Swaragini 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar says Maa will understand us, and knows Ragini stoop so low to get us married. Swara says we have been defeated. She says what we will do now to bring her truth? Sanskar asks her not to cry and says everything is same. Swara says we got married infront of all. What we will tell them that our fake marriage turned into real, and we made a big joke. Sanskar asks her not to tell anything to anyone, and asks her not to take tension. Swara says you are not in tension as want this marriage to happen. How can you feel what I am feeling being in unwanted relationship. Sanskar looks on. Sujata thinks she has fallen in her own pit and cries. Annapurna comes and asks why you are crying? Sujata says it is happy tears. Annapurna sees Sumi coming and greets her. She says you would have attend marriage. Sumi

apologizes and says she needs to meet her Shona. Ragini calls her Maa and hugs her. She asks are you fine? She says you came late and Swara and Sanskar are married now. Sanskar holds Swara and says you said wrong. He says you loves someone. Can you be happy seeing your lover in pain. He says I want to see you happy, and removes troubles from your life. He says my life is not wrong and I will apologize to you all my life. He says I don’t want to marry you and have stopped you also, but circumstances forced us to marry. He promises her not to show any rights on her, and be her friend all their life. He says if you don’t agree then I will not stop you. Annapurna asks Ragini and Sumi to talk and goes inside.

Ragini says if you are angry with me or yourself. Sumi says I am angry with myself, for not trusting my daughter. Ragini says you can trust your daughter. Sumi says I am talking about other daughter. She asks what is our relation? Ragini says you are my mum. Sumi says if a child makes any mistake, then a mum have the right to punish and show the right way. Ragini says yes. Sumi says sure, and slaps her hard. Ragini is shocked. Sumi slaps her repeatedly. Sujata comes to Swara and Sanskar and informs them that Sumi is slapping Ragini. Swara asks Sanskar, you said Maa is unconscious. Sanskar says I lied. Shekhar said he has broken relation with Sumi and she left home. Sujata asks them to come. Annapurna comes and asks her to stop. Sumi says I respect you, but don’t interfere between us. She says Ragini have to accept her crime today. Ragini starts crying when Sumi starts slapping her repeatedly again. Swara and Sanskar come there. Sumi asks them not to interfere and asks Ragini to tell the truth. Sumi asks her to tell, how she has kidnapped her mum and made Dadi part of her plan. She asks her to tell how she forced Swara and Sanskar to marry, to turned their fake marriage into real. Annapurna asks what you are saying? Sumi says Ragini has tried to kill Swara and married Laksh. Swara acted to marry Sanskar, but she forced them to marry.

Laksh thinks about Swara’s words and is in pain. He recalls Swara’s wedding with Sanskar and cries. He recalls Ragini telling that it was Swara’s plan. He calls someone and asks the person to decorate his farmhouse for his brother and his wife as they got married. Ragini asks Annapurna to see what her mum is doing with her. She says my mum is against me. I don’t have anything left now. She asks why you are beating me? If Swara has done fake marriage then why you are punishing me. Sumi asks her to stop acting and says Swara tried to unite us. Sujata thinks Ragini should be in films. Sumi says how can you fall so low to get Laksh? She says you can do anything to get Laksh and is blinded. She says the thing which is precious to you, will go far from you and it will be a impossible dream to get it. She asks her to tell truth, and says I will not let Swara’s life be ruined. I will take Swara back home. She promises that everyone will forgive you and Laksh will accept her.

Sanskar says Ragini will never accept her defeat. Swara asks what we will do now? Sanskar asks her to prove Sumi wrong to stay in the house and expose Ragini. Sumi asks Annapurna why she will tell about Swara and Sanskar fake marriage truth, if she want to hide the truth. Swara says why you are saying same thing again and again. Sumi says Annapurna should know about your fake marriage. Swara says why you are saying that our marriage is fake. Sumi asks her to end the matter and say the truth. Swara says we have never done fake marriage. Sumi says you are proving your mum wrong today who taught you everything. Swara says what you are saying? Annapurna asks her to end the drama. She says first thing is that I don’t believe you, Ragini did so much to unite Laksh and Swara, she can’t separate them. She says I have full faith on my bahu.

Ragini says don’t know what wrong did I do. If I am wrong in your eyes, then I want to apologize to you. Annapurna tells Sumi that you and your daughter are saying two different things. We shall believe whom? Who will decide what is truth and what is not?
Laksh says I will do. He says what would have happen if they were faking marriage. He says now they are married with all the rituals. Swara is Sanskar’s wife now. He tells Sumi that if you think Swara’s life shall not ruined then it is done. He says there is only one way to rectify the mistake, for which I have done all the arrangements.

Ragini and Laksh get intimate and consummate their marriage……………while the song Mohe Rang Lagade Re plays. (It is actually Ragini’s dream).

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Reeta

    Tho feeling bad for Swalak ,being a Swasan fan feeling sad for Sanskar as well now.Wish to see Swasan together…

    • Sanskar is far better for swara than laks, laks is the spit image of swara ragini father, weak & spineless, sanskar is strong, can protect as well as give independent & decent life to swara. Swasank is Far better than swalak,

      • aru

        I am totally agree with you paramitha.

        Love of sanskar is true. He is a strong character.
        Laksh is so weak and his love lacked trust.
        Jai ho swara- sanskar.

        Us ragini KO koi maar dalo pls

  2. Shifa

    Swara Sanskar was wrong in past,bt nw he is giving u support like anything,try to understand that,tough tym reveals true relationships,being in unwanted relationship s sad bt stop poking him at least he stood wid u in everything n even loves u unconditionally… He even tried to stop marriage…u will regret for all wat u said to him…Swasan forever,please

  3. jhanvi

    How many slaps…!!!!!!! Nd yet Ragini did not utter a word….!!!!! Wel done sumi…

    Jst waiting for d day when d truth will be revealed… Actually can’t wait..!!!!

  4. Shwetha

    Good to c that Ragini got her long due slaps,bt felt sorry for Sanskar,don’t hurt him Swara,he s giving you freedom to move forward as u wish…waiting for Swasan love track…after Ragini gets exposed

  5. Torandu

    If laksh didn’t underatand raginis love for him …then he is the worlds unlucky and fool human being in this world ….

  6. xoxo

    Wasn’t durga prasad in ek hasina thi? God i really miss that show durga Dev shaurya each character was bang on… That show had a story n respected relations especially durga n her sister unlike swaragini where two sisters are just fighting…
    Felt v.bad for sanskar swara didn’t need to be so rude.. i think everyone on this show is mad except sumi n durga prasad… Even parineeta seems to be better than these lunatic girls

  7. R

    Sharmista thanku fr slapping rags
    Even these slaps are nt enough for her she need some more
    Felt very hpy when ragini is testy eyed for once in the serial
    And swara Wt do u think of urself?
    How could u talk to sanskaar like dat?
    Now I believe sanskaar is far better than swara in love and behavior
    Swara hurt sanskar so muchh even though he tried to stop the mrg
    Frst try to understand him swara idiot

    • Aparna

      Agree with u. If swalak united then swara will regret 4 leaving sanskar as laksh now regrets 4 not trusting swara.

  8. Vinu

    Thoroughly enjoyed the episode.. even after knowing the truth also no one will beat her like that… anyways a kind of relief… After revealing of truth no one wants to see her face at least… waiting for that day eagerly…

  9. Sháżñà

    haha..precap..ragini’s dream..lol 😀 😀
    Evn i lyk swaralak bt nw plz Unite swarasan so tat laksh ll undrstnd his mistake as he nvr trustd swara n he deservs tat evil ragini oly… 😉 Swara rocks ♥♥♡ ¤ ★ ☆

  10. Taani

    To hell vth dis ragini. I was so happy vn Sumi slapped her repeatedly. I think laksh will expose that b*t*h

  11. Ramya

    Sad for sanskaar
    This is Wt sanskaar deserves fr supporting u swara?
    Do u know properly the meaning of love?
    it’s k if u don’t like him Bt Hw could u insult him like this?
    sanskar ke tho swara se bhi ache sanskar hey
    Really u behaved awkwardly with him
    the person who suprted u in every mode n protected u does not deserves this.
    U respect ur father rite?
    He is better than ur baba k

  12. rosy

    OMG i knew this wud happen i hate u swara to the core….u dnt love sanskar and i dnt expect u to…bt how can u blame him i knew she wud insult him….nd u r such an Ungrateful girl…SANSKAR I LOVE U SOO MUCH I KNEW U WUD LET HER GO….
    Shame on u swara u r more selfish dan rags u r too much professional and a so called good girl…even u r a hipocrit…u only stopped sanskar 4 tellng da truth n u r sayng he is happy…if i were in place of sanskar i wud hav torn da mangalsutra of urs,,,rubbed ur sindoor…to stop u frm insultng such unconditional love 1 more tym even….

  13. Archies

    next week Ragini’s truth will be out and then comes the big question whom will Swara choose as both the guys want her but Sanskar is simply awesome…….. he wants nothing from her in return for his love not even her love….. when i see him i want Swasan and then there is Laksh when i see him and Swara i want Swalak….. but marriage is a pure thing they shouldn’t make fun of it…….

  14. ar

    I got the news about ragini’s truth exposed!!! But another source says ragini will again prove her right and swara wrong!!??

    • Ridz

      No… Tat s news.. See the video.. U ll know.. She even asks sorry to swara later.. Her truth s fully out

  15. Litteraly laughing when ragini is getting continuous slaps from sumi.that psycho really deserves this. Though i like swasan but still want swalak to happen. They are my favourite couple pls unite them soon. –

  16. papri

    sanskaar, u should not tolerate swara’s shit anymore…..u should speak up! Slap her ,do anything but usko bataao ki woh wrong hain…..sanskaar tum kitne acche ho….i love u….i want to see u and swara’s love track….wow!

  17. Kat

    I felt like stabbing that b*t*h Ragini when i saw the precap!!! She is so cheap!!!!????. The slap drama was just superb and awsome!!!!! Sumi should have given her few more slaps!!!!!!

  18. papri

    sanskaar should get angry at swara now…..then swara will learn a lesson….i’m waiting for the day when swara will realize that she loves sanskaar!…..ooooooo….i cant wait!

  19. Namitha

    Swara,u will understand Sanskar’s love once,it s nt easy to love like that,seeing proofs n believing n loving unconditionally r different, didnt like Swara’s words to sanskar today bt Swasan rocks

  20. Renu

    I love Swasan pair,Swara u will regret every word you told to Sanskar,he is the only one who supported u in ur tough time..u will fall in love with him…just open ur eyes n c…

  21. Priyanka

    Swalak is a good couple bt now wana c Swasan forever…hope they won’t be separated.at least Swara spoke abt value if sindoor..reading n understanding Sanskar from his eyes…hope writers will respect the marriage at least…make Tejasvi character positive… Our ‘Dhara’ knws to act ….show some positivity n Swasan track soon….

  22. Binita

    Wish to c Swasan track..punish Ragini n end this stupid track…start Swasan scenes….Swara…u should understand Sanskar don’t insult him like this… Ah..when u fall in love with him…all wat you said can be shown in flaskbk…writers,Swasan scenes more n more,please…

  23. Rabiya

    Waiting for Swasan scenes…hope this Ragini drama will end next week…don’t spoil a good show by dragging Swasan moments… Swasan pair is giving u trp…bt stupid delay will reduce it for sure…viplav -Dhaani scenes,writers u should watch it….

  24. Reshmi

    Haha,repeated slaps to Ragini….bt I like Tejasvi….give her some good things to emote…oh…Swasan is my favourite couple…till when we will have to wait for Swasan love scenes…or should we expect multiple divorces….no Swasan…no Swaragini for me…

  25. E_bee

    I really like this show from the start and have been fangirling over sanskaar like crazy. I am patiently waiting and watching the show and hoping that the good days will come in swara and sanskaar’s life. Instead of punishing Ragini by exposing her truth I would love to see her realize her own mistake and experience the failure in her love life. I would love to see her attempt go in vain. The perfect ending of the show for me would be Ragini eventually losing her mind and admitted to the mental hospital and the rest of the family member live happily and peacefully. Lux on the other hand is better if he becomes devdas or a new character who loves him very much would be nice.
    As for Swasan, I am totally and deeply in love with them. I hope she will realize how much he loves her and start doing the same.

  26. OMG yaar kya kamal ka sene tha ithe thappad eise lagra tha ki ek thappad maro baki ke free !!! Jus hilarious !! But bohat cum mare mere hisab se 5 or 6 zyada thappad marne the !!!

    Hey Ridz !! Thanx yaar 4 sending d link again at last rags truth came out or I shud say it will cum out soon !!!

    Oh god yeh precap its discustin hw can dat kamini rags hav dis stupid idea of consummation !!!!

    Hey Brity minnie gayathri sparkle archies rosy R !!!!! Hw r u all ?? Sory cud nt manshon all !!

    Hey swara yaar hw cud u insult our snskaar he loves u but ur realy sth else y u cudnt undastnd his feeling !!!! Hope to c !!
    SWASAN ♥♥♥♥♥ OR SWALAK ♥♥♥♥ watever d serial will !!!

  27. unab

    swara is also a selfish gal, for her parents’ union she used sanskar and is nw blaming him. sanskar, u let go of her, u dsrv a better person

  28. I’m so happy that ragini’s mum slapped her, she deserved it. I hope next week that psyco ragini’s truth comes out, I can’t wait. I got the feeling that swara won’t go back to Laksh because she’s married to sanskar, even the marriage was forced. I don’t really care who swara should be with but I’m glad to hear that ragini will be exposed next week by Laksh, sanskar and swara.

  29. Lucky

    i don’t understand the logic of these writers if they want to unite swalak then what is the use of swasan’s wedding. i mean now they will break 2 couples and make again swalak….. why they are are playing with our emotions…. they Could even bring ragini’s true before swasan’s marriage.

  30. aru

    Ye dhappad we vo sudhar jaanevala nahi hai.
    Usko ek bullet KO zaroorath hai. Straight to head …..then ragini will be dead….. Die rag die….pur mujhe dar hai ki , Marne me baat vo devil, aathma banke agaya to….tho him kya karenge…..

  31. aru

    Ye dhappad we vo sudhar jaanevala nahi hai.
    Usko ek bullet KO zaroorath hai. Straight to head …..then ragini will be dead….. Die rag die….pur mujhe dar hai ki , Marne me baat vo devil, aathma banke agaya to….tho him kya karenge…..??????

  32. Honest

    I will freakin stop watching this show if they show swalak!!!! I mean 1. Laksh is such a loser! He claims to love swara, but couldn’t even wait for her at the mandap? He believed some video recording instead of her? That’s not true love! 2. Laksh is also just overall spineless!! 3. Swara is too strong & independent for laksh! 4. Swara herself had said to Sanskar that she does not want to go back to laksh, because she saw how weak their relationship was when laksh didn’t even wait for her!……. So did the writers & directors forget what swara said???!! How can swalak be together??!!! SWASAN!!!!!

  33. Mariyam

    Swara,u should try to understand Sanskar… He loves u..open ur eyes girl…losing first love is sad bt don’t talk so rudely to the man who supported u in ur difficult tym..he s loving u unconditionally… Swasan forever

  34. rosy

    I m wondering how cum laksh got da brain to decide wats true wats wrong….pani me girne ke baad God ne gift kiya use….agar pani me pehle gir jata toh itna tym nahi lagta rags ko xpose karne mein.,

    BUT HATS OFF TO U SWARA….U R REALY A SELFISH GIRL….USING SANSKAR’S LOVE…U DONT KNOW WATS TRUE LOVE…even u didnt loved laksh as it was forced n it was jst attraction..not love….

    • sona

      Totaly agree with u rosy..i started to hate swara. Even she doesn’t deserves sanskar and his love..uske lie vo spineless laksh hi better hai..

  35. rosy

    I m wondering how cum laksh got da brain to decide wats true wats wrong….pani me girne ke baad God ne ek brain gift kiya use….agar pani me pehle gir jata toh itna tym nahi lagta rags ko xpose karne mein.,

    BUT HATS OFF TO U SWARA….U R REALY A SELFISH GIRL….USING SANSKAR’S LOVE…U DONT KNOW WATS TRUE LOVE…even u didnt loved laksh as it was forced n it was jst attraction..not love….

    • Agree with u rosy. She is just getting frustrated on sanskar when he had got up to tell dp and it was she who asked him to marry her to save her mother from ragini

  36. Now even laksh knows Swara’s truth and he too in a way tried to divert the ‘jhuthi’ shaadi thing…But when will Shekhar know about the truth? When will he know what a fool he has been till yet in the company of two women – his mad daughter Ragini and his stupid mother… – Here’s another article – Will Shekhar Recognize His Mistake of trusting Ragini & Misunderstanding Swara & Sharmistha ? http://nationalviews.com/swaragini-shekhar-sharmistha-swara-ragini

  37. Jamshi

    M watching the retelecast,hats off Sanskar,nobody can love like this,nt just love,u trust n understand her,have stood with her like a shadow, stood against all who were against her,fought wid all who spoke ill about her,Swara…u will fall in love with him,n dat time you will regret all what you said to Sanskar…Swasan forever n ever n ever…

  38. Neethu

    Oh..poor Sanskar,you should be forgiven for all your mistakes cos that much Swara is insulting your love now..Swara,open your eyes,first love ,agree wid ur feelings,bt Sanskar tried to stop the wedding,don’t blame him after using him….writers,show some cute love scenes between Swasan…Swasan fans r feeling disappointed wid current track…

  39. Veena

    Ragini,your character s bad bt Teju,ur acting s good,swalak was good btbt after seeing Sanskar n his love, no looking bk,Swasan forever n ever.

  40. arnesh

    sanskar u also deserve this punishment……….when u separated swara from laksh how much pain she suffered now u realize………neither laksh nor sanskar deserves swara

    • Kat

      Well I kinda agree with u. Sanskaar deserves this pain coz he was the root of every problem even though he is a good person now. He should feel this pain coz he has to feel the pain Swara had to under go when she was separated from the guy she loved.

      • OK common now leave the swara and laksh tragedy. Whatever happened it was for good. Laksh never trusted swara and made himself a fool. Sanskar already lost his love once and don’t want to see DAT happening again. And DAT to for laksh who didn’t support swara when she needed him. Nor trusted her and spoke ill about her. And now as he knows the truth u people want them to unite. Rubbish!!!! If swara don’t won’t sanskar its OK. But should never return to laksh. Love comes after self-respect of a women. And those who don’t understand this nobody can help u

      • Kat

        Well that is my opinion. I hope nobody got a problem with that coz I’m not trying to force it on any one. I just posted what I feel.

  41. krishali Sharma

    I want swalak 4ever…………………
    and new girl entry 4 sanskar…………………….

  42. jhanvi

    Sanskar love u soooo much….. Nd swara plsssss don’t blame him for dis ..he tried hard to stop d mrg jst for ur wish…. Nd tried everything to support u what he can do… I know he did very wrong in past …nd ofcrse he is also rspnsbl for dis… BT now he is a changed person ..he loves u BT nvr force u for anything…… Nd nvr expect anything frm u….

    He also said u to tell everyone d truth…. Nd u r d one who stopped him to do so…then how can u blame him….

    U know d pain very well that how much it hurts nd how u feel when smone whom u loves d most , insult ur love…. As laksh also did this with u in past… U also felt d things in past…..

    U shld respect his love nd if u can’t do that plsssss at least don’t insult his love..

  43. drsuwarna

    Plz stop this raginI drama. Ragini jaise zut character ko itane din chala rahe ho to logo ka such ke uper bharosa udd jayega. Plz ragini jaise zuthe character ko khatam karo.plz stop the Ragini drama.

  44. jhanvi

    Ya right…. Nd if someone is in d show who knows d real meaning of love it’s only SANSKAR…..

    Plsss writers make swara realize sanskar’s love…. Plsss don’t separate them… Nd we want to see our SWASAN forever…..

  45. Swasan fan forever

    Writers,if it was to separate Swasan y filling maang and now marriage.. Please,Swasan should remain…Ragini,thappad haha…bt I like Tejaswi acting….bt Varun is my favourite…

  46. Aparna Raj

    Since I like Swasan pair a lot, can’t even think about a Swaragini without Swasan…Swasan my favourite couple rocks…but start showing their moments more and more….

  47. ash

    After revealing the truth and finished the drama, please some episodes dont show raghini’s face.now a days swara also irritating . So move the story with sanskar , lakshya and some others. Show some entertaining melodrama

  48. MeH

    Sprb episode…I lyk sharmishta’s dialogues to ragini…I want to see shekhar n annapurna’s faves aftr knwng the truth….and SwaSan I love them…love u sanskar…swara give him a chance..his love is beyond your imagination….hope they won’t separate SwaSan…

  49. MeH

    Sprb episode…I lyk sharmishta’s dialogues to ragini…I want to see shekhar n annapurna’s faces aftr knwng the truth….and SwaSan I love them…love u sanskar…swara give him a chance..his love is beyond your imagination….hope they won’t separate SwaSan…

  50. Appy

    pls make it swalak…..i thnk sanskar is the boy who deserve ragini. only he can handle her. so pls, unite swalak. cant see swara & laksh in pain.

  51. Are plz mujhe koi bata skta he kya ki ye song kounse film ka he ..ye laksh ne gaya tha ….day out with namish tanesha (sbb segment )me ….plz koi help kardo ..

  52. anisha

    love u swara n sanskar… sanskar trusts swara.
    laksh dont deserve swara… it jumped into conclusion n married ragini…

  53. Dhana

    Plz…plz………..ragani accept your real face infront of everyone.swara plz stop blaming of sanskar realize of his love.

  54. magi

    Unmai raginita thothute iruku epo jeikum. Etharkum oru limit iruku. Over irritating ragini character. Pls stop it ragini drama.

  55. jeez i just love the stupidity of this serial. the more idiotic it is the more i love it. i know it is fictional but wow it is great to see how people get away with murder n what not 🙂

  56. Nimisha

    Swasan is my favourite..watching only to c them…Danny n nw as Sanskar,Varun u r amazing man…..I like u d most in this serial…then Tejaswi(not as evil Ragini,good Ragini) and Helly…

  57. dolly

    swara and sansakar are made for each other,swara love the one who trust you and support,and belive u dont run at the back of laksh he is unfit to be your lover and patner

  58. kirti

    Hey Brity y r u having a doubt on sanskaar?????
    And how cud swara b so selfish i thought k swara wud b happy 2 know about sans trhe luv fr hr
    Poor sanskaar lagta hai uski kismat hi thodi kharaab hai pehle rags ne usko use kiya n now swara but den also i juz lyk him especially his look as an angry young man juz luv it
    i think dis show has only 2 sensible persns durga prasad & sumi n rest all r a bit mad
    Also sach samne aane k baad laksh shud live lyk devdas n rags in a mental asylum dat wud b juz great
    Plz writers it shud b SWASAN FOREVER

  59. Lovely

    Stop ragini…itni jhuti or dhokabaj ladki..realy i hate ds..by d way ye jhuti drama or kab tak chalega..kab uska parda fas hoga..or kb usko punishment milega.ye dekh ne ko baki reh gaya.jald hi uska sach samne aana chahiye.itni buri ladki h wo ki,last me apni maa ko v fasa di..swara & sanskar..alws loving u.made for each other

  60. arnesh

    there will be no entry of new girl in sanskar’s life as it is rashmi sharma productions serial where 2 sisters marry in the same family…….( GOPI-RASHI )……..( SIMAR-ROLI )…….& now ( SWARA-RAGINI )

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