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The Episode starts with Laksh asking answer from Ragini. Ragini asks what? Laksh says for the question which I asked you in the morning. Ragini says I wanted to say no, but family have convinced me. She says now we are married, so there is no option to say no. Laksh says it is okay, I will take back my hand. Ragini asks him not to say that…and says I will never leave your hand. Laksh says me too. Sanskar tells Swara that he will give gift to Laksh. Swara says they are spending time with each other after many days. She says Laksh have taken care of her, got slapped from Papa, and convinced Ragini. She says they are special. She asks what did you do for me? Sanskar asks what did you do for me. Swara says I have convinced you to marry me, stopped you from marrying Kavita, had eloped from jail to marry

you etc. She asks what did you do for me. Sanskar says I accepted your proposal and married you. Swara says if I haven’t married you then you would have married mad Kavita. Sanskar agrees. Swara asks him to do something special for her and says then our scores are settled. Sanskar asks if my ghost took you for a helicopter ride. Sanskar wishes Laksh, a very happy married life.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand while the music of inlamhon ke daman plays……………They get romantic. They look at each other. Laksh gets happy and says I am very lucky person of this world. Ragini says I am most luckiest person of this world. Laksh starts crying. Ragini says Laksh, wipes his tears and hugs him. They consummate their marriage. Sujata scolds servant. Annapurna says we couldn’t do Ghangaur puja. Utara says that’s why we have done arrangements. Swara and Ragini come dowstairs. Annapurna asks them about Laksh and Sanskar. Laksh signs on the papers and says he has now transferred property on Durga Prasad and Ram’s name. Sanskar hugs Laksh. Laksh says everything is back on place. Utara teases Sanskar for keeping fast for Swara. Swara smiles shyly. Annapurna explains to them about the fast and puja thereafter. Sujata says she has called someone. Utara asks if she can keep fast. Sanskar teases her and says Ranbir Kapoor will not marry you. Laksh and Ragini look at each other. Adarsh asks Sanskar to stop fighting with Swara. Ragini asks Laksh why you are looking at me. Laksh says just like that. Sanskar tells Swara that lehenga is good. Swara says you don’t have mind to understand something. Sanskar says all of my mind gets spend because of you.

Ragini and Swara come downstairs happily and hugs Shekhar, Dadi and Dada ji. Sanskar and Laksh come there. Swara pretends to be upset with Sanskar and ignores him. Laksh tells Ragini that she is looking beautiful and says he has to go. Sanskar tries to speak to Swara, but she ignores him and gives flower in his hand. Ragini sees their cute fight and asks if she is angry with him. She says we have to do this to get husband’s attention. Swara says she is teasing Sanskar. Parineeta seems to be upset with Sujata, as she introduces Sujata and Ragini to the guests. Utara asks Parineeta how she can they keep fast and says we are lucky as Swara and Ragini are part of our family. Parineeta looks upset. Utara says you are also special for me and have been my best friend since years. Sumi comes there. Sujata says Sumi is here. They see Sumi coming in marathi attire. Dadi compliments her beauty and asks if she is really her bengali bahu. Ragini says you are really looking beautiful and asks Shekhar…Swara also compliments her. Sujata says everyone is looking good in marathi attire. Sujata says I told them to give good news soon. Ragini and Swara hug Sumi shyly. Annapurna says lets do puja now. Someone comes and says excuse me….Everyone looks at the woman.

Maheshwari and Gadodia family do the puja. Swara, Ragini and Parineeta dance during the celebrations. Parineeta faints. Adarsh looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good one after a long time.:-)

  2. omg aaj ka episode superb tha .
    guys ek news h mein aap log ke sath share karna chahti

    namish ne 1 april ko teju ko purpose kiya tha set pe .hmari pyari teju emotional ho gayi thi or usne kaha ki sry namish mein tumhe apna frnd manti hu ….
    tab namish hasne laga or bola arre buddhu meine tumhe apirl fool banaya. h .lol ( its so cute na)

    1. Awwww!! Sooo cuteeee.. Where did u get to kno abt this.. Is there any video on YouTube?? If yes then plzzzzzzzzzz post d link..

    2. zuha(Asya Fan)

      sooooo sweet , love TeMish ????

    3. ru sure manvi….if yes then tell me where did find that…plz…I am great fan of both raglak n temish….

      1. filmibeat or telescope pe jake ke serch dono par h but utube pe nhi h …

      2. Guyzzz ye news India forum pe tha n the whole article ws April fool..
        It was fake aisa kuchh nai hua tha..read last line of article it ws just prank..

    4. Hai manvi…i too saw that post..but it was a prank on us (raglak fans) yaar…

    5. Post the link of d post..

    6. My younger sis Bday is on April first she’s 7 now.
      Just so u know I am NOT feeling hurt
      I just wanted to say that her Bday is on ap first
      BTW the prank was really cute
      Raglak is my favorite couple

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Thanks for the update H Hasan. Hi everyone How are you guys? I don’t get to watch today’s epi but read the update. Lol our princess swara was being noughty today, she was pretending to be upset with sanskar to get his attention.

    1. Sorry I meant I didn’t get to watch

  5. hope parineeta is pregnant otherwise she will be upset for full life, Swasan n raglak moments are good and romantic<3

  6. Manvi are u serious this happened how do you know plz

  7. Nice. I am new here. Please friends tell me the comment which was posted by manvi above in English because I do not know Hindi. But I am great temish fan. Please I want to know it. Help me. Please…………… Ty.

    1. She said that she has a new to share with all fans of raglak.
      On April1 Nami proposed Teju on sets, she got emotional and said that Sorry Nami, I thought you as my friend only.
      Namish laughed and said buddhu I have made you April fool

    2. namish proposed teju in set on april first. …but teju got emotional n replied that namish ur just a friend for me….namish laughed n said that I fooled u its april 1st……I hope its clear dear…

    3. Manvi informed us that on 1st April, Namish(Laksh) proposed Teju(Ragini) on the sets to which she got emotional and said that she cant accept his proposal as she takes him to be a very good friend, that’s when Namish laughed and said that it was just to make her April fool??

    4. it means that on april 1st namish proposed teju. and teju went emotional and told namish that you are a good friend for me.. just then namish told her that he was fooling her and wished her a aprilfool day

  8. XXX-man of future

    I think this CVS has no continuation with dates. They made their own calendar. First SR celebrated Holika dahan,then instead of Holi they celebrated Raglak marriage which is supposed to be on the day of holi. And now so easily they took a 16 days leap for the Gangaur puja.(Guys I am not sure about the no of days ) .Then why can’t they even take a 4days leap for Raglak to improve their condition(it would take at least 4 ragini to improve her wound) and then show their marriage ( I mean that GM could have said that they agreed 4 marriage ,then leap and show their marriage in the same yesterday epi not by telling the same day when laksh asked for ragini’s love) Anyway, they have done a great thing by making the impossible possible. How can a person be cured from his wound so easily? They might have got a powerful medicine made by MM and GM.
    Laksh really made a Hatrixck! He got married 3 times that too in more or less in a year.And it is the first time he celebrated his wedding night properly by not being drunk! I felt like laughing out loud..
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone ‘s feelings. This is just a joke.I felt frustrated by this SR’s logic of reasoning so I commented.When swasan will be together like raglak in their wedding night? But I love raglak and loved their romantic night.

  9. Ilavarashi , manvi mean to say , dre is a news
    on 1st april namish proposes teju on set. Tej get emotional n say that she considred him as a frend only, laksh laughed n replied: arey stupid i m making u april fool only.. Isnt dis cute… 🙂

    Nd after so much tym todays episode was sooo gud worth watching,, 🙂

  10. pls change the poster

  11. SR writers seem to be in great rush. Things have hardly settled. We r yet to see some swasan n raglak moments. N next villians r ready..

    1. Trp is falling continuously.. Its 2.0 for last week..bohot jyada reduce hua hai..dats y itna fast sab kiya..n plus dey r ready 2 give typical RS style famly drama..pari mom kaands..dono couples ko thodi shaanti milne do..raglak ka romance hogaya Swasan ko kya shaadi me drama aur shaadi ke baad vi drama unhe time hi nai dete..let both couples enjoy der married lyf at least fr some time.. Bt no cvs aisa hone nai denge new mission de diya ab toh swara ke dimag me sirf wahi chalega aur sanky ke romance ka kabada hoga as always..swaragini saathiya ban raha ab aanewale trk se lg raha..aur mm banega jang ka maidan..hamesha ki tarah..

  12. yea put the new one …. blue mai sab ache lagre hai

  13. swara looked so mischevious in todays episode. In fact in a lighter mood after all the din, all looked so happy, finally. But as neel rightly said new villians are ready. ha ha ha. All serials show that no one is entitled to a peaceful and happy life. But then people want all this.

  14. i dont understand parineetas point of getting angry….family is asking swaragini fr good news as they r newly married n its common fr elders to bless them lyk dat…..if anyone will nt ask.pari fr a baby will she nt give them one ? or does she think that when she will hav a baby no one will b happy fr her ? cv’s r just busy in ruining good characters….frst ragini then laksh n nw parineeta….plz cvs we beg u to show a happy family moments fr sm days….i think that lady is parineeta s mom who is going to teach her all evil lessons…

  15. Hey guyzzz swaragini repeat telecast kab lagata hai plzzz replyyy

    1. XXX-man of future

      Mon-fri 9:00 am 11:30 am.
      1:30 pm. 3:30 pm.

    2. 1:30 pm in the afternoon

      1. hhhhmmm yes it is 1:30 pm…..

  16. Epi ws happy happy after ages I ws smiling throughout d epi..awwww Swasan nok-jhok ws soo cute..
    New montage omg m in love wid d montage..its just fab..finally RS mata ke show ke montage me male leads ko jagah mil hi gayi..bt y dis writer wan family drama nly ders no need 2 mke pari as villain..its so stupid typical saas bahu..dis cvs shud understand SWARAGINI is not auntyji show..romance thoda dikhao dnt mke SWARAGINI saathiya.. Tired of watching maheshwari family ki dukhbhari kahani..pehle hi trp drop ho chuka hai upar se ye phirse bakwas planning plotting of pari mom I dnt wan..mm ab usse gharme rakhlegi aur shuru hoga Mahabharat..it wud be too boring to watch..

    1. Hi there angel how are you? Angel can you please kindly tell me where to check Trp. ?

  17. Hai frnds..good episode.. ..love raglak…waiting for more raglak moments..

  18. Pari faint ho gayi matlab she might be giving good news in the family as sunatha wants good news from bahu’s

    1. Update was wrong her leg will get twisted and she will fall
      I think she has problem conceiving

  19. After long time I thought to comment.. At last story placed in a right track.. Now happy happy moments.. Looking awesome.. But sooner new villans are about to come.. Anyway nice to see happy episodes…

  20. its marvadi nd marathi

  21. S anakha..,I m also ?

  22. Hyy guys..plzz tell me that story when Tanya attack laksh…plz….i m waiting ua’s updates

  23. Wow swasan nok jhok was so cute awwwww…
    My swasan i luv them….
    Raglak scene is very gud atleast raglak ke romance me to koi kata ni aya i m happy for them ….
    Swasan when we will see swasan chemistry oh my god…
    This episode us osum as usual swasan rock..
    N their nok jhok oh my god such a cute couple….
    Raglak romance were also gud …..
    Plzzz cvs swasan ke scene me intensity lao…
    Hey honey how r u dear….
    Misss u.
    Because all the time u were the first jo yaha pr comment karte ho ….
    Hey angel how r u dear…
    Hey all swasan fan as usual no word for swasan…
    How r u all ….
    N yr whats wrong with this u tube they r not uploading the epi….m missed the epi…no goddddd plzzzzz
    n yeh…
    Swasan rock swasan forever…
    Luv u my swasan …

    1. Hi Lee How are you? I still haven’t watched the epi yet but read the update. I hope that before any new villan enters we get to see Swasan romantic moments. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    2. XXX- man of future

      CVS is downloading only webisodes in you tube. Lee u can check out SR full episodes on www. voot .com on ur computer.

      1. Hey….I am not able to watch in voot also dear….donno y but episode is not coming…..r u able to watch der…..pls anyone answer

      2. @vaishnavi i am able to watch serials on voot.. bt toooooooo much buffering.. as soon as d episode gets over (on tv) d episodes r uploaded on desiserials.com if u type d name of d serial n d date u will c an option called desi-serials.. u can watch any serial there.. n on insta there is an account called swaraginiiii.. they upload d episodes too..

      3. Ohh thank u dear

      4. I am not able to**

  24. Is swaragini to dubbed in to tamil on polimer or news fake? Someone please tell me

  25. hey pari didnt faint,…she just fell

  26. Please CVS show some swasan romantic moments, raglak romance was good, waiting for cute couple swasan romance

  27. swaragini fan

    O god i just love it swasan are just amazing nooo words yaaaar
    my swara is teasing sanskaar nicee u have that right love uuuuswasan

  28. Wow… Itni cute hai.. Sanskar nd swara..and they are even more cute when they fight.. Cute couple..

  29. Hi guys How are you all? Raglak looked good together and so did my Swasan. Loved it when swara was teasing sanskar for attenton, they looked so cute.

  30. Hi guys. … very kind request for the writer! Pssssss gv more romantic lovely sense fr SWASAN…… After their message dey ddnt stay happily alot cos of mny problem. So plssssss lik u given to RAGLAK.. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GIVE??????

  31. Love raglak
    By d way I think parineeta will be d new villian with her mom like Kavita/Kaveri

    She will think she is not getting any attention as u saw in dis and last episode so she will faint on purpose to get attention dis is wot I tink

  32. I’m soooooo happyyyyyyyyyy that best Jodi award goes to our sweet couple swasan and best hero sanky and best heroine swara

  33. XXX-man of future

    Colors TV have changed Swaragini ‘s montage again bcoz it is now presenting its new format.The male leads are again gone. But our 2 cutiepies are looking sooo pretty with a smile on their faces. Swara is in a pink dress which she wore during the new year party & Ragini is in her modern saree attire which she was wearing when she was the owner of MM.

  34. Hats off to the writers of Swaragini, I always grew up learning, truth and goodness prevails in the end, here you are sending out a wrong message that evil and badness wins and one can get away with anything. Ragini, Laksh, Dadi are proof of that


    1. Hi there sour mouth what’s up?

  36. Guys, anyone remember Uttaran serial? The present background theme of swaragini is just exactly like uttaran’s.

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