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The Episode starts with Swara seeing Kavya going somewhere late in night and thinks to wake up Sanskar to follow Kavya, then thinks to go alone, but thinks Sanskar will not like if she goes alone, and calls Ragini. She asks Ragini to follow Kavya and inform her. Ragini tells her that Laksh came here and having icecream with Kavya. Swara and Sanskar are surprised. Swara asks Ragini if Kavya talked to icecream seller and asks if he was really Laksh. Ragini gets teary eyes and says if I can’t identify him. She clicks Laksh’s photo and sends on Sanskar’s phone. She says they are leaving and says she will leave too. She couldn’t bear their intimacy and leaves from there. Swara checks the icecream seller pic and tells that yesterday he sold chat and today icecreams, thinks Kavya is upto some big conspiracy.

Swara tells Annapurna and Sujata that she will make Malpoa, and tells that even Ragini keeps this fast and makes the sweet. Sujata and Annapurna smiles. Ragini thinks to make the sweet and surprise the family. Ragini calls Swara, and Swara calls Ragini at the same time, but then Ragini calls Swara again. Ragini asks about Chena recipe, and Swara asks her about Malpua recipe. Ragini tells about Malpua recipe. Swara tells the recipe of Chena sweets. They make the sweets together in their different kitchens. Ragini says her Chena is ready. Swara laughs and disconnects the call. Sanskar comes to kitchen and says he came to know that his wife made Malpua and insists to eat. Swara says she will present Malpua infront of God first. Sanskar gets romantic and says her beauty is enhanced with the flour on her face. He tries to get intimate, Swara says Laksh is here. Sanskar breaks the hug. Swara asks him to go and talk to laksh, and enquire about the icecream/chat seller.

Sanskar calls Laksh as Lucky and asks if he went to MG road. Laksh says I didn’t go yesterday, and have slept early. Sanskar is shocked. Swara asks why he is lying? Sanskar says something is wrong for sure. Swara tells him that she wants to go to Baadi and surprise everyone. She reaches Baadi. Ragini is happy to see her, and so is Sumi. Dadi comes. Swara tells Dadi that she made Malpua and took recipe from her lado. Dadi asks if Kavya is responsible for Shekhar’s accident? Swara says yes and says you knew well that I never lies. She says Kavya did his accident to make us scared. Ragini says it tastes good and I want to eat all. Sumi asks her not to eat else she will not good husband. Ragini smiles vanishes.

Ragini says I think there was something missing in my Shraddha. Dadi says Swara made Malpua just as I used to make. She asks Ragini if she made Chena Payesh just like Shobha. Swara says yes. Dadi asks Swara not to tell Shobha about her praising her. Swara laughs. Kavya’s friends dance in the hall. One of her friend teases Uttara and tries to misbehave with her. Kavya says everyone went to temple. Her friend asks Uttara to dance with him. Just then Annapurna, Sujata and others come home. Sujata warns the guy and says what is happening in my house. Kavya says this is my husband’s house. Annapurna asks her to keep quiet and asks her to call the watchman. Kavya’s friend asks her to dance and is about to keep hand on Uttara, but Swara holds his hand stopping him.

Swara and Kavya fall down. Inspector is called and he accuses Annapurna for giving poison to her bahus. Annapurna is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Think so that laksh’s look alike is there thinks so
    What u guyzz think ???

    1. Same, but i think that sum one wiv a mask dat kavya actually loves but hes hjding from people seeing them,so shes proberbly marrked lakshya for the money

    2. Hello everyone please check out new ff “music sheet” by bella.☺????

  2. Wow great swasan…
    OMG!! plz find out the truth behind kavya..

  3. So I think that man is wearing laksh’s mask

  4. Wt the hll…..plz…..brng some one fo ragini….she deserves bst…..y they r showing same melodrama ……I wld lve to see a brave ragini….

    1. Sorry faima but i dont think that ragini deserves “the best” after all that she has done. I dont understand how everyone can be so towards her still and forget all that she has done. Its all very unrealistic. Atlest she should not get laksh back. She doesnt deserve him

      1. I think Laksh dsnt dsrves Ragini wat she did was just for her love.. Bt Laksh raised his on Swaragini’ s father… And I think Laksh shdn’t get Ragini back… At least she deserves someone better

  5. sakshi ajishma

    nyc epi.swargni scens awesome!!both rocked..bt precap disappointed

  6. Are the writers thinking of keeping a theme like black magic or hypnotism?? Don’t tell me that laksh was hypnotized and that’s why ge did all these.

  7. Loved Swaragini’s bonding today…plz end this Kavya track soon

  8. riya(die hard fan of rivanya)

    So chweet moments of swasan……. Loved the scene…….. And I really don’t know what Kavya is upto…….

  9. is laksh is double???????oh GOD the story is dragging i wish to make a new entry for ragini but this director is dragging the story with that witch kavya.

  10. toi week spoilers :
    8mar: swara notices kavya and laksh leaving house middle of the night. ragini follows them and sends the pictures to swara who recognises the man selling icecream to them.
    9mar: swara asks kavya’s students to leave the mm house and warns them against coming back.during mahashivaratri pooja, swara and kavya becomes unconsious after eating the prasad.
    10mar: kavya and swara recover, but swara feels weak and is unable to speek. later, ragini follows the photographer and reaches a photo studio where she finds the photo of a burnt house.
    11mar: kavya behaves normally with everyone, which leaves them shocked. later, annapurna is preparing for a pooja when kavya approaches expressing her intrest to be a part of it..

  11. Tquite for fast update cute swasan scenes I just loved it.

  12. I think there is double action of Laksh or someone wearing his mask and dng all bad things… Really hate this Kavya Aunty to the core… Again she is starting some new drama…

  13. Today episode was awesome love Ragini what is happening with laksh

  14. in badi scene it bd of swara it is clearly visible to us… only swasan scenes its swara and in mm uttara drama its swara only and in pooja also swara as we saw this in tdy segment… upto helly exams completed we see swara bd only..

  15. why dadi is like that with swara? is she didnt accept and forgive swara?? why she is like that with swara in tdy episode last week she hug her and now whats wrong with dadi regarding swara?

  16. but in precap when swara and kavya falls unconsious sanlak holds them but all ap,sujju,parineeta and uttara came to swasan and kavlak akela and dp,rp adarsh at a side standing and dr came and tell jahar diya in donoko and police comes asks what happen to dp,and who gave ap tells she gave and police tells ap is khiladi… sanskar holding swara..

    1. when police came kavya is awake but swara is still unconsious and lies down only..

  17. cvs are not fOcusing on the individua character that well…they are dragging too much…and the most funniest part is that they included swasan good scenes so that audiences watche this episode….and the rest is jus drama…making us fool

  18. While I was reading today’s episode I started hating kunj for his childish behaviour towards twinkle and it’s for the first time I didn’t like kunj. One thing I like about precap is yuvi and mahi’ s part
    And sorry mahi it’s too late for you to realise what you got in to ???

  19. Gosh !! Sorry I didn’t notice I shifted into other show I dint mean that comment for this show I moved into here unknownly

  20. After swasan mrg..I dnt know y..sanky in his room itna sidha shareef aur bahar in public place imran hashmi bnta hai lol..?
    Hmm..Baby ji n luxji ke dimag me kuchh locha hua hai..n baby ke student ws so thakele types..pta nai dance kaise kr lete hai..us thrki student ko ek chamat Marti uttara bt kya kre ye kaam toh police (swara) ka hai na..?
    Precap 3-4 din toh wahi dekhana hai Hume..bt bechari AP toh gai..baby ka kaarnama..mujhe lgta hai police ne baju me ghr bana liya kuchh seconds me tapak pade..?aree tumhari master baithi hai yaha Mam swara ji aapki koi jarurat nai wo aapse pehle case solve krdegi..she is bahu hamari rajnikant..

    1. Angel!Lolzz???very well said..

    2. Exactly dear. I also wanted to say dis , u said my words. When de I mean swasan r alone in room he behaves as now also de r frnds only not more dn dat n outside room sudden changes cms n he becomes a flirt. Sanky needs to understand dat bedroom is more appropriate place to romance not to just enjoy puchka. Honestly saying dat helly n varun r not comfortable shooting such sequences but np I can understand their situation . I only want at least one cute , sweet n if possible lil bit romantic scene in every episode . Hope de ll manage dis much for their fans who madly loves dm n we hv seen dis madness in form of three prestigious award category going to outing loving swasan. N ya I wish to see my old chat buddies. Plzzz guyz if u can plzzz do cmnt here. N ya swasan rocks n swasan forever.

  21. Hai guys also watch Ishq ka rang safed serial. Such a nice show.

  22. To all swasan fans CGPA will tentatively be aired on 10th April 2016…..waiting eagerly. ……

  23. swasan romance intrsting!

  24. OMG! Congo to Swaragini serial writers for continuing such a crappy plot for a year. Watching only bcus of Swasan… Now I’m not able to see that Aunty kavya’s face..
    Only Swasan Romance was NICE!!!

  25. Guys don’t you think kavya is ragini’s part 2. I mean kavya is doing the same thing as ragini does when she became the head if maheswaris. But the only difference is that in kavya’s track, laksh became blind in love of kavya and so he is behaving as dumbwhere as in case of ragini, as he didn’t love her so everything seemed wrong.
    I am a regular viewer of this serial and I seriously don’t know why the hell ragini had been turned to negative.Frim the first episode itself they had focoussrd in swara instead of ragini and now they had totally ruined her charecter especially becoming the head of the maheswaris. And now they have turned laksh into negative.hell with this story but being a vk fan, I am still watching it.

    1. To be honest that ragini was worse, she was a psyco.

      1. Yeah and now CVS will turn everyone psycho for showing swara’s mahanata. It has staryed- with as a beautiful love story and was still better after SWASAN but now it became typical saas bahu serial..uff. I mean why can’t they show some good moments, love and trust in both the Jodi’s or else atleast bring some new entries for laksh and ragini.

      2. Well showing swara as mahan is better then showing her as psyco

  26. instead of swaragini they should have kept swasan as title name. really
    they giving more importance to swara and sanky only. how can they change the
    lead role into negative role .in the starting swalak and ragsan were good but suddenly
    they swapped the pairs. ok thats alright and then they made ragini a devil which made her to leave the show. uff i know what they trying to show .

    1. Ya I know de changed d leadpairs n dat got a positive response coz audience accepted it wholeheartedly.

      1. i know that nik . i don’t have any problem with pairs. i don’t know what they trying show in this serial . they r not giving much importance to ragini thats what i am saying really i love ragini

  27. I like Sujatha the most,makes me laugh,also Swasan,then ,Ragini looks stunning after this make over.Even she told in interview that she likes this look of Ragini the most.

  28. Really its a nice serial . I love swaragini

  29. Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  30. I just want to say only one thing. To be honest tejaswi should leave the show. It is the right time for that. I don’t know swara or ragini is better? But..frankly tejaswi is good actress than helly. But she didn’got much important in show till now!!sorry guys,I said this not to hurt anyone,especially swasan fans.I too love them. But only bcoz of varun.he is such a brilliant actor& I can say that so many viewers addicted to swasan,bcoz of his acting skill.
    Tejaswi is really a good actress. Even though she was disappointed with her negative role,she gave an outstanding performance.so that even she got ITA nomination for best actress in negative role.from start of the show,her character developed in different ways& surely she portrayed it all marvelous. So now it is high time to gave her such a strong character&bring back the little SWARAGINI,not only SWARA! but also RAGINI.

  31. I must say swara ko muft me success mil raha he.ragini’s acting skill is much better than swara.swara should take acting classes from ragini or from any other acting school. I was also a swalak fan.still I don’t like rahini character. but I love her acting skill.she is a versatile actress. but swara or helly should develop her acting skill.helly can not reflect her character through her acting.she should give importance on this.

    1. Agar kisi ko kuch muft me mile to hme koi problem nhi honi chahiye kyonki uske liye bhi luck ki jarurat hoti h. N ya if any of us gets something free we ll not loose d opportunity.So how could we say dat to helly dat she is getting all dis response in muft. A person should think b4 speaking . sorryyyy my words.

  32. Spoilers
    There is a new negative entry in Swaragini. A man is taking Ragini’s pics while she does the puja at temple. Ragini gets conscious that someone is watching her and wants to know who is that man. She realizes she has seen him many times earlier, at some shop and chaat stall also. She identifies him seeing his burnt hand. Ragini gets curious to know him. Kartik is negative character, and will bring mystery in the show. Kartik is following Ragini and then she follows him to the secret place. What will Ragini get to know about Kartik?

  33. yes ragini acthing is excellent then swara her way of acting in both positive and negative role tooo and they must provide a strong character of ragini bcoz she is leading actor i like ragini
    and i dont know how they provide a negative role for her swara should take class for her acting

    1. No she doesn’t coz she’s a brilliant actress.

      1. Infact I really like her acting skills.

  34. I think laksh ka much dual role hai
    She might kidnapped laksh and present laksh is some other else with mask
    Or chances may be like she might have hypnotized him or kept some kind of medicine towards her sobthst he can behave very rudely with the family ppl
    Anything can happen so many chances R there or might be the writer not understanding Wat to show exactly ????

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