Swaragini 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pandit ji declares the marriage to be completed and asks Swara and Sanskar to take elders’ blessings. Laksh asks Ragini, why did she let them marry? Ragini takes him outside. Laksh asks why you didn’t stop her? Ragini apologizes and says I tried, but she didn’t listen to me. Laksh asks why she didn’t agree? Ragini says whatever she said yesterday was a lie. Laksh says why she will fall in the river? He says I fell in the river and was rescued by some fishermen. Ragini says she wants to snatch you from me. She says she must have told you that I am responsible for all the incidents. She tells all the crimes which she did. Laksh says she said everything, but didn’t take your name. She didn’t tell me anything about drugs and video. He asks why did you assume this? He says Swara would have told

me everything, but she told half truth. Ragini says their marriage is done now, and asks not to do any drama. Laksh asks if she is happy with their marriage? Ragini asks him to come inside. Laksh looks at her with doubt. Ragini asks are you trusting Swara? She says Swara married Sanskar and it is her trick now. Laksh says after her marriage, she went far from me, and says someone might have forced her to marry. Ragini says she is doing this intentionally and taking advantage of your goodness. She says she is innocent, but is very clever. Laksh says enough and asks her to leave him alone.

Swara and Sanskar take elders’ blessings helplessly. Laksh comes inside and looks at Swara emotionally. He recalls Swara’s words asking him to search for truth. Hamari Adhuri kahani plays………………and their lovely moments are shown. Swara and Laksh look at each other with teary eyes. Laksh looks at her mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks them to do Kuldevi puja. Durga Prasad sees Laksh standing and says it is good that you came. Laksh says I came for some other work. He asks Ragini to give Mehta file. Ragini says I don’t know. Laksh keeps searching for file angrily. He asks her to go. Ragini cries and asks why you are angry on me. Laksh asks her to leave him alone, and says he will go. Durga Prasad asks Laksh, if he is coming to office with him. Laksh says I will come in some time. Parineeta takes Swara with her. Sanskar says I will come. Parineeta takes Swara to room and says Sanskar would be coming soon. Swara takes out her mukut/bengali bridal tiara, and recalls her wedding. She recalls Ragini’s threat asking her to marry Sanskar. She recalls Pandit ji declaring them married. She cries and thinks her marriage has turned real. Sanskar comes and sees her crying.

Swara asks where is Maa and says he want to talk to her. Sanskar says he talked to Shekhar and says Sumi was in Baadi. Swara says Ragini is very clever and thought we will not search her there. Shekhar blames Sumi for accusing Dadi. Dadi says her Ragini is right. Sumi asks do you accept that of your doings. Dadi says no. Shekhar refuses to give daughter’s rights to Swara. Sumi says you said right, I will not let her call you Dad from now on. She says I thought you are having misunderstanding and will understand with time. You are blinded with Ragini’s doings and doesn’t believe your other daughter. She says it is your habit not to accept truth. She says Swara is right today and Ragini is wrong. She says I will not let my daughter ruin her life, and if our relation breaks, then let it break. It doesn’t matter to me. Dadi asks what you will do now as Swara has ruined her life. Sumi says I will do, but can’t stoop like you. Sanskar calls Shekhar and asks him to give call to Sumi. Shekhar tells him that Swara’s mum left his house and he has nothing to do with her. Sanskar is shocked. Shekhar asks him not to call him again. Sanskar says okay and disconnects the call. He informs Swara that Sumi is still unconscious. Swara says if her mum will understand her. Sanskar says yes she will understand as she knows Ragini. Swara says we have been defeated till now.

Sumi slaps Rahini and asks her to tell the truth. She asks her to tell how she had kidnapped her and forced Swara to marry Sanskar. Ragini acts and cries. Laksh comes and hears her. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. Honey

    Nice episode… Precap also nice.. Can feel the pain in both Laksh and swara… But please make it swasan soon.. I want to see swara falling for sanskar…

  2. hassu

    Pls writers swara laksh ko miladona a sirf ek serial hey lekin my isko bardash nahi karsaktuhu a serial tho mujper bhot bura asar padrahahy I can’t see swara and laksh like this miladona swara laksh ko my apse bhot bhot bhot request kar rahi hu pls.pls guys u also support me to unite swara and lakshya

  3. srikeerthi

    finally laksh got to know everything.cant wait for tomorrow’s episode ragini wil be slapped by sharmishta.

  4. anu

    what the hell. kab take wait karna padega ragini ka sach samne Agathe hoyuie dekne ke liye.plzz reveale truth fast because it is becoming boring…..

    • Ridz

      Yeah. I think we all know the truth so we are getting impatient… M getting very irritated. They actually hv dragged so much…

  5. ria

    Enough!!! Seeing Raginee ‘s drama and victory of bad on good has spoilt interest in the show..-.turning v v pathetic and sad…please show possitive for swara now at least..

  6. Priya

    Am very happy today bcz laksh and misti are in action now
    And tomorrow ragini ki band bajegi
    Slap her 100 times each one
    Yes laksh got doubt in ragini
    N u shekhar ur such a dumb even we can’t cal u like that ur even worst than that blo*dy fool
    Love u sanskaar as usual
    Hiding things frm swara atleast nt to make her sad

  7. Aparna

    Swara don’t help ragini now. Nice that swasan united bt felt very bad 4 laksh. Felt happy when laksh doubted ragini. Swara plz don’t go near laksh after exposing ragini.

  8. Superb!!! Sanskar and swara looks amazing!!! Laksh faith on ragini will vain after he will know the truth… Ragini hats off to pull that acting girl

  9. xoxo

    Good to see sumi got her voice back.
    But writers shame on you’ll for dragging this whole crap story for so long. My attention has shifted from swaragini to masterchef australia. Makers of swaragini please watch that show and see how interesting they have made a reality cook show. N there is a feel good factor in that show compared to swarag where only bad things keep happening. Writers kuch toh sharam karo.
    You’ll are bringing out rags truth next week but whats the point you will start another crap love triangle of swara laksh n sanskar. Even no you are portraying as if swara has been kidnapped and bechari types has to forgive her love and stick with sanskar. The only person i genuinely feel bad for is sanskar (although he did wrong he had guts to admit and start over again) Swara still cant realize his goodness. Swara madam aap aakhein khol ke dekhiye aapka lucky aap ke sabse mushkil ghadi par aapka saath nahi diya. Abh uss par itna pyaar kyu? I think Swara after Lucky left you, you have turned Lucky because such a handsome and smart guy has married you. But if you dont want to accept sanskar your choice.. sanskar will get any good chick who will also love him unconditionally not like you who keeps taunting him n using him to reach your goals.

    • anjali

      She was happy when she realise ki lakshya ne uspe bharosa kar liya hai bt didnt thought ki wo khud nadi me gira tb jake bharosa kia

  10. R

    Love u sanskaar
    Jab se swara ne sanskar ko professionally rehne ke liye bataya vi yesehi reh raha hey
    Loves swara very sincerely.nvr forces fr anything.
    felt bad when swara recollects laksh memories.but k it wil hpn actually as she loved him
    And also sumi how hard u answered shekhar felt vey hpy.
    Jab shekar ko such pata chalega tab kya Karega oh bevakoof?

  11. feel like crying seeing shona and lucky in pain. Pls writers unite swalak .ragini do not deserve lakshya at all after whatever she has done she should not get lakshya it will give a wrong msg to the society.

  12. rosy

    Unconditional love is sumthng wich is not of earth it have a heavenly touch,,,like God…HE never expects from us…however in general we take advantage of such love….
    RAMAKRISHNA said people pray God to pass them in xam bt forgets God wen he passes….
    I hope swara doesnt take advantage of sanskar’s unconditional love….

  13. Torandu

    No ..this is not at all fair …why yaar …no one understanding ragini’s feelings … Why everyone always accusing her…. Because of swara and laksh ragini has changed … All mistake is on them .. Then why you are blaming ragini … Really hating this serial now …

  14. saljaz

    Spoilers say swasan will soon be seperated…y unite them if they will not be together…shattering swasan’s fans hopes?

  15. rosy

    I wl b hating this show if swasan is seperated as then i wl b hating swara…who used sanskar nd his repentance to fulfill her motive like rags who used swara to get laksh…no differnce wl b left btwn da sisters….

  16. Reeta

    Happy for Swasan,sorry for Swalak,nw expose Ragini and start Swasan love track…Swara see hw much Sanskar loves u…forgive him…

  17. Vinu

    I don’t understand y people of the show never see a injury of the person and never ask abt it.. before they ignore swara and now laksh injury… They r totally blind in looking the truth and also in seeing the injury. .

  18. ammu karithik

    today episode very very nice we r all enjoying the show… I feel very happy today. swara n laksh ja hamari aadhuri kahani ka song superb…. today laksh ameging acting…. now. sumi ur taken very good step…..swasan nice jode finally swara ki Shadi hova San kaaa sat???but swara n laksh still loveing too each other… I love swasan Jodi n swalaksh ka Jodi also… plz writers don’t play marriage ka..relations… becoz its too sencetive matter u know…love u swasan n love u swalaksh… keep rocking….

  19. Kat

    Felt so sad for Swalak when both of them stared at each other wirh their eyes full of tears!!!!!!????? Now Laksh starts to doubt Ragini!! Superb!!!!!!!! Luv Swalak!!!!!!!!!#

  20. chinz

    Ranginiko thappad milegi lekin iss baar bhi wo laksh ki doubt se mukt hogi. Kyun ki pichili baar sanskar ne ragini ko maarne ki koshish ki hai. Iss baar swara ki maaa. Raginiki acting per laksh phir bhi pisaljavunki aur swara haar javunki.

    Is mein sanskar aur swara hi jodiyon aure ragini aur laksh ne doosari jodi

  21. Great!! Keep up writers. One more crap added to the list. Now they are going to break Swasan marriage. And reunite Swalak. Does marriage have any values for you? Do rituals, traditions, gods and society have any meaning for these showmakers? Or its just a child’s play for them? I feel disgusted to think that people think marriage, sindoor, mangalsutra and seven pheras to be just ornaments and game. Stop it. And have some respect for our culture and traditions. Stop behaving like savages. Its just govong bad implications to our whole nation. Even outside our nation. Indian and specially Hindu marriage is a very reputed and respected thing. Don’t spoil it for mere shows. Please.?

  22. Alfia

    Nw as per spoilers swara n laksh wil unite,crap,tho sorry for swalak, being a Swasan fan,can’t c them getting separated,if they wanted to separate them y sindoor scenes n nw marriage,writers marriage s nt fun,at least give respect to that,pls do not separate Swasan.

  23. Amritam

    I hope spoilers regarding Swasan separation s wrong….don’t separate them pls…Swasan forever n ever…

  24. hassu

    Wy guys whybu all want swasan pls unite swalak this is serial ok not real so pls unite swalak I think u all are mad and heartless

    • xoxo

      We want swasan because they stood for each other in their toughest times. Swara showed sanskar the right path and when Swara was in trouble Sanskar helped her. Sanskar could have also left Swara after his family allowed him to stay again in the house. But he did not do that and took such a big risk of staying with an unmarried girl and pretending they are a couple. If truth came out about their relationship both would have been thrown out of the house and both would face society’s embarrassment not Swara alone. Unlike Laksh who keeps entering and breaking relations with women for his own personal benefit Sanskar respects them and that is why we want Sanskar to get Swara because he deserves her.

  25. rosy

    Agree with u pari writers of most shows r playing with marriage…it both religiously and judicially legal…one cannot break a marriage so easily n instantly get married to another…
    Its not a doll’s play

  26. Anjaani

    swara sanskar sath ache lgte h unhe alag ni hna chaiye kam kam se laksh ko realize to ho k usne swasan par yakin na krke kya khoya h..

  27. Mithali

    Swasan fans can’t c them getting separated,nt because we r mad n heartless as somebody commented,agree t s serial bt in almost all serials marriage s shown as fun wid too much divorce n remarrying drama,in this itself if they were to separate Swasan there was no need f Swasan scenes tho short n sindoor drama n marriage with rituals ,write simply gave hope to Swasan fans daily soaps need a lil drama bt too much in most serials nowadays,being a Swasan fan,m sad to c them separated n will stop watching swaragini…bt no offence to Swalak fans,ah hope writers won’t spoil the show.

  28. hassu

    I think swasan fans ko mera comment bura laga hoga lekin swara avr laksh ko dekho vo kitna feel horahehy swara laksh ko pyar kartihy and laksh bi past meto laksh wwara ka favour thana vo uste isliye nafrat karnelagahy kyunki vo toot gaya tha ki swara ne uske shadi se khushi nahi hy avr vo bhag gay isliye laksh ne apne apko saja deta arahahy pls swasan fans realize and unite swalak

    • Ridz

      There s no spoiler tat confirms swara lakshya marriage. They jus say tat cause ragini s truth. In fact there s a proper video where swara says she vil not marry lakshya

  29. Nimisha

    Agree with you Jhanvi,hope Swasan will be united,they should nt have shown Swasan if they were to separate them,after seeing Swalak and Swasan, m a Swasan fan,wish to c Swasan forever….

  30. Riya

    Poor laksh feel bad for him.
    Hamare adhuri kahani really perfectly capture the moment when laksha saw the mangalsutra of swara…….
    It’s a very touching moment…..
    But we need swasan…

  31. jhanvi

    Shekher is d most foolish person…

    Sharmishtha has done a great job today…. I love d way she deals with shekher today… She said absolutely right…. He dsrvs dis…!!!!

  32. jhanvi

    Ya right …..laksh’s face was full of guilt… Nd pain ..nd ofcrse regret for not trusting swara… His expration was really awesome…. Nd d song was perfect for that moment..

    I really felt very bad for laksh nd also for swara…. BT swara shld realize sanskar’s love.. Nd I really hope swasan will be forever….

  33. anusha

    guys i read iin swragini wekipedia.. in that they wrote that this show ( serial) is popular among so many people since their favourite couple or swasan … it means show become popular since swasan became pair.. so, they wont change.. chill guys nothing wil happen swasan and raglak or final patch…

    this show on 2nd march 2015 airs from monday to friday on colors tv. this show produced by rashmi sharma. the name is a combination of two names sisters swara and ragini. this show is popular amongmany people since their favourite couple is swasan(swara and sanskar).

  34. anusha

    in that they gave names also as helly: swara sanskar maheshwari
    tejaswi: ragini lakshya maheshwari

  35. swalak

    really sad for laksh and swara.want them together forever and sharmista rocked shekar should here that. he does not deserved to be called a dad

  36. rishita

    poor laksh……today’s episode was very very very very nice…..finally laksh got to know everything.cant wait for tomorrow’s episode ragini wil be slapped by sharmishta…..Great!! Keep up writers.. Now reunite Swalak……Precap also nice.. Can feel the pain in both Laksh and swara…

  37. rishita

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz laksh or swara ko unite kro plz plz ……i only want swalak…..plzplz plz plz plz………..
    Ragini ka sach sabke saamne le aao plzplzpzlplzplz
    And ab plz swara and laksh ko alag mat krna plz

  38. kirti

    Guyz evn i m a swasan fan n dont want to see dem separatd n if dey separate or swalak reunitd den dat wud b da last epi fr me
    it shud b SWASAN FOREVER N EVER !!!!!!!!!!!
    And also let laksh regret fr his stupid mistakez n not trusting our shona n he shud live alone or wid his psycho wife

  39. Shwetha

    Yes Anusha,Swasan over means a big fall in trp ,I feel so,I’m nt saying evil should win bt Swasan should not be separated…. Please writers,start their track soon….

  40. laara

    the epi was emotional.
    the song made me cry.
    arey i cant see laksh in pain.plz unite swalak.time is still there.i know marriage is not a game but when two couple cant stay happy together ,it is better to seperate them
    even love is not a game

  41. Idiot doggy stupid fool ragini I want to kill her drama and lyng to everyone and y she fall so down tat chepstr r better ten hr I was angry after d episode laksh need this believes her blindly poor swara how much she had bear paah

  42. I have never see c d cheapster like ragini soo cheap playing game WT her parents and separates ten and acts as sanskar had did WT her and push her sister in river god should never giv . Girl to enemy also really I have never seen a cheapster like ragini in my life

  43. Abram mirza

    No swasan is really gud together nd lakshay was not trusting swara at tat time now live wid dis psycho nd idiot ragini who can broke their parents marriage only fr their benefit

  44. Ridz

    Sawsan won’t be separated. Swara rejects it. She says no. So if they hv to be back together there s going to be a long drama. M sure fr 3 mnths we can sit nd watch swasan aramse…

  45. R

    Read in a website that after sanskaar stabbing laksh ragini also tries to stab swara.
    Bt that knife is dummy one relax k
    Then the truth will come out
    I think this hpns in next week

  46. yash

    Laksh doesnt deserve swara anymore..bcz he dint trust swara dat time…n sanskar loves swara unconditionally…n swara deserves love with trust n 4evr….so plss pls pls pls writers…nvr separate swasan..dey r perfect couples. ?….swasan 4evr…

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