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Annapurna apologizes to Sanskar. Sanskar holds her hand. Sujata cries. Swara tries to touch Sujata’s feet, but gets scolded by her. Annapurna asks Laksh to keep their stuff in the car. Sanskar says it is not needed and we will manage. Ragini goes outside and calls them. She says I thought to give you gift as you are starting a new life. She says this is yesterday’s prasad and today’s sabzi . Sanskar says I don’t want to hear the rubbish and is going home. Ragini says I am very happy as you are leaving, and now I can start my life with Laksh. Ragini is shocked to see the tent which Sanskar is putting. Swara tells she got the idea when Annapurna told the Katha. She tells they will stay in the tent now and will not go anywhere. She says I will not leave you after whatever you have done

with Maa and Baba. She says peace will not be even far in your life. She goes in the tent. Ragini says you are here? Swara says technically we don’t stay at home.

Sanskar says you will not miss us. Swara opens the same sweet box and asks her to have it. Ragini refuses and says you can’t do this. I will tell Durga Prasad that you are staying here. Swara says he will not have any objections and asks her to confirm. She tells about Bhagawat Gita’s words that God comes and punish the guilty when his son pot gets full. She tells your sin pot have been full now and that’s why Kanha ji gave us idea to expose you on his birthday. She says we have already taken permission from Durga Prasad. A flashback is shown, Sanskar requests Durga Prasad to let them stay in the lawn for 1 month, until his house is ready. Durga Prasad agrees. Ragini is shocked. Swara asks Ragini to be careful. Ragini angrily goes inside the house.

Sujata cries, while Annapurna consoles her. Ragini comes and informs that they are still here. She says don’t know how they trapped him. Sujata says Durga Prasad did right. Ragini says until Swara stays near me, I can’t take free breathe. Annapurna says when you are not at fault, you shouldn’t be scared. She asks her to go to room. Ragini is angry. Swara thanks Kanha ji for supporting them and asks for his continued support. They pray together, while Ragini looks on. Parineeta asks Ragini to make gobi parthas. Ragini recalls Swara’s words that she will not spare her, Dadi’s words that her grand daughter is sacred like Ganga. Ragini thinks to take everyone on her side, and acts sweetly with Parineeta. She says she will do the work and speaks ill about Swara. Parineeta says let her do what she wanted, but we are all with you. Ragini hugs and traps her in her words.

Swara tells Sanskar that they got the permission to stay here, but how to expose Ragini. Sanskar picks up the fallen eye lashes hair and asks her to make a wish. Swara closes her eyes, makes a wish and blows the eye lashes hair. Sanskar asks what did you wish? Swara says Maa and Baba. Sanskar says I knew it. He asks her to come to Baadi to meet them. They come out of tent. Swara thanks him. Sanskar says this is your 103 thank you. Swara says because of me, you have to step out of home. Sanskar says we are friends and no thanks or no sorry. Swara says do you have rules? Sanskar says it is friendship rules. Swara says okay, no thanks and no sorry.

Dadi comes to Dida’s house and says she wants to meet her grand daughter. Sumi calls her maa. Dadi asks her not to call maa and asks about the papers. She asks will you solve it mutually or will do drama in court. Sumi says she will not divorce Shekhar and says their relation is not weak. She prefers to stay alone rather than divorcing him.

Ragini talks to Dadi and tells her that she have to take everyone on his side with her good nature. Laksh tells Ragini that he can’t forget Swara and still loves her. Ragini tells him to stop her when he is ready to forget Swara and give her wifey rights.

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  1. Oh… What to say… Again swasan lovely… Ragini now started her new plan idiot..

  2. Hats off to you Shona!!!!!!!!!!! U ar a brave girl!!!!!

  3. Ragini u will soon get caught and get to taste ur own medicine..swara keep it up girl…swasan rocks!!

  4. Really tired of the serial. Abhi tak ek bhi bar swara ko jeeta nai dekhaya. Kya faiyda dekhne ka jab hamesha ragini hi jeetne vali he. Swara dhamki to achhi deti he. Par!!!!! Agar ab swara na jeeti ragini se to me bandh kar rahi hu ye serial

  5. ragini to get exposed yipeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Swasan great chemistry?????

    1. Astha Chauhan

      I know right!!Swan is LOVELY!!

      1. Yaaaaaa

  7. Kab swara jeetega.. Sapno me… Mama Kanch ka jab paap bada tha toh bhagwan krishna ne usku mar dala… Yaha ragini ka toh mama kanch se bhi jyda paap bad gya hai par uski toh ek bhi bal bhaka nhi hua..

  8. They r Juz draggin..its really irritating… Wen ll dey expose the truth of ragini…

  9. Hai frnds
    Today in abp sbs segment. . It was shown that laksh come to know about ragini and taunts her saying she is not a gd lover./sister/daughter
    But sometimes it can be ragini s dream also…

    1. Really hope it is nt a dream!!!!!!!

  10. Hai frnds
    Today in abp sbs segment. . It was shown that laksh come to know about ragini and taunts her saying she is not a gd lover./sister/daughter
    But sometimes it can be ragini s dream also

  11. Swara u rock.expose dat deval rags nd hr pln;)

  12. Sanskar started to feel for Swara…Lovely.Wow.Fantastic….Spoiler is very good where Laksh got to know about Ragini’s plans…

  13. Swara u rock.expose dat devil rags nd hr pln;)

  14. Love SWARA N SANSKAR….slowly nd steadily bt swara is going to fall,bt i dont want it to happen quickly as da development nd cute cute romantc scenes in middle wud happen widout swara nd sanskar ‘s knowledge meaning those accidental romantc scenes….oh dat wl b great….happy to see fear in rag’s face…howevr she is very cunning nd wicked…lyk a hyenna…

  15. Astha Chauhan

    I really love Swaragini..Yes they are dragging it…but only a little..life IS like this…evil keeps winning for a long time..again and again and good keeps losing for a long time..but finally..no matter after hoe many years..It is truth that wins…so yeah,Swara will win at the end..(no matter after how many episodes!!!?)

  16. Da spoiler seems to b a dream sequence of rags…as laksh who insultd swara few days back wud nt believe her words…howevr its good as swara is nw hauntng rags….dreams wl cum rags wl get tensd nd afraid nd wud do sum mistake.,.slowly she wl bcum desperate to prove swara wrong thro false allegatns nd den swara wud play da game of makng rags do wat she wants….n rags wud be a prey for swara n sanskar…wow wat a plot..grt

    1. I don’t think it’s ragini s dream cause she was shown leaving laksh room with her bag

  17. Swasan is so cute together andere when will ragini expose

  18. Stupid program i hate ragini worst person iv seen they keep dragging the it on and on its getting boring plz hurry up with this new mystery

  19. wonder when the truth comes out will Sanskar be able to let go of Swara? and also what would happen to Laksh and Ragini.

  20. wt a story s tiz seperatin. truth reveal aftr again laksh nd ragini join ah. wt abt swara .stil even though laksh married stil he loves swara nd she too. plz rejoin them. true love never ever break at any situation.agree!

  21. Want swalak back it’ll be good if they both get married which I think will not happen
    Swasan are not bad but it’s very idiotic for them to show swara falling in love with one brother n marrying the other one


    1. Hey i agree sankar is start this game but laksh should trust swara but he dont trust her so his love or trust is weak any one come between them but he should trust his swara ………… But swara always trust laksh that is true love 🙂

    2. I agree that sanskar is one of the reasons that today swalak got separated……… But more than him laksh is at fault………coz he was the one who broke his relationship!

  23. As per the current track, Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to take Swara and shift to his other house after the pooja for Janmashtmi. Meanwhile, Parvati gives Shobha the divorce papers and asks Sharmistha to sign it soon. Later on, Ragini expresses her displeasure to Parvati about Sharmishta and Shekar’s divorce. Elsewhere, Sanskar tries to console an emotional Swara

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ragini will feel that she is losing her game as her husband Lakshaya will break down and start crying for Swara. He will tell Ragini that he can not forget Swara and he still loves her. Lakshaya will be emotionally broken and shattered.

  24. sadia sheikh

    ragini lovely…. and sawra hate u

    1. why so?

  25. Want laksh nd swara to unite soon. Ragini deserves a hard slap for all hr wrongdoings. Sanskaar shud luk for another girl .. not swara.. but swara shud also not forgive laksh soon.. why he didnt trust her when swara trusted him durng his bad tyms..

    1. I don’t think Swara and Laksh will unite as Swara does not want to snatch her sister’s happiness. As for Sanskaar he trusted her when noone did and is still standing with her, helping her. She helped him reform to good so maybe they will make Ragini also positive(Hope to see her as old) after the truth revelation. And for Laksh no one asked him to marry Ragini, when he knew Swara was missing instead of searching her they all were busy blaming her(both Laksh and her dad). Like he said this marriage was his decision(or he thinks) so let him live with that that should be the punishment for not trusting the woman you love. He married first and he asked Sanskaar how he could he marry Swara. Like i can marry her sister but she can’t marry my brother. What does he expect her to do spend the rest of her life thinking about him and more over he is now married and he tells his wife i still love your sister. If he really did he should have waited for her coz Swara would have if the situation was reversed. However the way Sanskaar keeps asking Swara will she let go of Laksh makes me wonder whether he will play cupid for them as a (rependence). But then what will happen to Ragini?

  26. Imagine Sanskaar as Cupid!!!! ??????????

  27. Lovely episode!!! #swasan shoo shweet!!! But still…..sumwhere…..I miss my swalak!

    N shona!! U r really brave!!! Helly I juz luv ur acting!!! U r really sweet!!!!!

    Hope the truth comes out soon….

  28. i think that sanskar is fall inì love with swara

  29. I can’t say sanskar has to marry ragini and laksh has to be swara Sara all the best ragini go and die plssss

  30. Sh on a u r great sheka try to know about the truth of ur daughter pls swara is gud ragini is b*t*h

  31. Shikha is the best actor

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