Swaragini 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara giving strength to Sanskar. Sanskar thanks her for coming in his life and for giving him strength not to lose hope. Swara hugs him. Sanskar asks Laksh to come and asks him not to worry. Laksh says I know, but my parents are trapped there and are suffering. He says I won’t be at peace till I bring them here. Sujata makes sweets as Sanskar got a job and makes them eat it. Laksh looks at the newspaper and picks it. He recalls Parineeta threat and calls someone seeing the advertisement. Ragini comes and snatches newspaper from his hand asking what is this? What you are looking at. Laksh says I am going out for sometime. Ragini gets doubtful. Laksh calls someone and tells about seeing the adv. He says okay, I will come. He meets the man, who asks him to deliver the parcel.

He says you will get 1 Lakh rupees for the parcel. Laksh asks what is in that parcel. Man says I don’t want to lie and can’t tell you truth. He asks him not to check the parcel else. He says one thing is sure that it doesn’t contain explosives or drugs. Ragini tells Swara that Laksh went somewhere in the morning. Man asks Laksh to accept the offer or leave, says he has many guys to do the work. Laksh gets thinking.

Ragini tells Swara that Laksh’s behavior have changed and says she is afraid that he might take a wrong step. Swara says he will not do anything wrong and asks her not to worry. Sanskar gets ready to go. Sumi blesses him while Sujata makes him eat curd sugar. Swara says all the best and asks him to give landline number. Dadi hears them and says that’s why they are happy. They are trying to pay Parineeta’s debt. Laksh collides with Sanskar. Sanskar asks where did you go and asks what is in the bag. Laksh says I went to get vegetables. Sanskar says okay, I will meet you in the night. Laksh comes home and keeps the parcel in the wardrobe.

Parineeta comes to Annapurna and asks do you need tablets. She asks her to come out and asks her not to disturb Durga Prasad. Annapurna tells her that it is last dose of his and asks why did you take it. Parineeta says I didn’t stop you from giving him tablets, and asks her to do work and get tablets. Annapurna sits down to grind the wheat. Parineeta says Indian woman can do anything for her husband. Swara calls Sanskar. Sanskar teases her. Swara asks him not to joke and says she got tensed. Sanskar says nothing will happen now. Annapurna is grinding wheat with her hand on traditional hand blender. Dadi comes and asks her to grind some more wheat for her, and says I will give 2-3 rotis to your son. Parineeta asks Dadi to come. Adarsh asks Dadi to find out about the company in which he got the job. Dadi says okay. Laksh looks at the parcel and recalls that man asking him not to check it.

Dadi informs Adarsh about the company name with which Sanskar is working. Adarsh says I will see to it how he will work now. Later Swara comes to meet Annapurna. Something falls alerting Adarsh. He comes to kitchen and asks did you break anything. Annapurna says no. Swara hides in the cabinet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. don’t let laksh be wrong

  2. Emotional part..nd swasan scene ws rlly superb…loved it..wen dis track will end..i rlly hate parish nd dadi..how cn thy stoop so low..specially parish thy r dng all these wth thier family..dnt thy feel ne shame….flng sad fr annapurna nd dp..pls end dis track soon cvs…nd hope nthng wrong happens wth laksh…

  3. Sumeeta

    are swasan chocolate wali sceene nd their 2 hugs.swasan ki phone convo all are awsum.we need one more hugs to reach at century.

    Swaragini ki naya jodi dadi nd pari.pari to din din k aur ghatiya ho raha hai.dadi hide n seek khel me sayad topper tha.kha kha chupti hai yar?????
    dadi abh bhi buddhi ho gaya phirbhi unk behaviour deko ap aur dp k taraf.
    dadi laksh apki laadli laado k pati hai usko bhi nahi chora.

    laksh samajte hai tumahra restlessness.phir bhi galat kadam tumhe lena nahi chahiye tha.

    raglak majboori k num pe humesha wrong route le te hai.phir bhi laksh k helpness se connect kar sakti hu but raktcharit track pe rag ki stupidity se connecti nahi kar sakti .usko black mail hone ka piche bahat lame cause the

    1. yeah raglak always choose wrong paths..even in the case of ptegnancy drama and ragini’s past also full of wrong deeds

  4. loved tdys epi bcz of swasan..loved swasan scenes haye hamare cite swasan..swara looking beautifull day by day..whats the secret hellu dear..

  5. love swara she looking so cute in straightend hair.
    show become worst day by day…but still bearing this crap show only to watch my cutie pie swara aka my hellu..
    love u hellu dear.u r the jaan of the show

  6. watching todayz episd i remember ragini deviz malkin time..same like pari ragini too black mailed and tortured her in laws..paragini..its sound good..but ragini now become devi naa???mahan devi ragini ki jay..hahahagaaha..

    plz cvs dont show pari try to blacken the face of ap.bcz earlier ragini did that thing and cbs hav a habit of repeatng same things again naa…

    and why ap hav to suffet bahu atyachar..first her lovely bahu ragini devi and now pari..i m sure this tym family will forgive parish like they did with ragini..

    nd ha parii plz ask forgiveness from family members dont do lyk ragini devi dod..ragini devi didnt ask any forgiveness frm family..haa she did whn she try to suicide..in her suicide letter ragini devi ask forgiveness..i felt that too fake..plz ask forgiveness haa..bcz mm family is a mahan family so they defenitely give forgiveness

    1. dea dnt provoke ragini fans cz ty r already frustrated for ruining raglak n ua comment z lyk adding fuel to the fire.u can put ua points by nt hurting or comparing others ryt!!

      1. true siya THAT STUPID RAGINI n sahana if rag fans r upset for raglak it is not our fault n truth is truth her evil deeds cant be washed out with a lame apology in some stupid suicide letter she just knows how to grab attention

    2. naam siya hai par harkat surpanaka jaise….

      1. there was no HARKAT it was truth

  7. its soo boring to see ragini in heavy make ups..but we can bear raginiz heavy makeup what abt parineetha???
    simple make up is good..plzz dnt make any horror scene.

    1. hahahhahhhahhhaaaahhhaaaajhhahahahahaa thats true ragini put a load of makeup in her face and parineetha too..is it necessary for every actors to put this ton heavy make up..i see many actors shoot without any make up..bcz they were natural pretty girls.not artificial like ragini and pari

    2. Mica

      both ragini and parineetha are beautiful.. i hate their make up team..
      they should learn from swara’s make up team to put slight/simple make up for ragini and parineetha, since they are beautiful already.

      1. Sumeeta

        tej nd akansha both are beautiful.but their make up was mainly done by their preference.no one bothered about pari.but ragini puts heavy make up.its make her beautiful.but there is some sceene where simplicity most needed.when laksh fake death sceene was ouccured raginis make up was so loud even when dp was hospitalized that time ragini also put heavy make up.it makes her effort nd her actings valueless.ab ragini fan is comment par toot mat paro.uski acting se tab connect karna mushkil ho jata hai.dukh bhari sceene me bhi wo bahat loud make up karta hai

      2. Mica

        Sumeeta…. i don’t understand Hindi.. hehehhe
        so, it’s about their preference, thought they have no choice about make up team.

  8. swasan rocked.swara is always a motivation to sanskar.she always qith him in every condition thats why i like swasan.they are soo perfect for each other.such a lovely couple and asusual swaravlooking gorgeous but she repeats the same sadi again and again.
    i love helly’s eyes.doge shaped eye.really looking innocent

  9. Mica

    ty H. hasan mam for update..
    omg.. it’s too much.. it’s too much, why they didn’t ask police to arrest parish or whatever…
    i love swasan scene.. 2 hugs in a raw, naughty couples.. huh !
    i love wife’s instinct of ragini , she knows her husband soo well, but somehow this couple kinda has differences among them…
    for example, when ragini went to SP’s house in nite, it will be better to watch raglak went there together for ragini safety. i think there were many nice opportunity for raglak but the cvs just cracked them.
    sorry if hurting some people,…..

  10. aww myccutie swasan

  11. swasan rocked.swara is always a motivation to sanskar.she always qith him in every condition thats why i like swasan.they are soo perfect for each other.such a lovely couple and asusual swaravlooking gorgeous but she repeats the same sadi again and again.
    i love helly’s eyes.doge shaped eye.really looking innocent

    plzz tu atlestvpost this one

  12. Vyshu10

    Good episode after a long time…..swasan scenes are so cute…..one more hug for century. Helly looking so beautiful…..hope she recovered from typhoid completely

    1. Mica

      waiting.. waiting…. wish we get more and more, YAY! 😀

  13. Who should I contact to have this show taken off the air?

    1. Urself

  14. Sanji

    so nice

  15. Pls complete this track as soon as possible can’t see such a huge emotional scene

  16. Amina2000

    feel so bad for ap and dadi well never sort herself honestly she never learns her lesson no matter how many times she gets a chance someone needs to give her a tight slap i wish her lado gives her a slap then she will realize something

  17. Wah wah bade papa problems mei hai and this Swasan are busy romancing… And aaj bohot khush hu waala dialogue .. This Swara is crazy

    1. They r happy cause sansker getting job and loan also now they can bring dp ap back. Ep stared with swasan holding dp and ap pic and promise to bring them home soon and they hug. in choco and misti doi scene they share happiness of bring dp and ap to home. not only swasan whole family was happy in phone convo swara was tensed and sansker tease swara for decrease her tensed and diya u r saying they r romance first see ep and listen sansker talking about happiness

      1. Sumeeta

        misha good reply.it is not romancing swara.swasan give their support to each other nd to their family.diya ek akh band kark mat deko.swasan ap dp k bareme raglak se kam tensed nahi hai.main bhi ye kah sakti hu raglak romance kar rahe thr jab dp hospotaized the nd operation k liye paisa nahi tha.swara is the first one among all ladies who give her ear ring to san for selling.that time raglak are hugging each other.nd ragini saw swara nd after that she give her jewellary.so stop to dragg swasan.

      2. u r crazy I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY RAG N RAGLAK FANS ALWAYS JEALOUS OF SWARA N SWASAN just mind ur raglak u don’t need to bother bout swasan

  18. hate n hate SR cvs to the core.they r the worst cvs ever.they will definitely get award fo partiality.everytym raglak does wrong,no proper raglak scene,even if tr z any ty finish it in a hurry n dissapointedly,no proper dialogues fo raglak.it seems ty r hell bent on ruining raglak character n dissapointing raglak fans.even raglak fans r gud in number n r waiting fo smthng nice.if not the best atleast show smthng nice.bt no.ty r least bothered abt raglak fans.hell dissapointed!!!!hate u cvs

    1. Mica

      there is a question in my mind, are there different cvs between swasan couple and raglak couple ?, there are difference in execute swasan and raglak scene…
      example today episode..
      i just so happy to watch ragini’s tensed about laksh behavior, but they executed raglak room scene soo bad, instead of made ragini to behave rude to laksh, why they didn’t make ragini ask Laksh about the adv gently, so they will kinda pacify each other, support each other… it will good to watch (even though Laksh still takes the wrong path as his love to his parent at least).

    2. Exactly Arushi. Hate swaRAGINI for that. It should go off air.

  19. Heltej

    Parents are getting illtreated by their own children is true in real life! … Cvs are showing sensitive tracks which should be handle with great care! Thing is that they dont know how to handle everything!
    Ragini’s care for her laksh is blissful feeling❤️! Laksh’s love for his parents❤️! Swasan hug were so cute ❤️! DaRi(pari and dadi) worst villians…. Pari had ego problems with SwaRagini…. But ego gone into great extent she started illtreating her in laws who supported her earlier times! ! What to say about adrash… Great puppet of wife

    1. Heltej

      M happy cvs are giving importance to raglak… There were times raglak were not seen in single frame itself… M waiting for that day when raglak get proper dialouge and scenes! ❤️

  20. Raglak best of best
    Only reason to watch

  21. I’m soooo happy with yesterday’s SwaSan scenes!!! Love u SwaSan.??? Hope Laksh gets out of this trouble soon. 🙂 And guyzz plzz stop dragging SwaSan and RagLak everywhere!!?? SwaSan fans just love and support our SwaSan ? and RagLak fans just love and support your RagLak.? But no need to drag and bash each other!!??

  22. really really love u swasan u r the bestest of best n hellu so cute u look amazingly amazing most beautiful pretty n talented girl I have seen till date,…………. love u the core

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