Swaragini 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone was moved as the gun was shot in air. The masked man removes the mask, it was Nikhil and Mansi. Ragini wonders if they weren’t in jail, Mansi considers herself to be lucky to flee from jail. She says sometimes evils also win. Swara insists evil never wins. Nikhil counters they love each other and wants to live together, they have been created by same God. Some goons bring Mishka downstairs, Nikhil points a gun towards Ragini saying this can be Mishka’s last day if they try being cunning. They tie Mishka in front of everyone. Sanskar questions what Nikhil wants. Mansi says their planning for next six months was spoilt in a single one, only because of Swara. Now, they can’t get over Abhimanyu’s locker and property because Swara disclosed that Abhimanyu has died. But there are still some

jewelry items in the locker that Mishka would inherit when she turns eighteen. Mansi tells Laksh that he has time till 12 pm tomorrow to get all of Abhimanyu’s locker’s jewels to them; else Mishka would be no more. By then, they are all on a house arrest. Sanskar fears its illegal, Laksh denies doing this. Nikhil points a gun at Mishka, Swara was ready to abide by Nikhil. She tells everyone they have no option, when Mishka’s own mother is ready to kill her who would save her. This jewelry doesn’t cost more than Mishka’s life. Mansi was sure Swara will fulfil her promise. Swara asks about the details, Mansi tells her about the details. They tell Swara they can easily break into bank from back gate, as its Sunday. She must break locker room’s code inside, Nikhil hands her the keys of locker. Swara demands why he doesn’t do this by themselves. Mansi says their faces are wanted, because of Swara. Nikhil demands everyone’s cell phone, then takes them all up into a room.
Mansi comes to the room, and warns Swara she has lesser time to plan her robbery. Mishka shouted for help downstairs, Nikhil shuts her up. Laksh was worried that in bank there are alarms in lockers, what if they get caught. He says there is a way, he can try calling police outside. Sujata tries to stop him. He opens the window to jump outside, but was shot and fell back. They all pick Laksh up, and assures Ragini he is fine. The goon calls from outside if he does this next time, he would be shot real. Mansi comes to warn they are left with no time.
In the morning, there was a door at the bell. Nikhil holds Annaparna at gun point to get milk from the milk man. Annaparna goes inside to get a pot for milk. Ragini goes to get the pot for Annaparna in the kitchen. She writes a note and takes it along. The milk man was busy with the phone call and pours the milk without reading the note. Ragini was left upset. Nikhil confirms he had gone and shuts the door.
Swara tells Mansi she would figure out at the spot what she has to do. Sanskar was ready to go with Swara. Laksh was also ready to go. Mansi says soon Ragini would also agree to do. Sanskar tells Laksh to stay home, Mishka needs him here. Mansi says she know already they are going towards police from here. She comes to give them trackers, as this watch would record their positions even their conversations. Nikhil enjoys.

PRECAP: Laksh asks Ragini to prepare breakfast, he would get sleeping pills for their breakfast. Ragini opens the door and was shocked to see Sharmistra come home. Ragini has an accident, the guards suggest about breaking the car mirror at which she was alert.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    i was waiting like a little girl in front of her birthday cake!!!
    thanks Hasan mam

    1. Raina

      whose birthday didi?

      1. MAHIRA

        it will be mine in some days… hope Swaragini will give me a gift by showing us more SWASAN ROMANCE like yesterday 😀

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      advance happy birthday didi……………………………………………… hope i’m the first one to wish you this year

      1. MAHIRA

        Awww… *blushing*
        Yes yes.. You’re the 1st to wish me this year … It’s on 13 DEC.. I hope so Chote behen, I hope so… Then I’ll make so much people happy 😀

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      may your innocent wishes come true…………………………….. shameless swasan fans leader

    4. ap log ki juri bahut achee hai ap log saadi kar ligiye

      1. please maam

      2. MAHIRA

        Mujhe Hindi samja nahi.. Aap English mai bol hai please?
        Don’t know if it’s a correct sentence *Blush*

      3. Raina

        me and mahira didi!!!!!!!!!!! aww thank you so much *blushing* i’m ready to marry. ask didi’s opinion. and also i can’t marry now. Indian government does’nt allow minors to marry. and i’m a minor *pout*.
        one more thing, love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mahira didi. ummah.

      4. MAHIRA

        Aisha dear… I would make a better jodi with a sanskar lookalike handsome man and marry him *dreamy eyes*

    5. Raina

      didi!!!!!!!!!!!! aisha is telling that our jodi is very nice and she is asking both of us to marry.

      1. MAHIRA

        Areee!!! Mai air tum!?!? Naaa
        Main aapk badi behen hai na?
        But if you have a badi baihya, I would be very happy to be you bhabi :p
        I love you toooooo pyareeeeee rains *bear hug*

    6. Raina

      didi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its Raina, not rains. you are saying my name wrongly *pout* hahaha……………….. and didi sanskar look alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like seriously. ok if you get a look a like take a xerox and give to me also. do search a look alike of nikhil for mica *wink* but he should be good

      1. MAHIRA

        aww… *pulling on my ears*
        sorry chote behen, it’s not me it’s just my phone who ends words like he wants *pout*
        I know you’re Raina dear 😀 which is a lovely name by the way… it means??
        Sanskar lookalike… Rudra lookalike… Arnav lookalike… Saras lookalike… SRK lookalike… *ufff*
        so many choices hai na??
        Nikhil for Mica… hum… let’s start searching…

    7. Raina

      Raina means queen

      1. MAHIRA

        ha like Rani then 🙂
        beautiful name dear 😀

  2. Mica

    ty Sona mam for fast update

  3. Kakali

    Thnk u mam for d update.. !!!
    ¤Mansiii !!!! M in love with ur dialogue… u always call Swara as SORA.. !! huhh u can’t pronounce it clearly.. !!
    ¤Nikhilll ur acting was too cute then threatening.. !! I laughed looking u.. !!
    ¤Shujata mousii.. !!! I went ROFL seeing ur expression.. goshhh hilarious Shujuuuuu !!! ..
    ¤pen copy is always ready whenever it’s needed.. place really doesn’t matter.. whether it’s on table or microwave.. !!!
    ¤Today DP ji’s face expression was far better than AP ji when Laksh was being shoot.. !!! Waaaa mom jii… let’s cryyyy… !!!
    ¤Swara … after watching ur bravery … it reminds me one song that was probably in advertisement “AAGE AAGE BADHTA HAI INDIA,, AMMUL DUDH PITA HAI INDIA”…
    ¤ Urghhhhh milkman. !!! U should also start to take milk … u silly mannnn !!! Ragini’s full orove flop plan again flopped… !!!
    ¤Khali dimang chaitan kaa.. now m blank n broken from inside sooo can’t write more… !!

    1. Raina

      yaar seriously, you remembered amul add song seeing swara? still laughing reading your comment

      1. Kakali

        Haaaaaa !!! Rainaaaa !!! u know that songgg suddenly popped my mind . !! it’s kinda Swara’s bravery for AMMUL DUDH only.. !!
        Gd mrnggg dr ;-*

    2. Heltej

      Kiddooo… M laughing at yur comment! Oh god… After this serial goes off air! I will miss u n mica?????

      1. Kakali

        Heltejjjjj !! Diii … m going to tuition… plzz don’t make me cryyy !!! waaaa even i m missing u now also.. !!!.u pleasant surprise queen.. !!! always at a hurry to give me cute attack with ur sudden n sweet comment.. miss u dii.. !!! gd mrngggg.. !! ;-*

      2. Mica

        Heltej Deaaarrrrrrrrr *just hug and cry

    3. Shrinjal

      Kakali di, what is the repeat telecast time for SR??

  4. the serial go off air today na then how come precap

    1. Raina

      no shanti. serial should actually end on 16th dec, but still some news is coming, like the serial is going to get extension for 2-3 episodes.

  5. Waiting for tmrw episode

  6. today was a long epi i think. nice epi bt why tis draggng. stupid channel

  7. how could they escape?
    show it logically
    police had to inform them

  8. Raina

    god!!!! robbery!!!!!! literally from 3.00 to 6.00!!!! why did’nt you let my swasan sleep peacefully, you stupid mansi and nikhil? by giving the watch to them, don’t think that you are very smart. swasan is more smart than you.
    milkman???? what was so much important in the phone? can’t you see the paper? ragini’s shocked reaction when he does’nt see the paper was awesome. it looked like she was thinking “paper also gone, milk also gone”.
    laksh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really got scared at the gun sound, i thought laksh was shot. but thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m not kinda liking this track. like seriously how will the parents think to kill their own child for money.

  9. Srusti

    Again CV’S make Mansi &Nikhil out in jail and they enter into mm Coz I’m feeling that now our swasan should bring money for the mishka guys do u know our lovely serial got extension I was happy but when I read whole matter i was shocked they get extension only for 4 to 5 episodes reallyyyyyyyy i hate colors coz i was the first commentor yipppppeeeeee

    1. Raina

      same here srusti. in the news it showed, SWARAGINI IS NOT GOING OFF-AIR, GETS AN EXTENSION. i was beyond happy and i shouted in excitement but was really disappointed reading that it going to get an extension of 2-3 episodes

      1. Adishu

        same here yaar…i m very disappointed… very much…

    2. i ‘m soooooooo happy swaragini got an extension

  10. Too funny. .height of stupidity

  11. Adishu

    uf I miss this episode… papa didn’t let me watch… but yesterday episode o God toooooo goodddd…. totally loving… I watch it full…that too alone hiding inside blanket…. o God my swasan…
    n that deevar saa n Bhabhi saa… what an idea…. raglak both ek hi thaali ke chate batte…. both mad people n their mad ideas but I lived their madness….
    n swasan r only swasan magical…. don’t have words to describe them….

  12. Adishu

    hey guys…. I have very IMPORTANT DOUBT…
    few days back a girl was saying that she is very Innocent….
    n yesterday in her comment she told… bromance….master n his prey…. that too with a devil laugh…
    I m too confuse…. is this called innocence :-p…. Micu dear please help me clearing my doubt….

    1. Mica

      i’m swear.. i’m not alien 😀 , don’t put any doubt on me *divert topic..
      uugghhh really, it’s mahira didi’s effect.. you can see her comment above Aditi.. see, she is mentioned about romance only, rite ? *hide under blanket

      1. MAHIRA

        Areee…. is it my fault if i want Sanskar and Swara to have a small cute baby who they’ll name Swasan??? They are married yaar… and i have pity of them, 6 months away… poor love birds :D:D:D

      2. Raina

        mica!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t need to divert topic. yaar accept it. we all are very much innocent when it comes to swasan, its just that mahira didi is 1% (or even more than that) innocent than us

      3. Adishu

        Raina is correct mica… whether u accept or not….
        :-p 😀
        we r very innocent when it comes to swasan…

    2. Mica

      Raina… Aditi.. hu! reallyy.. oh yeaahh.. we are INNOCENT.. *fainting

  13. Mica

    today comment… i just want that watch, blue and yellow, omg

    1. Kakali

      Micuuuuuu !!! why u want that watch..¿ !!! uhhhh maaaa now i get it.. u wanna make it wear to Nikhil as a RAKHI rit.. !!! Yeii yeii yeiii !!! jump jump jump… going ROFL in Nagin dance position.. !!! * NIKHIL BHAYYA !!!
      Gd mrngggg !! ;-*

      1. Mica

        waaa… it’s you Kakali who called Nikhil as your B..ahem ahem..
        so, kakali is Nikhil’s sister ? huh! better i run.. they are so sadist.. *divert topic
        weeewww.. … i want to give it to Ayush and Miskha….

    2. Micaaaa wait for my last PART.. !! i will take my all revenge at one time before i leave from here. !! huahh haa haaa !!! *tickle Micaaa. !!

      1. Mica

        waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… no tickle please
        *huh! imagining Swara and Sanskar on tickle scene.. sooo REAL… just too REAL..

      2. Raina

        gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m remembering my os reading about tickling.

      3. Mica

        dammit Raina.. indeed i’m imagining Sanskar’s laugh while read your OS..

  14. i have just 1 question
    is running away from jails and looting the banks so easy???????????

    mansi and nikhil
    i never want to see such parents who can kill their children
    sujata………………..my god she is a real chill pill

  15. Hi guys
    What’s up how are you all? So the SR is extended for only 2 to 3 days. I wish the serial would continue for 1 more year. I will miss swasan allot, they are my shining stars. And yeah swasan forever swasan rocks.

  16. SRSL

    Guys sr trp is in the 14th rank…are these stupid colors channel blind…being in the 14th rank from the entire television is not at all easy…1 thing I can say is colors will rot in hell if swaragini stops..

  17. Mica

    want to talk about TRP, Color TV Channel and the Story line.
    Well again, yesterday trp 1.6 only…..
    comparing to other weeks and other serial in Color channel, yesterday trp, almost all of serial got decreased except Naagin, and Swaragini stuck at 1,6…
    in previous week, when all of them increased, Swaragini’s trp increased too..
    Krishnadasi off air when trp just about 1,2-1.1 for few long time.
    MATSH was leaving Color when trp just about 1.0..
    why Swaragini doesn’t get a chance ?
    i do understand about profit in business fields, but being Swasan fans/Swaragini fans i can’t help my self but jealous to knowing the fact that Swaragini’s trp is not the worst but get the worst destiny.
    as my analysis, Color channel has advantages from Swaragini fandom.
    1. 1.6 trp is fandom power, if only Swaragini get a chance to change the story line, may it can be increased
    2. Swaragini fandom, mostly Swasanian is craziest fans ever, they know how to use media, it’s somehow can turn be A FREE advertisement of Color TV channel for other serial too.
    for example: someone curious about Swasan or swaragini, when stay tune in color, may somehow they fall in love with ssk, shakti or other serial…
    aaahh better i send email to color 😀

    1. Raina

      common mica, do send an email

      1. MAHIRA

        I’m the most innocent shameless fan Swasan had ever had… I’m just the mahan of innocence *putting a circle above my head*

      2. Mica

        Rainaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i did it.. i did it dear.. huh! see on last comment 😀 😀

  18. MAHIRA

    no episode today???

  19. Ya May be.happy birthday In advance. December is special for me too.

    1. MAHIRA

      thank you dear 🙂 😀


    Where is last episode update???

  21. MAHIRA

    Today no episode… maha episode of Kasam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT THE…!!! i mean… REALLY!!!
    What Vcs? no new ideas to fill what comes in those last episode??? do you need help????
    This is “foutage de gueule”… sorry, had to say it in french, no idea how to say it in english!!!

    1. Mica

      mhuahahahhahahah… soo you didn’t know it…

      1. MAHIRA

        no didn’t know , i was waiting the whole night like a fool 🙁

  22. Mica

    I’m Mica from Indonesia, i love to watch Swaragini serial in Color tv, it’s not the greatest serial nor the best serial but i love it the most.
    I want to say “Thank You” to Color tv channel to give us such amazing serial to us, to me especially, to bring such wonderful story and couple (swasan)
    very very big thank you. but seem other audience didn’t have same thought as us, the TRP decreased day by day.
    Talk about TRP and Color tv channel decision to make Swaragini off air at this December, could you please consider it again ? i know i’m innocent in this trp thingy but i want to share my view regarding it, may you can change your decision.

    I saw yesterday trp 1.6 only AGAIN, i compared it to other weeks and other serial in Color channel, yesterday trp, almost all of serial got decreased except Naagin, and Swaragini stuck at 1,6, in previous week, when all of them increased, Swaragini’s trp increased too.It’s seem, at least the LOYAL VIEWERS of Swaragini come an end at 1.6 point no matter what the story line, as we can call it FANDOM POWER.
    I know 1.6 in TRP is not good enough for Color channel, but even without 1.6 point, a 3.0 point of TRP will turn to 1.4 only, right ?there are few serial who has lower trp than Swaragini from weeks, but you choose Swaragini.
    Krishnadasi off air when trp just about 1,2-1.1 for few long time.
    MATSH was leaving Color when trp just about 1.0..
    why Swaragini doesn’t get a chance ?
    i do understand about profit in business fields, but being Swasan fans/Swaragini fans i can’t help my self but jealous to knowing the fact that Swaragini’s trp is not the worst but get the worst destiny.

    well, in business, let me offer you the best thing of Swaragini, THE FANDOM POWER/ LOYAL VIEWERS, i think Color tv will gain profits from it.
    1. Swaragini fandom, mostly Swasanian is craziest fans ever, they know how to use media, it’s somehow can turn be A FREE advertisement of Color TV channel for other serial too.
    for example: someone curious about Swasan or swaragini, when stay tune in color, may somehow they fall in love with ssk, shakti or other serial.
    2. They have 1.6 point of TRP. 1.6 trp is fandom power, if only Swaragini get a chance to change the story line, may it can be increased.
    wish you can consider this offer.

    come to Story line, TRP and viewers.
    Swaragini is teenager segmented, but you choose odd time for student, 9.30 quite late for them.
    being teenager segmented, we can’t expect much to gain high TRP, as the most viewers and the tv remote’s master are AUNTY/ PARENT.
    if only Swaragini want to gain more viewers, try to give AUNTY/PARENTS favorite of story line, try to change the story line. you can try by compare it to other serial, the similarity of Swaragini’s story line when in highest trp and other serial who survive still for a long time, for example, Kumkum Bhyagya or YHM.
    apart from the jodi/couple thingy, the similarity of story line between them was the intrigue, the turmoil between the negative and positive role, Swara vs Ragini, Swara vs kavvya, Ishita vs shagun, or Pragya vs Tanu , how smart and brave the positive one to handle the bad trick, meanwhile the negative one with their smartness always flopped, and have emotional problem too, and they are just cunning, not that cruel, without involving the power of guns or goons… this kind of problem entertain them much if only you see it.
    Now, you should try to compare and find the similarity between Swaragini and MATSH when the trp decreased rapidly. You didn’t let the viewers to breath, there is no more entertainment to watch it, nothing to laugh, you let the negative roles to be soo cruel, success every time with their money, power or goons without any emotion, even aadarsh and Dadi become spineless and heartless people against their own family.
    world is not about black and white only, sometime we should know that there is the grey one exist.

    Well, that are my silly analysis, i wish Color tv channel can change the decision to make Swaragini off air too soon, or please may there is a chance for session 2 or bring the jodi (Varun-Helly, Namish-Tejaswi) to back together in new serial, we only offer you this 1.6 point of trp at least. thank you so much for everything.


    waaaa……. my silly email to color channel.. whatever if they will throw it in dust bin.. huh! i just try the best for my swasan…

    1. MAHIRA

      clap clap clap!!!
      what a beautiful e mail!!!!
      By the way, Adarsh and dadi ma track was really TOO MUCH!!! I mean…
      Adaarsh has always been a reserved person, ok he wasn’t a saint as he betrayed his wife but transforming from the perfect paihya to evil is something abnormal… we can see that Durga Prasad/Ram Prasad are as close as twins from the begining to the end and this big boy transformed like bitted by a transgenic spider !!!!
      If only they explore more the reasons, may be he’s the one who can’t have childnren and not his silly wife, so Sanlak closeness and possible future babies are dangerous for hisposition jn the house…
      May be he’s a son from a first marriage of DP, his mother appears magically from nowhere to tll him that his father is evil who punished her for no reason and deprived her from her motherhood rights
      Or another elder bhai of DP/Ram who was to be the family leader but dead young with his wife, Aadarsh can’t bear his rights and heritage /place taken by the yougers …
      I mean something making sense to the drama and which can give a second season after he’s free from jail
      Instead of letting this unsupportable bahu in the house to finally make her desapear magically, it would be more interesting to explore that side, somehow bringing their brother to light side again like Swara succeded in re-wining her sister’s love.
      Dadi… this dadi is a chameleon, she passes from good to bad, from bad to good every 4 weeks!!! finally it becomes nonesense!
      At the start of the serial, i felt like if there was a secret past between her and DP (no especially romance, just a past), may be between families or something like that… something which made her want absolutely to marry Ragini to Laksh even discovering how immature he was (not being the elder son in the family means he’ll never rule everything like she aims)… her determination was like taking a revenge…
      And there is Uttara and her bad destiny in men!! there is a lot to explore in her character… this cutee simple little sister has planned and executed a kidnapping with her brother… she’s the only one who didn’t turn bad yet… why not imagining that she marries Chiraag really and turns to be as bad as him making lot of problems to Swasan and Raglak…
      Raglak, they are adopting a little girl (who will have a huge heritage from her fake father)… so much to explore, is she really ill? i mean her life is really in danger or she’s just asthmatic?… so close to her father she can make some troubles to Ragini by jealousy so she’ll understand Swara’s feelings when she was blaming her… may be give wanting to separate her from Laksh who will resist for the start then problems increase… Raglak track…
      Swasan… what about music academy Swara has always dreamed of?? and her super businessman husband? Swasan has a big potential on his part to make his own serial!! but we love Swaragini whole story…
      So please!!! please a second season with a lot of new twists!!!

      1. Mica

        couldn’t agree more Mahira didi.. you are soo rite, the Parish and Dadi too cruel and unbelievable, tried to harm baby, heartless about their parent omg, and success all the time. Let us review the earlier episode when Ragini became negative, after pushed Swara, Swara back with BANG,,,fake marriage, who made Ragini tensed, or when she kept recorder on swasan room,, BANG… nothing happen, or Ragini failure to get wifey right, when Ragini accused Sanskar, BANG.. swara set it right, or when Ragini tortured MF, she tried to blackened AP and BANG…she is the one who got it…
        or when Kavya did a trick, BANG…it flopped..THERE IS NO NEED GUNS, GOONS OR WHATEVER, but still we enjoy it, because somehow, as viewers, the negative roles flopped plan kinda reduces our frustration toward our real life disappointment, and we can shout “KARMA IS A B*TCH” eat that!!! (cause we know, waiting karma happen in real life need times :D, if only we upset to someone or government )

        in YHM, it is same, how Ishita makes fool to Shagun all the time, or the small fight between family, the hilarious fight between MIL but can be real partner sometime, it’s soo pleasurable to watch, NO need to do high drama, kill, kidnap, hire goons, or suicide drama. and they success.

        Pragya vs Tanu are same, they both smart and try to fooling each others
        I don’t want Ragini turn negative again, i just want to show about the story line just it,

      2. Raina

        didi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you and mica are making me faint by your serious discussion about swaragini story line.

    2. Raina

      mica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bowing my head*. great job dear. i hope colors will listen to ur email and dear as a crazy swasanian i would like to thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much thank you thank you thank you thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.

      1. MAHIRA

        Thank you chote behen … we can have soooo much ideas to have 100 more episodes…

      2. Mica

        huh! no thank no sorry… even i did it for myself.. but what to say….huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    3. MAHIRA

      Talking about how Cvs could really make the story more attractive for a larger public…
      Goons, arms, family members turning bad poeple without a logical reason… this is surely not the best way.
      Swasan and Raglak are married, they aren’t teenagers flirting outside… romance, family problems, business work… so many ways to explore their lives without blaying with guns and police…
      For the last track, i think that things were going not so bad when Swasan/Raglak were separated… it breaks our hearts but it could give such a new story…
      Maheshwari virsus Maheshwari, at one side Swasan, with mum, dad, Uttara and Sharmita ma with little Aysh… At the other Raglak with badi papa, badi ma, parish and dadi… instead of 6 months, a year later… Sanskar alone had made his own business from zero, supported by his father and Swara, a year will be enough to make his own business and fight with Maheshwari in affairs like if they haven’t same name… Swaragini may still trying to unite family in secret but outside… ufff…
      instead of that, we had that leap of 6 months of sadeness from one side and other to patching up with a guns/goons story…
      Namish saab… i am really admiring your acting skills but honestly your few weeks of “holiday” critizing the serial wasn’t to arrange the story hai na?…
      I’m just soo sad that there is so much bad shows who are running for more seasons with incredible stories of death and returning back and story of their grand sons… and Swaragini is cut so rapidly…

      1. Mica

        yups.. mahira didi, there are many thing to explore as Swaragini have many casts and couples, Swasan, Raglak, Parish, gadodias, maheswarys, no less than YHM or Kumkum Baghya, thy can create many silly problem to them without so much cruel negative roles.
        in memory lose track of Swara, instead of bringing kissan only, why they didn’t show hate love story of swasan itself, i mean Swara NEVER get flash about Sanskar’s love for her, they showed Swara’s hatred only to Sanskar, yelled at him.
        huh! cvs prefer to show Swara roamed with a stranger than try to united Swara with real Sanskar. ( i stop watching Swaragini those time as i really disappointed about Swara’s behavior to Sanskar).
        If only CVS give p-roper story, hate love of Swara to Sanskar, it will more epic, i love the scene when Sanskar slipped in stair and Swara run for him…but then.. uughh nothing, totally stranger, made me piss off.

        Parish track.. why they didn’t show the kitchen politic between ladies instead of hiring goons and guns, or Aadarsh try to win his parent heart in office politics, raglak in their effort to get heir for maheswary as Ragini ever injured in her stomach meanwhile Parish can’t give heir, Swasan with their own dream, being pillar of Maheswary family and their stubbornness problem. meanwhile Gadodias with Dadi and Ayush problem, show them hate love of dadi to Ayush.. i think it’s more entertaining instead of giving TEENAGER a SUICIDE DRAMA.

        In swasan and Raglak separation track, even there was no joy at all, thought the separation will be full nhok jhok ,hate love story, but uugghhh it’s separation too gloomy…
        aahh whatever….

    4. MAHIRA

      Swara turning bad for some big reason, in a detective story to find some truth… or after a big issue, not bearing all hatred around her even she does all her possible for every one
      Just imagine her smartness in bad ways… then at the last moment she’ll save everything like always but no, it’s always too simple to make Ragini easy to turn her jacket (when blackmailed by Parish, when forced by her dadi tu cut all ties with her sister….)
      Inversing roles… Swara becoming evil and Ragini trying to find the reason… ufff so much to explore!!!

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