Swaragini 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Adarsh and Parineeta telling Ragini and Swara about sindoor khela rasam. Adarsh says how can their suhaag/husband’s life be long. Annapurna asks what do you mean? Adarshs ays we are tired of everyday’s planning and plotting and says that’s why they have decided to end everything. Ragini asks what do you mean? Adarsh says I am sad to tell you that you can’t return this house to your inlaws and also you can’t protect your husband. He says one of you will lose your husband for forever and will lose right to apply sindoor on your forehead. Adarsh makes sindoor thaali fall on ground. Annapurna asks have you gone mad? Durga Prasad asks him to stop his madness. Adarsh asks him to back off else he will be dead before time. Swara and Ragini looks shocked. Parineeta smirks. Goons

continue to hold them on gun point.

Adarsh says you never cared about me, but now hoping to care for my brothers. He says I thought I lost everything, then prayed to God and he showed me way. That way was Laksh….Everyone is shocked. Parineeta smirks. Adarsh recalls Laksh coming home. A fb is shown. Adarsh sees him coming and starts acting. He asks God, why did you do this God. Laksh asks what happened Bhaiyya? Why you are crying? Adarsh says Ragini is very innocent and fell in Sanskar and Swara’s trap. He says Swara and Sanskar wants all property. I sent goons to take property papers, but you beat them and run away. He says I am afraid, if Sanskar gets property transferred on his name then I will die. He picks a knife and says may be Sanskar’s hatred ends with my death. He acts to cut his wrist. Laksh asks him not to do anything and promises to make everything fine. He goes. Fb ends.

Adarsh tells that Laksh might have reached location and called sanskar there. He says he couldn’t bear to see me dead. Annapurna asks what did you get by doing this? Adarsh says peace. He says they will kill each other, or one of them will die. He calls his goons and asks them to close all doors, nobody should come out. He sits down on chair and says situation is this…if you want to save your husband the come to me, bend down and rub your nose on feet, then you can go. He smiles and asks them to think. Swara and Ragini are shocked. Adarsh asks them to think how to save their husband’s lives. Swara looks shocked.

Swara tells Adarsh that she won’t let his conspiracy be successful. She makes plate fall on him and snatches gun from his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Hmm somewhr its gng gud..nd noadys its nt soo mch dragging..nd aadarsh is crossing da limits…hope nthng hapns to sanlak..nd swara well done cutie m proud of u..u snatched da gun yeahhh nd u pointed towards aadarsh..welll done…umaaahhh love u… Aftr dis police will cum to mm nd wl arrest parish hope soo??

  2. Mahjabeen

    Nd thanks H.hasan mam fr da fast update??

  3. smart swara.. kitna suspense mein hai episode who will gng to die sanskar or lakshya?

  4. God when this madness will end…whats with killing and murder…make this twist end really it is enough

  5. Mahjabeen

    Sanskar is gng to die…i hv seen a segmemt whr thr will b death 9f sanskar accordng to wch he gave swara a promise nd told her dat if c wil try to unite family den he wil die..soo i hv just heard in news may b sankar os gng to die..but i wsh it shuld nt hpn..pls???

    1. Manjula20

      I don’t know about Sanskar but ek leap aanewala hai 7 saal ki

      1. Haan vo mene bhi dekha tha on YouTube. .
        But that’s fake

  6. Heltej

    I didnt watch todays episode! ???
    Ty H Hasan

    1. Mica

      huh! copycat……how could you! *bang my head

      1. Kakali

        Huhhhhh !!! i couldn’t able to watch yesterday’s episode …

      2. Heltej

        U copy cat?

    2. Mica

      hahhah Kakali!!!!! how we can forget that we went to bachelorette party of heltej!!!
      see… i still get hangover now…. uuhhh!!!
      how bout you ?? *holding head

      1. Mica

        made us to missed that episode of swaragini

      2. Heltej

        Yah yah right… Even my head is spinning! M still on bed! Lets wait for monday re-telecast… We will watch! ?

      3. Kakali

        haaahhh !!! how can i remember ? m still in hangover … nobody didn’t even offer me a lime juice .. huhhhh !!! *sleepy

      4. Kakali

        Copy Rat … ;*

      5. Mica

        Rat???? where ? where ???
        uuhhh,…..it was Aadarsh, not rat!

      6. Heltej


  7. what sanskaar will die???no wayy
    i think it is not true

  8. Agar sanskar or lakhs marta hea toh series ki trp gir jaigi and swasan, raglak fan series dekhna chor dengge…so I think kisiko kuch bhi nehi hoga sanlak sahedh ek ho jainge…I have one problem with this writer’s ye hamesa swaragini ka sath ur himmat dekhate hea sometime sanlak ko bhi kuch karne ka moka dho..ur ab toh dho ko na samaj bana dia..

  9. Fairy

    HMmmm!!!dere is smthng gonna happen in swaragini serial…
    Coz tejaswi had posted a pic wid caption somethng related to” save her sindoor”.
    N accordng to d sources sanky wl die n dere wl b leap of 7 years..!!!
    Lets see wt wl happen ???
    Bt really i dnt prefer nyones death in d serial!!either laksh or sanky…
    If d gossips turned to b true den for sure dis serial wl loose its charm..

    Lastly …ragz dear u were lookng chooooo cuteeee…n loved ur actng yaar.n tejaswi was lookng breath taking in d navratri function(do watch her pics)she ws lookng simple beautiful yet elegant 😉 ..

    Swara well done u snatched dat gun,hopefully everythng gets clear soon..

    1. Fairy

      N sanlak yaar plz understand n believe on ur wives…get united soon!!love u all.. 😉 😉 😉

  10. i feel laksh and sanskaar have talked together before and united now they will put adarsh and parenita in jail
    i have seen a part when police enter just b4 swara shoot and arrest adarsh and his wife
    cross fingers no body will die i feel laksh will pretend something just like with Kavia or either sanskar

    1. even their talking on the phone make me belueve so…they were just acting this for a reason or another

  11. i’m liking this track

  12. episode was good and am still in shocked that how a human is so crucial like that..

  13. i have seen since i readed that written update hundred of updates saying one will die laksh or sanskar???could this happen or just bakwasss
    anyone know something about it…cz waiting till the next episode is getting on my nerfs

  14. According to the spoilers police will arrest Adarsh after Swara makes him confess his crimes…….and swaragini has made the family proud of them………..I hope nothing was d happen to sanlak…….if either if them dies then the show will not be saved…….no one wud watch it…..so I dnt think they’ll risk it……even Rags turning -ve for a while was acc to me a cheap truck to save the trp’s……..is it confirmed that the show will take a leap of 7 yrs????? and that sanky will die???????

  15. nothing confirmed till now but i know that waiting all this is getting on my nerves…
    sanlak talk on the phone was so blurry…as if they are pretending something that is what i felt
    if all is solved and noone die they can take a leap of 10 years but in that leap will anyone be replaced
    as if Pareneeta and Adarsh isnt enough now all this to think about why???

  16. Aasthu

    is it true that swaragini will give the property papers back to Adari to save their hubby’s lifes??????? and after clearing the misunderstandings bywn them they’ll get it back??

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