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Sharmista comes to the room and takes a seat, she bends to take her shoes off. Shikhar comes reminding its forbidden and helps her. Parvati comes in and inquire about the swelling, she makes up that it was an little injury. Parvati says what’s different with her, then realizes it’s her saree. A lady comes calling Parvati. Shikhar sends her out, shuts the door. Mishti was concerned about finding a way to go to Banaras to get the child to Ragini. Shikhar assures he will find a way.
Ragini was in her room when her cell phone rings, it was Bhabi. She informs Ragini about an appointment with Dr. Gulati. There will be a call at home for confirmation of this appointment. Ragini denies going there. Bhabi warns her to stop cutting her calls, else she will disclose her lie and won’t be responsible for

what happens to her mother. Ragini requests Bhabi not to do so, but Bhabi demands they have to do what she wants. They will bring her back to home. She wants to meet Swara tomorrow, the sooner the better for her. Ragini was upset when Laksh comes there. She tells him about Bhabi’s call, Laksh suggests about calling her tomorrow in temple. He takes Ragini downstairs, as there is inspector at home making a plan to catch Sahil. The inspector instructs all the workers would be their men.
In the room, Swara comes to help Sanskar with his coat buttons. He assures her that everything would be fine. She was worried for him and hugs him. She shares her concern watching him yesterday, Sanskar trusted themselves and their love. There is a knock at the door, Anuparna comes in and assures nothing will happen. She had come for security thread for both and blesses them both.
The inspector gives the Bluetooth to Laksh and show them his staff members as the labor around. He hands a gun to Swara assuring her not to worry, this is just for her safety. Sanskar warns them all not to talk to police, Sahil has no idea police will also be here.
An old Pandit lights the candle in temple, it was Sahil. Maya tries Sahil’s number and was worried as he wasn’t attending her call. Anuparna was hopeful he will come. There is a bell in temple, Maya was sure that Sahil will never lose the birthday Pooja of his Papa. They all go to take part in the Pooja. Someone in veil taps Ragini’s back, she was shocked to see Bhabi. Swara comes there to hold her. Sanskar and Laksh stand alert. Ragini thinks about taking Swara inside. Maya was worried that it never happened that Sahil doesn’t come for the Pooja. Sanskar and Laksh wonder where Sahil is. Maya allows the Pandit to begin the Aarti, Durga thinks he might not come. The Pandit was actually Sahil, he thinks even sea can’t drag him inside how can they catch him so easily. The Pooja begin.
Ragini takes Swara inside to tell her something. Bhabi was hidden on the side of the wall, Ragini stops her and forbids her call the police. She goes to request Bhabi to go away, she will speak to Swara once Sahil’s matter is over.
Swara watches someone tied under the table, she bends with the gun in her hand and was shocked to see the Pandit tied there. Ragini and Swara untie his hands calling Laksh and Sanskar. Sanskar wonder if it’s Sahir doing the Aarti, he alerts Laksh and comes to the hall shouting Sahil. Sahil stops the Aarti and turns around.

PRECAP: Sanskar and sahir beat each other. Sanskar fell back on the corner of table.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nice episode
    swaragini was looking beautiful i heard sahil will force swara to marry him will sankar will be able to save swara to scared and nervous because of my results as iam a deploma student in chemical engg department in sjp banglore waiting for 2sem results mood off frustrated mind is just blank is there any one of my feld or engg feld after this iwill do my be

    1. All d bst kee☺☺

      1. Thank u girl

    2. yes ma sis

      1. thank uuuu

  2. Ahhhh boringggg….jst stop dis sahil n pari drama now…fade up of all dis….jst want raglak good track …☺

  3. i to agree want raglak only raglak track always episode will be full of swasan raglak only.for some seconds cvs hate hate u to core

  4. Good luck to you in your exams Kee.

    1. Thank u:-)

  5. Ufff….in this boring episode i liked only swasan scene….swara looking too pretty in wet hair…even though there is small swasan scene they nailed it…love u swasan

  6. RagLak❤️

  7. I completed my diploma now perusing b.tech ,but in civil engineering.I am a South Indian I am watching this serial mainly to learn Hindi.I am a crazy fan for swaragini (colors) and ganga(&TV). don’t worry kee all things will happen cool,all the best for your interest.

    1. thank u meera civil engg good choice

  8. Kind of boring.. Shahil track is so irritating..
    I wish this track to be ended track soon..

  9. no improvement in trp this clearly shows swasan only can’t increase the trp when will cvs understand this

  10. Angel smiley

    Pls want only sanswara and raglak scene , want them to be pregnent

  11. Hi kindly share me link in which trp if serial for current week can be seen, due change in timings n mahaepisode of ashoka swaragini trp is low colors please start serial at 9.30

  12. Please give some proper raglak track…it is boring and irritating toooo..

  13. Ragini is looking so beautiful…we love u Tejaswini a lot… Please stop the drama of parish and make her a good one… We want parish as good as earlier in maheswari house

  14. Abhilasha.....

    awsm….episode sawsan jst rockzz……. swaragini rockz….. :-* :-*

  15. Want raglak

  16. This show is getting boring day by day
    No improvement in trp because of this boring sahil track
    Please cvs give some proper scenes of swasan and raglak

  17. Best of luck for your result kee

    1. thank u juhi what ur studing girl

      1. I am studing in 12 class
        I am from bio group

  18. I want to request raglak fans don’t watch this show as we r hoping they show proper raglak track but sorry they never show it they always concentrate swara only

    1. exactly nisha.i’ve already stopped watching it few mnths ago itself.jz reading d updates wth a hope bt f no use.i dn think tr z ny chance in future too.our request r falling on deaf ears.really frustrating.il quit reading updates too.

  19. Hi swaragini fans..parineeta bhabhi…naam mein tho tum pari ho par kaam tho chudail jesi he..end this pari track soon and also sahil. Annoying fellow ..cute swasan and raglak..swara u look gorgeous ..

  20. Vyshu10

    swasan scenes were cute

    i don’t know d makers r in love with objects than characters…..aathi diya got more screenspace than some of d characters

  21. Really boring of parineetha track….pls end that track….n cvs ruined shomi-swara relation…now ruining shomi-ragini relation also….

    N guys last week swaragini is having only 4 episodes n no promotion to swaragini serial….also serial is starting at 9:40-45….pls start swaragini at 9:30….

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