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The Episode starts with Gayatri stopping the engagement and says this will not happen. Sujata gets shocked. Gayatri asks Chirag to stand up and says this engagement will not happen now. Chirag asks what happened? Durga Prasad asks what happened? Did we do any mistake? Gayatri says we did a mistake by making relation with you people, and says she won’t let her son engaged in such people’s house where they allow their bahus to dance infront of guest in the function. She says Swara eats fish and meat. Sujata says she doesn’t eat fish or meat now. Gayatri asks Chirag to come, but he is hesitant. Gayatri blackmails him emotionally. Chirag agrees. Gayatri says this is called a child, who cares for parents. She blames them and says your three sons are useless. Sanskar says stop it Gayatri ji. She asks

him not to take his brother in this, and says he is not here and have nothing to do anything.

Gayatri says your brother might not be happy and that’s why left. She asks her son to come. Sujata folds her hands and asks her not to break engagement. A guest asks Gayatri to talk to them and come to a decision. Gayatri’s husband says she is saying right. Gayatri refuses. Her husband asks her to keep quiet and says we will do a compromise. He asks them to give 5 crores Rs. for not breaking the alliance. Everyone is shocked. Gayatri’s husband asks Chirag to sit for engagement.

Sujata agrees for the condition. Gayatri says you don’t have any other option left. She says your daughter brought black destiny and that’s why one guy left her at mandap. You have to pay for whitening her destiny. Uttara speaks up and says she won’t do this engagement. Gayatri says her mouth opened up. Uttara says I have to open my mouth as I was about to get saas like you. Sujata asks Uttara not to misbehave with them. Uttara says they are not my inlaws and refuses to marry. Swara asks them to go. Ragini says you people are filled with greediness in your heart and asks them to leave. Gayatri asks who are you to kick us out, you are just wedding planner here, and asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Ragini says you want to know my introduction, and asks her to listen. She says I am Ragini Laksh Maheshwari, Laksh’s wife and Maheshwari bahu. She says my husband is not here, and it doesn’t mean that I will let anything wrong happen here. He would have done same thing if he would have been here. She asks them to leave. Sujata asks Ragini to keep quiet. Sanskar says nobody will stop and says Uttara is my sister and not a show piece. He says it is their loss that they didn’t deserve my sister. He says someone will come who will be honest.

Gayatri blames Swara for the happenings. Swara comes near Gayatri and says you are doing drama since long time and are telling to sell your son for your greediness. She says you people are greedy and mannerless, while our Uttara is educated and clean hearted. She asks them to go and says it is enough of drama. Sujata scolds Swara and calls her mannerless. She asks Gayatri and her husband not to cancel the wedding. She asks Durga Prasad to stop the engagement and give them 5 crores rs. Durga Prasad asks them to go. Sujata asks Ram to make Durga Prasad understand. Ram tries speaking to him. Durga Prasad asks him not to utter a word and says I have never interfered in your decisions, but not anymore. He asks them to leave else he will kick them out of house. Gayatri, her husband and son leave from there. All the guests also leave.

Swara tells Sanskar that she felt good seeing him taking stand for Uttara. Ragini and Swara hug Uttara. Uttara says I thank God for making you both, my bhabhis. She asks them to return home again and says this family and home needs you. Sanskar asks Uttara to go to her room. Uttara goes sadly. Sanskar tells Swara that her work is over and she will get her money. He says you can go and don’t come back again. Ragini looks on shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. swasanrag rocked


    OOOOOOOOOOOF…. clap clap clap… great show with Ghayatri snake tongue kicked out… will comment later after watching subtitled version 🙂

    1. where u watch the episode subtitled plzz tell @MAHIRA

      1. MAHIRA

        hi, it’s with arabic subtitle, tape swaragini lodynet on google, you’ll have link (season 2) all episodes are on line

  3. Swaraaaaaaa !!!!! My Princess of Lionessss !!! i almost cried seeing ur bold avtar… goshhhh !!!! how could u be so s*xy with that look… ….

    Sanskar finally u broke ur fast ….*mad me.. Moun vrat… why u were giving those killing looks to us ¿¿¿ Mannnn !!!!

    Raginiiiii !!!!! cutee lil bold fairy … adoring u… coz just bcz of u Ev1 could said something… otherwise we all should meet uttara n his husband(dun know d name) At court for divorce…. *hug..

    DP jiiii.. !!! RP was about to say something n i was waiting for that… but for u he plastered his mouth… huhhhh !!! hats offf to ur decision…

    Sujatha !!!! u made me speechless with ur dumbness … (actually care for daughter but in a old n wrong way)…

    Uttra !!!! looking like doll between two goddess…. IT WAS A BLESS MOMENT… BLESS SCENE…

    Thnk u H.Hasan Mam for d light speed update… *hope TU do justice to me …. haaaaa !!!!

  4. Hassan thanx a lot again disappointed no precap what th a he’ll ans sanky attitude to swara hhuuuuu i am going to bang my head with coconut he ignored all good things done by swara to his family and transform him a good man

  5. Silent_writer

    Ahhhh y did they dnt show precap i m w8ing eagerly for what nxt this epi was amazing finkky cvs got some brain n kick that gaytri out love today family scenes but love ragini after being hurt she speaks for her family loved the bond n epi fab awsmeee hope soon laksh come ??

  6. Aasthu

    Loved Ragini’s dialogue and Swara’s reply to that good for nothing Gayathri……..how can Sujatha call Swara mannerless?? Dp is the only grown up with some sense………..ho can’t Rp and Sujatha understand that ***** Gayathri’s greediness????? DOWRY IS BANNED…….Sujatha get it in ur head………..what wud have happened to Uttara had not she and swaragini uttered sensible things????????????? Sanskar is shocking………..I tot after the lines to Swara abt love maybe he wud forget his ego………..but no………….y no precap???? Won’t swaragini be aired tomorrow????????????

  7. Gayetriiii N ur Husband !!!!! from whom u both r inspired?? Godddd !!!
    Sehhhh !!! feeling like u give u a flower garland in ur pic… hehhhh !!! *RIP U…

    Uttara’s ex …. !!! BDW why u looking at Uttara like that… ur narrow eyes give a sign of destruction…. hope u mind with ur own business …
    otherwise ready to be bang by SWARAGINI …. mark my words…. *Lady Don…

  8. perfect decision.bt why sanskar behaving like this

  9. finally snake and her family out…celebrating now
    Swara ragini Sanskar are with you Uttara and will let nothing happen
    Sanskar want Swara and yet tells ger to go how deeply he is wounded
    Yet in the precap we see Laksh in his new look which i hate by the way
    hopfully ragini and swara will come to stay in the house again..

  10. Sanswa

    How sanskar can say like this..uh?

  11. IQRA222

    Loved the episode
    Thank god gayatri is out

  12. Scooby

    Ahhhhhh im jimping like small kid.. ayiya… the monster got nose cut and sent out..hope she doesn’t give re-entry with evil plans.. greedy family and chirag is puppet..
    uttara love u and as u said lucky to hv swaragini as bhabis.. atleast today sanskar spoke for his sister ovrcoming sujatha’s words..
    swaragini…. swaragini… swaragini..im giving bgm instead of cvz…
    Nxt plan swasan tashan while searching lucky.. intense scene…

  13. today’s episode was so lovely…. swasan conversation n eyelock….
    swasan n ragini taunts on gayatri…
    specially swara’s taunt…
    just lovely….
    but why not precap…

  14. Guys!!I heard that ragini is going to marry nikil 4 swara n sanskar .or…nikil falling 4 ragini.anyway is the news true???sm1 help me plss

  15. Commenting for the first time… Can I also join u???
    Today’s episode was awesome

    1. MAHIRA

      hi poorvi… welcome 🙂
      *bringing tchai and sweets*

    2. Welcome to d family poorvi…
      of course u can join us…

    3. Mica

      sure Poorvi..welcome dear! well we can spamming and roaming here..aawww

      1. Kakali

        Bare feet or with slippers in hand… *Tube light..

  16. Any news abt nikil..I mean I heard thatragini is gonna marry him for swasan..can anyone pls help me..

    1. MAHIRA

      i read spoilers, they’re saying that ragini will says she’s moving on and will forget Laksh’ then helped by Nikhil she’ll act a lovestoey with him….
      by the way, this is announcing problems like the baby issue later if it’s the future track
      they say she’ll arrange a romantic dinner between sanskar and swara and somehow they’ll have to pass a night in the same room….
      *jumping from foot to other waiting *

  17. MAHIRA

    a good episode where i finally saw the old Maheshwari parvaar proud, supprting each other and doing something good!
    thumbs up to Uttara, i felt like her mother will turn to Swara and Ragini to blme them for spoiling her little girl character!!!
    Ram ji, i’m sure now, you have surely lost your voice some months ago… did someone heard him speak since he disapeared searching money when his brother was at hospital??
    Pagli-suju… don’t worry mum, you candy sweety girl will find a good guy (crossing fingers that it’s Nikhil who marry her and stay at Maheshwari house^^ i really like him)
    Ragini… i want to hug you, how can you be so strong at this moment?? doing what Laksh would do if he was there (the closest bhai to Uttara)…
    Swara… mere lovely Swara, i loved you in the protective role you’re soo perfect in with this family/house…. you said so much things about relationships… too much at your angry husband eyes who can’t bear to see you acting like a perfect bahu when you aren’t acting like his wife and like he promised you, he keeps making you suffer by his rudeness.
    Sanskar… want to hug you too (almost innocently :p)… ypu’re so damn in need of someone who assures you that everything will surely be fine very soon… this someone has always been Swara or Laksh…. but then here they are the problem!
    So after the protective husband in the past episode, your elder bhai skills are back too, protecting Uttara and promising her a betterfuture (then yelling at her, but it’s ok, she knows and understands…=
    Protective about Laksh too, not bearing this snake saying a word about him…
    Then angry hurted Sanskar is back again, gripping to the “miss wedding planner” title to hurt her in return, seeing his sister begging her for staying at home has surely recalled himwhen she decided to go…
    Precap is promising, a fight between Swasan about Laksh’s researches with the new Laksh’ ppa with his daughter just at some steps of them…

  18. MAHIRA

    specialmotion to Swara menacing sreps making gayathri ji walk bak fearful… her menacing finger shutting her mouth… want to hug you tooo!!
    *huggy mahira today!*

  19. Amrutha

    Yeah! Gaythri thrown out, better now worth to watch. I can’t blame that snake lady with her name bcoz it’s my mom’s name. That will not suit in any angle to maheshwari family. Laksh come on yaar watching this serial for ragini, make my ragu happy.

  20. Mica

    Thank you H hasan mam for update…
    husband, money madness, wife, society madness, they are soo perfect for each other…
    i love Chirag’s scared expression to hear Swara, may he thought that this cute maheswary’s bahu more wild and more scary, more sadist than his mom 😀 :D….
    no wonder why they hate bengalin, since a wounded bengalin will ruin their dream for sure..
    being marwadhi, they should more polite, more calm, bound by the rule of society, but bengalin are free to express everything (it’s just my view, no offense please)..
    Uttaraaaa….. love you doll, ……
    Raginiii…..you are so strong, hidden your pain and spoke in behalf your beloved one, somehow it’s remain your own pain of losing.
    Swaraaaaa…well, your cute innocent face just a mask of your sharp claws..
    Sanskaaaarrrrr……hohohoho, you are so smart dear, you know how to deal with your cute stubborn wife. as she will definitely do opposite what you said in her anger….
    You somehow enjoy to taunted her as you did to convinced her at gayatri’s home 😀
    well, Uttara’s words remind you bout your both pow on Laksh missing, so, before Swara gave answer to Uttara, you cut it and show your attitude first to her..ahem ahem…
    uuuugghhh but this creepy Chirag..what is he up to ? seems he has feeling to Uttara, and her insult hurt him a lot…
    Sujathaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… you thread your husband as slave, so, how can you to send your daughter being someone’s slave ?

    1. Aasthu

      Mica what is the diff between Bengali and Marwadi ??????? Cultural differences??????? How come Swara becomes a bengali while Shekhar is a Marwadi??????? Is Ragini a bengali or a marwadi?????????????

      1. Assthuu !!! hahh !! m replying u …
        ummm Swara is Bengali coz her Mother Sharmishtha is Bengali… haaa or u can say half Marwadi n half Bengali…
        N Ragini is pure Marwadi…

        Yoooo it’s belongs from different culture… 😉

  21. Raina

    loved it. but the episode was full of drama, they are showing high voltage drama nowadays, they should show some light hearted moments and romance

  22. Nice swara and ragini

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