Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar returning the money to the goons without knowing them. Swara and Sahil see him giving money and mistaken him. Sahil asks her to come with him. Sahil sits in his car and drives the car. Shekhar tells Sumi that he is relieved as Swara remembers her marriage now. Sumi is still sad. Shekhar asks what happened? Sumi cries and says I want this baby, but not in this circumstances. Shekhar apologizes to her and says I don’t know what to do. I just know that I don’t want to lose you, and will be with you at every step. Sumi asks him to support her in her decision, and says she don’t want this baby or their daughter to hear people taunts. She says today Ragini’s inlaws knows and tomorrow everyone will know, asks him to support her. Sanskar calls on Swara’s number.


picks the call and says she must be there, search her. Sanskar says okay. He calls Sahil then, but his number is switched off. Sanskar wonders where is she? Sahil stops the car somewhere and asks Swara to drink water. Swara says I don’t want. Sahil insists. She drinks it. Sahil says how can I think him good and apologizes to Swara. Swara says my doubt came true now. Sahil says I thought Sanskar is good. Swara says he is double face, and says he sent goons to kill me. She says my destiny is bad. Sahil says why do he want to kill you.

Ragini thinks about Sujata taunts and Sumi’s declaration.Laksh comes to his room ad sees Ragini tensed. He asks what you are doing? Ragini says she is getting Swara’s room ready. Laksh says this is not cover of this pillow. Ragini says she has taken a decision and asks him to support her. Laksh says okay and asks her to tell. Ragini shares her decision with Laksh. Laksh hears her and asks are you sure? Ragini says yes. Laksh says I am with you as you are doing right. Ragini thanks him. Sujata asks Utara to take out rasgulla from the fridge which she made for Swara. Sanskar comes home and tells everyone that he couldn’t meet Swara. Annapurna asks what do you mean? Durga Prasad didn’t she come there?

Sahil comes and says she is with me. Sanskar asks where is Swara? Sahil says she is with me and is safe. He says I can’t think that you can stoop so low. Sanskar asks what do you mean? Sahil says you are double standard man and says he sent goons to kill Swara. Everyone is shocked except Parineeta. Sahil says Swara’s fear turned true today. Sujata says my son can never do this. Laksh says Sanskar loves her very much. Sanskar says I couldn’t find her there and called you, but your phone was off. Sahil says you would have attacked us in car also. Laksh says my bhai is good. Sahil says you might be mistaken about him. He says Swara is fine and asks Sanskar to keep away from Swara. HE says you have to deal with me.

Sujata says what is happening and asks Annapurna to come. Sanskar stops them and says nobody will go anywhere. He says this is a misunderstanding which will be cleared with time and I don’t want to hurt Swara. Sujata says don’t know what will happen. Parineeta thinks who sent these goons? Ragini tells Shekhar that Swara is misunderstanding Sanskar and said that he sent goons to kill her. Shekhar says he can’t do this. Sumi says I am afraid for her. Swara comes and asks really? She says you all have hidden my marriage truth from me. She says I am caught in a bad marriage. He tried to kill me again.

Ragini says Sanskar loves you very much and can never harm you even in your dreams. Swara says I can’t trust you, as I remember his hatred when he shoot me. Ragini says there was a reason. Swara says it was hatred. She says Sahil was with me when the goons attacked us. She says we went to police station and saw his criminal record. Shekhar says Sanskar can’t do this. Swara says I saw him giving money to goons. Ragini says he tried to save you and that’s why shot at you. Swara says you have betrayed me and hidden the truth. Ragini says this is wrong. Swara says I don’t want to hear anything now and can’t trust you.

Swara asks Ragini and Laksh if they have decorated her room. Laksh says my brother have done this. Swara refuses to stay in Sanskar’s room. Later Sanskar wears rockstar get up to woo Swara.

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  1. vennela

    Omg….I can’t tolerate this sahil anymore….. How dare he to blame sanky….??? Even this swara….she is not ready to believe her family…but she blindly trust that stupid..n she is not even trying to know the truth…idiot..

  2. anu

    are yaar kitne din same precap from last week same precap they are showing … dragging episodes like anything nt liking this swara..and even in earlier also swara bose is not like this she is strong girl why cvs are hell bend to show swara as weak.. please cvs for god sake dont show swara like this swara bose is not weak she is so strong… literally i love swara and sanskar but due to u people in tdy episode i dont like swara.. sahil instigating her.. one day they are dragging from last 3 episodes.. hate cvs itna dragging… please change the precap… nw so much have to be there rags show swasan pics to her and rags faint drama and swara back in mm and refuses to stay with sanskar and her finger cut and she asks him to leave house and sanskar leaves home. rags thappad to pari. after that sanskar as kissan entry.. sahil games started. dont show swara like this..

  3. Apra

    Waiting for sanskar rock look need a help from u all I read a fabric of ragsan but forgot its name and even the writers name plz if any 1 of u identify reply a link of the. Latest episode so here are sominstances which I remember laksh is a fashion designer and calls rqgini as gini ragsan danced in a party and ragini left her heart pendent wit him ragini has frnds named samiksha and shilpa 6 or 7 episodes I think r written yet so if any 1 can figure out that which ff I m talking about then do help

  4. Shagun

    I want to slap that double face sahil
    Bada aaya sanskar ko swara se alag rakhne wala
    Pagal kahi ka

  5. s

    please cvs dont show swara like this when her memory back she repent all this and like hell i am nt bashing her but because of cvs showing like they distroy ragya and still some people didnt like rags as she told sanskar try to misbehave with her.. still some are nt accepting it and why you cvs hell bent to show swara like this if you show her like this now all will hate swara and after her memory back may be some people will not like swara as she is so rude with sanskar i am nt bashing her jere please cvs dont show swara… bring original swara bose and mrs. maheshwari back…

  6. anu

    or may be due to helly exams they are dragging this track like this so slow speed like snail i think… due to her exams they completed swara shots and scenes first and then all others shots as she will have exams so may be kissan entry and track back exactly when helly free from her exams so after that exact track will start.. just i am thinking..

  7. XXX-man of future

    WHY THE SAME PRECAP?? THEY ARE CONTINUING FOR THREE DAYS!! Getting pissed off with this same pre cap.

  8. Shona/Laado

    wow superb episode. But swara atleast trust ylur mother. Now I’m thinking who send goons to harm swara if it s pari to unhi gundo se isse maar daalugi. Bechara sanky. Im d first to comment yipeee.

  9. Omg can’t tolerate this sahil anymore, who is he to say that he can’t trust Sanky and can’t make him meet swara , he is no one , swara’s family will decide for her , now I’m really hating this memory loss track plz change it as soon as possible ,

  10. loveleen

    y cnt we get sm raglak scences wen der is no swasan scences….wen swasan r togthr we dnt get to see raglak ab jab tym hai y r dey nt shwing raglak sweet moments…..n wats dis getup of sanky long hairs…n calling himself kisan…dats so weird..

  11. Yr yeh sahil ki jaan le lungi main…..stupid kahin ka….I m sure yeh gunde usne hi bheje honge….?????
    But they r seriously draging it alot…I mean kan se vohi precap thoda pace bhadao yr aaj mujhe swara pe bahut gussa aaya I know her situation but just can’t c my sanky like this

  12. unknown

    Nonsense I am hating Swara now,Ragini was an antagonist but she is not much characterless like Swara.
    Laksh Sanskar Saahil,how dare she can.
    I think she didn’t loved both Sanlak
    He didn’t tried to rescue Laksh and didn’t loved Sanskar. Once she knowingly lost the bangles which was gifted by Sanskar and now she unknowingly lost his ring. She doesn’t deserves any guy.

  13. Swara u blo*dy idiot! u saw records of Sanskar going to jail once , but what about ur records? U went to prison for an alleged murder and again with the whole family for violence in the household. Even if u were proved innocent both times, police wont erase the data of who was arrested first. Sad thing none of the police staff didn’t recognise you.
    Loved Lucky today.Now they r really draggin this show o the core. They release thier OlVs months ago. The television world has a tough time catchin up. For example. sahil has tuned obsessive an taken up drinkin and Lucky and Ragini had a car accident which proves in front of the family about Ragini’s fake pregnancy.

  14. ishu(Tamil Ponnu)

    if i can i will give more then two tight slap to swara….she is so dumb….she doesnt believe her mother none otherthen sahill…
    now..i feel so sad for my sanskar…he so upset for this stupid swara behavior…she always show attitude to sanky….bt this time its toooo much…
    i just hope sanky realize his love for her…

  15. nitya

    Please CVS end this ml track, don’t Portia swara character like this dump she is bold girl, feed up with this track unite swasan fast

  16. Cvs pls handle dis track correctly…we have lots of hopes…but present episodes r really boring…not givimg swasans cosmic connections too…we know atlast swasan will be united…we too want tosee hate story will change to love story…so pls concentrate on dat track properly

  17. This swara is getting on my nerves. Instead of showing something stupid lyk tz show some raglak cute scenes. We raglak fans r also gud in number n r waiting fo some raglak cute scenes. Actually writers cud ave shown ragsan bonding too. Lyk juju saali relation or frendship. Their offscreen frnshp z adorable n their onscreen bonding wud ave rocked. Bt cvs r busy spoiling all the characters

  18. sanju

    what hell cvs.. cvs sanskar criminal record and went jail for 1time,, that time swara also went and total mm family.. then why didnt police tell her that she also in jail and all whats wrong with this.. and pari what she telling is ab swara kisne naya dushman bana liya.. please hating pari.. shut her mouth how many -ve charcters pari and sahil hating it dragging.. please cvs dont ruin swara character for turning sahil negative.. please she is strong woman.. dont spoil swara character.. what sahil think of him self warning sanskar.. cvs are you out of mind or what? showing same precap frm 1week you will nt get viewers all there iintrest will run by seeing same precap … hate u cvs.. for sahil obessive dont ruin swara character… if this is swasan centric track then why you are showing pari drama and fp drama and shomi drama… shut that all.. dont clumsy all tracks and ruin good track.. jab tak kissan entry hogi tab tak all people intrest will go down becz of ur precap and dragging episodes…

  19. Annu

    Stupid sahil ???????he don’t have shame at all dirty sahil l will kill sahil chudelllll……. idiot….. ????????

  20. swara ko yeh yaad hain ki sanskar ne goli chalai par yeh nahi ki ushi ne kaha tha……..”shoot sanskar shoot”…..such a ****** aur kitne logo se saath affair hoga swara ka…….laksh…. sanskar…………sahil……………..arey kisi ko toh chod do!!!!!…………GOOD GOD GRACIOUS!! huh!!

  21. satya

    this swara is really getting on my nerve. Why didn’t they question which attack are they talking about and when.
    trying to stretch the story.-time to drop this sitcom.

  22. juhi

    Swara you idiot just go to hell
    Why are you not beliving at your family members and sahil i want to kill you

  23. juhi

    Sanskar leave that idiot swara she dont deserve you even kavita is better than swara
    And swara just stop calling him murderer otherwise i will kill you and your idiot sahil

  24. Isha

    geez, so much hatred for Swara. but people are forgetting that she has had a major accident, has a partial memory loss and is now in a very vulnerable situation which Sahil is using to his full advantage. Swara’s parents are afraid to tell her the truth as she is in a fragile situation now. Agreed that Sanskar is being hurt but can’t blame Swara for that. sometimes situations go out of control. the people who are positive and fight their battles even in such situations are the winners which Sanskar will be doing it

    and the people calling Swara as characterless, no one has the right to call anyone as characterless. People who had few relationships do not become characterless. and that is the reality. if she has fallen in love twice in her life and she is trusting Sahil now because she is in a fragile situation, that does not make her a promiscuous person. if it is so, half of the world falls in that category.

    I am getting irritated with this Sahil more than any other antagonist in this show.

    • zelia rockzzz

      Swaragini is about the story of two sisters Swara & Ragini who hail from different cultures. The 2 sisters abbreviate them as SwaRagini. To know more search in Google & refer to Wikipedia. But to say the title is absolutely baseless if u refer to the plot due to the bl***y CVS. They show Swara only as the main lead & Ragini as a side role.

  25. Omg…this much hatered towards swara …guys after knowing the truth for swara…can u atleast even think how much pain she will get in return…now cvs r giving irritating swaras character bcs its their logic to show her like that….then only we will get intense scenes after swara gaining her memory

  26. And some people are saying swara is characterless…how can they say like that if falling love in twice is said to be characterles means sanskar is also characterles and what about laksh…he had fallen in love 3 times…about ragini she accused sanskar for fake molestation…what we have to name that….first pls answer me before saying swara characterless

  27. juhi

    I agree with you seebu
    She is not a characterless girl
    But she is very very rude to sanskar

  28. Shona/Laado

    I completely agree with you Isha and seebu. iimask swara to believe her mom but never ever will state my swaragini characterless,etc.

  29. Rini

    Hi I follow the swaragini episodes regularly and I am very sure that the goons were sent by Sahil as he is in love with Swara and he was the one who told Swara to call Sanskar in the nature’s Park.

  30. Shona/Laado


  31. Hi there guys what’s up how are you all? I’m back after a long time. People are calling swara characterless but why? She’s not a characterless person for falling in love twice. I mean how many times did sunskar and laksh fall in love. If things don’t work out then people are allowed to move on with their life, they are allowed to fall in love again. Yes swara is behaving rude towards sunskar but it’s bcoz she lost her memory. I’m sure once she remembers she will feel bad and guilty for her behaviour. 1 thing I’m not liking is that sahil guy I mean who does he think he is, hate him and hope he gets lost soon.

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