Swaragini 8th June 2016 Analysis

The episode starts with Swara telling everyone have hide many things from her and she goes from there and Ragini tries to stop her.Laksh follows Ragini.

Swara goes inside the room and Ragini tells her to open the door.Laksh comes and Ragini tells she is not coming out.Laksh says he have a idea.

Sahil is seeing Swara’s picture when servant comes and says someone has came to give a delivery and Sahil ask him to bring.

Ragini says that she wants to show her something and Swara opens the door and ask what and Ragini asks her to come.Ragini shows Swara and Sanskar photo where they are together.Ragini shows her many photos.She tells see how much happy you look with Sanskar.

Laksh shows her the video that Sanskar giving her surprise.Where Sanskar asks her for her hand.Swara looks at photo and goes towards them and touches the photos.Ragini comes to her and says Sanskar loves her very much and not to dought on Sanskar’s love and he can’t even think to harm her.Swara remembers Sanskar giving money too goons and he shooting her.

Sahil remember the whole incident of goons.Sahil gives money to go on and says good job.He remember his maa telling that he is perfect for Swara.Goon says only this much 50,000 for 2 punches.Sahil slaps him and says takes these money and go from there.Goon goes from there.Sahil goes towards her picture and shouts her name and says he is made for her and can’t loose her.He will make her his.

Sanskar hugs Swara’s photo and lays on bed and reminces Swara’s word of always been together.Ragini knocks the door and Sanskar says yes to come.

Ragini says he has eaten anything from morning atleast drink milk.He says he is not hungry.Ragini says she will remember everything.Sanskar tells he will remind their love to Swara.

Swara tells that a bad man can’t give like this.Swara tells why she can see good thing in bad man.She takes her phone and calls Sahil.Sahil asks whether she is okay and she tells yes.

She sits near window and asks whether they are misunderstanding Sanskar.He moans in pain.And tells he got hurt in morning.Swara tells God sent him for her and Sahil tells he will always with her.

At morning Ragini is serving breakfast to everyone when Pari asks whether she is fine and Ragini tells she is fine.Laksh asks whether she is okay and she tells she is fine.Sujata asks to give tea for dad.Ragini is lost and she tells again and Ragini goes to bring tea when she faints.Laksh shouts her name.All go to her.Laksh tries to wake Ragini.Sanskar calls doctor.

Dadi is waiting for Shekhar and Sarmishta.David asks whether the work is done.Both go with out saying a word and she thinks thank God baby will not come in world.

Doctor says Ragini is pregnant and doctor congratulates Laksh.Pari thinks now her importance will get more decrease as Ragini got pregnant.

Sujit a calls dadi and says Ragini is going to get pregnant and dadi asks her to give phone to Ragini.Dadi congratulates Ragini and she gives the phone to Shekhar.Ragini says she is fine and tells we have to be careful and cuts the call.Ragini tells without hin she can’t do anything and laksh talks romantically.Ragini says that she is worried because telling everyone lie is she done good.

Precap:Swara asks whether she did for her and Laksh tells Sanskar did for her and Sanskar takes rocks target avatar.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Can anyone tell me what did Laksh tell at last?? If anyone watvhed that part pleqse tell me

  2. he said i am laksh maheshwari u r ragini laksh maheshwari.together we r raglak.”

  3. Siddhi aleaedy there is ipdate then why r u wasting time.,

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