Swaragini 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with electricity going off at Maheshwari house. Uttara is taking candle, and falls down. Swara helps her and picks the things. She checks marks on her hand, and thinks there is someone with her. She thinks Ragini might be in danger and Uttara’s aide must have gone to harm her. Laksh comes to Ragini’s room. Ragini gets scared and asks who is there……Laksh holds her, but seeing Swara coming there, he runs. Ragini tells her that Uttara attacked her again. Swara says Uttara was with her and says someone else is behind the attack. Later, Dadi tells that we shall tell everything to all. Swara says that person will be alerted and tells that she lied to Annapurna and Durga Prasad. Sumi asks what do you want to say. Swara says Ragini got a proof and she wants to take it to Police station.

She comes to Laksh and asks him to go with Ragini, as she can’t trust anyone. Laksh says okay and thanks her for telling him. Swara says I was scared thinking you will agree or not. Laksh says yes, but…I will take her to Police station. Swara says okay.

Laksh asks what is that proof. Swara says the matter is delicate….and says Ragini is waiting downstairs. She asks him to take care of Ragini. Laksh asks her not to worry and thinks to take that proof from Ragini. He comes to his car and sees Ragini sitting. He recalls Ragini conspiring against Swara and him, and the conspiracies stopping his marriage with Swara. Laksh sits in car and drives off.

Dadi prays to God to do everything fine. Sumi says they went to Police station to give proof. Dadi says my heart is shaking. Sumi says I am worried thinking we didn’t tell anything to Maheshwari family. Ragini thanks Laksh for coming with her, and says you are helping me even though you don’t want to be with me. He recalls Nani asking him not to marry Ragini, and Swara’s words that Ragini is the answer. He thinks he has to do this. Ragini asks did you say something. Laksh says your problems will be solved. Dadi gets a call from Ragini and she puts call on loud speaker. Ragini asks why did you turn the car and says why you are taking car to sunset point. Laksh recalls Ragini trying to prove Swara characterless.

Laksh stops the car and asks Ragini to give direction to take a U turn. Ragini tensedly gets down the car. Ragini’s manipulative words echoes in his ears and he takes the car back….Ragini shouts asking why he is taking car backside. Laksh recalls Ragini and Swara’s fight and panics.

Laksh recalls all the conspiracies of Ragini, and speeds up car towards her. Swara who was hidden in his car, asks him to stop the car. Laksh says I will not stop today and will end Ragini’s game. Swara keeps knife on his neck asking him to stop the car else she will kill him. Laksh refuses. Ragini gets scared as she sees car coming towards her. Ragini falls down and shouts. Laksh and Swara jumps out of car. Laksh holds the tree branch, just as he falls from the cliff. Ragini shouts Laksh.

Same as yesterday… Doctor informs Durga Prasad that Annapurna got a mild heart attack. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to handover his property, keys and wealth to Ragini to save Annapurna. Durga Prasad gives him everything to Ragini. Ragini says she will write their destiny now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Writers of swaragini very well done. At last u have successfully ruin the character of Laksh. Laksh is not that much bad. So if u writers don’t know what to do with this story then read FF here many FF are the continuation of current track. Get some ideas yaar. This is disgusting..

  2. Saba

    I feel today! Laksh is right to do because Ragini did too much with swara!! But at the end we want swasan!! Unite swasan soon! I hope ragini turns into positive!!

    • Kashis

      True yaar.. Want swasan. And if evil character is a necessity then add another character yaar.. I have also the same thought. Make all 4 positive..

  3. Riya

    Omg rags ab Jo karegi sahi karegi iss lucky ke sath…pahela toh uska dil ke sath kitni khilwad Ki .uske sath aisa behave kiya she is like a toy.kabhi saadi ke liye kabhi na……or ab sab galti sirf Ragini Ki…wow lakshay yeh accha

  4. Tara

    Laksh placed his coat in back seat. Wer was swara tat time ???? U r writing wrong written update hasan. Swara didn’t have knife and laksh asked ragini to remove the rocks. Y giving wrong nd incomplete written update. Take time nd give correct update plz.. don’t hurry and give wrng stry. ☺☺

  5. anu

    sanskaar and swara love track begins in swaragini:
    the most awaited love track of beloved couple swara and sanskaar is all set to begin in the popular show swaragini.
    after the kidnapping chaos and revealations, swara realizes her mistake of hurting sanskaar by suspecting him. she will get closer to sanskaar but he will be angry and stubbern to forgive her so soon. the audience will enjoy some lighthearted nok-jhok between the couple.
    more drama will occur in the coming episodes which will bring swara and sanskaar more closer to each other. he will get attacked by goons but he will get saved by ranveer singh who beats up the goon. swara will get worried and cries tears of concern seeing sanskaar getting hurt. ranveer and deepika will be playing cupids to make swara realizes her love for sanskaar . they will be seen giving love tips to swara so that her love story progress with sanskaar, she has already fallen in love with him and slowly realizing it. she will turn protective towards him after the goons attack on him.
    this is just begining of the love story , there is surely much more to happen in this beautiful lovestory!! the concern and care for each other will be swara and sanskaar biggest strength to face all hurdles coming in their way. we hope makers will realizes the worth of swara and sanskaar pairing and give them more screen presence in the upcoming tracks.
    do watch swaragini as ranveer and deepika bring your faviourite couple close to each other.

  6. The thing I would lyk to say was laksh was no wrong in my point of yu aftr ragini did soo much I lyk both the pairs swalak and swasan bt I lyk swasan mre I dnt lyk tat ragini her way of speak also I dnt want laksh and ragini pair raglak is nt a sweet pair compared to swasan or swalak I want swasan bt no raglak today what laksh did was no wrong he was so pained he did nthng wrong bt to bear so much fa ragini he tried to harm ragini bt nthng happened bt ragini did so much she destroys laksh life ,tried to kill swara kidnapped her mother she was full of lies bt this small incident make her avengefull with the thought of sumone destroying her I dnt think she till nw didn’t understand abt her wrong doings hate her . . .. . if I hurt sumone wid my view am sry

  7. Shruthi

    I really pity laksh…. He is the most affected person in this whole drama …. Ragini has cheated him too much that he lost his love and still after knowing ragini’s truth he was not able to get her out of his life, he was forced to have her in his life … He would be really fed up of ragini’s drama … And if ragini is again planning to revenge everyone then I will kill her for sure

  8. Riya

    I love you tejaswi so much.plsss writer Ragini ko positive kar do…writer r u mad…..Ragini pe villain role suit hi nahi Karta h yaar…writer pls look at her she is so innocent.her beauty o god I have no words to say about her beauti.yeh villain ke baad tum mujhe bahut acchi lagti Ho…..waise Ragini tumhe kushi milte hogina Ragini jab koi commentator tumhare bare gandi gandi baate karte hoga…Quki har villains Ki sabse badi uplabdi hoti h …isaka mtlab tum apni acting bahut achi tarah se tarah se kar rahi Ho….love u tejsawi

  9. anu

    ranveer singh saves sanskaar from laksh’s goons in color’s swaragini:
    the very handsome and talented actor ranveer singh will soon be seen making a special appearence on the colors show swaragini produced by rashmi sharma telefilms,.
    ranveer’s will be promoting his upcoming movie bajirao mastani in the show and as his character peshwa bajirao, the daily soap will also see the young actor engage in some high voltage action sequence.
    in the upcoming episodes lakshya, will be seen hiring goons to attack sanskaar. he plans to get sanskar out of his path in order to unite with swara and will give instructions to attack sanskaar and kill him if needed. sanskaar will put up a fight with the goons but soon they overpower him and this is when ranveer will make his entry. he will come to sanskar’s help and will be seen beats the goons to a pulp.
    with the ragini’s character undergoing a major transformation as her object of anger has shifted from swara to laksh after the latter tried to harm her and laksh busy with getting ragini and sanskaar out of his path things are going to get all the more intresting.
    keep reading space for more updates.

  10. nik

    Thnx anu fr the updt, n l also feel that wrtrs should gv mr screen presence to this sweet cple so that viewers can enjoy their lv trk. Hope that in cmng days there will b mr swasan scene.

  11. angel

    The serial’s name should be swara v/s ragini instead of swaragini….

    Ragini who tried to kill swara twice,kidnapped sumi,blamed sanskar for her molestation has been forgiven easily and has been made the owner of the house…why????no police case and when maharani got kidnapped police was involved too.and when laksh tried to kill her she came forward to write maheshwari destiny.wah!!!!cant she pity anyone???this is too much.its a limit to bear everything.how the hell can a person change so much just behind a boy who doesn’t bother about her.i liked the old ragini who was innocent.this new ragini is a vamp and they are just driving her evil character….kab sudhre GI???

  12. banu

    worst drama ever…..pls stop tis nonsense serial…swara s worst character …such a selfish girl who destroyed laksh life bcoz of his sister…now she ll be paired wid sanskar…suddenly sanskar became gud after doing all d wrong things wid his own bro…thuuuu..nee yabba ..director ….nee mogam laga undhi nee Serial…laksh startng from d serial who s hero now became vilian…pls..bcoz of trp ratng dont do such a cheap serial..

  13. manu

    What the heck is this?????
    At first Ragini is such an innocent and cool girl later she turned into evil…
    And sanskaar who is evil at first is changed into good …..
    ND now its laksh …..
    What d hell do the writers think of themselves????
    Cant they show something good happening??
    Its becoming disaster day by day

  14. sammu

    shayad iss serial mein koyeena koyi revenge leneke liye Q main kade rahte hain…. pehele Laksh ko hero banayete ab usko villain banakar dikarahe hain.. its really very bad… agar raginiki galti ke liye swara use maf karsakti ho to laksh ko bi karsakti haina…? iss serial main kisiko bhi laksh ka jarasabhi chinta nahi hain.. swara jobi kare wo achhi he lekin laksh ke liye punishment … are wa swara… apki behenki galti chotisi hein use sab mafi dena chahiye lekin laksh ke bare main apne zarase bhi nahi socha…

  15. Asi

    Piya…same to u…i also dont want raglak pair…i like swalak and swasan…swasan is the best .,waiting for swasan love track

  16. ammu

    yes agree ragini doing such wrong deeds but knw one questioning wow what great people yar… Ragini swara ney janesy mareneki kosise kiya ,swara mom papa ko alag karediya, laksh ka satha doke shadi kiye masheshwari family jute bola, swara bademaa n sujathi ka nechy dhikaya, nakhile memory loss drama kiya, ethna kuchukiya eladaki koyibi kucghibi nahi bolethe nayi kiyu?? Ragini achi bete nayi, ragini dide nayi achi pote nayi , achi bebhibe nayi ache bhahu bi nayi, she is very selfst ladiki esh doniyami.. I dnt like ragini laksh ka pair I love only swalaks n swarasanker pair most people like dis pairs only ? oh writters plz change karo Ragini ko desty? oh kukumbhya ko swaragini bhahut park yeh? prgy ney ohuseki husband behete pyrkarete kisuke nukshna nahi pownch ? but swaragini ragini ??? dnt camperte to prgy she is ameging actor☺ plz forward story writters we can’t wait swasan seans love u guys? keep rocking……

  17. Asi

    One more thing…i hate ragini…she is the most selfish person….i dont want to see her face…hate her rubbish drama…hate to see her,,.,.nagini

  18. nik

    Hiii Shuva, rids, Saba,kirti, n all my chat buddies. Guys readng the previous episode cmnts I also think that why sm swalak fans r still hoping fr swalak. Sorry swalakians it will nvr hpn coz swara hd alrdy fln in lv with sanskar . N now soon there will b trk showing swara realizing her lv. N ya rids now u can wch the show as now it will hv swasan moments .I m very hppy fr swasan . swasan rocks n swasan forever n ever…….

    • Rids

      Yes nik… I shall watch from next week. Thus week full its going to be ragini s drama. I don’t want to see all that rubbish. I just want to see swasan…

  19. Rids

    Yaaay swasan moments r coming back… I ll definitely watch now. Really I was sooo bored… Thanks nik … And anu thanks for the update…. Though I know ragini vil leave no stone unturned to harm maheshwari family. The hope of swasan vil keep the serial alive…

      • Hi rids
        How are you?
        I didn’t watch today’s episode but read the updates. Oh my what are the writers doing, they turning laksh in to evil like ragini. Anyways I’m glad to hear that Swasan moments will be coming soon, I’m so happy. And yeh
        Swasan forever, Swasan rocks.?

    • Hi nik
      How are you?
      I’m so happy that soon we will get to see Swasan together. But I’m not looking forward to watch Ragini’s new drama, you know her taking over and ruling the Maheshwari house. Anyways Swasan forever, Swasan rocks.?

  20. Neha

    Finally laksh got caught I think one scene is missing from updates when sumi and dadi were worried for swaragini they called sanky and told him everything and he was worried that after knowing about laksh hatred how they sent them together that’s why he follows them and makes a heroic entry by saving the three
    Swasan rocks waiting for their love track

  21. ishu

    i wish these 3members r all to die(savatum intha sanianunga)i fed up about this…..its tittle to be changed
    “revenge”not swaragini…..
    bt only the good news is swasan love track is starting….wow…..im so xciting…
    bt the goons send by laksh??!??!!!avanuku puthia vararatha…he is the only reason the whole family in pbm….takung ragini revenge and all that…..nw he kill her bro……i knw he is selfiesh in startingly…..nw he proof it…..araivyketavan….
    i like sans character….s….sans come only for revenge for kavitha death….bt he saw swara’s tears and the pain…he will good….and he is not a bed like ragini and laksh….he dont kill anyone….he save all(swara,laksh and ragini in all the time) he is really good in heart….always…..he is not a villian…he is always hero……
    i dont like swara bzc c always hurts sans…bt i would like swasan pair….

  22. khusubu

    They are no lakshs goons who attack sanskar.I things they are raginis goons.Because she say that in interview that sanskar and swara got some proof to prove durga prashad innocent and I want that proof back. so I follow sanskar.so I thing she send these goons to attach sanskar.

  23. kirti

    yiieeepiiiee…. :* :* :* :* :*
    #swasan IS going to be reunite…for dem…we can tolerate any drama…otherwise dis serial is untolerable…!!!

    #swasan rocks…. :* 😀 :* :*

  24. Hi guys
    Hi nik, rids, neha, kirti, saba and everyone. How are you all?
    I’m so happy bcoz Swasan will unite soon. Swasan forever, Swasan rules and Swasan rocks baby.????☺

    • Sorry guys
      For overreacting. It’s just that I’m over the moon. I’m so happy that I can jump all day and night.
      Oh my I’m doing it again ain’t I, I’m overreacting again. Who cares all I’m going to say is that Swasan rocks.?

      • Rids

        Ha ha shuva its alright… Swasan is the oly exciting thing of this serial… Ragini was already ruling maheshwari house by making people believe her… Now she has officially got permission to be as spoilt as she wants…

    • Neha

      Its OK dear I think all swasan fans are the same overjoyed with swasan love track hope swara confess her love and you know what may be their mu should end but I’m loving their ruthna manana whats say

  25. Sunshine

    The main thing is ragini is a psycho. Shea immature, selfish and unapologetic. Never ever realizes her mistakes. Remember when she would say I haven’t asked for anything in my life and laksh is the only thing I want and blah blah…it’s like saying I haven’t hurt anot ant all my life so I want to go on a tiger killing spree. What logic she has. And swara the great, she’s mad…she claims to be modern and all but does stupid detective work. What’s her concern if ragini is being attacked? Why can’t she for once become selfish and think about her self and her life with her husband?
    She always wanted laksh to give ragini another chance bexcuse ragini loves him, but she’s not ready to give sanskaar a chance although she knows he loves her so much. What double standards, and she’s the epitome of justice.
    And why can’t for once she take a stand for herself…why does she forgive all of them all the time? She’s so confused. She can always blackmail ragini and dadi that she’ll file a cases against ragini of kidnapping, attempt to murder, false accusations, raginI’so list of bad deeds is endless anyway.
    I don’t know why these people fall helpless in front of rags all the time. Such respectable people they are, cnt they come with a solution to this problem? Whats the need to give away everything to the vamp just because their son is wrong? How cpuld they come up with such a big business if they were so dumb…and rags is dumb enough to ruin the business as well. If she starts treating the family as slaves, then i swear im not gonna watch this stupidity anymore.And that stupid dadi, I cannot bear her anymore…all the time laado laado. ..so blind.

    I guess we all need to stop watching this serial for a while. The writers have taken us for granted. Any crazy story they’ll give and we will take apparently. Just unite swasan na, make rags and laksh good people. If laksh hates rags so much, let him move on with someone else, let rags also find someone else who’ll love her for the way she is. The writers change characters like seasons, so why not bring positivity into the serial. Show swasan moments, let swara and raga have a career of their own. Such serials are watched by a lot of people, they can help in shaping up the society. Bring in women empowerment, bring in happiness, bring in reality and light moments, and bring in respect for love relationships and marriage. Either entertain with romance and comedy or give a strong story. We Do not want stupid SaaS bahu version of James Bond.

  26. Sunshine

    Writers, we watch serials to relieve our tension and stress in life. But now this serial is giving us tension. Please put in light moments, else you will lose your fans and swaragini will be labeled as on of the no logic serials and people will ask the channel to stop it. Change the story line. There is scope for improvement. Do not show that being evil will make you get away with anything. It’s a wrong notion. If you want to make it a family drama, show nice moments. All families AR like this huh? All women are like ragini? Do not show dumb things like how an innocent girl gets access to drugs and boys and kidnappers. Do not forget that kids watch this show as well, at least when adults watch. It’s a humble request.

  27. Saba

    Hey Kashis! I also hope that writer unite them soon! Hey Nik! You all are accusing laksh! But I first time feel his pain and first time I felt that writer gives justification of his character! Actually I didn’t watch this serial from first episode! It’s only 2 months, I has been watching it! So laksh’s character isn’t clear in front of me! But now, laksh acting is superb! And everyone can sees swasan pain. Even Ragini’s also but why playing this character as extra role? I’m with laksh and I dont think so he’s negative and all! First time I love his character! Finally he got his own wits to do something! Well lets see what happen in this crap drama!! I still hope four characters turn into positive! But at the end, we still want swasan as soon as possible!!!

    • jo

      i dnt agree wid u…….
      u forget dt thing laksh used ragini twice…..
      if laksh is ri8 thn ragini also ri8….
      n today’s epi swara ne laksh ka gala dabaya…she did it to stop laksh bt she did it…..
      means all r criminals…..

  28. Johanna

    Idiot Swara supporting ragini and turning against laksh.. always an idiot.. first blaming sanskar.. then trying to get laksh arrested.. go to hell! You deserve everything ragini did to you

  29. nik

    Ya Saba I agree that wtevr hpnd with laksh in past was wrong bt he would hv blvd swara atleast once, he would hv gvn a chance to hr to prove hr innocence. N now he should acpt that swara doesn’t lv him any more n stop sprtng swasan. That’s all I think.

  30. Hi nik..ofcourse prti toh bnti h cz swasan jo ek hone wali h hahahahhhh…now ragini jo v kre i don’t careeeeeeeeeee….mujhe toh bs cute swasan moments chahiye???…n yeh toh phle se hi pta tha ki swasan ek hogi….phle bar writer ne kuch accha kam kya h hahah??????????…m sooooooooo happyyy

  31. jo

    ranveer singh to turn saviour for sanskaar in color’s swaragini.
    for all the fans of handsome hunk ranveer singh, we have superb piece of news for you all.
    well, without making any long, we share it right here.
    the young talented man will soon be making a special appearence on the much loved show of colors, swaragini (rashmi sharma telifilims) along with depika padukone.
    and quite in a similar fashion to that of his upcoming flick’s (bajirao mastani) character, peshwa bajirao, even in the daily , ranveer will be seen engaging into some high octane action sequence.
    as per our sources, “with lakshya turning negative, soon sanskaar will be attacked by goon, who will try to kill young lad. and ranveer who will be performing at the nearby venue will rush to sanskaar’s help. like a true action hero, he will beat evil goons and saves the poor guy.”
    on the other hand, we hear that ragini’s character will also go through a major transformation. furious with lakshya’s plan to harm her, ragini will now plan to ruin lakshya’s lifeinstead of swara’s.
    and guess what readers, who will have the benefit of the such chaotic situation?
    it will be swara and sanskaar. with lakshya and ragini getting busy to destroy one another, swara and sanskaar will get some time for themselves and the duo will work on their relationship.
    even we love this developent? won’t you readers?
    while we couldn’t reach tehjaswi, helly remained busy for shooting.

  32. nik

    What laksh is doing with ragini I feel its crct , atlst thr is sm 1 who is pnsng hr fr hr deeds bt on the other hnd laksh is doing wrong with swasan . ya I know many people will say that sanskar firstly strtd all this bt guys after rlzng his mstks he tried his hrd to do things nrml, he also tried to mk ragini undrstnd that what she is doing is wrong, he also tried to expln his bro lucky on the mrg day that swara is not wrng n ragini is doing all this thngs bt its laksh who didn’t blv swara n sanskar n chose to blv ragini. N after all this he wants swara to accept him agn. That cnt b psble.He should leave swara n lt hr live hr life happily with sanskar.

    • Hi nik
      Well said I totally agree with you. Now Laksh and ragini are in the same level but the thing is that I still think that ragini is worser then Laksh. And yeh I also think that he should leave Swasan alone. He had his chance when swara came to him and told him about ragini’s bad deeds. but what did he do, he didn’t believe her and instead he insulted her and now he wants her back. And yeh I remember when sanskar told ragini that she’s a nice girl, she should move on with her life and let Laksh and swara be together, let them get married. But what did that girl do instead she became psyco and pushed swara down the lake. That ragini is selfish.

  33. jersline prisilla

    really i feel so pitty 4 laksh.ragini snatched eveything from him n she z behaving like a innocent girl.diz z nt d true love n swara she always used 2 blame laksh.pirikaravangala poi nalavanu kamikiranga.nama lifela ipdilan nadhan accept panni aaganuma.really iam loosing my passions.i can’t accept diz………. bt diz time
    laksh had made a correct decision

  34. Hey everyone…
    How r u all?
    It’s good to hear swasan scenes are coming soon…I am so so sooo overjoyed… Waiting eagerly for swasan moment.. All swasan fans have been impatiently waiting for this news now atlast swasan ….????

  35. tin tin tumo

    i think laksh is more worse than ragini and i swara and sanskar they r disgusting couples i ever seen ……..
    ragini i mean h kya wo un sabse badi pagal swara h i mean jyada hi sacchai and ek acchhi sis
    ragini u hav t understand k agar tumse koi pyar hi nahi karta to jabardasti karogi and laksh this is same fir u to
    bechara sanskar pagal h jo us bandariya swara k peeche pada h …….. and they r the worsest couples
    yeah serial kitna boring h itna ki i hav n words to elucide it …….so i say to everyone dint watch it aur waise bhi why eagerly waiting for their love story tum thodi na swara ho jo tum itne excited ho DUMBASS those fav r swara and sanskaar lols

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