Swaragini 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini and Swara hold each other hands and ask Durga Prasad to stop. Swara says if anyone moves forward then they will not keep quiet. Daadimaa asks Ragini to go inside the house. Ragini refuses and says they will announce their decision. She says I, Ragini Garodia infront of all marwadi and bengali society, accepts Swara Bose as my sister. Swara is happy. Ragini says she is giving her mother’s place to Sharmistha kaki. Sumi gets emotional.

Dida says this relation can’t happen. Swara says no one can stop it. Ragini says we, Swaragini promise to unite our maa and papa. Swara says we told our decision. Durga Prasad is shocked and fumes. Swara asks him to leave. Ragini asks everyone to leave, else they will be forced call the Police. Durga Prasad asks how dare you to talk to me like this. Shekhar

asks him to leave. Sumi asks him not to raise his eyes at her daughters else no one is bad than her. Durga Prasad feels insulted. She says you might be head of your community, but law is also there. She says your gunda things will not be entertained here. Durga Prasad leaves from them. Shekhar hugs Ragini.

Durga Prasad’s family is tensed. Badimaa says they have to stop him. His brother says his is not picking my call. Shekhar looks at Sumi and then looks at his parents. He recalls of his father’s threat. Sumi also thinks about her mother’s threat. They start walking towards their respective homes, in different direction. Ragini asks why you are scared? Swara calls him baba and says you stepped back 20 years ago because of Dada ji’s promise, please don’t do that again. Ragini asks Sumi and calls her Maa. She asks her not to leave her Papa. Shekhar says it is not possible. We have decided that we can’t be one. Swara asks why? Sumi says we don’t want our relation to come inbetween our daughters’ lives. Ragini holds her hand and calls her maa again. She says she was a child when her mum died and left her. She says her Daadimaa took care of her well, but she is her Daadi. She says whenever I see you, I miss my mum.

She says you got hurt and saved me. She says I got mother’s protection after many years. Dida looks on. She asks don’t take that protection from me. Swara gets tears in her eyes. Ragini says I know you will not love me less than my mum. Daada ji and Daadi maa are shocked. Swara says her father’s name on birth certificate was Kaushik Ghoshal, and he never looked at me. She says when I got my real papa, pleas don’t keep him away from me. She cries and asks him to accept the alliance. Daadimaa shouts stop.

and asks what is this drama. She asks Dida to control her daughters. Dida asks her to make her grand daughter understand. Swara and Ragini continue to convince Shekhar and Sumi. Dida says it is enough now and asks Sumi and Swara to come home. Daadi maa tells Ragini to come inside the house. Ragini calls maa and is leaving. Sumi holds and hugs her cryingly. Swara hugs Shekhar. Swaragini plays……………..Dida calls Sumi. Daadimaa is shocked.

Lakshya is sitting in shock. His mum asks him to say something. Durga Prasad enters. Annapurna sees his wound and asks about it. He says let it be. His brother gets angry and says he will beat Shekhar. Durga Prasad asks him to stop and says he will punish Shekhar Garodia. Annapurna asks him to forget and end the matter. He asks her to stop and says what did you tell? You asked me to end the matter. He tells that Shekhar raised his hand on him, and you are saying to forget the matter. He says he will be at peace when he punish Shekhar and his illegitimate daughter Swara.

Lakshya shouts him to stop. Swara says all the best to Ragini. Ragini goes to Dida’s house and knocks on the door hesitantly. Shekhar, Sumi and Swara watch anxiously. Swara asks her to go inside. Dida tells you did wrong, thinking Sumi has come. She says she will punish Shekhar. Ragini asks her to punish her instead of Papa. Dida asks why did you come here. Ragini says she is responsible for today’s happening and asks her to punish her. She calls her nani again and again. Dida asks her not to call her nani. She says she needs sugar. Dida says your daadi will not touch it and asks her to leave. She closes the door. Ragini goes to her home. Swara gets tensed.

Lakshya says it is enough of your game. Durga Prasad asks how dare you talk to me like this. Lakshya calls him by his name and says it is necessary to do the same with you. He says you didn’t feel good hearing this tone and asks Mr. Maheswari to think about others. Annapurna asks what happened to you? Why you are taking your papa’s name. Lakshya says your husband hears loudly. He asks what did you think of yourself? Are you a God? Whether everyone have to walk following your rules. Durga Prasad raises his hand on him. Lakshya says you lost this right. He says not today.

Lakshya says you enjoys to hear the truth. I will tell you the truth today. He says my brother, my best friend Sanskar didn’t commit suicide, but you killed him. You are a murderer. Everyone is shocked at his confrontation. Daada ji and Daadi maa try to commit suicide. Swara calls everyone and is shocked.

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  1. Really superb!!! I love today’s epi…ragini nw will b happy to get a mom nd a sis 🙂
    The show is goin gr8!! Keep it up guys 🙂

  2. pls update it fast
    it soo slow

  3. Hi i am new here wow lakshya u got so brave u trio rocked today

  4. Hope Laksh marries Ragini… Bt I thnk Laksh vil luv Swara instead f Ragini… Dnt make diz tu hapn Director… Plz plz … Nd I luv diz serial… Vry intrztn…..

  5. Ahalya i think you are right

  6. from day one im watching this serial its really awsome serial….lakshya will marry swara

  7. Hi ahalya,muskan,srl 🙂

  8. episode was good

  9. episode was so good

  10. Its getting really interesting now
    But I hope swaragini can unite there parents

  11. please dont create a love triangle it will destroy the sisters and the series just give lucky to 1 of them .he is not worth loosing a family over

  12. One of the best serials going on air wit a different story line.. Really it was a very nice episode today.. Keep going and continue your good work.. Pls don’t unite swara-laksh and make it a usual dramatic series

  13. plz make lakshya to fall in love with swara they make a good pair yesterdays episode was interesting and this show is going to rock.

    1. If swara will marry Lakshya it will Create rift between swaragini

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