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Swara is sad. Ragini takes out her musical instrument (sitar) and asks her to compete with her in the jugalbandi round. Dadi says my grand daughter will win. Dida says las time my Swara had won. Sumi says both of them are your grand daughters. It doesn’t matters who wins the competition. Swara plays her guitar and sings the song. She recalls Laksh’s love confession and plays music angrily. The string of the guitar breaks down. Ragini wins. Dadi gets happy. Dida tells Ragini that she loves her too. Ragini says I understand Dida. Swara says congratulations to Ragini for making her lose the competition. Ragini says one should win the love. She says that day I lost it as I was thinking about Dadimaa and now you lost it as you were thinking about Laksh. She asks her to think about her words.


tells Sumi that Ragini has won the jugalbandi and she will make gujiya for her. Sumi says Ragini plays sitar well. Dadi says it is in her blood. Dadi looks out for plate. Ragini says she will give. Dadi says I am coming to kitchen sometimes because of someone here. She makes gujiya for Ragini and asks her to resume her music class. Ragini says not now, firstly I have to do an important work. She eats the gujiya. Dadi says I feel happy to see your happiness on the face, but whatever Laksh and Swara did with you……

Ragini says they didn’t do any mistake. It was my mistake only. Dadi says they did a mistake and not you. Ragini says you taught me everything, but not taught me to face the truth. Laksh told me that he doesn’t love me long back and he loves Swara. I loves Swara very much. She is my sister. Dadi says I would have taught you to fight for your rights, else these people wouldn’t have snatched your rights.

Swara is in dilemma about Laksh and recalls Ragini’s words and Laksh’s confession. Ragini asks Sumi not to worry and give sometime to Swara. Sumi says I understand, but Dadi is angry with you. Ragini says yes, but she will soon agree. Sumi says I am happy that my daughters Swaragini are together now. Ragini says we will always be together. Sumi tells about Swara’s birthday. Ragini says we will celebrate it and hugs her.

Ragini comes to meet Laksh and informs him and Swara’s birthday. She says she will bring Swara in the night. She asks him to do something to make Swara believe in his love. Laksh gets sad. Ragini asks him to believe on his love and says I am sure that you will keep her happy. Laksh says when you are understanding me, Swara is not understanding me. Ragini tells that Swara had cut her finger while playing guitar. Laksh is shocked. Ragini says she is okay and gives him his wrist band. Laksh is surprised. Ragini apologizes to him and says it had fallen when you met me in the academy. She gets emotional and says she is fine. She gives him gujiya and asks him to eat it for the new beginning. Laksh holds her hand and eats it. He says he can eat with his friend’s hand. Ragini gives the box and leaves. Sanskar is seen hearing them and smirks evilly. Laksh goes inside the house while eating gujiya.

In the night, Ragini asks Swara to come out with her for sometime. Swara says she is not in a mood and asks her to understand. Ragini says I know you are sad, but the most effected is me. She says I can’t do anything without you. I wants to make your birthday memorable. She says my sister taught me, if we are right then we shall not get afraid of anyone. She asks her to wear good dress and come with her. While Laksh is leaving from house, Sanskar stops him and says he will also come to meet Ragini. Laksh says it is late night and asks him to go and sleep. Sanskar asks Laksh to inform Ragini that he will come to meet her. After Laksh leaves, Sanskar thinks I will meet Ragini for sure.

Laksh meets Swara somewhere. Swara asks Laksh, why did you use Ragini to reach me. Just then they hear Ragini shouting for help.

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  1. Wow!!! Swara’s birthday is with my birthday too.. Mine is also tomorrow.. Love u swaragini n laksh

    1. wish u happy birthday Ammu

    2. Happy birthday ammu??

    1. wish u happy birthday Ammu

  2. nice epi. luv u swalak

  3. Keep it up MA

  4. make sanskar positive soon

  5. lucky u r awesome. luv u sooooooo much

  6. advance happy bday ammu

  7. nice episod….

  8. wish u happy birthday ammu

  9. Shut up b*t*hes

    1. Don’t use fake namez idiotsss stop it!!!

  10. Hello I hate you athu

    1. Keep barking u fake

  11. Nycc epi….luv swaluk……hope ragini bcims fun sooon!!

  12. Don’t turn into a badie Ragini. She should help Swara and Laksh. Bt noce epi!!!!

  13. happy birthday ammu

    1. WHO TOLD THAT SHE WILL BE NEGATIVE SHE WAS positive and will be positive cuz of some stupid rumors we should not assume that she will be negative and that kidnapping will be done when ragini will go to bring ice cream leaving swalak alone that time she will be kidnapped

      1. Sry its not for u its for kat and the one who think that ragini will be negative

  14. i wish you people will write good story for swaragini please dont make it worst

    1. They will not make it worst and neither it is worst now its amazing

  15. Thnk u pradishma rani ragini n preeeti!! Spcial Thnks to rani for wishing me 3 times.. Thnk u so much guys 🙂

    1. No need of thnx ammu we r frnds right ?

      1. Yeah Pradishma.. ?

  16. I wonder why is this ragini running behind laksh and swara ,why can’t she leave them to their fate.She can excuse swara ,but how can she excuse laksh so soon ,it is like ragini don’t have any self respect

    1. Don’t say that ragini is so nice she is running behind them cuz she knows that if she left them wid their fate they will not Come close and she is excusing them cuz she knows that was not their fault

      1. Everyone should give importance to their self respect, Self respect should be one’s first priority in life ,I just said ragini should not go beyond her self respect to unite swara and laksh. I think you are swarya fan,that’s why, you are not understanding the proper sense of my comment. Once imagine yourself in ragini’s shoes, then you will understand the proper sense of my comment. Even if you fail to understand, I just care a damn (as I usually do…..)

      2. I Think u have lost it, and it’s not necessary that everyone’s first priority should be self respect I am not saying that I should not be but for ragini her first priority is her family which is swara I and she not doing something that is r saying that she doesn’t have self respect and who is swarya

      3. I totally agree wid u pradishma

      4. U r ryt prads

      5. No,no,I totally agree with madhuri. You people are swara and laksh fans, so you will think in dat way only. Hey madhuri, I am with you yaar, don’t care these people…

      6. Three people or more than two idiots and we r swalak fan but also of swaragini and that madhuri was saying that she doesn’t have self respect I mean what have she done

      7. As,I usually do,hahaha. Thanks for your support Rahul

      8. Hey,you are idiot sambal apna zabaan, I support madhuri and my friend Rahul

      9. I kno three of u or same person

      10. Who cares ,just care a damn …

  17. It is not any competition to do cheating, tum jaise logon keep saath behes karke, apna keemti waqt barbad nahi karna chahte hum let you we three are frnds from Ap,we all watch swaragini

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