Swaragini 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar seeing Sahil in Pandit’s get up. He runs after him as the mauli breaks. Sanskar and Sahil get engage in fight. Sahil pushes him and Sanskar falls on table as hurts his back. Sahil is about to attack Sanskar with iron vase, but Sanskar picks a glass vase and throws on him. Sahil holds his head and is in pain. Inspector asks Sahil to surrender. Swara asks Sanskar if he is fine? Maya says Sahil. Sahil says I didn’t hope this from you mum…Swara hugs Sanskar. Inspector arrests Sahil and takes him from there. Shekhar gets a call. He informs Dadi that Sahil is arrested by Police. Dadi says it is a good news and asks Sumi to light lamp in the temple. Sumi sees match stick on floor and signs Shekhar to pick it. Shekhar bends down and picks it. Dadi asks can’t she pick it.

Shekhar says she is having back ache. Dadi says she is doing drama.

Annapurna thanks God for saving Swara. She prays for Ragini and her baby. Laksh asks Ragini not to worry because of Parineeta’s threat. Ragini says she is more worried to tell the truth to Swara. Laksh says I will also come with you. Ragini says no, and says she will tell Swara. She thanks Laksh for supporting her in lie, and says I know you hates it. Laksh says there is a difference between your previous lies and this lie, and says everyone will understand your lie.

Swara asks Sanskar to come out of washroom and says she will do the bandage. Sanskar feels shy. Swara says I am your wife. Swara cleans the wound and applies ointment. Sanskar writhes in pain. Swara gets angry on him, and says she was worried and thought she will lose him when Sahil was about to attack him. Sanskar kisses her to make her stop talking. Swara is surprised. Sanskar says just now you said naa I am your husband and have right. Ragini comes there and sees them romancing. Sanskar asks Ragini to go. Swara says no, and asks her to tell. Ragini says I will talk tomorrow and goes. Swara says I want to talk to Sanskar and gets close. She presses finger on his wound. Sanskar runs after her. He holds her in his arms and asks her to be with him always. They look in each other eyes…while music plays…………..

Annapurna gives Prasad to everyone. Laksh asks Ragini to tell truth to Swara. Ragini says she is waiting for the chance. Laksh says okay. Ragini gets Parineeta’s call and recalls her threat. Annapurna asks whose call it was? Ragini makes an excuse. Annapurna blesses Ragini and her baby. Sujata says she wants twin babies. Once they goes, Ragini says I want to tell something to you Swara. Swara says Maa didn’t tell how did she lost her baby? Ragini says I want to tell about it. Just then Durga Prasad calls them and the conversation gets disconnected. Durga Prasad introduces Swara and Ragini to music foundation employees. The woman asks Swara and Ragini to sing on the event. One of the kid gives bouquet to Ragini.

Annapurna asks Swara to go and perform at an event. Woman says we are leaving today and asks her to come. Swara says today and gets worried for Sanskar. Annapurna asks her not to worry and go. Sanskar gets upset and goes to his room. Ragini gets Parineeta’s call again, and disconnects it. Parineeta gets angry and says you will not agree like this, and calls on landline number. Ragini gets worried. Annapurna says she will pick the call, and also will bring breakfast for the woman kalpana. Adarsh picks the call. Parineeta gets tensed. Adarsh says Parineeta. Ragini gets tensed.

Swara calls Ragini and her phone comes as switched off. Ragini gets worried. Parineeta threatens Ragini in the house. Everyone come there. Ragini and Laksh get worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg such worst comment sonia I think u have got some problem in ur eyes teja is heavenly beautiful
    Dont break our pice hear raglak
    Dint bash any one

  2. Why r ff not updated?

  3. why ragini act like dumbo???why she always need help of swara???why cant she fight against a person alone????why she overactng soo much???nd d main question why she always bcm kabav mein huddy in swasan romance???i thnk its 3rd or 4th time she cms btw swasan..urhhhh hate ragini..

    ragini is not soo innocent to act like a dumboo..she have a beautifool past..hehe…she can try to kil her own sis..she can try to defame her own sis..she can give drugs to her own sis..she can kidnapp her own mother..she can lie/accuse that sanskar try to molest her..she can lusting after her sister’s fiance..she can seduce nd lustng laksh..she can b*t*hing abt her own sis…she can attempt to fake suicide drama..she can torture her sasural waala..she can blackmail her fil..she can blacken d face of her mil..she can make her own sasural members as her servent…she can betray her partner in crime dadi…she can become mahan by saving swara..she can come btw swasan as a kabav mein haddy….she can betray every one nd do ugly nasty things even she can fight against rajat…BT THE GREAT DUMBL MAHAN RAGINI CAN’T FIGHT AGAINST PARINEETHA BABHI…lol funny..d girl who have dese much of criminal records didn’t have any guts to fight against parineetha…she needs the help of swara…d great dumbo fake mahan ragini needs d help of swara…hahahahaha…

    ragini can get many chances bt parineetha can’t..why???if dat witchbragini get 3 or 4 chances why dat evil pari cant get 2-3 chances????.nd why ragini acting like a dumboo……such a over actng aunty ragini…

    if she cant follow d fake pregnency drama proprly den why she take such a huge responsibility….she just want to become mahan…what an over acting running jumping etc….even swara is better dan ragini….ragini is only good for putting heavy makeup heavy lehenga nd bcm kabav mein haddy chipku overactng aunty..nothing else…ragini is good for nothing…dumbo freak….hate ragini

    1. Same thing can be said to swara as Mahan and she wants to inform her sis so that when truth comes out swara doesn’t Feel bad and if ragini had done bad thing than she had done a thing too and most importantly she wasn’t lusting Laksh she just wanted love and cvcs who r showing her weak coz they wanted to show swara as Mahan and most importantly Pari is doing this for fame or standard

    2. u seriously need to chill out

    3. Ya I agree with whatever u said in the 2nd paragraph
      The writer is soo dumb…

    4. Deeksha I totally agree with you, still cannot understand how Ragini is not treated – she was mentally sick and she is a criminal, but she is forgiven and acts so innocent and dumb

  4. superb episode…loved it alot..swasan is best…swara looks soo cute nd beautiful…why dis ragini leave swasan swasan alone…swasan please bolt the door befote doing romance othrwise some ppl comes between u to spoil ur romance…loved swasan liplock…swasan in adanskai mood…its really unexpected. sanky look handsome in dat dress..shy sanky..haha lol…
    pls cvs stop dis paragin drama..its rritating to see raginis dumbo face…bearing raglak only for namish…ragini is look like behenji while namish is look younger to mummy ragini…please replace ragini..or give any proper dialogue or track to ragini…irritatng to hear her dumbo dialogues..

    1. Well there are some people who even think of replacing Swara. Still we never comment. And you are no one to call ragini a dumbo and please get a break…. Just look at Raglak properly, from which angle do you find her bhenji….. Both Namish and Tejaswi look adorable together. And what if Ragini came in between Swasan romance…. As least your Swasan are always shown romancing but our raglak are not. And Ragini’s dialouges maybe boring for you but not for us.

  5. Deeksha what will u get by bashing well I cant help it because ur mind is ful of negativity I can bash swara but I will not bash because iam a true raglak fan true fans never bash or feel insecure I feel pitty on u haha ragini is the best

  6. sut up ur fat mouths past is past ragini is the best y swasan fans are back of ragini bash her by doing this ur spoiling ur own fandom name no one tells the name of the person they tell swasan fan bashed ragini not to all swasan fans only for bashers am saying

  7. i thought atleast here there wont be any bashing but here also demons come and bark

  8. I think its single person use different id to bash teja and ragini

  9. even iam feeling to bash swara like hell but i will not do that cause iam a true raglak fan and true fans never bash or fell insecure got it all brainless dumboo people out here those ho r bashing jalo yar farak nahi padtha go to hell we love teja and we will love her nomatter what happens kopdi mai gusalo ye bath hum hay teja ke sath
    pity pity on u haha lol

  10. east or west ragini is the best all the best to bashers now iam enjoing ur comments by seeing how mad and funny u all are nanananaaana

  11. Jealousy at its peak teju u r the real queen both inside and outside

  12. Tejaswi i dnt know how,when,where bt i started admiring u….started loving u from d core of ma heart….started praising u….started fightng for u??…started supportng u….dnt know wen i became ur jabraaaa fan….bt nw i am alllll urs……i wl always b dere beside u no matter wt…..u r a part of ma lyf nw….but wen i read bad n harsh comment about u i realllly became saddd…i dnt know y people bash her,,,wt she had done to u???? N people raise finger on her beauty n talent,i really dnt know y???if she isnt beautiful den how come she reached till here in such a competitive wrld….n if she isnt is talented den y shez gettng all dese oppertunities….n about her role…she signed as a positive charecter but cvs made hr negatve jst for publicity of dere serial…n wen she said dat she”ll quit den cvs cnged her charecter coz dey know her importance in serial….n i cn say dat shez a gr8 actresss coz she had shownnn many shades in one serial nly,which cn b done by a perfectionist nly…..so instead of praising u all r bashng her ..yyy guyzz???r u jealous of her hmmm…???…n v all know dat shez a bubbly n chulbuli grl in her real lyf bt still she manages to do such a shy n simple role….n now-a-days shez doing a numb n expressionless acting dis is jst coz of d scinario, wch is happeng in d serial,,,,dese expressions r totally different from hr real lyf nature..so a big round of applause for her???…n guys she herself dnt go to disturb swasan romance,shez dng all dese thngs for swara’s mother nly…n cvs made her to do all dese,so complain to cvs instead of bashng her…n if she looks older den namish den y cvs gve her younger sister role???if u say dat she looks laksh aunty den wt swara wl look-a-lyk????before cmmntng upon nyone seee urself frst….bt no matter wt she wl b ma queen forever…n bashers plz dnt spoil swasan fans name n our mode …..tejaswi rocksssss …love u ma angel…n basers stay away from ma comment????

  13. Guys….pls stop bashing….it is really hell disgusting….y cant all understand this is just a serial….for this poor teju n helly r being bashed….

    Sorry to say this….but bcs of some stupid fans from both fds r spoiling image of their favourites…

    I’m really feeling like u r not fan of swara or ragini….but just haters of them…

    Helly n teju both r beautiful n wonderful actors…

    Actors r laughing at their fans behaviour…

    N some r bashing teju here….i’m helly biggest mad fan…i too dont like teju…but that does not mean she is not beautiful….she is so pretty in every attire…if we didnt connect to her acting or her…it is ok….but who r we to bash her…

    Pls stop bashing teju…

    N i feel like one or two members of raginis haters r changing their email n name n bashing ragini/teju….

    N i feel like some hellys haters r doing this….bcs of that helly also will be bashed…

    Dont take me wrong…but i really feel like those who r bashing teju r teju haters or helly haters…

    Pls stop bashings…dont create scene in tellyupdates also…

    In twitter,fb,insta all r bashing these two like hell….atleast let us dont bash them here…

    It is sincere request to all….if u love helly or teju

  14. I am a swasan fan and also raglak …but I felt like Ragini is having heavy make up than swara in 8th July episode ..it is clearly seen when we look into Ragini ‘s face. it doesn’t mean that I am against Ragini ..if any one feels so..pls forgive me…

  15. Not 8th July it is 7th July sorry…

  16. Guyz plz don’t f8 like cats . u must heard dat two cats were f8 ing for a bread n de were so involve in dr dat de don’t even realized dat dr bread was already tkn away by d cunning monkey.n here bread refers to trp.so plz all raglakians n swasanians be united n wch swaragini .

  17. Every where rafini bashers or teja bashers insta fb Twitter here too.actually fed up with those people.i don’t think using heavy makeup is not a crime.its her choice what is ur problem.if don’t like her just ignore.i think people more bashing her after her role change to positive again.it is not hate.its just because of jealousy.they are jelous about her beauty and talent.THE MORE HATERS BASH HER THE MORE WE LOVE HER.ACTUALLY THESE PEOPLE HELPING TEJU TO DEVELOP HER FANDOM.

  18. Really sorry..

    1. I dont have any problem with u.sorry too if my words hurted u

  19. Both actresses are very good in their place….dnt insult their talent yaar…Its sick

  20. I completely agree with you seebu
    I am a huge fan of swasan but i realy like ragak also
    And tejasvi and helly they both are very very beutifull and talented
    And it is just a show why are you guys bashing tejasvi and helly just because of a show

  21. And anyway its just a serial ..not real life…none of the characters in swaragini aren’t related to us..so why we are wasting our energy by typing ..harsh words .tejaswi and helly both are beautiful they have their own plus points compared to each other..

  22. Its ok ayisha

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