    Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler: Abhi Cries for Pragya, Agent Raghav to Rescue Abhi
    Piya Rangrezz: New Entry Shivshakti Sachdev to bring twist in Sher-Shraddha’s life
    Piya Rangrezz Latest – Sher survives a Bomb Blast
    Ek Tha Raja Ek thi Rani Spoiler : Rajmata to attempt Suicide to convince Ranaji for Marrying Gayatri
    Swaragini Latest News, Swaragini Gossips, upcoming twist in story

    The battle between the two sisters continue in Color’s Swaragini.

    In the ongoing track we see that Ragini becomes successful in throwing Swara and Sanskaar out of Maheshwari house.

    But Swara is not ready to accept her defeat so she will make a tent outside the Maheshwari’s house and stay over there along with Sanskaar.

    Ragini will again try to humiliate Swara but Swara will challenge her to expose her truth in front of everyone within a month.

    To fulfill her challenge Swara will mix a truth portion in Ragini’s water, and when she drinks it she starts saying all the truth.

    Ragini then confesses all her mistakes and says that she only tried to kill Swara and also created misunderstanding between Swara and Lakshya.

    Listening to this confession all the Maheshwari family members will be in a state of shock.

    Swara is finally happy with Ragini’s crime revelation.

    But will Ragini accept her defeat so easily? Stay tuned to find out.


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  26. ,The much awaited series is all set and finalized. Two big news for the fans of Bigg Boss, one that Salman Khan is all set to shoot the promo for Bigg Boss 9 today at Filmcity.

    A source informs that, Salman will be returning as the host for the sixth time on the show.While the promo is slated to go on air within a week, sources say that the show is likely to start from 11 October 2015 immediately after Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Reloaded wraps up.

    The rumours are that this time, the show slot will be changed to 10.30 pm instead of 9 pm. The reason being that in the past there have been several instances of the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry raising objection to the controversial content being aired at prime time. But given the format of the show and the kind of contestants (with controversial backgrounds) involved in the show, the makers are probably playing safe by airing it at 10.30 pm.

    The second news is regarding the theme for the 9th season. As we all know that every season a new innovative theme is decided and then the show activities are all revolved around this concept. Like the Devil and Angel concept for one season while he turned into a pilot of a plane in the last one.So, this season the theme is Navrang.

    Navrang or nine colours could mean the nine moods or nine rasas of mental being. They are Love, Laughter, Fury, Compassion, Disgust, Horror, Heroic, Wonder and Peace. Each of these emotions in humans are depicted by nine colours, green, white, red, dove coloured, blue, black, brown, yellow and white again respectively. So everything that will happen this year will be based on these nine rasas or colours only.

    So keep yourself free from next month onwards for too much drama,fun, useless banters,unnecessary fights, gossips,controversies and too much entertainment.

    Stay tuned!

  27. i`m impatient till the truth comes out.pls sum1 show how to read upcoming spoilers.

  28. Pracap seems good………….!! Waiting for today’s epi!!!! #eagerly!

    N aaj toh rags ka popat ho gaya!!! Hurray!!!! Wat all was she planning!! But laksh cancelled the tickets!!! Hehehe!!!

    Waiting for swasan!
    Although still can’t get over swalak……..
    But still…. For my shona; I want swasan!!!!!!????

    1. Shona??? How much I remember u used to call shoru right anu!!! ??

      1. Her name is shona n shoru both………so I call her by both names…….in Bengali if we donn have anything lyk we can call sum1 by only one pet name…….

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