Swaragini 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara thinking to come infront of Urvashi as Janki. She calls Kavita and tells her that she is taking out the ear piece for sometime. She thinks to check the arrangements in the store room once. Sujata asks Ragini to keep something in the store room. Dadi asks Sumi where is Swara as everybody is asking about her. Swara thinks to bring Urvashi to store room and record everything. Just then Kavita hits Swara on her head. Swara tries to look at her, but Kavita pushes her on ground. Uttara says break time is over and asks them to start dance practice again. Sujata says they will practice on Dhol as said by Sumi. Sanskar thinks why Swara haven’t come till now, and thinks even Kavita is missing. Kavita thinks where to hide Swara. Swara heads to the store room. Kavita brings Swara

to room. She hears Sanskar calling her and coming towards there. She hides Swara in the cupboard and comes out of room. Sanskar asks what you are doing here and where is Swara? Kavita says she thought to wipe her tears and that’s why came inside. Sanskar asks her to stop her drama and gets inside the room.

Kavita says I have handed over to you to Swara, and you are doubting me. She says Swara went out somewhere and I don’t know. Urvashi drinks water and sees Janki’s ghost there. She gets shocked and the glass falls from her hand. She thinks of Kavita’s words that Swara made plan to catch her. She follows Janki though. Swara is still unconscious in the cupboard. Urvashi calls Kavita and says she made Swara fainted and now they don’t need to take any tension. Urvashi gets shocked and wonders who is she then? Janki enters the store room. Urvashi also gets inside and the door gets locked automatically. Urvashi gets shocked. Janki asks Urvashi why she is not looking happy seeing her, and says you used to call me and talk to me, then why you are scared of me. Suddenly it is heard by everyone. Urvashi apologizes to everyone.

Sumi says it is Urvashi’s voice. Urvashi says I have taken help of your name as I was angry at Shekhar as he married bengalan Sumi. Everyone hears her. Janki says that’s why you lied to me and said that my soul is not at peace. Urvashi says I have mixed glass pieces in the food and that’s why crows haven’t eaten food, and then put chemical on the photos to make blood like thing coming from eyes. She accepts her crimes and says she came infront of Sumi wearing her mask. Janki says you have really upset me. Urvashi falls on her feet and apologizes. Janki says you made me fall in everyone’s eyes. Urvashi apologizes. Janki asks her to apologize to everyone and may be she can forgive you. Urvashi asks who? Janki removes the mask and the lady is none other than Ragini. Urvashi is shocked and says Ragini.

Ragini says you haven’t expected me here. She asks how dare you to malign my mum reputation and done bad with my family. Urvashi says I have done this for your happiness. Ragini says you have betrayed my family and have played with everyone’s emotions. Shekhar tells Sumi that he said right about Urvashi. Ragini asks her to accept her crime and bring her downstairs. Kavita thinks Urvashi shouldn’t tell anything about her. Ragini asks Urvashi to say what she did. Shekhar tells Sumi that he knows that she was playing game with them. Dada ji says urvashi tried to spoil Janki’s name and image, and scolds Dadi for trusting Urvashi. Dadi asks why did you do this with me. Durga Prasad says I don’t believe that people can stoop to this level for their selfish motive. Sumi regrets for not trusting on Swara. Shekhar is also angry.

Ragini says your had spoken to me in my mum’s voice. Sanskar says you tried to kill Swara in jungle. Sanskar asks Urvashi, how did Swara see Janki when you was with Sumi. Kavita gets tensed. Dadi says Swara said that someone else is with you and asks her to tell. Ragini asks her to say. Urvashi says I will tell truth.

Kavita kills Urvashi. Police comes and arrests Swara on charges of murder. Later Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to free Swara of the murder charges. Sanskar accepts her deal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. anu

    as we thinking kavita asking sanskar to marriage for swara sake and he is accepting… if they showed kavita and sanskar marriage then i am not going to watch swaragini…. why he is accepting kavita’s deal…. hate cvs for this…. is it really sanskar accepting kavita’s deal…

  2. s

    what is the precap is that promo or actually happening? is sanskar really accepting her deal… hope its is plan if he really accepting to bail for swara then its very bad for cvs they literally trp falls down if they shows kav-san marriage.

  3. Ani

    Today I just loved the episode… I think tat stupid maasi wnt tell Kavitha’s name.. But I just hate the precap… Her deal with Sanskar…

  4. radz

    I knew it dat dis kavita will blackmail sanskar into marrying her.
    dese writers shud end dis crap kavita track N shud show some track involving relationship btwn raglak,swasan ,swaragini n sanlak.
    Dese writers r thinking dat d trp was increased bcos of kavita’s track but d truth is dat trp is Increased bcos of ragini turning positive n swaragini bonding.
    Kavita is jst like old ragini who wud go to ny extent to get wat she wants.

  5. piyashree

    How come ragini did it I mean when she came to know about it also swara was unconscious & if ragini came to know about it she must have seen Kabita why this Kabita is not exposed???

  6. bhuvi

    awesome episode… but horrible precap… I knew that kavitha ll make murder – blackmailing drama ll happen… that dramaqueen will be alive… Juz hope the principal of crime university will use her talent for truth n help san to save his lady love this time… n hope they won’t drag this till Sunday… so that v can enjoy our love birds together on valentine’s day if Der is mahaepisode of SR on that day…

  7. nehasuhana

    Hey what’s this sanky agree for her deal it’s disgusting and heart breaking don’t seperate our cute swasan plsssss cvs

  8. Oh OMG i hate kavita y r they showing kvita and sanskar mairrage please cvs show swasan plssss if it will not happen i will not watch this show o h dammit shoew SWASAN yar

  9. Wowww!! Ragini in a positive role…..i dont care about Swasan or oders… Though Ragu bcm negative..i was waiting wen Ragu ill bcome positive..finally she bcme positive ……YIPEEEE…

  10. Likhitha

    If they separate swasan………Then hell with them………..I would never watch this show again……Stupid kavitha…I want her to die…..

  11. mega

    This serial is full of stupidity,without moral values.The makers don’t know the meaning of true love.Hate it,but love u lucky

  12. Chandana

    Yaa.. Sanskar will accept kavita proposal. As a part of ragsan plan to rescue swara.. Sanskar goes to meet swara in jail.. Ragini also want to help her sister to come out of it at any cost.. She teamed up sanskar. And they made a plan.. As a plan part of that plan he accepts to get kavita’s truthout

  13. so usual maha bakvas is going to happen in future i think ragini will try to protect swara with or without sanskar for today ragini is in her positive role that’s a good news

  14. Aliya Zain Abdullah

    Arre dis deal is sanskar s trap 4 kavita he n ragini will free swara out of jail n kavita will get arrested bcos her truth will cum out

  15. Aditi Singh

    oh god guys today I m flying in sky…I can’t believe I m too happy…first time in my life I m thanking rashimi n her writers to use something useful n interesting… u all must be thinking that how can I be soooo much happy as swara is going to be arrested n sanky accepting that cavity’s deal…I know guys its bad but I m happy because now swaragini are united,urvi mass going to die ,ragsan to join hands to took swara out n swasan uniting…u must be thinking that how can I say that swasan r uniting…the answer is I know that sanskar had accepted the deal but I m 1000000000•/• sure that he had some plan n that cavity will never win as all of u know that when a person gets cavity the dentist will remove it n throw out like this kavita will also be thrown out of swasan life…..i hope that Kanchi will play a camoi role to unite raglak because she is so sweet I don’t want to hate her n also because their is one cavity here….

    • Aditi Singh

      hi rids,angel,jyoti,cheery,area harini n others sorry I don’t remember all names…what do u say guys ??? share your views waiting for your replies…

      • Ani

        Yeah I agree with u becoz the writers surely knw tat if they dnt unite swasan the viewers will stop watching Swaragi… At last Ragini turned positive and help Swara and Sanskar.. Now atleast Laksh shld forgive as she is totally changed to her old character… Someone commented tat kanchi is not entering swaragini as Laksh’s ex-gf and its just a rumour… Hope it is true as I dnt want another character coming and separating Raglak… Kavitha and maasi are enough for now to do wrg deeds.. Infact I think Maasi and Kavitha are dng drama to stop Swara’s marg…

  16. Angel

    Overall nice epi..truth revelation.. Was gd..
    Bt must say ragini as tejaswi is nice actor……nice epi..

    Bt precap as expected.. I knew dis will happen cavity will blackmail sans..may be dis is plan of sans..if it so..den OK..
    Throw dat cavity out..cvs..trp is falling bcz of dis crap….can’t tolerate her anymore..

  17. hamida

    im honestly hoping that ragini is the one to get swara out of jail if she goes cos i wany people to know she has truly changed n
    idk why but i feel that laksh n ragini may get divorced n she may be pregnant bcos of u kn thr romantic night n summut may happen to her while she pregs or hopefully lqksh understands that shes become positive. i dont understand why they turned her character from a seedi saadi innocent girl into a blood thursty character

  18. Anu

    Just waiting for Ragsan rescuing Swara. And Urvashi is dead is a great news. Hate her to the core… And Kavita you are soon going to jail. So pack your bags. Just waiting for Swasan unison
    hope its V day that would be rlly spl…

  19. common people

    Now no need to watch diz show for month …dey will definitely drag diz murder case for more than month

  20. utopia

    Wow another lover marrying someone else on compulsion/ come on writers come up with a better twist. Goodbye swaragini, me and my friends are not watching this anymore. Evil ragini is still standing and swara goes to jail, what a bull

  21. anu

    swaragini: swara goes behind bars under murder charges,..
    after swara and ragini exposing urvashi maasi in janki’s ghost drama., viewers were expecting some relief in color’s show swaragini, but looks like the same is not going to happen soon.
    as per the shocking insider news,soon swara will be in huge trouble as urvashi masi will be killed.
    the upcoming story track suggests that urvashi masi will get murdered and swara will get blamed for it.
    swara will get arrested and put behind the bars.
    swara and sanskar will be devastated with this unexpected turn of events.
    swara will plead sanskar to get her out of the jail while sanskar and ragini will suspect kavita’s hand in this mishaps.
    sanskar and ragini will join hands in bringing out the real murderer of urvashi masi..

  22. anu

    swaragini: ragini-sanskar prove swara innocent in urvashi masi murder.
    color’s popular show swaragini is set to encounter major twist with urvashi masi getting killed and swara getting convicted for it.
    it is seen that swara exposes urvashi masi for faking to be janaki’s ghost drama.
    however, later in classic turn of events , to save her skin kavita will end up killeg urvashi.
    mysteriously the blame of urvashis murder will go on swara and swara will get arrested by police.
    sanskar will have full faith in swara and he will go to the jail to meet swara.
    helpless swara will plead to sanskar to free her from jail.
    this time, ragini too will support swara and will stand firmly behind swara.
    like sanskar, ragini to doubts kavita. and believes kavita to be the real culprit.
    in the upcoming episode, ragini and sanskar will join hands in the mission of exposing kavita and proving swara innocent.

  23. preet

    now ragini turnig positive but what about her bad deeds which she had done….. attempt to murder someone, kidnapping is illegal inour country but ragini never punished coz of her crocodile tears…. swasan love story is good hope they will unite soon… nd hope so kanchi singh will enter in the show as true love of laksh who will understand him nd love truly…. ragini never deserve laksh

  24. Jacqueline d

    i think its rubbish … we are wasting are time watching this serial …it doesn’t happen the way we accept .

  25. jo

    swara jailed for urvashi masi’s murder in swaragini!
    how will sanskar and ragini prove kavita to be the real culprit and get swara released from the jail?
    color’s swaragini has always been on the forefront on keeping its loyal audience glued to the television screens with its high voltage drama and unexpected twist and turns.
    we already know about urvashi masi plotting something vicious against swara in the show.
    now the future episodes will once again roll out unexpected twist much to the surpraise of the viewers.
    as per our source, “swara will get arrested for murdering urvashi! she will be petrified as she will consider this event as an end to all her dreams she had planned with sanskar. on learning about swara being arrested, sanskar will reach the prison to promise his love that he will soon bring her justice.”
    wondering how will sanskaar get her bailed and realeased from all the charges?
    well, much to the delight of the audience, this situation will progress to a reunion of swara and ragini on the show.!
    the same source informed us, “sanskar and ragini will doubt about this conspiracy being plot by kavita and will now plan a major expose drama!!”.
    how will sanskar and ragini prove kavita to be the real culprit and get swarareleased from the jail?
    let’s wait and watch!!

  26. jo

    swaragini: kavita blackmails sanskar to marry her to save swara.
    kavita traps swara in urvashi masi murder chargers, blackmail sanskar to marry her to save swara in swaragini.
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that swara and ragini joined hands together and exposed urvashi. swara’s family insults urvashiand ask her to leave and go away from there lives.
    while kavita plans to kill urvashi maasi to hide her truth. kavita kills urvashi and puts blame on swara. police comes to arrest swara in urvashi’s murder charges.
    sanskar agrees to marry kavita.
    sanskar is tensed and promises that he will save his swara.
    there kavita blackmails sanskar and says that he have to marry her.
    kavita puts a deal thatsanskar has to marry her to save swara from fake charges.
    sanskar is sad and has no other option and promises that he will marry kavita.
    let’s see what will sanskar do to save his love swara from fake murder charges.
    stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  27. Fatarajo

    I was watching Swaragini and finally Urvashi is exposed hated her a lot and was quite annoying to watch the show cause of her , but precap :O did Kavita really kill urvashi?

  28. Wow wat a precap i juz wanna kill dis kavi n m feeling sad n bad fr our swasan but ovrall d epi was good n best part was sanky’s reaction to dat b***dy b***h kavi i really lyk his anger n smile

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