Swaragini 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara thinking to come infront of Urvashi as Janki. She calls Kavita and tells her that she is taking out the ear piece for sometime. She thinks to check the arrangements in the store room once. Sujata asks Ragini to keep something in the store room. Dadi asks Sumi where is Swara as everybody is asking about her. Swara thinks to bring Urvashi to store room and record everything. Just then Kavita hits Swara on her head. Swara tries to look at her, but Kavita pushes her on ground. Uttara says break time is over and asks them to start dance practice again. Sujata says they will practice on Dhol as said by Sumi. Sanskar thinks why Swara haven’t come till now, and thinks even Kavita is missing. Kavita thinks where to hide Swara. Swara heads to the store room. Kavita brings Swara

to room. She hears Sanskar calling her and coming towards there. She hides Swara in the cupboard and comes out of room. Sanskar asks what you are doing here and where is Swara? Kavita says she thought to wipe her tears and that’s why came inside. Sanskar asks her to stop her drama and gets inside the room.

Kavita says I have handed over to you to Swara, and you are doubting me. She says Swara went out somewhere and I don’t know. Urvashi drinks water and sees Janki’s ghost there. She gets shocked and the glass falls from her hand. She thinks of Kavita’s words that Swara made plan to catch her. She follows Janki though. Swara is still unconscious in the cupboard. Urvashi calls Kavita and says she made Swara fainted and now they don’t need to take any tension. Urvashi gets shocked and wonders who is she then? Janki enters the store room. Urvashi also gets inside and the door gets locked automatically. Urvashi gets shocked. Janki asks Urvashi why she is not looking happy seeing her, and says you used to call me and talk to me, then why you are scared of me. Suddenly it is heard by everyone. Urvashi apologizes to everyone.

Sumi says it is Urvashi’s voice. Urvashi says I have taken help of your name as I was angry at Shekhar as he married bengalan Sumi. Everyone hears her. Janki says that’s why you lied to me and said that my soul is not at peace. Urvashi says I have mixed glass pieces in the food and that’s why crows haven’t eaten food, and then put chemical on the photos to make blood like thing coming from eyes. She accepts her crimes and says she came infront of Sumi wearing her mask. Janki says you have really upset me. Urvashi falls on her feet and apologizes. Janki says you made me fall in everyone’s eyes. Urvashi apologizes. Janki asks her to apologize to everyone and may be she can forgive you. Urvashi asks who? Janki removes the mask and the lady is none other than Ragini. Urvashi is shocked and says Ragini.

Ragini says you haven’t expected me here. She asks how dare you to malign my mum reputation and done bad with my family. Urvashi says I have done this for your happiness. Ragini says you have betrayed my family and have played with everyone’s emotions. Shekhar tells Sumi that he said right about Urvashi. Ragini asks her to accept her crime and bring her downstairs. Kavita thinks Urvashi shouldn’t tell anything about her. Ragini asks Urvashi to say what she did. Shekhar tells Sumi that he knows that she was playing game with them. Dada ji says urvashi tried to spoil Janki’s name and image, and scolds Dadi for trusting Urvashi. Dadi asks why did you do this with me. Durga Prasad says I don’t believe that people can stoop to this level for their selfish motive. Sumi regrets for not trusting on Swara. Shekhar is also angry.

Ragini says your had spoken to me in my mum’s voice. Sanskar says you tried to kill Swara in jungle. Sanskar asks Urvashi, how did Swara see Janki when you was with Sumi. Kavita gets tensed. Dadi says Swara said that someone else is with you and asks her to tell. Ragini asks her to say. Urvashi says I will tell truth.

Kavita kills Urvashi. Police comes and arrests Swara on charges of murder. Later Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to free Swara of the murder charges. Sanskar accepts her deal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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