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Swara and Sanskar follow Lucky and Kavya. Lucky and Kavya stop to eat pani puri. Swara asks Sanskar how she knows there is pani puri wala here. Sanksar tells her she is a very big star, so she must know. Swara is amazed she is eating pani puri that late. She asks Sanskar should they go home. He asks is she sleepy? She is still looking at Lucky-Kavya and says no, she loves pani puri. She hasn’t ate it since long. She then says she was joking and concentrate to see what Lucky-Kavya do next. They leave from there.

At home, Swara is on a call with Ragini. Ragini tells her everything changed in couple of hours. Swara says she can’t believe Baba agreed. Ragini says why not, he loves her so much. Finally after so many days, she will be able to sleep peacefully. Ragini wishes Swara was there.

Swara says she wishes too, but right now it’s not possible. She asks Ragini to sleep now.

Sanskar brings in pani puri to his room. Swara is surprised. He says she stopped Baba so there has to be celebration for it. Her husband is multi-talented, so she shouldn’t underestimate him. He makes pani puri and feeds her asking how it is. She says yummy and then feeds him one. They continue feeding each other. Swara gets emotional. She tells him she loves him and they hug.

In morning, all are at dining table. Sanskar blows a flying kiss to Swara and asks her to come closer to him with the excuse of serving kheera. AP says it’s little spicy. Suju says but it’s good for Sanskar. He has been eating only. All laugh. Swara says maybe he’s very hungry. He holds her hand and doesn’t leave. Suju continues teasing them. Sanskar now praises Swara. She asks him to leave her hand. He finally lets it go. DP tells Adarsh they have to discuss Mehta project as soon as they reach office. They are about to leave and Kavya’s students come there for dance practice. AP asks them who they are. Suju asks didn’t they listen what AP is asking. Students talk among each other and laugh. Suju says Kavya doesn’t understand or what. Kavya comes and asks all set? AP asks Kavya what’s happening. Kavya asks what they staring at. Their bahu is a celebrity, so they need to feel that. They are students of her class. She took break after her wedding, but now she’s resuming it. Students tell her photo outside looks very good. Suju tells AP she had no idea her photo is outside. She wonders what kind of photo it would be. Lucky comes and tells Kavya he is leaving for a meeting. Suju stops him and asks why he didn’t come for breakfast. He says he already ate pan cake with Kavya. Suju asks AP there is cake of pen too? AP asks her to be quiet for a min. DP and others leave for office. Suju tells AP to check her photo..if not good, they should remove it. All others leave too. Students start dance practice. Suju sees them while leaving. She says the guy will fall on girl if they dance so close.

DP comes outside and says what is all this (looking at Kavya’s photos). He’s disgusted. Suju comes and is shocked. She asks what is all this as well. Swara tells DP not to spoil his day, everything will be fine. He leaves for office. AP asks Laksh is he relieved seeing his dad’s sight down. Lucky says, maa please. What’s the issue in those photos? When will she stop talking so old fashion. Kavya comes out and says so now she has problem with her dance class as well. Suju says they are not old fashioned, they don’t have any problem. If she wants to teach dance, then teach them katthak or bharatnatiyam (traditional) dance. What was she teaching inside? Lucky tells Suju that Kavya is an independent girl, she knows what to do in her life, so she should not advice her. They can’t appreciate her, at least don’t demotivate her. She’s modern and independent girl. Faster they understand that, better it will be. Suju asks what is he saying. Kavya interrupts, ofcourse, she can’t teach bollywood dance by wearing saree like her or salwar like Ragini. Ragini just had entered there. Lucky looks at Ragini and then purposely kisses Kavya on her forehead. Ragini turns her face. Lucky looks at hurt Ragini and leaves from there.

Kavya says so she’s their dream bahu. She’s so behenji and Lucky doesn’t want behengi. AP says if Laksh knew what he wanted, then he wouldn’t be in this condition today. It’s his bad luck that he left Ragini and chose Kavya. He’ll regret a lot. Kavya is stunned. She says Ragini has done so many wrong things and she’s still supporting her. Swara says ofcourse because Ragini has changed. And whatever she had done, it was to win her love. Kavya says her too. Suju says what me too? All know how much she loves Lucky. She just had Lucky under her control. And if Ragini has done wrong things, then she is paying for that now as well. Kavya just goes inside. Suju says, badtameez.

Ragini comes to AP and takes blessings. AP apologises her for Kavya’s behaviour. Ragini says she doesn’t have too. She also didn’t know Kavya would behave like this. AP asks her to come inside, but she says she will leave from there only. She just came to give sweets that her mother gave and Swara and her wanted to meet each other as well. Swara says she will drop Ragini outside. All others go inside. Ragini hugs Swara. Swara asks how she is. They are walking. They stop beside Kavya’s poster. Swara pushes it down. Ragini says Kavya seems very smart and vicious. How they all handle her? Swara says no one has to do anything with her. All have left her alone except Laskh. She has Laksh fully under her control and he does all she wants. Ragini says maybe that is what Laksh needed. Swara says she feels Laksh doesn’t know what he wants. He just becomes blind when he’s around Kavya. Don’t know what magic Kavya has done on Laksh. Swara then says last night maybe she was just playing with lamp, wasn’t giving any signal or such. Ragini asks what signal? Swara tells her about previous night. Ragini says maybe Laksh came in between and she had to change her plan. She might have been going to meet someone.

Swara says it’s possible, but she doesn’t have any guarantee. Now she will keep an eye on her. Next time, she will find out where she is going and what she’s doing. Ragini says she will leave now. Swara says sorry to her as she came to spend time with her and what all she started discussing. Ragini says if she won’t tell her, then whom she will tell. Swara hugs her and says that too. Ragini leaves.

AP receives a parcel. She sees some ladies outside her house and asks them come in. Just then students come outside. The ladies say they will leave now, seems like there are many guests. For bahu’s muh dikhai, they have printed the posters. One student tells the ladies what’s their problem whether it’s a poster or something else. Other student says ofcourse their bahu is a celebrity, so they will take little advantage of it. Students leave. AP is embarrassed as ladies leave. Kavya watches and congratulates herself.

Precap: Swara and Sanksar look at some photos. Swara says it’s the same person who was selling pani puri yesterday and today he’s selling ice cream. Swara is sure Kavya is upto something. Later, Kavya alerts Swara that in this holi not only this house, but everyone and their relationships, will burn. A burning house is shown.

Update Credit to: Anjali

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  1. kannan revathi

    i think she is taking revenge on the family

    1. Hello guys..check out new fan fiction “music sheet” by bella

  2. Sree harini(Divya)

    Hello everyone.. I am back. Sorry guys but I had already mentioned my reason of the comment on my previous ff in sindhu’s os and yeah after reading one of my friend comment, I felt like even you all might have started hating me so I went back to my ff and saw all your cmenys there. Shabrin, neha, vaishu, needhi, sindhu, jwala and especially joya. I am really thankful for having such good friends in my life but I am so sorry as I was unable to be active due to few issues running in my house and even my exams…I am really soory guys to hurt you all and I am even ready to take the name of fraud on me. Well as promised, I will be back on April 1st because I can’t loose anyone who are close to my heart and you people had already reached there.
    I didn’t comment on any fiction because it won’t be polite to chat on others because their readers may get disturbed…so wait for me till April 1st..LOVE YOU ALL..AND SORRY.

    1. No need to say sorry yaar .we understand your problem .love u too. Looking forward to your ff.Btw ,how r u???i hope everything is sorted now.all the best dear and stay blessed.

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        Hey needhi.so happy to see you dear. Not every thing got sorted but yeah I believe strongly that everything will get happy and felt happy to read that you trust me dear..thanks for being my friend.

    2. Hey sree no need to think like this dear we can understand and should do everyone has problems ur not a fraud I read ur reason in ff and I’m happy that atleast you overcomed ur negativity and I really wish that u be back soon dear as missing u and ur ff a lot and don’t ur readers are loyal they will surely wait even me too and I’m waiting for one more thing that your problems are completely solved and you are absolutely fit n fine and happy love u dear

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        Thanks dear. Your immense love is the reason that I always come back to this site with new fictions. Presently I don’t have any words to say as I am overwhelmed and yeah we will surely meet on 1st April. Bye dear as I am really busy in exams now.

    3. We will be waiting for ur ff and love u a lot sree harini dont says sorry

  3. Ya ya….ab ghar Mai aag lagake sab jal jao. Seriously its better to read and write good ff ‘s then reading this faltu serial ko tellyupdates. Gawwd…saodhan India Mai bhi aise bahu nehi deekhate hai. I m just fed up with this writers.

  4. I think she is taking revenge from the family

  5. Did everyone see Laksh reaction wen he saw Ragini… It was like he is feeling guilty for her… I think this Kavya has pressurised him to marry her by blackmailing him with something… Just dnt knw y Kavya is dng all these things… Dnt knw wen her drama is gonna end… Irritated to see tat Aunty face everyday…

  6. Cute pani puri scenes……….kavya aunty is saying cutiepie ragini as behenji i was damned angry on her as that aunty is teasing ragini who dont know abt culture

  7. Acha Episode tha maza aa gaya

  8. Hey everyone..can you all check out new ff “music sheet” by bella…it would be great of you

  9. Guys how much time will it take to post our fan fiction after submission any idea

    Msg from Team: Anywhere between couple of hours to upto 24 hours.

  10. sakshi ajishma

    as usual..no new things..swasan pani puri scenes nyc.bt swara shd back 2 western outfit.on that she luks so cute.saree seems her like aged one! but ragini looks realy cute&pretty.that aunty…ragni behenji..evn ragni’s dadi luks more cute thn aunty kavya..

  11. sakshi ajishma

    finally laksh-ragini face off.it proves that she cant 4get laksh nevr.i thnk it is beter 2 4get him completely.coz he kissd only to hurt ragini!ragini really back lyk as d begining ragini..her love&concern…yes we got back old ragu completely!after a long tym,i started to love her.she is so sweet

  12. tejaswi, please you leave this serial.you are very good actress. your acting skill is superb.only because of your character and acting skill swaragini has got all success but all credit goes to helly shah despite of bad acting. helly’s acting skill is not good , I must say it.but in spite of your good acting skill you have not been focused in the serial properly.only because of your character this serial reached the zenith of success. Please leave the show as doon as possible. ap k sath injustice ho raha he aur helly ko to muft me success mil rahi he aram se.jiski hakdar ao ho tejaswi. ekbar ap show chor do dekhna kiya helly k pas itna dom he ki success akale la sakenge no she can’t.

    1. Helly’s acting skills are awesome and it is Swasan whois mainly responsible for success of swaragini.Tejashwi bhi aachi actress hai par Helly bhi usse kam nahi hai.Dono ne hi aapne acting potential ko prove kiya hai.How dare you to talk about Helly like that.Tumhe kya paata success kaise aati hai hai.Itne loog jo Helly ko,Swara ke character ko and Swasan ki chemistry ko pasand karte hain woh pagal hain.Ek baat bata doon ki Swara ko jitni appreciation mil rahi hai uski wih sahi hakdaar hai.Tejashwi ke naa rehne se yeh serial baand nahi ho jayega.Aur agar tumse Swara ka character serial mein bardash nahi ho raha hai then please don’t even see it as Swaragini ke har episode Swara ke bina aadhura hai.Har social networkig site par Swasan ki baat hoti hai aur yahi baat yeh proof karti hai ki swaragini ki success kin actors ki wajah se hai.And also,how can you write ki Swara ko success aaram se mut mein mil rahi hai.Agar tumne aapni life mein kabhi successful hone ki koshish ki hogi toh tumhe paata hoga ki sucess kisi ke paas aaran se nahin aata.Successful hone ke liye kitna mehnat karna padta hai woh kewal wahi loog samah sakte hai jisne kabhi aapne dum par success paana ki koshish ki ho.Hope now you will not write stuffs like that.

      1. Well said s.ankur I totally agree with you. I mean I don’t know why some people compare helly with tejaswi. Helly is also a good actress along with varun.

      2. Thanks for supporting me ‘enemy’

  13. Maybe lucky likes Ragini but he is just pretending to not like her. Kavya must be blackmailing him and he is just trying to protect his family. He may not be the bad guy.

  14. Kavya you know that Ragini looks way better than you so stop with your BS biish ???

  15. wow guys swasan won the “BEST JODI AWARD” we won guys…..yiiiippppppeeeeee……
    sanskar won best ACTOR
    swara won best ACTRESS

  16. I think kavya is making laksh drugs addict. First pani puri den ice cream… dats y he s in her control wholly. .. y kavya is taking revenge from the family? May b she s the sister of kavya n daughter of ka veri ??

  17. M telling u guyz dat dis kavya is none odr but kavita’s sis n kaveri’s daughter. Don’t u find d similarity between d 3 names?? N ya she is in acting industry from last 5 years n kavita fk murder drama was also 5 years bk n also she doesn’t talks about hr past.

    1. Exactly. …I also thought d same nik. … when swara told about kavya coming to kolkata 5 yrs back……she definitely has some connection with kavita

      1. …even i was saying d same to my mum…i also think dis
        and somewhere i feel ji laksh knows kavyas plan bt unwillingly he is supporting her

  18. Good news for all swasan fans helly and varun have won the best actress and best actor respectively and also the best jodi at CGPA…….???……luv them…..

    1. Are you serious!!!!!!! I am so happy.Congratulations to Helly and Varun. Thanks Angel for giving such an amazing news.☺

    2. Thanks angel I’m so happy to hear that. Yeah Swasan aka herun forever
      They rock.?

    3. They also have won the best fandom award due to their crazy fan following. …swasan rocks. ..???

  19. Congratulations to all swasan fans and thanks for voting. ……..swasan rocks. ….????

  20. Nice episode.

  21. Really hope they get a new love interest for Ragini. Don’t really care what happens to Laksh; might be better if he dies with Kavya. Ragini deserves wayyy better than that prepubescent looking child.

  22. Can any one knows when will be the golden petal awards tell me?

  23. In SBS they showed tat swara is going to give a peck on sanskar’s cheek. Where was that scene?they cut it???

  24. Lucky jo b kre pr ab use ragini k sath acha ni lgega cz wo us aunty k sath reh rha h.. I think kisi new hero ki entry honi chahiye jo ragini k sath pair ho… Jbse serial shuru hui hain ragini ko kisika pyar nhi mila. Lak ko Swaragini dono k pyr mila. Swa ko sanlak ka, san ko swakav ka.. Bt ragu ko koi luv ni Krta.. Koi new hero aye jo ragu ko luv kre… Iss aag me lucky jal kr mar jaye… Sry namish fans mujhe glt mat samajhna… Bt ragu k liye kuch to acha ho.. Jbtak lak jb tk h wo use bhula b toh ni payega… Any1 agree wid me???

  25. actually the puchka seen is totally edited from olv to original episode the peck seen missed and first swara gives sanky panipuri but she intentionally gives to feed him but she ate that after that he puts 2 at a time and there is a dialouge they celebrating for baba its missed… editing is bad.. please cvs edit it carefully dont cut the scenes… and raglak scene in olv they played hamari adhuri kahani song but in episode they didnt played… totalediting was bad… please editing achha karo… dont cut it…. olv to original episode total changes..

  26. is there any relation between pani puri wala and kavya / what revenge she talking about and in precap the house burnt is fb before 5years or upcoming? one thing is sure she came to mm for revenge not for laksh love… and in precap swara is in bed i think she hurt herself from something…. for kavya something big revelation going to happen and she said all relations will missed up? about whom she talking any elder of the house?

  27. Hey guys, Swasan won the Best Jodi,
    Varun Kapoor won the best Actor award
    Helly Shah won the Best Actress award
    and most importantly
    Swasan won the Best Fandom award due to a lot of crazy fans like us….


  28. Nice epi..bt max scene kaat diya idiots editors ne isse achha toh olv tha..I SW dat olv of puchka scene..
    N I saw post of rags n raglak fans on fb Insta dat dey r go on bashing helly..aree isme helly kya glti wo award jiti toh..n bashing channel..Rivanya fans r doing trp jaap..couple popularity doesn’t depend on trp..SR doesn’t hv dat much trp bt swasan is so popular..ppl voted dem alot..dats y dey won..kisine roka nai tha unhe vote dene ke liye.. Channel hs gvn awards based on votes..I voted for helly as well as teju,varun,namish n swasan..from my multiple IDs..I saw on Twitter dat swasan won best fandom award too..aur kya proof chahiye ye log ko..dey hv max fans..dats y dey won..n helly is fab actress RS ne bhi khud bola..wo uske saath pehle bhi kaam kr chuki hai..sm ppl r saying if varun gt d award y nt namish..honestly speaking namish ka acting utna achha nai hai..kuchh scene wo achhe krta hai..i knw he is hardworking bt kahi na kahi wo utna achha nai kr pata..sry namish fans here..bt varun is so consistent.. Mentally disabled one ka acting neg acting den completely positive one its jus outstanding..n swasan deserve best Jodi award aisi love story or chemistry mene kisi show me nai dekhi..rather dan bashing nw dey shud hv voted dem..
    Sry if I hurt anyone bt dats wat I think..who got max votes unko award mila..n i dnt think isme kuchh galat hai..ab bolne se achha vote kiya hota..toh unko bhi award milta..

  29. Congrats swasan…v al love u..soo much…

  30. Hey yar connect me to in your group I am also a very big fan of swasan as well as swaragini.

  31. it’s not bashing and ya they are saying their view because CVS are always partial between swara and ragini they always give importance to swasan and they show ragini and lakshya as weak character intact they 4 are leads of show swaragini is incomplete without ragini they are not bashing helly they are bashing stupid CVS who never take right decision people love helly because they show helly as good MAHAAN devi but y ragini is portyed as villain she is also a lead why lot of partiality in this show please do answer I know it’s viewers choice award but people chose swara because she was seen positive n ragini was in negative role it all happened because of CVS they have spread hatred between raglak n swasan fans their are very lessswaragini fans in all pages because swaragini fans are divided in parts of swasan, raglak, swalak, ragsan, kavlak ect why?? because they do injustice showing two characters fully loaded with goodness and intelligence and two characters fully loaded with hatred n they are seen dump why??? if all 4 are leads then story should also be good storyline swasan fans want only swasan love scenes,,, and raglak fans want justice I really don’t understand why CVS are spreading hatred between people? they are hurting all fans of theirshow ” ‘ it’s swaragini show not swasan

    1. Well I’m a helly fan and it’s not becoz of she’s got a positive role in Swaragini it’s becoz she’s a good actress and so is varun.

  32. o god kintne gande h log koi kahta h teju ko nahi aati h acting toh koi kahta h ki helly ko nhi aati h sabse pahle toh yeh batao ki aapko acting ki a bhi aati h …..en hi sab jagdo ke wajah se ashoka ko 6 awards mila h or swaragini ko sirf 3

    or pls heltej ko bashing karna band karo kise ke acting ke kadar nhi karne aati h na toh sikh lo yeh show heltej ke wajah se hi chal raha

    koi ayse fans bhi h jinhone kaha tha ki helly varun ke sath jayda achi lagti h uski wife se jayda i think abhi heva ke bich me promblem chal raha h

    ek itni achi frndship toh todi hi chuke ho kya ab heltej ke bhi frndship todna chhahte ho ….u people r really disgusting …..plsss unki frndship mat todo guys kya heltej ne apka kuch bigada h jo aise bate karte jo uske bare me
    ek pic kya aaya h tevar ka sab yahi kah rahe h teju kitna chipkti h varun se toh koi kah raha h varun kyun humesa teju se chipkta rahta h ….o god kya inki bhi frndship todni h ….yaar humsab ka favourite serial swaragini h hume in sabka support karna chahiye …… guys mein abhi sirf 12 years old hu i think meine kise ko hurt nhi kiya hoga .

    kya teju ne aapse kaha h helly se usse prblem h kya helly ne kaha h ke usko teju se prmblem h nhi na toh phir aapko kyun h guysss …..ab toh swaragini bhi mil gayi h ab kya heltej ke fans ek nhi hosakte h kon aysa actor h jo teju ke itna alag alag type ka role kar sakta h kon aisa actor h jo helly

    1. Oh Ashoka ko 6 awards miley hain,its great.I am very fond of CAS serial especially Siddharth Nigam. I am very happy that both my favorite shows have bagged that much awards.Thanks for this piece of news Manvi.☺

  33. jo helly ke jaisa itna kam age me itna fam ho sakta h

    1. Well said manvi I think people should stop comparing between helly and tejaswi becoz them both are good actress.

  34. S
    thank you..
    Yes they hav cut many scenes from olv..y did they do it?swasan ka scenes tho bahut hi kam samay aatha hai..usme fir bhi unhone ache scenes kaat dhi tho..galat baath hai na??:-(

  35. Bs kar manvi 12 yrs ki age me itna dimag mat dauda..
    Studies me dhyan de…
    Serial Gyan fans gyan baatna shobha nhi deta choti bacchi ko..??

  36. disha di i m sry if hurt u …….

  37. guys could you tell me the name of fan fiction in which Sanskar is Swara’s boss and he calls her ms.gadodia,swara hears some one calls Saskar’s name,but other couldn’t hear it .

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