Swaragini 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kavita asking Sanskar to try the sherwani which she brought for him. Sanskar refuses. Kavita insists and makes him wear the sherwani, and says you are looking good. She sees him sad and asks if he liked it? Sanskar says it is heavy. Kavita says you used to like it before, and says it seems much have changed in all these years. Sanskar says I will wear this sherwani. Kavita says I am sorry and says I will bring another sherwani. Sanskar recalls Swara’s words that no sorry and no thank you in friendship, and tells same to Kavita. Kavita says you remember few things even now and is happy. Annapurna comes to Sanskar and says you shouldn’t do what you don’t want. She asks him not to compressed his emotions for other’s happiness. Sanskar says love happens only once, when I was

in love with her, destiny changed page and started a new love story, but again the old love story is called back. He says what to do now. Kavita comes and informs them that she has invited Swara and her family.

Laksh asks Swara if she is coming for engagement. Swara says yes. Laksh says it takes time to understand what to keep in life. Ragini recalls Laksh saving her and thinks he is falling in love with her. Swara asks Laksh to give Sanskar’s tshirt. Ragini tells Laksh to lets go. Dadi asks Ragini to wait as she is coming with her. Ragini asks where, to my sasural….She says you have taken good care of myself, I felt good but it doesn’t look good to spend more time there. I will not feel good if the family taunt you. She asks her to bless her so that she can handle her home well. Dadi moves back and doesn’t bless her. She asks her to note down her saying and says you will repent one day. Ragini says even Nani cursed me. She says bye, and tells Swara that she will understand if she don’t attend the engagement function. She leaves.

Dadi is going inside the house. Dada ji says you have cut ties with us and says you can stay here anymore. Dadi asks Shekhar to listen what his dad said. Shekhar says his dad is saying right, and says you have supported Ragini in her wrong doings. Sumi asks him not to talk badly with Dadi. Swara asks them to leave anger. Dada ji tells Dadi that she has given wrong thinking to Ragini and made everyone felt ashamed. Swara says Dadi did this because of Laksh. Dada ji doesn’t agree and tells Dadi that she was hating Swara, but she is the one who is fighting in her favor. Sumi says lets go home and talk. Urvashi says she has heard everything and says Dadi is Ragini’s mum and not Dadi. She says she has done this because of her motherly love, and says only a mum can feel real pain of the children. Dada ji says Parvati can stay in this house, but she has no relation with me. If she wants to come back to my life then she has to earn that place in my life again.

Kavita asks Sanskar about the broken frame in his almari. Sanskar recalls Ragini throwing it. Kavita says we will buy a new one and says she will throw it. Sanskar gets angry and says it is very special for him although it is broken. Kavita asks what is in that photo frame. Sanskar says there is a photo of Swara and me in this photo frame and her name is written in my heart. He turns and says I love her. Kavita changes the topic and talks about sherwani. Sanskar says I love Swara. Kavita says you are lying, I just love you, and don’t have anyone except you. How can you move on, you can’t do this with me. She runs outside Maheshwari house. Sanskar follows her. A car hits Kavita and she falls down. It was just Sanskar’s dream, and says Kavita…Kavita says I am here and will not throw this frame. She asks him to try his sherwani. Sanskar thinks he can’t tell this truth to Kavita as she don’t have the strength to bear this. He says I can’t tolerate if anything happens to her.

Urvashi asks Dadi not to cry. She tells Sumi that she should have explained to Shekhar. Swara says you don’t know everything. Urvashi says you are mannerless and takes Dadi with her. Sumi says it is okay and takes Swara with her.

Ragini sees Laksh going and stops him. She gives him handkerchief, and thanks him for coming with her to Baadi. Laksh asks if you are fine? Ragini asks what happened to you so suddenly? Why you are acting to be concerned for me. Laksh asks why you are asking me? He says he is fed up of fights between them and says he thought about her words. Ragini wonders what did I told him. She recalls their recent conversation and thinks if Laksh is changing for good. She says Dadi, you was wrong…….

Urvashi comes to Dadi and says I have brought milk for you as you haven’t eaten anything. She sees food plate and thinks Sumi might have brought it. Dadi says Sumi served her food. Urvashi tries to trap Dadi and instigates her against Sumi. She asks can I call you Maa? Dadi says she is seeing Janki’s reflection in her. Urvashi hugs her.

Laksh comes to Sanskar and says he is doing wrong. Laksh says it is my duty to make you understand, and says if you are not happy after marriage then she will also be not happy. Sanskar says I used to love Kavita before and can love her again. He asks what you would do if you can get your first love. Laksh says I wish, but I can’t happen. He says he can sense Swara’s presence in the room. Sanskar asks what do you mean? Laksh gives his shirt which was in Swara’s bag.

Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings an emotional song. Swara runs and hugs him (May be imagination scene). Ragini’s dupatta catches fire and Laksh shouts to alert her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nowadays i hate watching this serial… i feel like killing all ppl in serial.. specially ragini dadi sujatha and kavi… haye them all. Nd masi…

  2. Honey

    Disgusting… Still same precap.. So it’s gonna be next week.. But I saw somewhere that it’s not a dream of swara… So only I’m tolerating all.. This new entry mausi I think she is gonna create really a big problem.. I liked Dada today…

  3. dolly

    What the hell . same precap they are dragging it unnecessarily. Show engagement fast but no they have to drag only..

  4. shivanya

    nowadays swaragini is so much boring….i think laksh is acting in front of ragini…laksh plss unite swara n sanskaarr

  5. ammu

    Pls swara I beg u pls dont leave sanskar. He is ur second love u wont hv much strength to bear if this breaks.

  6. nidhi

    just thought too share i doubt laksh hasn’t changed maybe he’s doing this to get the property back and teach rags a lesson :/

  7. PDT

    The serial is dragging. Come on writers make it interesting. There is no more suspense or anything. Swara you are a fool. Stop interfering in elders talk and think about your life you idiot.

  8. Sandy

    I hope that’s a fake news, but I read it if this will happen den it would be disgusting, Ill never watch it again

    • Tara

      Heyyyy frnzzz. . In Annapurna’s insta pic is in swara is in bridal attire. Hope it’s for swasan marg ? Omgggg I can’t wait

  9. bhuvi

    Uff.. As I said yesterday… So many dream n flash backs sequence… N Wat s the need to sing swara’s favourite song if he is ready to move on with kavitha???she have told him not to make her weak ( in market scene.)… He knows if he sing that song then she ll become emotional n weak… Y he is hurting her wantly… Whatever…its dream or real the hug going to be treat us after all we are swasanians… Hope they ll unit soon n celebrate valentine’s day soon… We mad swasanians are able to watch their full marriage rituals wit ter cite romance…I hope des thing happen… Dunno Wat Sr creators upto…

  10. needhi

    Feeling irritated to the core.makers should show that precap only ,which they r going to telecast very next day.no need to show precap before a week.someone plz go and kill that rashmi sharma so that we dont come across such crap.first time ,i didnot liked sanskaars part.swara devi ki jai ho.she was blaming laksh,brainless girl.i am fuming in anger for watching this bullshit.if tge hug turns out to be dream sequence, then i swayer i would not watch the show even if they unite.this crap is getting on my nerves.

  11. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

    you guys will never make it swasan for next three months………..
    let me atleast spend the time in studying which i spend on watching and reading this stupid crap………..
    shouldnt mock at others efforts and works but i cant tolerate it any more…………
    swaragini is losing one more fan

  12. Dnt know nw wat urvashi is gng to do
    …i feel laksh is acting like caring for ragini…….waiting for swasan union…..but if sanskar married Kavita then i will never watch tis show……tis Rashmi Sharma’s show na always it happens like tis oly ….in sasural simar ka first roli married Prem then she married Sid and swaragini first swara and laksh and nw swara and sanskar….but plz nw for god sake dnt separate swasan then it would become flop…

  13. Urvashi tum shekhar k liye to nai ayi ho…feeling sad 4 swara sanskar…kavita tum wapas kyun ayi.?precap har roz wahi just fed up

  14. Vinita

    Zor se bolo jai swara Ki!!!!!!!
    Pyaar se bolo jai Mahan swara Ki!!!!!!!
    Saare bolo jai Mahan mahatma swara Ki!!!!!
    How can swara be so Mahan???????????

    Friends, I have realised that if I continue watching this then I will become mad ……….
    What is wrong with swasan??????

  15. Oh no again same precap, I thought swasan will unite in the engage party but that’s also a imagination, its dragging. ……I don’t like cavity with sanky.hate Dadi,ragini, urvashi,they are good for nothing. It’s not worthwatching anymore till swasan reunites .

  16. Aliya

    Laksh n ragini plzz help sanskar n swara unite… plzzzzz

    N kavita… tm chali jao na kahin … kaash k precap koi imagination na ho bt real ho…
    Luv u sanskar

  17. Angel


    Its not imaginagion….its real hug….swara will leave house after huging him and laksh will give wifey rights to ragini.ragini will then help swasan unite….

    • Neha

      Hey angel R u sure….luv u yar for dis spoiler…. Now der is a hope swasan will unite very soon when ragini n swara ll become swaragini again..

    • Aliya

      Really?? Woooowwww

      If so.. den i m glad .. n thanks alot ..

      Wish k wo din jaldi aaye…
      Swasan. … we r waiting for you to unite. . 🙂

  18. Yukk it was so boring n irritatin dat m not gonna watch it yaar n ya today dere was not evn a single swasan moment
    Guys one more thing is dat dis week dis show is on 4th position

  19. rosy

    In the spoiler it is said that SwaSan wl confss their feelngs infrnt of all as swara cudnt cntrl herself wen he sings da song..plz plz ths shdnt b an imaginatn…plz directrs make it happen…CNT SEE SWASAN seperated n in pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. rids

    Haii.. nashita.. I saw ur comments. M not worried about swasan anymore iknw eventually they ll end up together… this ragini I cant tolerate anymore… anyway now that they r saying ragini vil turn positive I ll start watching after tat only…

  21. mottu

    how bakwaas yr …………….
    just pulling this show and u ragini i really hate u just get lost from the serial and this swara and sanskaar dont behave as a gr8 person and this stupid swara always become great and make others inferior
    i dont know who is the stupid writter just stop this serial and dont waste our
    reallyi dont like this wara and sanskaar jodi ……..

  22. Rey

    i cn’t wait fr swasan scene till monday eagerly waiting fr nxt episode nd i luv u a lottt laksh u rocked 2day … nd dadaji u too ..

  23. trishika

    Don’t tell me that the hug is imagination……… I am waiting for this scene for so long and it is again in precap

  24. Writer plz show precap of next dy nt day aftr tomorow…. I ws expecting it to be tody the engagemnt and prepacp is shown frm 2 dys back… Im sooo sad of this episode…

  25. Aditi Singh

    what’s going on… guys be ready to make a new record of comments….. we have to show the writers how much we love our swasan…..I think they r forgotten that more than half viewers are swasan fans……
    n coming to today s epi rubish …again this imagination.. I m just fed up with this imagination scene…and our maahan antaryami sanskar n swara why r they doing this….can’t they tell the truth to that cavity…. n this cavity is crossing her limits.. I just want to kill her ,stab her,torn her into pieces….
    n this dadi n urvasi…she never talk like this so sweet to sumi that she is talking to that uvi….n this uvi I can’t believe how can a person believe a dream….such dumb thinking……
    sujata I hate u and anupurna love u…

  26. minnu

    swara -sanskar &laksh-ragini they are the pairs of swaragini….so..frnds…dont disturb…swasan and raglak should happen surely…but it take some time

  27. Anamika

    Why sanskar want kavithas happiness?why he didn’t consider swara??what is going on here? So many engagement so many marriages so many cheatings so many break up.wow. i am geting tired and bored. writer pls go and suicide first.. i also jointed the quiters of swaragini..

  28. ishu

    wow…sanskar’s red shervani…its so awesome….he look hot….
    oh…the precaps….i wish….its not dream….its bcm true….i want to see swasan pair…plz make it such a romantic moments btw swasan…..
    i have dout on laksh….he still love swara???plz…laksh nw u dont create new pbm to our swasan….plz….
    whatever u want u do with ragini….u betryal her or u kill her….v have no pbm…bt dont think about swara….its ur bhabi….forever…
    we want SWASA

  29. dimple

    Hi guys,um a silent reader..but everyday I read all of ur comments.I don’t know why this writer doing all this shits.majority want swasan scene rather he is working on raglak.moreover he is irritating us showing kavita n sankar scenes.wish I could break his head to see what it contains…. ? (though um eagerly waiting for swasan moment,probably it’s gonna be an imagination.) ☹

  30. Hema

    If the makers show #Sanskar getting married to Kavita n then Swara going back to Laksh shit what a bad example of Indian Culture will be highlighted through this once a Sanskari Show #Swaragani. I don’t know how the makers will show Swaras heart shifting love from Sanskar to Laksh n then Swara had married Sanskar stayed with him in same room #SwaSan hugged each other loved each other and now the Creatives will show Swara going back to Laksh how cheap How will Swara feel when Sanskar will be in front of her and remember their back hug love Confession shit this Show #Swaragani will go down in History of Indian Tellywood as one of the most down graded n 3rd class show. The live between #SwaSan was deep within their hearts #SwaSan fell in love when they were emotionally down no one was with them they were support system of one and other and falling in love in this situation is true love from deep within the heart. But this show has no ethics this is a Stupid show so better not watch it if they are going to break Jodi No.1 #SwaSan

    • Tara

      No hema.. only swasan @ d end. Kavita is playing cameo role. She is not d lead. Sanskar is a lead.
      Guyzzzz hot newssss.. swara in bridal attire. In Annapurna’s insta pic swara is in bridal attire. May it s for swasan remarriage. I’m soooo sooooooooooo excited. I’m sure kavita ll do something nd try to stop. Hope swasan get married again happily… chk ur instagram. Shalini kapoor pics.. Annapurna ram Prasad sujatha nd swara in bridal attire.

  31. Swasan fans.. ki dil tootne ke liya kyo a writers story divert karthi hum. Kyo swara ki satth al d tim a haksa hotthi rahthi humm.. kyo swara ko uski pyar kabhi dnt get,, muche a sab bardash nahi ho. Kyo swara uski pyaar al d tim doosaro ke liye chot detthi. A acha nahi hei.. pls reunite our swasan ko… hum swasan fans ki dil ki datkan suno writers.,,, plzzz

  32. Riiffa

    Creatives please don’t show us fans KavitaAunty crap with Sanskar. We are dieheart fans of SwaSan so please give fans their favourite pair #SwaSan. Whenever there is any romantic scene of SwaSan I watch Swaraghni several times. But this days in really watching this KavitaAunty crap. I am watching #SR only once this days n that also in shifts if they show KavitaAunty iI switch on to another channel. Please stop this KavitaAunty crap please start with SwaSan romance n see the TRP How high it hoes

  33. shabrin

    What is this going on this serial?Everyone has become out of their mind and same precap…what is this yaar

  34. The cv’s are always slow in showing swasan scenes till now first they showed side hugs n then back hugs n now full hug dun knw even if it is real or just n imagination sequence but they show hugging n even kissing scene of kavita and sanskar even laksh n ragini in just few days.Really fed up wid the crap going on.

  35. LAurelle

    Personally i urvashi. think Kavita is come back with some darks reasons. Swasan will be soon reunite, this all drama is just a passerelle to renforce swasan love for each other and clear misunderstanding. KAvita’s thruth will be soon reveal and swasan will marry. Concerning Laksh and Ragini i am sure Laksh is doing this just to take revenge on Ragini. How can he forget everything and loves ragini.

  36. Hi guys
    What’s up how are you all my talking baddies. OK first of all I’ve watched all the epies that I’ve missed. And guess what I’m not really liking the current track. That kavita what’s her problem man, all she does is hugs sanskar. That kavita is so annoying and I really hate her for coming in between Swasan. And that ragini I read that she will turn positive then why the hell is she taunting swara by saying that swara tried to take Laksh away from her. I mean is she insane, it’s more other way round it’s her who snatched Laksh away from swara. She’s a psyco and always be one. And you know what guys even if she does changes I will still hate her. She should be locked in jail with her Naagin dadi of hers for doing all the evil bad deeds. I just hope that psyco ragini doesn’t get forgiven that easily infact she should be punished for all her bad deeds. And Today dada jhi was awesome, the way he spoke to that Naagin dadi it was epic. And I really wished that the accident of that annoying kavita was true so that she would be out of Swasan’s lives. And yeah guys I read sandy’s comment regarding ragini and sanskar and swara and Laksh’s wedding. Yak what nonsense yaar I just hope it’s just a rumor and it doesn’t happens coz it sounds discusting.

  37. Swasan

    How many dream sequence in this series cavity accident dream, raglak intimate scene ragini dream nd my swasan hug also dream sequence oh god

  38. ragini ithnebh bure halath ne usko bura benaya tha.vo ek ache ladki ti pehale,laksh ki pass vo nahi gaya tha balki laksh ki khar vale aya tha uski baat apni ma baap ke liye vo sakrifise kiya sub kuch bhool nehi vaale thi tab bhir se laksh aa gaya bhir se choda bhir se aa kar apni bhai keliye usko chuta umith dediya or uske baat bola vo swara se pyaar karthi he socho 3 baar ragini ki dil duka he laksh ne ai se vo kya karthi, tab usko sahi galath ka kuch nahi patha tha thab usko galath rasthe pe le jane keliye dadi or vo new hero he na sanrkar vo bi the .ragini ki ye halath in lokone kuth kiya he

  39. Swasan

    Frnds go to Facebook nd check it’s gud news for my SWASAN FANS !!!!!!!!!!!! Frnds Mera HrtFail Hone Wala Hai
    Good news SwaSanians SwaSan marriage Yahoo guyzz i m soo happy
    Shalini Kapoor Sagar insta post
    Mai To Pagal Hi Ho Jaungi swara bride she is looking cute so I think this hug is real Wt about cavity I don’t no guys bt swasan mrg it awesome news

  40. Call me Shirley

    This serial gets even more frustrating. What should’ve ended when Swara exposed Ragini’s blackmail has still dragged on. And Ragini’s aunt coming into the scene, does anyone else think that this is just a waste of time. I mean seriously, she made an appearance on the basis of a goddamned dream. ? moreover, Kavita is extremely irritating. But if Swara wants Sanskaar to move on in life, then she should stay away from him. ? This serial is dragging without any logical storyline. I mean honestly, blackmail, threats, and an attempted murder is enough to lock people away forever. And yet Ragini is left unscathed and the only person to show outward hostility is Sujata. ??

  41. Maha

    Guys SWASAN shaadi hogayi it’s a party time guys go and check fb photos r updated finally it’s a big relief i am so happy

  42. sree

    Guys…..i saw a pic where swara in a maarwadi bridal attire….it means swasan marriage gong to happen…..

  43. Ashley

    I want swara to marry laksh.Ragini doesn’t deserve laksh.what a stupid serial is this? Why is swara not fighting to get her first love back? Swara’s character is shown very bad.first she was deeply in love with laksh.when she knew that he married Ragini and when finally Ragini’s true color was revealed swara started loving sanskaar.laksh was sincerely willing to correct his mistake of marrying that psychoragini.but no,swara says she loves sanskaar.what kind of story is this???I want to see laksh with swara.not with that psycho.and sanskaar should marry his first love kavita.that psychoragini should be given severe punishment for her wrong doings.

  44. nik

    Hiiii….guyz , sorry 2 say dis bt don’t u all feel dat d trk is smwat moving d smway as sandy told. Through yr cmnts I cm 2 know dat in future episodes swara ll b seen holding bridal attire bt r u all sure dat everything ll b fn n she ll get married 2 sanskar???? Coz in dailysoaps “every marriage has a equally(may b sm tms major) n opposite twist” just like newtons third law of motion. N we all well know dat for trp the wrtrs can do anything n they don’t consider fans feeling. Firstly de broke swalak fans heart n may b dis tm de r going 2 trgt SWASAN fans??? So SWASAN fans( including me also) prepare yrslf fr sm major twist which may separate our favourate SWASAN 4ever. Sorryyy…..2 all swasanians.

    • Hi nik
      How are you? I just hope what you’re saying doesn’t really happen. And yeah I read sandy’s comment index it’s discusting yaar.

  45. needhi

    Hi shuva ,nik,rids,neha and all swasan fans.i am soooooooooooooooooooo happy .finally swasan r getting married.i saw pics of swasan on facebook taking pheras and doing all marriage rituals.rids dont worry swaras face can be clearly seen ,she has not used veil
    I jumping in excitement .

      • nik

        Hiiii… Shuva.how r u??? U ll b dispointed to listen dis but d marriage ll stop at last minute due to kavitas death. Sorry to gv u dis news.

      • needhi

        Hi shuva i am fine.yaar but one sad news is also there in saas bahu suspense vo said marriage will stop at the last moment as sanskaars truth will be revealed.i do not know what truth they r talking about?i hope they do not show sanky in negative light otherwise swaragini will go to hell.

  46. arch

    in sbb segment promo they showed swara and sanskaar standing opposite each other in white dresses. something burning (looks like some body) or something. then showed there marriage happening. they taking pheras all happy and raglak romance laksh took rose and cares ragini face she goes he catches her hand and back hugs her.
    is this marraige sequence realy happend? or promo shoot? or dream sequence? dont know about it ? hope its true… but sgmnt promo showing something why they are in white dresses ? in sbas they gave why is swasan remarriage happening what is twist in the marriage?

    • xoxo

      In SBS they showed that the marriage is just a promo shoot… They are not actually getting married

  47. siya

    So happy happy happy… Bt scared too… Hope swasan marriage is real… And Not kidnapping drama in bfor marriage…kana ji plz unite swasan…

  48. arch

    rating spiked with my entry in swaragini; nikita sharma::
    some gave about her previous project and all.. main is in the article is..

    here added, “i wish to clarify that kavitha is not negative, whatever stuff she might do is out of love for sanskar . you need to appreciate the fact that fate was not kind to her. she had been in coma for five long years due to her mother. she has just got up and is naturally not been able to digest the fact that her love intrest sanskaar has subsequently moved on. she thinks he had forcibly married swara and subsequently divorce also happend. she is victim of circumstances rather then the traditional vamp who creates bad happenings.”
    she also has no qualms with certain fans questioning her entry. “obviously they were used to watching the romance between one particular set on screen couple. but they need to remember the ghost of kavitha had always been here for sanskaar had come to here to take revenge only. she is just back in the flesh now.”
    “all said and done i am happy that my track has created the necessary buzz, our ratings have gone up from 2.8 to 3.1tvr. overtime i hope character is loved and apreciated by the audience as the other characters”. ended nikitha.

  49. Guyz 2day in SB suspense seg they showed
    May be it was a promo 3 twists were there ragya romance then swasan marriage n they said mrg will stop at last minute ragya were throwing flowers at swasan very happily n in the next scene they showed swasan standing in white dress near a burning body ( they dint mention who died I think maybe she’s kavita coz she dint came in the mrg)

  50. Meghs

    I just saw sbb swasan marriage before that swasan in white dress someone dead bt don’t know who
    As in marriage everyone is present ….
    Big twist in swaragini is swasan marriage n raglak romence .. Ragini is in old attire that after her marriage
    Helly told bigtwist is coming before swasan marriage

  51. nik

    Hi guys I hv wchd SBB n SBS both d sgmnts n regarding SWASAN marriage it was told dat it was a promo shoot n lyk every coin has 2 sides this promo also has one more part dat is swara n sanskar both bearing white clothes r standing in front of a burning corpse .so there is..a twist as always n d marriage trk ll not b a smooth one. N l m to thinking dat wdr it ll hpn or not n d actors shooting r also not clear what ll hpn.

  52. crystal

    Guys can anyone tell me that swara will unite with her love or not?as when she was with laksh ragini snached him then when she was with sanskaar kavita snached him. Maybe now another hero will come and he will be snached from swara and it will go on ever after and i dont want that.

  53. arch

    swara and sanskar wedding in the pipeline?
    colors popular show swaragini has taken a drastic turn with the entry of sanskaar’s past love kavita, the woman who everybody including sanskaar believed was dead is back and the show is now heading towards sanskaar and kavita’s engagement sequence.
    as seen in the precap the past couple of episodes the coming episodes will see sanskar and kavitha exchange rings followed by kavita asking sanskar to sing song for her. he sings a song manchala from hasee toh pahsee which is swara’s faviourite song.
    if sources are to be believed that the show will see swara confessing her love for sanskaar during engagement sequence. sanskar too confess his love for swara and the duo hug each other, however there will be somebody whose heart is going to get broken brutually.
    pics of swara sanskaar ‘s wedding has been making rounds . but it is truly their wedding sequence? or is it a dream sequence?
    looks like waiting is going to get all the more intresting , but what do you think is happening? are swasan truly getting married this time?
    keep reading this space for more updates.

    • swetha

      i have read that swasan’s wedding is going to stop at athe last moment when sanky’s some big secret will be revealed.

  54. nik

    I think it ll b lyk in engagement SWASAN ll confess their lv n all( not sure about kavita) ll decide 2 gt dm married agn n marriage preparation ll start bt during d marriage kavita ll die n SWASAN ll not b able 2 bear d guilt of kavitas death n finally de ll cancel their marriage. N de ll get separated agn .

  55. xoxo

    Why are they showing such crap and playing with everyone’s emotions… You show promo of marriage and then white dress promo.. If you dont want to unite any be it Swasan, Swalak or Raglak then why are you focussing and showing intense scenes…. Just stop it. I have followed Swaragini for way too long and should have listened to my mother’s advice to not watch it…. I hate such senseless twists and turns…. Will watch tvf now.. At least in permanent roomates they dont separate.. Proud to have tvf which shows Indian youth in better way

  56. I dnt want any one to die even Kavitha too till nw shez nt negative I feel pity fa her eve if she turned negative I dnt want her end lyk tat let’s wait and watch

  57. s

    all are there in promo shoot of wedding but except durga prasad.. he is not there and adarsh parineeta, dadaji uttara will not be there.. and swasan are near funeral by white dr ess and looking sad both,, teju said sensible drama coming and said they cant reveal and also what is happening first and then they also not clear same as helly said and in sbb same helly said lot drama coming and temish said ab nafrad karke tak chuke so only love and love only.. and kavita and dp also mised in marriage proomo shoot..

    • s

      chugalkor aunty segment said kavita is now turning negative and she is not happy with her role turning negative role..

  58. sarika

    swasan update is rubbish..focus on real story of swaragni pliz…in real serial they are not together n its full of challenges so y bother creating more dilemma…pliz get real…

  59. bhuvi

    Rids.. Yo r rite… They are not gonna unite… Better v ll stop this… I know Wat llhappen upcoming episode… After their love confession.. Whole family start preparing for swasan marriage… But on marriage day reservoir kavicommit suicide n then swasan feel guilt for kavi death n they blame themselves for that… So they decide to live separately… N swara leave the city n start her new life… N san fully drown himself in business… After few years they ll meet… Like Asusual Indian Tele soap…

    • rids

      Bhuvi good one. In fb I saw someone saying sarmishta dies… actually they r creating all this drama of marriage because fools like us vil watch with high hopes nd their trp vil increase.then they ll add new twist nd again they ll show one swasan scene for trp. Actually writers should fsll in a well nd die. M not going to watch it. For sure. But I want to watch swara hugging sanskaar. See fool no.1 me only

      • bhuvi

        Rids.. Even I gonna stop watch it… Sharmista ll die?? Omg…sumi n dida oly Der for swar always.. If both of them die swara willbecome alone… Oh no…I thought after confession they ll stop using glycerine..but no..they ll keep it always n make us to keep tissue paper in our hand while watching this rubbish…

  60. anu

    if tb article:
    swara and sanskaar to get married; lakshya to cheat ragini on swaragini !!
    too much twist and turns takes place in colors lovable show swaragini…
    with the current drama followed kavita’s (nikita sharma ) entry. swaragini has already hiked the trp rating charts from 2.8 to 3.1 trp.
    the makers are all set to introduce a major turn in the current storyline and have already shot a promo of the same.
    let us reveal the upcoming promo of the show,
    the upcoming drama will see a drastic change in equations of leads of the show. one side where swara(helly shah) and sanskaar (varun kapoor), the much in love couple, will reunite taking the wedding vows. on the other hand , the love-hate pair ragini (tejaswi prakash wayangankar) and lakshya(namish taneja) will continue with their vengeance.
    lakshya, who seemed to have fallen in love with ragini will reveal his true face by tricking ragini into signing property papers. he will get the entire property back from her and throw her out of his life, once again her beloved sister , swara will come into the picture and play a cupid between them to re-unite them.
    “”the real twist comes in when sanskaar and swara will witness a dead body covered with white cloth infront of them.””
    the mystery that remains to get unfold is whose dead body will it be? along with that there is also an uncertainty of an actor from the show saying good bye to the viewers…
    indeed, the upcoming episodes have a lot of intriguing drama in store for the audience..

  61. sree

    Kavita (Nikita Sharma) dies due to her evil deeds, brings Sanskar and Swara close together in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode will show that Sanskar was getting engaged to Kavita.

    Sanskar sings song for Kavita, Swara couldn’t control her emotions.

    And runs towards Sanskar and hugs him and confesses her love for Sanskar.

    Sanskar also loves her and both hugs each other, Kavita fumes seeing this.

    Sanskar-Swara remarries post Kavita’s death

    Kavita fumes seeing growing closeness and love amid Sanskar and Swara.

    Kavita plans to create misunderstandings amid Sanskar and Swara to separate them.

    Kavita will do all villian tasks to separate Sanskar and Swara and will die due to her deeds.

    Sanskar and Swara will remarry post Kavita’s death.

  62. rids

    In one day million news hv cm… now I hv decided to not break my head nd not watch only if something nice s coming up I ll watch. Useless it is. They r doing all these natak to increase trp.

    • bhuvi

      S Rids… So many news .. Dunno whic is true or false…marriage post death of kavi or incomplete marriage due to kavi sudden death?? They ar making us mad… Idiots…

  63. Anita

    It doesn’t make sense Laksh and Ragini getting together. After everything she done. Swara and Sansker should get married.

  64. Chahak

    New promo.
    The upcoming drama will see a drastic change in equations of the leads of the show. One side where Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor), the much in love couple, will reunite taking the wedding vows. On the other hand, the love-hate pair Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and Laskya (Namish Taneja) will continue with their vengeance.
    Lakshya, who seemed to have fallen in love with Ragini will reveal his true face by tricking Ragini into signing property papers. He will get the entire property back from her and throw her out of his life. Once again her beloved sister, Swara will come into the picture and play a cupid to re-unite them.
    The real twist comes in when Sanskar and Swara will witness a dead body covered with white cloth in front of them.
    The mystery that remains to get unfold is whose dead body will it be? Along with that there is also an uncertainty of an actor from the show saying good bye to the viewers…
    Indeed, the upcoming episodes have a lot of intriguing drama in store for the audience.

  65. harshi

    really worried that swara and sanskar are getting Separated………..i need swasan back to form…..love u swasan…..

  66. rhea

    I can’t believe that news…bcoz guys u remember that swasan bomb blast scene and durga Prasad’s ex lover and durga didn’t anything wrong

  67. nik

    I think sanskar ne hi ragini ki mom ko stairs se dhka diya hoga jb wo 5 years ka hoga. Sanskar baby kyon dhka diya aunty ko?? …..ha ha……jst joking guyz.

  68. nik

    Hey guyz wait one more truth pta chla he its dat ki sanskar ne ek din ghar pe sabse chupa ke chicken biryani khayi thii…hmm….ab to sanskar gya suju aunty pka ganga jal se uska sudhikarn karengi aur dp uncle to sayad use jail hi bhej de.

  69. neel

    If it’s kavita who has died then next turn wld b tat her ghost has come back to take away sanky. Thn simer ll come to swaras rescue n crap ld follow

    • bhuvi

      Haha ha… Lol… But true…after all its rashmi sharma team… So ghos, Nagin , black magic , dayan all these crap are possible …

  70. nik

    Guyzzzz….plzzzz…tk a chilpil its all dat ki wrtrs itni jldi swasan ko unite nhi hone denge. So don’t gv so much of tension 2 your lil brain. So don’t tk it personal n Lt it b. N I think tom n jerry n oogy n d cockroaches r much btr 2 watch @tleast de don’t gv us tension. Sm tm I watch dm u can also try.

  71. nik

    Now I really don’t bother wdr swasan ll unite or not coz I lost all my interest in dm but I ll regularly visit dis pj to chat wid u all .

  72. Hey ndel n bhuvi evn i agree wid u guyz
    O ya nik ur 2 consecutive comments made me laugh n dat too uncntrlably in such a tensed n sad situation of d show
    Hey guyz dis week d show is at no. 4 wid trp of 3.2 i think as i saw in sbb

  73. Anamika

    No guyzz they are postponed the marriage due to someones death. The marriage will not happen. So guyzz don’t wait for that. Kavitha killed someone in our show. This show is so dramatic and not changed. Swasan must unite but take so many time….

  74. bhuvi

    Hey guys I heard some says..there is replacement of actor..it ay be varun… Is it true??? No rite?? Coz I tolerate another one in sanskar place… As wel helly as swara n teju as ragini n namish as lucky is perfect..every1 is perfect in whole team….

    • Hi bhuvi
      How are you?
      Trust me if that really happens then I will definitely quit watching swaragini coz it’s full crap. I just hope it’s not varun who will be replaced, infact I just hope it’s not true.

  75. thungyani

    What is tis new scene again!! Sanskar av to get engage wit kavita!?? Wat abt swara…oh no!! Why is the need…!? Sanskar u cnt do tis for other pressure. .. u av to listen ur heart! And swara wats the need to act lik ua happy wit sanskar decision. …no no I cnt see u both lik tis… we want u both (swasan) to b together as always. ..please

  76. Amy

    Hye guys, you know in swaragini, what will happen in future….
    So on screen, kavita will try to create misunderstanding b/w swasan, but after I don’t know how swasan will remarriage again and kavita will die due to her sins.


  77. There are three twists coming in the show
    Ragini and laksh will unite
    Swara and sanskaar will get married
    There will b someone’s death in the show

    • nik

      N in Wikipedia also it is mentioned dat big secret of sanskar ll reveal in front of every one n d marriage all stop in between . wats d secret ????

  78. Sandy

    Hey did someone check swaragini’s wiki there the lead cast as mentioned as swara, ragini without surnames, i think the news is true there will be a major changes in the lifes of four leads

  79. nik

    So varun is getting replaced. Well I m not surprised 2 know dis news coz its common actors leaving d show in between. After varun ll leave d show fans r not going 2 bother wdr swasan ll unite or not………bla bla .Then wrtrs can do whatever de want.

  80. Swara sanskar get married ragini to die?TV shows, in an effort to boost their TRP ratings, are throwing in new and shocking twists. “Swaragini” is also gearing up for one.

    According to an India Forums report, the makers have shot a promo in which the lead couple — Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) — will be shown tying the knot. Amid all the merriment, the two will be shocked on witnessing a dead body covered in a white cloth. Could it be Ragini’s (Tejaswi Prakash) or someone else’s?

    The possibility of it being Ragini’s body is high as Tejaswi had put in her papers a while ago and it was being reported that her contract with the show ends sometime in February. However, it’s all really a speculation as nothing official has been announced yet and also, the fact that Tejaswi said she would love to continue with the show only if her character is given a positive shade.

    “If my character turns positive, then I have no reason to quit the show and would happily continue my journey throughout. My only reason behind quitting the show was dissatisfaction with the way my character was shaping up. I would love to be a part of this show for longer time,” the web portal quoted her as saying.

    However, the sneak-peek of what is to come will also highlight Ragini and Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) equation, which is set to change completely. The former’s idea that the man she loves has changed for good and has begun liking her will go away after he toys with her feelings to snatch back property that’s rightfully his.


    • Hi cherry
      How are you? Yeah I read that newS too and you know what I don’t know what to believe now. The writers are playing with our mind and trying to confuse us.

      • Hi shuva I am fine how r u ?
        Well u know even I didn’t believe rags gonaa die n varun I think it’s just a rumor he’s gonna be replaced
        Can’t imagine swasan without him m gonna stop watching if that happens

  81. I read somewhere that kavita will act that she’s dead to separate Swasan. I hope it’s not true coz I really want Swasan to get married.

  82. Sandy

    Anyone see the new spoiler ragini may die because she is ready to quit the show as she mentioned she has no problem with continuing the show if the character is positive there is news on the internet that she will die in the show as her agreement coming to end by feb with the production is this true

    • Hi sandy
      Yeah I’ve read it from swaragini Facebook. Some people thinks that ragini dies and some people thinks kavita is not really dead, she’s just acting that she’s dead coz she wants to separate Swasan. I don’t know I guess we just have to wait and see what really happens.

  83. kanti

    Guyysss heard d news?? Kavita agress to leave sanskars life forever as she realizes sankars love for swara

  84. bhuvi

    So many confusion… I ll stop watching if varun leaves the show… I am bearing this for varun n helly…I swear this ll b completely flop if varun leaves… None can create that magic with helly… Varun is not acting as sanskar…he is living as sanskar… I ll watch til varun is Der..after that I ll never come to watch it… Never…

  85. rids

    Hello… hw r u guys… I hv stopped worrying about swaragini … but hw r u guys … apart from all the rubbish of swaragini….

    • bhuvi

      Hey Rids… Am affected schizophrenia disorder which was occurred by this crap swaragini … N treatment :
      first is quit to watch it…second one Is not bother for anynews related to Swaragini…n thirdd one is watching someother useful program or quit watching all serials … N last one is not to read written update also… Dese four treatments are compulsory … If I fail to follow it may cause sever psychotic problem…

    • Hi rids How are you?
      There’s too many news don’t know what think yaar. Trust me it’s giving me headache. Anyways you fucus in exams yeah and good luck yaar.

      • rids

        Haiii… nik… hai shuva… m good hw r u… yes nik this week I ll definitely not watch nor read updates . firstly m tired of all updates and spoiler s.. secondly I hv exam on 17th… so m keeping myself away. Swaragini affects me too personally. So not watching it is the only solution

  86. SBB n SBAS seg just saw a runner on sbb…

    will write once it aired… i guess we are right ..prewedding things going onWinkSmile



    shoot was at Badi’s house.AP,DP,Sujatha along with sanskar came to badi to seek hands of swara(shagun dene keliye),THEY were greeted by sharmista ,her husband and swara. Omg swara was wearing same pink suit which she worn on that day she confessed her feelings to him.she was super blushing during the whole segment

    VO said sanskar will take swara on a romantic dateDay Dreaming(omg damnnn i cant wait)

    helly:i dont know where he takes me its surprise
    VO:its ok we wont ask you much its your personal matter thoughLOL
    helly explains current plot she said she has visited one temple where she meets sanskar and kavita,sanskar was about to put some color on kavita but destiny his colour powder flies and falll on swara’s maang ( this reminds me climax of mujhe dosti karogi)Tongue
    she says kavita leaves telling tum dono ek doosre keliye bane ho …u guys love each other…

    Helly said this time wedding gonna b very grand …dhoom dhaam with all family ke maarzi…

    u must have seen whole family were so happy…Embarrassed
    even helly was saying its was not their habit to shoot such happy scenes,it was unusual and happening after long time

    for the first time segment did not give any assumptions or something to create any worries or doubt…loved itClap

    video SBB

    Video SBAS:

    Watch out for two things –
    Sanskaar’s blush when Shekhar hugs him, he is actually looking down and smiling sdsjfegbsd ShockedEmbarrassedDancing
    Sanskaar’s vow to keep Swara happy and cherish her ALWAYS! EmbarrassedDancingCREDITS for sbas video:FairyDust
    Guyz this is a copy pasted article

    • rids

      Oh cherry this s the frst comment hv read today after bhuvi s on topnd I loved it. I jus am avoiding all prediction comments m tired of listening to smone dies … marriage breaks.. truth s out. Varun s quitting.. ragini s hurt. Laksh has cheated .. oh god. M just tired. Now I ll read only good happy comments

      • Hi rids I was feeling like breaking my head with a vase after hearing varun gonna quiet ,swasan gonna separate swasan marriage to stop etc etc
        But swasan date omg!!!!
        I’m super happy

      • rids

        Cherry true tat… seriously…. but now m feeling like laughing… comedy show its become…. if I read one more news I ll really become mad nd start laughing. ..

        Nik m good. Thanks. Hw u ? Nd
        thank u for wishes….

  87. sana

    Guys new promo out….
    They showed a bit romance of swasan and raglak…after dt laksh throws ragini out of the house after getting the property back from her…swara ne ragini ko sambhala 🙁
    Next scene sumi did gadbhandan of swasan and dey take wedding rounds and dt scene directly changes into a place where swasan wearing white clothes(somebody died….no idea who it is)
    Soo guys I guess swasan marriage will not stop..it is only my guess…hope so that happens

  88. Swans an marriage will complete with all rituals. I read that in fb. And someone is going to be dead. Don’t kno who cuz it is a mystery bt not swasan that is confirmed.

  89. nik

    If swasan marriage is going 2 tk place in a proper way mehandi, sangeet , hldi..bla bla dn plzzzzzzz……wrtrs lt d marriage complete peacefully n if u want to separate dm plzzzzz…do dat after their marriage .we fans hv been waiting for their union from very long but u wryrs always dispoint us. Its a humble request dat lt d mrj hpn peacefully n don’t mk marriage a joke by playing wid it always . u can bring yr twist after d marriage.

    • Nik I totally agree I m fed of this drama swasan marriage happens then I m gonna watch this show but if they again seperate them u know like ekta kapoor’s show leads never unite ..I m not gonna watch this crap any longer

  90. Naveena

    Why varun will b replaced, how do u know that he is going to replace, fans r njoying swasan (herun) very much due to swasan n varun many people r watching swaraginiso why he will b replaced he is d main lead of serial

  91. Hi neha
    Are you the same neha?? If yes then how are you yaar. Allot things happening in Swaragini. Don’t know what to believe. I guess I just have to see what really happens in the upcoming epies.

    • Neha

      Hey shuva….I am also really tensed…but I hope ek baar shadi ho jae for prblms aayenge to swasan milkar samna karlenge

    • Neha

      N I am also worried reading the previous comments..I mean how can dey replace varun…I just hope it is a super fake rumor…

    • Neha

      Hey shuva finding me dear I took a break from swaragini and tu as my exams were coming and the track was so boring I had thought that with kavita’s entry it will become interesting but she has started her chipko movement I hate that but still I saw some photos on fb showing swasan marriage, dance, date, shagun and all wow I am overwhelmed but again somewhere afraid with these cvs that may their screw once again get broken and start their cheap tracks and I read somewhere that vk is quitting guys its not true why will he quit yaar his character has become the most loveable one so chill guys he will not quit and yes about that death sequence I think kavita will act as if she died to create misunderstandings btw swasan but I hope they get married and together cope up with this situation

      • Hi neha
        How are you? And yeah varun won’t be replace coz I’m sure it’s just a rumor. And yeah that kavita is so annoying, all she does is just hugs sanskar. I hate it when she does that. So finally Swasan will get married, they will unite. But I got the feeling that something might happen coz I read in the swaragin Facebook that Swasan’s marriage won’t be complete coz some will die and I wonder who is that person. I read that it might be either kavita or ragini. I guess we just have to wait and see. Anyways how was your exams.

    yaar this show got charm after varun’s
    Entry… His acting as mentally challenged was superb I only used to switch my TV to colors at that time only coz of him
    N o think but even wish that it’s just a RUMOR

    • rids

      I started liking varun as danny in saraswatichandra. Wen he entered in swaragini… I got very excited…now mnot watching swaragini anyway but if he quits then I ll not watch it by mistake also… swaragini will cease to exist for sure…

  93. nik

    Hope dat swasan marriage completes successfully n d twist comes after dat so dat they can b husband n wife agn. N marriages r not joke dat it all hpn agn n agn for d same couple . We r not idiots dat we ll watch 1st…5th….10th….wedding of swasan. Hey u b****y wrtrs wat u thought dat through out d show u ll show swasan wedding only, after every 3-4 month swasan wedding. Super bakkwwwaaaaasssssss idea. So Lt d marriage hpn peacefully dn u can introduce yr twist n way ever it is I ll pray to god it shouldn’t work n ur show deserves to b out of top ten..top twenty….bottom of d chart n I know it all dfntly.

  94. neha

    hey shuva nik rids n all of u can anyone give me the link of new promo of swaragini…i want to see the new promo..plz help guyz

  95. needhi

    Hi nik ,how r u?? Completely agree with u.this serial has made us lunatic and if this crap continued ,then we will surely suffer from depression ,because no happiness is shown in the serial.

    • Hi Needhi
      How are you? Yeah even me I’m also getting depressed, I’m very curious to know what will happen next. I know varun won’t be replace, it’s just a rumor. But I don’t know who will die though, it could either ragini or kavita. Don’t know what to think yaar.

      • Neha

        Hey shuva how are you dear I hope you completed your work I too hope yaar their marriage done peacefully and then the twists are introduced don’t drag it two thrice wedding

    • Hi neha
      I’m fine thank you
      How are you? Yeah actually it was my cousin’s wedding that’s why I was really busy. Yeah I guess we just have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming epies.

    • And yeah I also read in Swaragini Facebook that ragini might die coz of Laksh, but I don’t i know if it’s true coz some people says it could be also kavita. You know neha because of all the Spoilers I’m really curious to know what is true and what is not.

  96. revathi

    Kavita acknowledges Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) love for Swara and sacrifices herlove for Sanskar in SwaraginiThe upcoming episode will show that Swara has confessed her love for Sanskar.Now Sanskar also starts to realize that Swara’s love isgenuine and he also loves Swara.Kavita and Sanskar went to temple to take blessings for their new relationship.Swara was also present in the temple, Sanskar saves Swara from danger in temple.Swara-Sanskar reunitesAnd Kavita soon realizes that Sanskar only loves Swara and she is coming between them.Kavita says to Sanskar that he loves Swara and should not marry her just for her sake.Kavita sacrifices her love for Sanskar and Swara and reunites them.

  97. revathi

    Lakshya (Namish Taneja) showing fakelove towards Ragini, undera plan in SwaraginiThe upcoming episode will show that Lakshya and Ragini are coming close to each other.There Sanskar and Swara has also reunited and confessed their love for each other.Lakshya and Raginiromances with each other, Ragini leaves her modern avatar.Ragini comes back in her Rajasthan attire before Lakshya.Lakshya praises Ragini and is happyto get her real Ragini back.Ragini-Lakshya’s reunionRagini also showcase her love for Lakshya and asks him to put sindoor in her hairline.This changes Lakshya attitude, Lakshya makes silly excuses.And makes an excuse of being hurt in his finger.It seems that Lakshya is pretending to love Ragini and just doing it under a plan.

  98. revathi

    The upcoming episode will show that Sanskar was getting engaged to Kavita.Sanskar sings song for Kavita, Swara couldn’t control her emotions.And runs towards Sanskar and hugs him and confesses her love for Sanskar.Sanskar also loves her and both hugs each other, Kavita fumes seeing this.Sanskar-Swara remarries post Kavita’s death Kavita fumes seeing growing closeness and loveamid Sanskar and Swara.Kavita plans to create misunderstandingsamid Sanskar and Swara to separate them.Kavita will do all villian tasks to separate Sanskar and Swara and will die due to her deeds.Sanskar and Swara will remarry post Kavita’s death

  99. revathi

    The upcoming episode will show that Lakshya and Ragini are coming close together.While Swara and Sanskar had also confessed their love for each other.Ragini is happy to get her love Lakshya back in her life.Lakshya also showers his love on Ragini and pretends to love Ragini.While Lakshya was just pretending to love Ragini to get his property back.Ragini commits suicideRagini was unaware about Lakshya’s intentions and trulyloves Lakshya.Lakshya will soon get his property back from Ragini and will betray Ragini.Ragini got shattered by Lakshya’s betrayal and commits suicide

  100. Neha

    Hi guys I am back and I saw someone else is also using the name Neha guys I don’t want to hurt anyone but its a humble request to everyone please don’t use the names which are already registered or used it creates confusion please no intention to hurt anyone just don’t want to create inconvenience
    Anyways hi shuva, rids, needhi, nik, cherry and all how are you all guys I want to share something with you all friends u know varun and dhanya third anniversary is coming yeah on 24th Jan can anyone believe that this charming person is already married from last three years seriously I can’t believe this but still happy for him ?

      • Neha

        Yeah cherry same here dear I am also using this name for a long time and now somebody else also started using it don’t know they should have used some other name its so confusing mine is yellow dp and the other neha has blue dp thats the only difference

    • Really neha so it’s varun’s and his wife’s wedding anniversary. Thanks yaar for the information and yeah I’m also happy for him. And yeah I’m sorry coz I thought you were the other neha, anyways thanks for clarifying it.

  101. May swasan would again be together and kavita goes with anyone else she is just one difficulty coming in their path…..just make this sereal more interesting May be with some othr Thing…..now if sanskar apologize then swara wll say no…and when swara apologize than sanskar…..o God …this serial go to hell till everything becomes f9 and good

  102. rumi

    Dear fan fiction writers
    its really a torture to search the original update. .today i got the same on 11th page.. pls make a separate site for urs writing. .. donot harass us

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.