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Swara feels dizzy and tells Ragini that she is feeling tired. She asks where did you go from hospital. Ragini says she went to meet Laksh, as she felt he needs someone after the hotel incident. Swara thanks her and calls her best sister in the world ( oblivious to Ragini’s enmity towards her and her snatch Laksh mission). Ragini looks at her dizzy condition. She asks are you afraid of marriage. Swara says she is not afraid and Laksh is going to be her husband soon. She says that marriage is happening fast. She goes to freshen up while Ragini searches Swara’s laptop and notes down something. Laksh gets ready to go out. Sanskar insists to meet Ragini and calls him lucky.

Laksh smiles and asks him to come. Swara asks Sumi about Dida. Sumi says she will be fine soon. Swara’s friends come there.

Ragini looks evilly. Her friends tells that Ragini told them about her marriage talks. Ragini asks them to go and sit in canteen for a talk. She says she is going to temple( what a big lier). Evil Ragini come to meet Laksh and gives prasad to Sanskar. Sanskar says I saw you on big TV and Durga Prasad scolded Laksh. Laksh asks Sanskar to sit in the car as he needs to talk to Ragini. Sanskar agrees and goes to sit in the car. Laksh apologizes to her for news telecast, and asks did you bring that. Ragini takes out drug syringe and bottle. Laksh is shocked. He asks Ragini to sit in the car. They go to hospital and consult a doctor. The doctor tells that it is a banned drug and the person gets addicted to it. Sanskar and Ragini smile victoriously. Laksh asks Doctor not to tell anyone. Ragini feigns as protective for Swara. Laksh says he have to talk to Swara. Ragini asks her not to talk to Swara. She gets afraid that her crime will be revealed to Laksh. (She has been giving drugs to Swara, to snatch Laksh from her).

Doctor tells Sumi that they can take Dida home. Sumi thanks the God, and says you will be fine after reaching home. Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini come there. Sumi tells Ragini that Doctor is discharging Dida. Ragini recalls Dida knowing about her truth and gets tensed. Laksh says he will meet Swara and come. Sanskar insists to be with Ragini for some time. Ragini says she will drop Sanskar there. She asks Sumi to understand and asks her to let them spend some time with each other.

Laksh comes to canteen and sees Swara missing. Evil Ragini come there and pretends to enquire with Swara’s friends. Her friends say that we are searching for Swara. Swara went somewhere and was walking unconsciously. Laksh asks them not to inform anyone. Swara’s friends are also with Ragini in her plan, and gives auto number to Laksh. Sanskar and Ragini look at each other. Laksh comes to the RTO office to enquire about the auto number. Sanskar talks with Ragini, and says we are not bad humans. Ragini smiles evilly. Laksh comes back. Sanskar gets on the car and says he is hungry. Laksh cries. Sanskar signs Ragini to give water to Laksh. Ragini acts as concerned for Laksh, and tells him that Swara was walking unconsciously. She tells that Swara’s phone was charged fully, and tells that she told her something yesterday. She tells that she recorded her conversation and Swara is unhappy with this marriage. Laksh is shocked.

Laksh asks what are you saying? Ragini plays the compromised recording of Swara, wherein she tells that she is afraid that everything is happening fast. Laksh is shocked. They reach the pub and see swara dancing unconsciously. Swara asks Laksh, who are you?

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