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The Episode starts with Dadi telling Swara that she went to temple, but didn’t go to Chandika mata temple. Swara says how did you know? I didn’t tell mum that I saw you there. Dadi says today I am going there, makes an excuse and ends call. Swara thinks to find the truth from nurse. Ragini gets a call from a private number. She picks the call. A man tells her that he knows that she had killed Parineeta and he has proofs. He says you will do as I say from now onwards. Rakht Charitra plays…………..She sees someone going through her window. Just then Laksh comes and pats on her shoulder. Ragini sees his hooded jacket and mistaken him to be blackmailer. She asks why you are doing this? Laksh says I am your Pati Parmeshwar….Ragini says I got scared just as you came. He says oh I got successful to

scare you. She smiles. Laksh asks her to keep smiling always. Ragini asks him to give reason of smile always. Laksh goes. Ragini thinks who is the blackmailer?

Swara thinks about Sulekha asking for her help. She thinks what to do and looks at the knife. Sujata are having pakodas with family and says it is very tasty. Annapurna asks Utara to give tea. Just then they hear Swara’s scream. Ragini runs to kitchen and sees Swara with injured wrist. Sanskar ties cloth on her hand. Annapurna says we shall take her to hospital. Sanskar asks how did you get this wound. Swara makes an excuse and faints. Everyone panic and say that they shall take care to hospital. Laksh says he will take car out. Ragini says I will also come. Just then she gets message from blackmailer, asking her not to go with Swara. She tells Sanskar that she will stay at home and asks Swara to take care.

Ragini calls Sanskar and asks him to take care of Swara. Sanskar asks Doctor to treat his Swara. Doctor assures him. He gets Sujata’s call and goes. Swara is made to rest on bed. She feels bad and thinks this is the only way to stay in the hospital for a day, then only I can find out about nurse. Later in the night, Swara wakes up in the night and goes out. Sanskar wakes up and sees her missing on bed. He knocks on the washroom and asks are you there? Swara searches for that nurse in the hospital. Sanskar is searching Swara. Swara comes to the maternity ward and sees nurse. She tells that she is searching nurse here. Nurse asks about her name. Swara says I don’t remember her name. Just then Swara sees Nurse going out and giving a baby to a woman, just like she gave baby to Dadi. Swara tells her that she wants to talk to her and shows the video in which she recorded her crime. She asks her to tell the truth and asks why you are meeting my Dadi. What you are hiding from us.

Nurse recalls Dadi telling that nobody should know this. She says it was Dadi’s mistake. She tells Dadi gave money to her as she don’t want that baby. Swara says that baby was dead. Nurse says your dadi wanted to get rid of that baby. Swara asks if that baby was alive. Nurse says no. Swara asks her to say truth. Nurse tells her that baby was alive and your Dadi asked me to take baby somewhere far. Swara asks where is baby now? Nurse asks her to give mobile and pushes her. Sanskar holds her and threatens to call Police. Nurse tells her that she does what Dr. Mehta asks her to do. Swara says do you want us to free you and Dr. Mehta. You have ruined many babies life, not only my brother. Nurse hits on Swara’s wound and runs away. Sanskar asks her to come, and says police will find her. Swara informs him that she has hurt her to know the truth. Sanskar says why you didn’t tell me before. Swara says you wouldn’t have allow me to come. Sanskar looks on.

Swara calls Dadi and says she is coming to baadi. She says whatever you have done, that even nobody does with that of enemies. She says I need an answer for your actions. Dadi gets tensed. Later Ragini slaps Swara on blackmailer’s order, shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hope swara will expose dadi and my ragu will expose the blackmailer and save her lil brother

  2. OH MY GOD please don’t drag this i love these episodes I just can’t handle the suspense please expose everything very soonnnnn!!!! I love ragini I just hope she’s not evil again and I hope nothing happens to swara… I love this drama just please expose the blackmailed and dadi soon and make everyone happy!

  3. how dare dat dumbo nagini to slap my cutie swara..i want to slap that b****ch…stupid coward….idiot nagini..pls become strong learn something from swara learn how swara handle things how swara fight with others how swara solve problems strongly…dear ragini learn something from swara..swara is a strong girl not a coward like ragini…love swara..

    1. AnuAnn

      Hey Lisa plzzz shut ur mouth.. Plzzz donn’t use such nasty words against ragini.. U claimed urself as swara fan bt I don’t think so.. Becoz you never commented in any swasan ff .. Only commenting here to start a fight btwn fans.. If you r a true swara fan you should appreciate her rather than bashing ragini. I myself swara fan so I think I have the right to speak against u ..

    2. Just wanna tell you one thing…. Shut Up!!!!!

    3. Hiii Lisa,if u like swara praise her plzzz don’t blame ragini.its kind request.first u learn some manners from helly.helly say to her fans don’t bash others.u are big fan of swara na,plzzz follow her.grown up.I am also like swara.if u bash others actors they also bash swara.if u want to bash swara by others u can badmouth on ragini

    4. Bella.dsena

      Guys its completely wrong to blame Ragini or Swara. If you’re a true fan of Swaragini then stop because none of us have the right to bash Ragini or Swara, both are beauties hence the name SwaRagini. Lisa, stop bashing Ragini, if you like Swara than by all means do so but please stop bashing Ragini. she didnt choose to become like this, its a drama, get over it. Secondly, both Swara and Ragini are indviduals and both have different ways of handling things, Ragini is doing this for her brother so shes not at fault.
      Im also a big fan of Swara but its completely stupid and unreasonable to judge Ragini just because you llike Swara more than her.
      Just remember that both beauties are soul of the show.
      You cooperation would be appreciated.
      Thank you, its a plea, please dont ignore.
      Thanks and sorry if you found me rude, just tryna get my point across???

    5. Mica

      there weren’t any scene that ragini slapt swara…but you bashed ragini already ?ckckckck
      it just precap, sometime it’s won’t gonna as precap in the real episode.
      so, better you watch it first.
      btw, Swara and ragini have their own character, they have their own way to handle the problem.

    6. lisa i saw a commemt on a ragsan ff r u that lisa or not sorry if i wrong

    7. lisa i saw a commemt on a ragsan ff r u that lisa or not sorry if i am wrong

    8. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

      Lisa I think I should call u NISA ?.. n go to yesterday’s update.. u will see I have posted one comment .. tum jaise longo ke liye vo comment the.. shut up stupid. ..NISA

    9. Lisa..stop it yaar…don’t dare to bash anyone.. Already saw ur bashing comment against Ragini in fiction analysis…..

  4. good ragini will get a awesome role now

  5. todays epi is something worthy to watch after a long time of raginiz drama..only liked the last half of todays epi where only only and only my lovely couple swasan..
    its soo nice to see the anger of sanky when swara said that she tried to harm herself..just love them..they always create magic when they are together.SWASAN IS BEST SWASAN FOREVER

  6. Interestng episode …lets see how swara n ragini wl solve dere problem….loved raglak scene..

  7. AnuAnn

    Guys this the msg to true swasan, raglak , swara and ragini fans.. Only for those who r loyal to their favorites.. We alrdy knew there is huge fight btwn SR fandom’s.. I think nowadays there r many outsiders who mentioned themselves as swara and ragini fan.. Bashing our favourites both swara and ragini.. So plzzz be caution abt them..those who always bash Sr not even commenting in any ff of swara or ragini in which they r lead. Only in written updates and analysis that to bashing…. They can claim themselves as silent readers bt then y they r desperate to bash tswaragini’s character in written update or any analysisanalysis.. I think they r only trying to create or increase drift btwn both fandoms sometimes using different names.. So kindly plzz try to ignore them , there is no use of replying them, becoz I think their only motive is to start a fandom war.. or u can reply them without bashing their favorite’s whom they claimed as their fav… Apply to both swara and ragini fans…

  8. Pavani

    Ha ha ha nice precap very exited to see how rag slaps swara every time I only saw swara slaping every one but now a days iam seeing rag slaping swara he he he really yar y cvs u are spoiling both the charecters any ways I already left this show but just reding with a hope that they will bring a good track

    1. Swara slapped ragini bz of bad deeds…if someone choose wrong path we should show them the right path… Ragini slaps swara only bz of blackmailer..you really enjoy someone being punished without any wrong doing…
      What a great thought…
      poor Ragini did this unintentionally and she may feel guilty on her doings after this…

    2. Mica

      they were two same “slap ” precap,
      1. swara was slapping ragini
      2. ragini is slapping swara….
      that are what ragini’s fans done..
      1. they insuled swara, barked to swara to slapping ragini, just based on precap but at least it didn’t happen.
      2. they support ragini to slapping swara and eagerly waiting for it
      omg how CREEPY this ragini’s fans
      HORRIBLE fansfreak ever….cross the limit of moral value

      1. Pavani

        He he he I know what is wrong nd what is right I don’t need someone to say about values and all I was just enjoying these slapping scenes weather it is rag or swara.I don’t care what people think about mee I just enjoy every movement if u think iam creepy then also I don’t boather as I know what iam nd I don’t want to explain to the people who don’t know about mee its ur opinion I don’t care nd tnk u for replying nd one thing I never bashed any actor hear I think u just want an argument

      2. Mica

        you already explained bout yourself 😛
        and of course that was my opinion, and assure you that was ORIGINAL opinion of mine…

  9. Ragini to.turn.negative again for the fear of the blackmailerO:-)T_TT_T

  10. yeah today episode full on swara……..love the episode………waiting for my doll….ooops my detective doll……love u swara….ummmmah

  11. Iamsofianeak

    Ragini will poison the family woow , and pleasse expose everything soon :3
    & to helly , hopee she focus on jhalak better than jhalaak

    1. Iamsofianeak

      better than swaragini*

    2. u want that coz
      if swara’s main focus goes on jhalak then here ragini will get the importance na??????

  12. Wth is wrong with you! Lisa! Go get a life you creep who the hell do you think you are to say sh*t from your mouth to ragini. Mind your blo*dy toung! More like you need to learn from swara how to become maahan! Loooolllll one fictional slap!!!! And you think its real no one cares bit*h! And talking about being a coward look who’s talking literally hiding your self behind the screen! !Why don’t you say that on her face? Oh but wait like do u have any standards to stand even next to her she’s an actress and you are who exactly? Lmao I don’t know either Hahah

    1. What’s wrong yr??? Don’t say that swara is bcmng mahaan itz nthng like that bt ur wrong view

    2. Mica

      annie.. omg, lisa bashed ragini, but you took it as she bashed the actress ? hahahha
      it’s too much dear

    3. Mica

      and you both annie and lisa, there weren’t any differences between you both,
      you called swara being mahaan, lisa called ragini being coward..
      omg, you are both such a beautiful couple…

    4. Annie I agree you are angry on Lisa. But don’t use such harsh for anyone. First try to be lenient if they don’t understand then also don’t use bad words.

    5. Teju rags is a terrible horibble actress,she is dumb.annie u dumb too coz u talking behind the screen as well so shut ur stupid mouth up annie.

  13. I love this show but they are dragging on for to long I hate the fact that swara is always in the spotlight and ragini it is seen as a mean cruel hearted person I don’t like that despite the fact that I am a helly shah fan.I feel as if ithey should not be called swaragini because all I see arguments and tears and anger .with parineeta I think her anger was justified but only to a certain points because through out the whole show she was never given importance.I hate the suspense which is just been dragged on and If the producers aremail reading this then you dragging these serials is just going to make them boring and less and less interesting until the point the show gets less tpr

    the blackmailer is lakshya ans raginI is going to slap swara and they are going to part ways

  14. Oh god.when ragini lied for baby swara acted like Mahan but now she lied why partial rules for her. . She don’t have the rights to judge ragini. . Swara b*t*h fatty pig. . Even she lied of marrying Sanskar for exposing ragini,

    1. u just shut up..ragini is fatty cheek..fatty pig ragini shr almost looking like that..every time doing over makeup and drooling over boys.coward stupid nagini.she only know how to black mail others and get what she want like tejaswi doing.unprofessional stupid

      1. Rehana and sneha pls DON’T BASH. And sneha don’t bash tejasswi pls. Both actresses are wonderful in their roles. So shut your stupid mouth.

    2. mind ur words rehana.swara is soo beautifull and cute.she looks soo innocent.she is beautifull inside and outside.swara is natural beauty.especially her dove shape eyes is more attractive.love swara
      east or west swara is best
      congratulation helly for 300k in insta
      love swara and helly

  15. Amrutha

    Our Constitution gave us right to talk about anything,not to bash anyone.hurting people and talking rules will not make any sense.poor swara,really very sad for her.swara is very sweet than most of them so she will definitely understand my rags.love u ragini,swaragini rocks

  16. Amrutha

    Two things are making me very excited to look forward one is suspence in swaragini and other is ofcourse bahubali the conclusion, coming on April 28.lots of love to prabhas and anushka.

    1. really……….bahubali is gong to come on april 28th……..excited for that….

    2. Pavani

      Ha ha ha hey amrutha iam also waiting for our bahubali

    3. AnuAnn

      Me too waiting for it. I’m alrdy a big fan of anushka after bahubali I too become a fan of prabhas.. I don’t lknow how many times I watched 1st part repeatedly..

  17. im nt liking tz.again ragini will turn negative.nt fair.tz track is utter nonsense.cvs said ty will give ragak track so tat raglak fans will watch bt if ty give such stupid,nonsense track who will watch??!!again if ragini turns negative,ragini fans will stop watching.so totally cvs have ruined everything.no cute scenes btw raglak.atleast if tat was tr raglak fans wud watch.very dissapointing.

    1. Mica

      No.. akaashi…ragini is doing a good thing rite now, why u (especially ragini’s fans) always under estimate and accuse her ?
      ragini is in abig dilemma rite now, she want do a good thing, but the circumstances doesn’t allow her to do so…better you support her.

  18. loved todays epi.only loved to see swasan and swara scenes.after a long gap i watch SR.i stopped watching SR because of this family drama and tejaswi’s iv.only watched yesterdays epidode.continue like this.loved it alot..love you swara but not more than my cutie pie hellu..love you hellu all the best for jhalak

  19. nice episode…I think the blackmailer may be laksh….

  20. swara is so intelligent.my cute detective doll.love her more and more.why dont they give some good dress to her.always repeats the same sari with any other blouse.only bcz of helly charm she looks good in that type of sari.
    loved swasan scenes loved swara’s detectivegiri
    but why cvs ruining ragini’s character they didnt give any good plot to ragini’s character.
    love swara love swasan

  21. u want that coz
    if swara’s main focus goes on jhalak then here ragini will get the importance na??????

  22. u want that coz
    if swara’s main focus goes on jhalak then here ragini will get the importance na??????

  23. hahhahahaha guys trp is out.its very funny.i really want to see tejaswi’s reaction..because in an recent interview tejaswi said that trp is low bcz of less raglak scenes..what say now miss tejaswi prakash wayankar?????i thought after her iv trp shld increase and sr shld reach no:1 position..but srsly trp again decreased..hahahahahahahah.
    to give redemption to ragini’s character they are ruining the show..ragini always force cvs to give her scenes.unprofessional girl..
    first i like tejaswi but when she do quiting drama my love for her decreased and bcz of some fans of teja again decreasd my love for her and that recent iv make my Respect for het decreased..u guys wanna to knw the trp..its 1.6 hahahahaha..even swara ml track trp is 1.9…

    1. aaha that was nice.me too stopped watching SR after their iv.how can someone say like that.temish said that coming week is raglak scenes after that they dont know and watch their scenes aage ko tho pata nahi and laughing ang mocking.really its insane

    2. Rekhavv

      Actually they r not even raglak scene. They r scene where neither Sanskar Swara NIR Laksh r their. Last week was full of time pass dadi and Sumi week. And to make us believe we r seeing swaragini they showed ragini and then some glimpse or Swasan and laksh

      1. den why tejaswi said like that in her 2 interviwes..yes not one iv she told about her insecurity in 2 ivs.so its obviously ppl will make fun of her stupidity.then why this soo called ragini fans stopped to watch sr..its mainly mahan devi ragini week na..
        fed up of raginiz redemption

  24. cz tz isnt raglak track tz z ragini’s character ruining track.for ppl to watch a show story is important n wen the story is this, no 1 will like to watch.tr z no raglak scene at all.n in swara ml track,the story was nice.kissan’s fun,swara and sanskar were togthr in one screen atleast n moreover swara ws nvr negative.bt tz track isnt tat way… n nw again ragini will turn negative.total bakwas tz z.hope u understand

    1. Rekhavv

      Agreed Dr..

  25. pls don’t make laksh negative I hate u CVS if its laksh seriously I hate this crap serial already ruined ragini character very well then why again

  26. I’m a die heart SwaSan fan!! I really loved yesterday’s episode!! O my cuteee SwaSan!! 😀 But why the CV’s r making Ragini’s character evil?? I know she is in dilemma, being blackmailed by some one…but still feeling bad for her…:-( I hope my sweet detective Swara with my Sanky’s help exposes Dadi soon. 😉 And even Ragini exposes her blackmailer soon. 🙂 And I really don’t want Laksh to be the blackmailer, coz I have read it somewhere that its Laksh who is blackmailing Ragini…:-( Love u SwaSan!!! Swaragini rocks!!!! 😀

  27. Mica

    omg.. namiiiiiiish how can you be soooo cute in black hoodie ? *fainting

  28. I hate swaragini i hate everone except helly shah

  29. Sanjanaagrawal

    Loved yesterday’s episodes … my cutie pie hellu …. love u …. and after many days swasan scenes …. a kind of good relief … and ragini slapped swara why ???? Hope everything is fine between swaragini ….. love u my hellu doll ….

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