Swaragini 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara feels dizzy and tells Ragini that she is feeling tired. She asks where did you go from hospital. Ragini says she went to meet Laksh, as she felt he needs someone after the hotel incident. Swara thanks her and calls her best sister in the world ( oblivious to Ragini’s enmity towards her and her snatch Laksh mission). Ragini looks at her dizzy condition. She asks are you afraid of marriage. Swara says she is not afraid and Laksh is going to be her husband soon. She says that marriage is happening fast. She goes to freshen up while Ragini searches Swara’s laptop and notes down something. Laksh gets ready to go out. Sanskar insists to meet Ragini and calls him lucky.

Laksh smiles and asks him to come. Swara asks Sumi about Dida. Sumi says she will be fine soon. Swara’s friends come there.

Ragini looks evilly. Her friends tells that Ragini told them about her marriage talks. Ragini asks them to go and sit in canteen for a talk. She says she is going to temple( what a big lier). Evil Ragini come to meet Laksh and gives prasad to Sanskar. Sanskar says I saw you on big TV and Durga Prasad scolded Laksh. Laksh asks Sanskar to sit in the car as he needs to talk to Ragini. Sanskar agrees and goes to sit in the car. Laksh apologizes to her for news telecast, and asks did you bring that. Ragini takes out drug syringe and bottle. Laksh is shocked. He asks Ragini to sit in the car. They go to hospital and consult a doctor. The doctor tells that it is a banned drug and the person gets addicted to it. Sanskar and Ragini smile victoriously. Laksh asks Doctor not to tell anyone. Ragini feigns as protective for Swara. Laksh says he have to talk to Swara. Ragini asks her not to talk to Swara. She gets afraid that her crime will be revealed to Laksh. (She has been giving drugs to Swara, to snatch Laksh from her).

Doctor tells Sumi that they can take Dida home. Sumi thanks the God, and says you will be fine after reaching home. Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini come there. Sumi tells Ragini that Doctor is discharging Dida. Ragini recalls Dida knowing about her truth and gets tensed. Laksh says he will meet Swara and come. Sanskar insists to be with Ragini for some time. Ragini says she will drop Sanskar there. She asks Sumi to understand and asks her to let them spend some time with each other.

Laksh comes to canteen and sees Swara missing. Evil Ragini come there and pretends to enquire with Swara’s friends. Her friends say that we are searching for Swara. Swara went somewhere and was walking unconsciously. Laksh asks them not to inform anyone. Swara’s friends are also with Ragini in her plan, and gives auto number to Laksh. Sanskar and Ragini look at each other. Laksh comes to the RTO office to enquire about the auto number. Sanskar talks with Ragini, and says we are not bad humans. Ragini smiles evilly. Laksh comes back. Sanskar gets on the car and says he is hungry. Laksh cries. Sanskar signs Ragini to give water to Laksh. Ragini acts as concerned for Laksh, and tells him that Swara was walking unconsciously. She tells that Swara’s phone was charged fully, and tells that she told her something yesterday. She tells that she recorded her conversation and Swara is unhappy with this marriage. Laksh is shocked.

Laksh asks what are you saying? Ragini plays the compromised recording of Swara, wherein she tells that she is afraid that everything is happening fast. Laksh is shocked. They reach the pub and see swara dancing unconsciously. Swara asks Laksh, who are you?

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  1. Sw

    Omg!!!ragini is a complete psycho!!she is behaving sooo cheaply…so cheap that she is spoiling her sisters respect..shame on u Ragini !!

  2. sakshi

    Kevlamana.ragini oru lusu mental sanskar solrada kettu unnoda sister life fa ipdy kedukkura neeyalam.oru ponna chi asingamanavale

    • Ammam sakshi neenga solluradu correct… .. ennukum inda serial ippo pidikale. Hope somehow they show ragini good again. Now I lost intrest to watch the serial.???

    • sruthi

      crct sakshi .. raginiku konjam kooda moolauye iIla. sanskaar solrada kekura lusu…Ava thangachi evlo panni irukka avalukaga nu i maatingra… ragini Ku arivu illa

  3. Honey

    I stopped watching this after ragini became swara. Now on reading this i thing i should stop reading this too. Ragini cant do this to swara.. She became very bad

  4. Angelina?(anu)

    Same here!!! Hate ragini!!! She is giving swara doses of an baaned medicine????? Oh my Gosh!!!! Jiz hope laksh gets to know d truth soon n save swara…….fingers crossed!!

  5. Ahana

    Ragini is totaly mad… she is a b*t*h, lier, dunkey, chudel, shaitan, selfish etc etc…
    ragini stay away from swalak.. & live with sanskar he is just like u….
    Every one should stop watching this serial…..
    weighting for any good news for swalak……

  6. ?Pradishma?

    Ragini u r such ans ass…. u don’t have any self respect….. shame on u….. from my side a big punch on ur ugly face….???u blo*dy ragini….. u betrayed ur own sis who is ready to sacrifice her own love for her so called sis…. and her sis is back stabbing her….. ragini ur face should be blackened and ppl should spit on u…… I used to hate u I am hating u n I will hate u forever go to hell rags….. u deserve there

  7. rimlim islam

    Wht the f**k ragini kutia sali kal sai aur nahi dakhaungi n wht the shit is gng on itna ovractng krti hai ragini aur gusa ata hai

  8. SaMe here its irating ragini kitna jhoot bolrhi hai uff koi to bachao swara ko i feel very bad for swara & laksh dida plz tell everyone that evil ragini colour finger crossed i also stop watching but now i only readupdates if ragini will suceed in her evil plAns than i will stop reading updates also plz anyone give a tied slap on ragini pysho face she is mad spoiling her own sister repetition…

  9. Angelina?(anu)

    Writers plz reveal truth fast!!! Can’t see swara lyk this….n btw at least one gud news..

    Did a is back!!!

  10. Olive

    Hey guys. Sorry I left.. Sruthi I missed you too.. School didn’t start yet but some classes being held.. So I had to come to Alaska.. People here are not very friendly.. 🙁 I miss talking to you guys..

  11. Ragini’s character protrays very bad amongst sisters. She is doing too much…….. high time the truth has to be revealed……. not so interesting now ….. as I feel bad for swara n laksh

  12. Tanvi

    Ragini u blo*dy kamini,,u fool,,idiot,baster,, churel,, I wish i was in swara’s place and slap u hardly…mental…leave thiz show..How dare u?? …
    plz god give me chance to slap ragini for once,,how can anybody do thiz with her sister…
    which sister alwayz stand by her side nd love her so much……..kamini,,
    tu kamini hain….nautanki sali….ullu kahi ki..

  13. Tanvi

    I think u will not get any place in hell too,,
    O God!! i can’t see swara like diz,,she is so sweet,,how can anybody do thiz with with her,,
    cheap Ragini i used to hate u…bt now i don’t wanna see u’r ugly face….Haha!!! wearing swara’s dress U look more dump…. kamini kahiki…
    Go to hell!!

  14. Tanvi

    B’coz of thiz ragini everybody should stop watching swaragini,, thn the writer will understand how much we love swara…i have stop watching it…jst read thiz update..

  15. ?Pradishma?

    Hai buddy!!!!! Don’t say that ppl there r not good… u will surely adjust….. there r y will u miss us….. v r always with u buddy….. and please keep cmg here like this

  16. ?Pradishma?

    Swara pls don’t sacrifice ur true love for ur selfish cheap sis….. who didn’t even thinked twice doing so cheap things….. and rags i always used to hate u but I used to respect u a bit… but now i hate u to the bottom of my heart u jerk ragini u used to look ugly in traditional wear but in modern u a b*t*h…… f**k u rags

  17. ragini has became so evil. n so selfish. wen dis serial was come on tv , i feel dis is d story of between love of two sister bt now i think , i was totaly wrong. i will not watch it yet ragini realizes dat she has done bad wid swara.

  18. alifa

    Omg!!!!dis character doesnt suits ragini…as she was very good among all bt hw can be she soo…cheap just for laksh…

    • Thank u, don’t mind but nature doesn’t depend on country, I have heard people from India who r Hindu r very rude to shia Pakistani but I got many Hindu frnds here no1 was rude to me till now besides sum stupid people

  19. I also do’nt belive on these stupid things. d country, culture, religon, clothes etc., i do not c all these thing in a person n it doesn matter for me. it is d only thing dat is”behaviour” attracts me.

  20. ?Pradishma?

    Yes that rohan went yesterday I told tu team on fb and they deleted his comments and blocked his mail I’d….. but hope he doesn’t comes with another mail id

  21. ?Pradishma?

    But each one doesn’t believe that…. ppl show kno now that God is only one and it doesn’t matter who is of which religion….

  22. shabbu

    This is too much!! Pls stop showing ragini evil!! If they show like this , sisters bonding will be affected in real life!! Feeling very sad for swara…….. This is all becoz of cvs….

      • Dats y I complained, I m glad they didnt remove u from here on gayathri aunty ammu n prabha’s saying n m happy they helped me

      • ?Pradishma?

        I don’t think so that loser would have complained…. and if they would have complained then tu team can’t remove me cuz I hadn’t did anything wrong

  23. shabbu

    Never say [email protected]!!

  24. ?Pradishma?

    Punkin pls yaar come to fb wanted to share something with u…… anu is not here pls clear my doubt……

  25. ?Pradishma?

    Aditi wanted to be popular and she wanted to many frnds on tu…. she asked me for frndship and I said yes soon she asked can v be sisters and I said yes….. but later she used her fake name once I thought she only did this and I said infront of her but she said she didn’t did it and I believed her but next time she crossed her limits and she started abusing me and herself only calling her self fake…..that time I understood she did all that and I confronted her and she said yes and started basing me saying I didn’t trust her….. but anu sara helped me later she asked for forgiveness and sara and anu forgaved her but I didn’t later sara trusted her but she abused her badly and her true face was once again revealed

  26. Her name was Alia she betrayed me and then she asked for forgiveness and i forgave her and we are best friends now i know it sounds WEIRD LOL

    • ?Pradishma?

      So sweet yaar but I can’t forgive she betrayed me two times and she hurted sara a lot

    • ?Pradishma?

      I kno I believe in forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future but aditi did that many times so she can never ever be my frnd

    • ?Pradishma?

      Awww so sweet of u di…. but please u also have ur own choice na don’t keep that as ur name…… I dont want u to write that in ur name….. keep ur name di….. don’t get me wrong

    • ?Pradishma?

      Wait don’t give here i have dhanu di’s id I will give u and henna di wait don’t give here……

  27. shabbu

    Prads u mentioned in one of the symbol!! I got to know from tat..
    N one more thing is tat person replied u on another person’s name!!! Hope no one finds tat!!

  28. Angelina?(anu)

    Hiiii guyz!!! Sorry yarr prads….I was not there wen u were in problem……

    • ?Pradishma?

      Don’t u ever again say sry…..I kno u must be busy…..but my real bf helped me…. blue dp.wala hope u will understand who he was ?

  29. Angelina?(anu)

    Yes prads u only told na yesterday that u fell in love wid a boy named arjun ….he’s a NYC guy!!!???

    • shabbu

      Just wanna complete b.ed n do a job.. Wanna become a teacher!! BBut……… My brothers n parents won’t allow to work.. They say we are there … No need of working…

    • shabbu

      And moreover my both brothers are elder than me.. So they strictly don’t allow me to work!! 😛

  30. Liya cum to Fb I will tell everything n shabbu I will give my account name later n liya I will tell u later ok bye guys

  31. ?Pradishma?

    Swara is drunk and not able to go out of her room. She wants to rush in her engagement knowing Lakshya is waiting for her. She did not drink but Sanskaar has made her drink forcibly. Ragini planned this with Sanskaar. He changes his getup and meets Swara in Marwadi disguise. Ragini and Sanskaar stop Swara from reaching her engagement with Lakshya, and add some drugs in her food. Swara consumes the food and she starts acting weird. Ragini is falling to more low levels by playing tricks with her sister. Swara hits Sanskaar on his head by the vase and tries to pull his moustache to see his real face. Ragini comes there and acts to show concern for Swara. She wakes up Sanskaar and asks him whether Swara has seen his face. Sanskaar feeds her wine to show she is drunk, and not is in effect of any drugs. Ragini spoils Swara’s image in Lakshya’s eyes to make him regret to love Swara and come back to Ragini.

    • Angelina?(anu)

      Yes vidya….m fit n fyn now!!!?????????????????????

      N thank u soooo muchhh for asking dear?

  32. sruthi

    OK OK anu. take care….

    anu I m totally disappointed with u …. u r saying thanks… it means I m not ur frnd … ri8?

  33. @henna aditi started first n the one who starts the fight first all blame goes on him/her, u dont know wht she did wid us she has hurt our feelings n i have cried because of her n zahir c baat hai koi ulta seedha bol k ghussa dilaye ga to ghussa ayega sorry if i hurt u

    • ?Pradishma?

      I kno its not my fault at all….. she broke our trust two times and when sara forgaved her later she abused her so badly that tu team had to delete her dirty comment and then also u r saying that….

  34. @prads yr v would hv been at fault if v started the fight first but v dint started how can she blame widout knowing

  35. ?Pradishma?

    But anu y should v explain henna what all happened v kno what all happened v don’t need to give our innocence to anyone

    • ?Pradishma?

      She betrayed sara also when she asked for forgiveness sara forgaved her but she stabbed her from back

  36. Angelina?(anu)

    @ henna, it was she who wanted to become frnz wid us n it was we who made her our frnd.
    Then it was she who broke our trust by abusing us……..n then it was Aditi who asked for our forgiveness….
    It was me n Sara who took pity n forgave her…….(thank god prads did not)
    Then d next day it was she who abused us again….
    Now can u plz say where is our fault?

  37. ?Pradishma?

    And henna who r u to say let me check….. u r not lawyer of tu to tell who was right and who was wrong

    • ?Pradishma?

      What….. how can she survive then…. and she must be weak now…. after operation

    • drips k through pani jata hai na to she will be energetic, may God give her strength for this, take care didi 🙂

    • ?Pradishma?

      U be strong di and….. tc of urself and ur mom…… I will pray to god… and ya don’t be sad…. v r with u tc di

    • ?Pradishma?

      Be strong di…. if u will be like this then how ur mom will be…. be strong it will help her to recover faster…… u have to be strong di

    • :'( v know it is difficult but di u have to be strong, if u wont be strong who will take care of ur mum n who will console her

    • ?Pradishma?

      I kno yaar she is aditi….. aka rohan and khanikar…. cuz they r not that dumb that they will write thier plan thier and y would they say that it was fake aditi …..she was aditi only who was using fake id

  38. sruthi

    hi pradi…anu Sara… be cool. dears

    and i know this rajeshwari is henna. I saw it in some swaragini episode comment. dunno which episode it is …

    and henna u also betrayed us… wat u want.. can’t u read our comments crctly… read from June….

  39. sruthi

    hi didi… send me also msg
    .. my I’d is with pradi n Sara n anu… ask them…

    Pradi sara anu if u r free give my id to Shifa

    as Sara n anu said not to give I’d in tu… u give her….

  40. sruthi

    anu I don’t know what is Google + .. will u explain to me abt it….

    OK I ll check anu

  41. sruthi

    OK no prob Sara
    I thought u r having hrer I’d…
    I ll get from anu…

    @anu my sis (u )will never hurt me. I was saying that u shouldn’t say agn sry n thanks….

  42. Angelina?(anu)

    But vidya u are there in g+…..I saw yr name….shri vidya there…..n it came in ppl u may know

    Anyways g+ is lyk fb only……

  43. ?Pradishma?

    Guys look that rea is a fakey….. tu team deleted her comment anyone knows what she wrote

  44. sruthi

    see that anu.. this rea is also that aditi.. tu has removed her comments… thank u very much tu team….

  45. Angelina?(anu)

    Btw prads..that rajeshwari or rajkumari….whatever……who was she??? Seems as though she was nice

  46. sruthi

    yep Pradi.. we shud be very much careful…

    no Sara I ll read now

    didi I got ur msg..

    anu tomorrow I ll see in my lap abt Google + . its not coming in phone…

  47. sruthi

    i don’t know anu. but in my gmail I got some msg that pradishma want to add u in Google+ and there was a link. I clicked it … I ll check tomorrow about it…
    BTW r u in twitter…

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