Swaragini 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ragini brings the recording from the car and plays infront of Laksh. Laksh is shocked to see Swara’s recording. Ragini recalls compromising with Swara’s conversation with her. Shekhar tells Sumi that Dida will stay with them and she will be alright soon hearing Dadi’s taunts. Evil Ragini comes and tells Sumi that Swara will come late. She comes to Laksh. Laksh tells that he enquired with the auto driver and he told that Swara was walking aimlessly. He gets Swara’s call. Ragini asks where is she? Laksh asks her to sit in the car. Laksh, Ragini and Sanskar come to the pub, and see everyone dancing. Laksh is shocked to see Swara dancing unconsciously. Ragini acts as getting shocked. Laksh asks Swara to come. Swara says she don’t want to go, and asks Laksh to dance with her. Laksh asks Swara to come

home. Swara asks him to go and refuses to come along with him. Swara refuses and asks who are you? Laksh is shocked and asks Swara to look at him. Swara says I am going to marry you, but we are not yet married. Some guys ask Laksh to back off and asks him to let Swara be with them. Then they pass lewd comments on Ragini. Laksh loses his cool and beats them.

Sanskar calls the Police and asks to come. Laksh beats the guys. Mad Ragini tells Sanskar that Laksh didn’t do anything when the goons comment on Swara, but when they comment on her, Laksh beats them. She says Laksh cares for me even now. Sanskar holds her hand. Ragini asks him to leave her hand, and goes to save Laksh. Laksh beats the goons. Sanskar looks on, waiting for Police to come. Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara’s phone is switched off and Ragini’s phone is not also out of reach. Shekhar says he will go and see. Sumi says both of them have become irresponsible. Shekhar asks her to take care of Dida. The police arrive there. Laksh tells them the goons were at fault. The goons tell that they want to file FIR against him. The Inspector takes LD to a side and asks him to apologize to goons, as they might file FIR and then he has to land up in jail. Laksh has no option and apologizes. The goons ask him to take care of fiance and her sister.

Sanskar asks where is Swara? Ragini says she will come. She says I don’t know if she takes drugs from the beginning. She cooks up a story that she heard that people take drugs being alone. She says you will have to suffer ultimately because of Swara. Laksh says he don’t care about all this. He says I cares for her feelings for me. Ragini says she is worried about her family and parents. Laksh says she is your sister. Tell me what shall I do. Ragini says a relation can’t be build on lie and asks him to break alliance with Swara. Swara hears everything and is shocked to see Ragini’s evil side. She says you think that I takes drug and is living double life. She says I didn’t take drugs. Why did you ask him to leave me. Ragini says yes, I provoked Laksh against you, and asked him to break alliance with you. I did this intentionally, to see that if Laksh loves you really or not. She says Laksh loves you truly. You don’t need to give clarification to anyone.

Laksh asks her about syringe and drugs. Swara is shocked. Swara says it is impossible. Laksh says Ragini got it from her. Ragini is at loss of words and cooks up a fake story. Swara tells Laksh that she don’t take drugs and it is someone plan against her. Sumi calls Ragini and asks where are you? Ragini lies again. Swara asks why you are lying again and again. She says I hate lies. Ragini says they are coming home. Sumi asks them to come there. Swara asks Laksh, who told you that I am here. Laksh tells that he got a call from her mobile informing about her whereabouts. Sanskar and Ragini look at each other. Swara take out her phone and tells it is with her.

Swara tells Laksh that someone is having problem with their relation. They doubt on the person behind Ragini’s kidnapping. Durga Prasad comes to Garodias and says he has decided to get Laksh engaged to Swara. Dadi asks Swara to make Laksh wear the ring and get engaged. Annapurna and Ragini look on shockingly.

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    Lovely……..I like today’s episode…..thoda or acha ho skta tha agar ragini ka double face saamne aajaata to

  2. sakshi

    Ragini unnoda kevlamana muham oru nall velia varum
    unmaya yaralayum marraikka mudyadu devil and cheep ragini sanskar

  3. sakshi

    Sanskar pechaa kettu unnoda sister ku ipdy oru velaya panntta

    Ava unnakkaha evlo sacrifice panna devilll ragini

  4. shabbu

    Hey prads!! Tat henna was fake I think!! Just now I read all the comments.. U know when I asked her intro long back , she said she is from Karnataka n now she gave intro to sruthi tat she is from Pakistan!!

    I guess rohan = henna= aditi = rajeshwari

  5. shabbu

    But I’m not sure abt tat whether all are sane… But Im damn sure tat henna lied to any one of us.. Me or sruthi!!

  6. Torandu

    hey both ragini and swara are lead roles right …. then why you stupid writers showing ragini as bad girl .. why not swara ….

  7. Rajkumari Irina

    Stupid crazy ragini dont u have any men in ur life u lyk laksh as dog lyk dung hahaha so idiot u r Go and just die urself f**king stupid gul I hate ur over reaction U destroy other innocent life Sanskaar U r just lyk monkey acting royal jerk…Love U swalaksh May God bless Ur happy life 2geder!!!!!

  8. Rajkumari Irina

    Ragini …ur Ugly devil heart mke ur beauty face ugly& useless n I hate u so much

  9. annie

    ragini needs to get it in her thick head that laksh doesnt love her
    how can anyone be so cruel to there sister

  10. ?Pradishma?

    Shame on u rags…… u dirty pig…. u don’t kno meaning of luv only…… u b*t*h

  11. ?Pradishma?

    A big punch on ur ugly face from my side…. ?????go to hell u deserve there…. or not there also….

  12. varshini

    Tnx for d update MA.pradhi don’t ask such silly qstn.I never ever forget u guys. I can’t comment often cuz lacking of time.u guys have place in my heart ever.tc n gn☺?

  13. varshini

    Ragini don’t do such cheap things we want cute n innocent ragini.writersvpls change d rags role.

  14. Ozy

    am sorry to say this to u all….pls those of u that types in your language,pls try typing in English..reading ur comments here is fun and i don’t understand ur language plssss

    • varshini

      Sorry ozy it means what a sin/evil (can’t find a rt word) is ds saravanan?(famous movie dialogue in tamil )sorry once again

  15. shabbu

    I’m fine pinky!!

    Total how many hrs u fast there in pak?
    Coz here in India its 14 hrs 39 mins

    • shabbu

      Oh.. OK Dr take care of her… This is the time to support n care.. Is there somebody at hos to take care?

  16. Shabbu yr if fakers will cum especially ADITI v will enjoy her defeat coz every1 knows hr nature she has no frnd so she will try to break our circle coz she is totally jealous v won’t let her betray us this tym v will kick her out of here by t.u team’s help..

    • shabbu

      S of course pinky!! I think everyone over here came to know abt her.. So everyone will be careful abt her.. N no one will give chance to the the fakers..

  17. Shanaya sindh..

    Ya shabbu..tke cre of ur mthr……m dfntly rmmbr n dua fa ur mthr dat she ll b alrght..

  18. shabbu

    Shanaya!! Shifa’s mom is unwell not my mom!!

    Well u know we crossed 5000 comments on nauc page!!!!

  19. shabbu

    Pinky!!!!!! Is tat Tamil… I thought u learnt some different lang!!!nyways good try!! Half is right..

  20. shabbu

    S I know to cook. But I don’t love to cook.. Coz it depends on my mind.. But daily dinner is my responsibility!

  21. shabbu

    Which is ur native?? @shanaya
    tn or Karnataka…?

    Wats ur [email protected]

  22. shabbu

    Hhi sweet!

    Zaroor bhejungi shifa.. Ghar ke bbahar 5 baje aajana.. Aeroplane se ekk parcel aayega.. Theek hai.

    Tab tak ye enjoy karo. ??????????????????????
    Yeh sab tumare liye shifa!! Aur chahiye toh boldena!!

    • shabbu

      Ya zaaaaarrrrrrrooooooorrrrrrrr…

      Aur yeh khakar jaldi se healthy ho jao shifa..?????????????????

  23. Sherliya

    Yup akka..tmrw v have schl parliamentry election..2day was our last day 4 campaigning.

  24. Sherliya

    Sorry shifa di.i didnt c u dr…nope dr.how can i get angry on my swt di
    what r u doing dr?

    • ✨pradishma✨

      But there was cabir dhruv and aliya in tmrws precap…r u talking about today’s episode….??

  25. ✨pradishma✨

    A girl name sumita always used to bash niti for liking parth’s dm….. and she used to say her that she is immature and kid she has chubby cheeks and all rubbish then niti blocked her but that jerk made another account and was bashing her again saying manik deserves aliya not u and she replied her nicely saying that its her life she can do whatever she want….. and then sumita loser was quite…. but niti is hurt…..

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Thank god….. r u ok now di….. she will fully recover soon di u be strong and tc of urself and her

  26. Angelina?(anu)

    @ prads……….

    Wen d world goes dark…..
    Stars r there wen d journey breaks up..
    Hope is there….
    When d entire world is vanished ….
    N u feel left alone…..
    Tilt ur head n look beside u……
    Will bring u comfort n feeling of….
    Care n affection moulds on u….

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Awwww anu so sweet like u……. ????really yaar heart touching…… ???I won’t say thanks as u don’t like though u deserve it….. LUV U SIS and my also always beside everytime…. no matter what

    • ✨pradishma✨

      No need of thnx di….don’t be a bit good be fully good cuz she will recover soon dear… I will pray for her…. tc

  27. Angelina?(anu)

    @ Sara…

    Aapka ashiana dil mei NASA rakha hai…
    Aapse jab humaari yaari ho gayi….
    Toh duniya humaari pyari ho gayi….
    Aapki dosti ki ek nazar chahiye…
    Dil beghar hai…USSR ghar chahiye…
    Aapka ashiana dil mei bass rakha hai!!????

  28. Angelina?(anu)

    N Shiva di….me too….I mean take care of ur mom…..n yes always keep a smile on ur face so that wen ur mom looks at u she also has a smile……..so keep smiling di!!!???

  29. sruthi

    wow… raining in chennai…. after a long tym… superb climate… want to play in rain..


  30. sruthi

    no dear .. its so chill outside. mom doesn’t allow me as I get cold easily….. but enjoying its cool breeze……

    did u saw ashes series ?

  31. sruthi

    cricket series of england n Australia…I watch all matches in cricket…bcuz I luv cricket….

    hi Sara n dreamer…

  32. sruthi

    n yesterday u all didn’t sleep . I think … full chatting….

    hi shabbu di… neenga chennai LA enga irukeenga…

  33. shabbu

    Hi sara!!

    My day was OK [email protected]

  34. ?sruthi?

    yeah Sara. it will reduce the water scarcity…. hope it rains in pakistan..

    n sara. u will eat something to finish ur fast na… will they put nonveg in that…. ( sry I dunno what it means in English so I put something. )

    • shabbu

      Oh thank u shifa…

      Enjoy this too..????????????????????????????have this in ur dinner…

  35. Dreamer ?

    That’s true…it’s been ages since we last talked ? How are you? How was your day today? ?
    Hey Prads ? Nothing much ? Just waiting for the update on Shastri Sisters ? How are you?
    Hello ? Neenga Tamil thane? Naanum Tamil thaan ?
    Vanakkam Sruthi ? neenga Eppadi irukkinga?

  36. ?sruthi?

    shabbu neenga thapa ninaikalena enaku unga mail id thareengala …. en I’d Pradi Sara anu Shifa ellorkitayum iruku… suma dhan ketan neenga enga nu…

  37. ?sruthi?

    to finish ur fast…
    u will eat rice with some vegetables… I dunno u eat or not but in chennai Muslims will eat that…..they will get that from the nearby mosque… yesterday they gave to me to taste it.. there is mutton in that… in my family we don’t eat non veg… so I m asking whether they put non veg or not….

  38. ✨pradishma✨

    Her name is sumitaroyy on insta….. without dp…. I was trying to find her to abuse her but I couldn’t…. I am really mad at her….. and I heard it that she always used to bash niti saying that parth don’t deserves her and it’s good that he blocks all niti fc if I will find her na then tell me I really want to abuse her badly to hurt doll

    • Dreamer ?

      I don’t really use social media much…coz I want to concentrate on my studies this year and social media would definitely be a major distraction for me ? So yah I don’t have any form of social media accounts such as FB and instagram ? I will probably consider creating an account after finishing my national exams this year ? For now, my only form of social media are Telly Updates and Whatsapp ? Oh and I use Gmail too ?

  39. ?sruthi?

    super ah iruken dreamer . neenga epadi irukkeenga . romba naal neenga varala. enachu ? @dreamer

    baahubali nalaiku release… ticket kidika maatingudu .. tried many times … adutha vaaram dhan poganum.@shabbu n dreamer

    its for shabbu .. and u tell me a word I ll say in Tamil… sorry for many days I didn’t take. I think Liya n u are angry on me for not taking class @sara

    • Dreamer ?

      School work senju mudikirathilaye ennoda time ellam poyiduthu Sruthi ? athaan…eppallam time kidaikutho appa inge vanthu thalaiya kaatittu poiyiduren ??

  40. ?sruthi?

    neenga adhu saapidu veengala. adhula non veg poduvangala…@shabbu

    OK Sara if u dunno abt it…

  41. ?sruthi?

    seri – OK
    aama -yes
    illa – no

    these are the primary words we use in our talks. if u want any other order ask me…..@sara

  42. ?sruthi?

    seri seri dreamer… neenga endha class… aana time kidaikirapo kandipa varanum…

    • Dreamer ?

      Kandipa varuven ? Inge naan Secondary Four la padikkiren…India la 10th class maathiri ?

  43. ?sruthi?

    naan unnai kadhalikuren – this is pure Tamil

    naan unna love panren – this is what we use at present

    I like u very much – enaku unna \ungala romba pidikum.

    unna – for younger ones
    ungala – for elders

  44. Shanaya sindh..

    Hey its an imprtnt msg to u al.i wnt mre peple to cme n diz pge nd hlp my frnd..its an humble requst plzzzz.

  45. ?sruthi?

    i can’t understand what u r saying @shifa di…

    yes Sara .. dreamer n frndship is enough for us..

  46. ✨pradishma✨

    Punkin yaar…. ??I found that basher on chrome insta but not on app….. what to do yaar….

  47. ✨pradishma✨

    Dreamy frndship is really important too us and most valuable….. u r toh our sweet dreamer…..

    • Dreamer ?

      Thanks Prads ? You guys are really amazing and sweet and I’m glad we became friends ?

      • ✨pradishma✨

        Yes sara they live in Mumbai in fact all actors live in mumbai and thier shooting studios are also in Mumbai

        @shifa di…. I kno I can meet but I don’t kno the address and m small to go there….. security guards doesn’t allow anyone

  48. ✨pradishma✨

    But sara i also want to abuse… did she requested ur follow request so that I can see ur following list and i will also follow that blo*dy basher

  49. Shanaya sindh..

    Its an public site for that its an humble request to assemble here..she z frm otside nt rltd to diz site.cn u hlp me plzzz.

  50. Dreamer ?

    Good night guys ? It’s really late here and I’ve got to go and sleep now ? It was really nice talking to all of you ? See you guys tomorrow ? Once again, Good night abd sweet dreams ?

  51. Angelina?(anu)

    Wat happened??? N who’s is sumita Roy?????? N how can she abuse a celebrity???

  52. Angelina?(anu)

    Sara!!! Did ya get d link????? Plz tell me!! I wanna see watz happening there

    • ✨pradishma✨

      M not jealous though I have crush on him but i want him to be with her humesha in reel also and real also

  53. Angelina?(anu)

    Can any one plzz tell me wat has actually happened?????? Y did that bastard abuse my sweet gappu niti???

  54. ?sruthi?

    good night every one… pradi anu Sara dreamer shabbu olive shifa ria Liya sweet …..
    sorry if I missed any names…

    bubye.. take care…. sweet dreams

    sruthi feeling sleepy ????..

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Sweet dreams….. vidhya…. tc and see many of ishveer dreams….. ???????bye c u tmrw….

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Oh ya sry for three days only water…. tc dear of her and urself my prayers r with ur mom

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