Swaragini 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sanskar thinking about Swara’s words, and Kavita’s words and agrees to get engage to Kavita. He says we will get engage tomorrow. Kavita is happy. Sujata asks him if he is happy and says they are doing repentance. She says we don’t have any objection with bengali girl, and blesses him. Ragini asks Urvashi, what she wants to say? Urvashi says Janki came in her dream, was crying badly and is sad. Sumi asks Dadi, if Shekhar does the barsi ritual every year. Dadi says yes. Urvashi says she is saying as Janki told her. Urvashi says Janki is sad about the situation of her death. Dada ji says that incident is very painful and says she had slipped from the stairs. Urvashi says someone pushed her. Ragini says we had already talked about it and it was an accident. Urvashi asks if

you are thinking that me and your mum are lying. Ragini looks on.

Ram tells Sanskar that he has no objection with Kavita. Durga prasad asks him to take a right decision. Sanskar says someone told me to think about other’s happiness. He says Kavita is happy with my decision and I can’t hurt her. Annapurna asks what about your love? Sanskar says me…..Urvashi asks Ragini, if you are happy with your marriage. Swara says I can understand that you got sad about Janki maa. Urvashi says if you don’t trust me, then see if any crow accept this pint daan. A crow comes and doesn’t eat the bhog. Shekhar says it doesn’t happen yet. Urvashi says Janki haven’t get peace. Swara asks when did she come in her dream? Ragini asks her not to start her questioning. Laksh says we can’t take the dream strongly and says it was just a dream. Dadi says we can’t ignore Urvashi’s sayings. Urvashi cries and says she came here to lower the pain Dadi asks her to stay there for few days. Urvashi refuses and taunts Sumi indirectly. Sumi asks her to stay. Even Shekhar insists. Dadi takes her to room.

Swara sees glass piece in the bhog and thinks that’s why crows rejected the bhog. She wonders from where did it came from. She gets Sanskar’s message that he has taken a decision. Kavita brings Sanskar to the room and shows the money. She says she has opened her FD and asks him to count the money. Sanskar asks why did you open your FD? Kavita says she want to give him best ring on their engagement. Sanskar asks her to take medicine first. Kavita says she will wear pink lehenga for their engagement and need a gift after engagement. Sanskar asks what do you want? Kavita reminds him of the song which he sung for her. …..A fb is shown, Sanskar sings Tumse Hi song for Kavita years back. Fb ends. Kavita hugs him and says it seems like a yesterday moment. She asks him to sing song on their engagement. Sanskar says I haven’t sing again. Kavita says as you loved me only. She kisses on his cheek and leaves. Sanskar says circumstances are changed.

Swara tells Ragini that her intentions are not wrong. Laksh tells Ragini that he is waiting for her outside. Ragini says you tried to separate me and my husband, but your plan backfired and you got separated from Sanskar. Swara says she want to do something for her loved ones. Ragini tells her that Sanskar was never hers and asks when will she stop snatching other’s love. Just then Kavita comes there, and calls Swara and Ragini.

Sujata asks Sanskar if he is happy with the alliance. She says she has accepted the alliance, but Annapurna said that Sanskar is unhappy. She asks are you happy with this marriage? She says if you refuses, then I will not let this happen. Sanskar says I am happy and wants Kavita’s happiness. Sujata says I want to hear this and blesses him. Kavita tells Swara and Ragini that she got address from Uttara. She says there is less time for her engagement and says she wants everything to be perfect. She says Ragini will be there. She invites Swara for their engagement. Swara is shocked. Ragini gets happy and says it is good news. Swara congratulates her and says I am very happy for you. Kavita hugs and thanks her. She says I will invite everyone. Ragini tells Swara that water is splashed on your hopes and it is broken now. She says now you will feel the pain of my pain. Swara says I felt the same pain as it happened with me before also, and asks if she felt the pain which she felt when her sister betrayed her. Ragini says I am happy that you will not return in my house and life. She thanks her for keeping the barsi and says she will pray for her mother’s soul. Swara says I will pray that hatred should go from your life and you should enjoy life fully.

Ragini asks Sumi and Shekhar if they will come. Urvashi says they will come. Swara congratulates Sanskar on phone and says Kavita came to invite them. Sanskar says I am not forcing you to come and says I will agree with your decision. Sumi says she can’t attend the function and says she has some work. Urvashi says you can do work later. Ragini says may be she is having some work. Swara comes out and says we all will attend your engagement function. Kavita smiles and says really? Swara says yes. Kavita thanks her. Ragini is shocked. Swara tells that she will feel good to attend her engagement.

Sanskar agrees to get engage to Kavita….During their engagement, Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings Kabhi Khawahishon ka maara…..Manchala song………..plays.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. rids

    Ragini vil not change. I really hope laksh cheats her again nd this time gets sign from divorce papers without ragini s knowledge… I hate tat girl…. even if she begs no ine should forgive her…. swasan vil happen but raglak should happen after 1 year only … I hate her

    • nik

      Hiiiii….rids u know its in news dat laksh ll act 2 b in lv wid ragini n dis ll b a part of his plan 2 get swara bk. I think Sandy’s cmnt is 50% r8 n about d odr 50% don’t know?????

  2. XOXO

    Now I’m fed up… hate Ragini hate Cavity n now I’ve lost respect for Sanskar… sanskar is also playing with kavita’s life… Nothing why are you getting mausi n crow… please for God’s sake show something realistic

  3. Ragini… how can u talk lyk diz to swara.. in mm i dont think sansakar is born for sujatha and ram… both of them take decision which is not good for.. especially sujatha ( devil)…. and bade papa nd maa are alwyas concerned on sanakaar…. today i hate ragini nd devil….

  4. Prit

    Poor swara…i feel helpless to see swasan…oh God ragini still have hatredness for swara…plz make them swaragini…

  5. bhuvi

    Digusting irritatin episode… I really regret for did watch this episode…complete crap…. They are giving so many kavi n san scene which make me get hyper…I hate it… They are showing so many flashback n dream sequences rather than real n present scene…

  6. Tara

    When kavita stopped herself from hugging sanskar I thought ok makers value our wishes. But aftrwards… I felt hug was much better ?????????????????? ohhh godddd v want to see those scenes for swasan instead of btwn cavity nd sanskar. But tis maker making me ????????

    • Tara

      I feel it is sanskar plan to make swara fight for her love instead of sacrificing. He is making her to think of her own happiness I think.
      Coming to ragini…. ohhh god she is talking abt snatching luv. I don’t want tis ragini to her luv ??

      • nik

        Hiiiii….Tara n bhuvi really dispointed yaar don’t know wdr de ll unite SWASAN or not???? N ya I m sure SWASAN hug ll b swara’s dream coz swara don’t hv dat much crj 2 hug sanskar in front of every one.

  7. rosy

    Plzzz plzz plzz writers dnt make the precap a dream swara n sanskar reveal ur love for each other….
    I feel sumhow urvashi wants to get janki/sumi ‘s place meaning she wans to seperte sumi n shekhar n marry shekhar….
    Plz sanskar n swara plz dnt b so mahan plz bcum selfish in love we r tired to see unrequitd love(FAMOUS Exmple is MATSH)

  8. sree

    Why Ragini not understanding her sis?….still taunting her….both of them came through pain….ragini always did injustice with her….now also she is doing the same thing….rags…understand her……plssssss

  9. bhuvi

    Guys I have decided one thing… Actually am taking this serial too personally… Coz am a great fan of swasan…I thought they ll get together soon… But now I have doubt that they ll unite or not… So am giving dead line for swaragini makers that I ll wait till Feb 14 n watch it continuously..if dey don’t unite them on 14 or before that… Then definitely I ll quit to watch this crap from on 15 th Feb… N won’t read written updates also… This is my promise to myself… Because I don’t want to take any stress for this shit anymore…

    • hey bhuvi …hope u are fyn there
      gal chill….its only a show…
      nd writers vl surely unite them but for your deadline I doubt it….
      bcz its an Indian daily soap….

    • Aditi Singh

      i totally agree with bhuvi..its now becoming too personal for me…and if they will not unite swasan I m also going to give up this serial…I m watching each and every moment of this crap not once but thrice because of one single moment of swasan….

      and guys what about this weekend hope we will score 900to1000 this weak….

    • Yes dear… Even i am getting personal with this serial.. if they don’t show SWASAN , i too will quit.. If Sandy’s comment became true then I swear i will kill the CV’s..

  10. abi

    how can dis ragini can talk like this????whether she s trying to provoke swara using reverse psychology???bcoz as she s turning positive i hav dis doubt

  11. Manu

    Disgusting characters increases day by day in this serial.. Dadi, sujatha, ragini,kavita and now urvashi..wat she is upto? And u swaray goddd..u r fit for talking oly..change this serial name into swaramahaan…

  12. Rey

    ragini till nw also u wn’t change ah oh.. god .. god i pray laksh s jst actng to ragini to get back properties bcoz she got to know the pain nd she really suffer alot nd she deserves this … nd kavita i really want to slap u vry hard.. hav u lost ur mind dn’t u hav any commonsense u r ly n coma fr 5yrs nt sanskar k u must to understand in this 5yrs s enough to forget u bt still u want sanskar dn’t move on n lyf … kavita bcoz of u my swasan s separated i hate u …
    nd helly shah u r soo cute baby luv u alottttt wshng u a vry vry hpy b’day u will get al happiness n ur lyf dear ..

  13. Sharadha

    I just hate today’s epi..ragini swara ko suna kr kyu jati h ragini ne itna kuch kia fr b sab use ki side lete h koi swara k lie kuch nhi krta

  14. Shwetha

    Idiots,made us wait and same precap,we will shoot u makers,no,why should we?go to hell, Gud bye swaragini,shall come bk if our swasan gets united.

    • XOXO

      Even I’m saying goodbye till Swasan unites…. Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli must be working 5 years back but it surely does not work with this generation… please change writer

  15. I dnt hav patience to watch sanskar and Kavita engagement……and tis ragini dint change at all……even after all this she is hurting swara…..

  16. needhi

    Hi nik ,rids ,neha,shuva,
    I am really confused in metromasti i read swara will hug him and will confess her love but in sbb segment i saw that swara ran out of maheshwari mansion while crying.

    • nik

      Hiiiii…needhi. I m sure dat swara hugging sanskar ll b swara’s dream. N dis track ll dfntly hurt SWASAN fans. Don’t feel like watching it. N ya plz read Sandy’s cmnt under 1 January updt, u ll dfntly gt shocked.

    • neha

      after reading ur cmnts dat shown on sbb…i also think that is a dream sequence of swasan…but i pray sandy’s cmnt under 1st jan episode is wrong…that shouldnt be happened

      • needhi

        I read sandys comment and after reading it i got the biggest shock of my life.if it turns out to be true then i would not be surprised as rashmi sharma can do anything .u must have seen ssk all type of bullshits from god to devil and ghost all type of crap r shown in it .as par ssk track i think after kavita some ghost,devil or vampire may come in the serial to separate swasan.i just read rashmi sharmas interview to my utter shock she is proud of introducing such rubbish supernatural track in ssk and feels honoured to take the credit.now coming to sandys comment i feel its just a rumour,having no truth in it, but laksh behavior is really surprising not towards ragini only but towards swara also.swara is her friend and bhabhi he should have atleast asked her about her wellbeing but he didnot.when rags said nothing good can happen untill and unless u r here ,laksh was there he just stood silent without uttering anything against ragini.i think he is faking the love towards ragini.swara told him so many times that rags changed behaviour is just because of him,but he never paid attention to swaras word his so called lovelady.just one attempt to kill ragini changed laksh -impossible.infact laksh was the one who tried to kill ragini.what i feel is that he is not faking love to get back swara rather to get rid of ragini .i think laksh doesnot care about swara now.guys laksh has tried all weapons except love.he asked ragini to leave his life directly ,he kidnapped her and tried to threaten her,he showed his hateredness towards her, but ragini being lunatic,mad ,pshyco and nagging didnot leave laksh ,so laksh was compelled to use hi last weapon love.he must have thought its better to bear some pain while pretending to love her than bearing her whole life and living life like hell .as par sandys comment if laksh is doing all this to get swara back, then their reunion would become impossible as laksh would turn into antagonist and our mahaan swara devi will not choose him even if sanskaar marries kavita and eventually hate laksh for plotting and i think makers will not show this .i know makers have always shown shit but they will not show this, i strongly believe.thumns up for swasan.i hope the hug happes in real.one more thing neha , if this hug turns out to be real ,there is possibility that swara devi after hugging would congratulate sanskaar for engagement and justifies her hug as a part of wishing him as friend.

    • neha

      hi needhi i’m also confused now but I really wish that the hug be real don’t want it to be a dream of swasan seriously and coming to today’s epi I haven’t watched it and not at all going to watch by reading only i’m irked don’t know what will I do on watching how could that kavita kiss my sanky only his swara has that right and I really hope that after sanky sing the song swara let out her feelings and love and wish that it be a trick of sanky but I know somewhere these cvs will only give bullshit but I will no I have to becoz next two days no varun so watch tomorrow’s epi as I think it will show sanskar’s scene I hope so and coming to others I don’t have words to criticize all I want is that first front hug to be real

  17. Pri

    Why is Ragini taken back every time? Why is she never thrown out of the house for the deeds she has done?

  18. nehasuhana

    Bludy ragini how dare u to speak like this to swara plsssss swara understand your feeling for sanskar don’t make swasan fans as fools pls unite them reshmi sharma

  19. Ramya

    Really pity u swara…felt very bad for her
    Love and happiness is snatched from her two times so sad
    And ragini I hate u I thought tht u were changed Bt no u are like dat nly shame on u ragini u snatched ur Sis life and everything from her and backfire her again Shame on u b*t*h
    I feel like slapping no nt NLy that I would like to torture her as a pschyo does
    I think urwashi came with bad intention only and feel like kavita and urwasi , Kaveri are linked and doin something..dts my inner feeling
    Anyways I pity u swara hope for swasan union soon

  20. hai guys hasanji had missed some part in precap after that swara will come and hug sanskar sanska will be pleased whick shocks kavitha

  21. nik

    I was knowing dat de ll not show swasan hug 2day n don’t know wdr 2morrow also de ll show it or not????? N wdr it ll b a dream sequence or real???? Fingers crossed.

  22. shabrin

    What are the writers doing in the show?Everything is so confusing..first they show sanskar loves kavita and came to take revenge 4 her..then he became good and fell in love with swara..kavita came back and now he is getting engaged to her and ragini ‘ s character when I feel she is going to be good suddenly she acts like vamp and Laksh…is he acting or really feels 4 ragini really don’t know and swara is so mahan plz writers show some good and logical tracks otherwise it will become an irritation ???

  23. Oh almighty Allah! Please don’t give anyone a sister like ragini, she is so cheap n irritating, black heartened lady such a evil Satan.I can’t see swara so gloomy, ragini Kya kam thi jo swara ko hurt karne k liye uski masi aagayi.

  24. Anamika

    I didn’t like todays epi. Ragini thinks she is right. I hate her dialogues. I dont the writer wants what??. Kavitha and sanskar scenes also hated.. we want swasan scenes but they tried to show kavsan and raglak. But i am happy to hear that laksh acted infront of ragini. His love is fake. She did so many mistakes. So she must get her love after so many pains. She did so many mistakes. So i don’t want to see her happiness. So i want to see her sufferings. Firstly i want swasan happiness not ragini. Pls remove kavitha. Writer pls do not write these type boring episodes

  25. amee

    Shwetha i tottaly agree wid u
    Lets vow guyz untill swasan are not united nd ragini turn to +ve no one will watch this crap
    Atleast i will not watch it

  26. swara & sanskar both are best jodi in swaragini serial. But this week episodes are not nice. I feel very bad. Don’t break swara & sanskar’s jodi. Please…please…please…

  27. I didn’t even see this episode just by reading update it makes me hyper . . . .. .well guys who watched this epi plz tell me whether lakshya was present wen ragini insulting swara coz I read sumwhere tat laksh was present and stayed mum plzz sumone tell me whether laksh was present in tat behanji argument???

  28. Seeba

    Unforgivable witch..I think she need treatment..that is wat lucky is planning..she should taste d pain of betrayal…she should undergo all insults wat she is doing 4 others..then they can show as positive..then only it will be accetable…
    No no luckkyy is back in action..he is d one who can handle this witch..go ahead boss..u r rocking..

    Pls god save me from this mad,irritating and stupid aunty..sanskar shares vvvvvv pooooorrrr che with this idiot..i couldn’t beleive 4 this idiot he did all d crimes & spoiled swara’s life…so pathetic…

    Stay away from tat idiot ragini..just avoid her..only then she knows ur value..anf from mm people( really disgusting ,no loyalty)..pls don’t confuse sanskar..keep ur shut…

    We want our hanky man back …who is wit,practical,cunningand straight forward…this kavitha’s sanky we don’t like…

    Pls CVS pls give him diologues and make him stand 4 swara’s rights atleast 4 this time(god shake)..

  29. [email protected]


  30. Ragini is such a devil yr..they cant again becum swaragini…i hate ragini..nd hope kavita’s drama wil end nd some swasan scene…

  31. hi evry 1 this is the first time i m comenting bt i am a regular viewr of this show. i jst cnt undrstnd this show y evrytime swara has to sacrifice and this ragini cn nevr be good. and i m irritated by sanskar… plz my lst reqst plz plz swasan ko ek kar do

  32. nik

    Guys 1 suggestion for u all don’t wch 2morrows episode. First cnfrm on written updts wdr d hug was reall or dream n wat exactly hpnd n if u ll find sm thing good about SWASAN dn only wch it.

    • Vini

      Hi Nik,very disappointing track for swasan fans,already stopped watching,Swasan is the only good thing in this.Simply checked updates n now planning to stop that also.

  33. ammu

    ragini never changed she is devil of serial…. plz nikalona swaragini ney sey its better? kavitha bhatu kushi hey saaghaee kilya? nice ejoy… hey swara ur too idiot ? sujatha I hate dat charchrcter? kavitha bengliyen swara bi Bengali ladiki ? sujatha ki bengali se kuchu parka nahe padata abhe bole swara ahe ladiki apaki bhau bangayi…. sujatha ji kya problem hey ..apka kavitha okey, swara no, y ru taken allways wroung …plz writters swasan milavo vo to better hoga nayi to mey sawarani dekeny band karth ta?

  34. ammu

    swasan next precap be I think dat is dream? it’s sansker r kavitha ka dream may be….keep rocking guys

  35. Akhila

    guys i think is really being nice towards ragini bcoz on the other day she says that,the reason for my behavior is u..bcoz of u I’m doing all these,to make u to know how u fell when ur loved ones r suffering

  36. You know what
    I really feel like killing those 2 psycos, Ragini and that kavita. Even if that psyco ragini turns positive I will still hate her. I don’t know why she’s still in Maheshwari house infact she should be kicked out from their and thrown out in the street. And that kavita should get lost and never come back.

  37. Aditi Singh

    what the hell is going on..how dare she kissed swara’s sanskaar…and what did sujata think of herself I hav a doubt whether she is sanakar’s mother or not…she only have problem with swara becoz she is Bengali but have no problem with cavity….and writers u want us to wait then do whatever u want but don’t show kav n San scene I hate it…hate that cavity want to kill her……

  38. Akhila

    I reason for the entry of urvashi ji is bcoz of her Rajini comes to know cause of her mom’s death,that she got killed by dadi,later Rajini cries a lot Lakshmi comes later then intimate scene between them,then Rajini to change… lot more to watch

    • Call me Shirley

      Oh God. Can anyone in that family die or get hurt from “natural” causes and not from murder or kidnapping? Honestly if Ragini’s aunt knew the truth than why is she showing animosity towards Sumi? Moreover, Ragini uses tears to manipulate people. And it seems it’s going to happen again. ???

  39. Nitya

    Irritating episode and plz writers don’t bring magics and andaah vishvas. I hate ragini….. Vamp. Nd dis kavita…. Omg she is so irritating. Sanskar playing wid emotions…. No good.

  40. ammu

    swasan next precap be I think dat is dream? it’s sansker r kavitha ka dream mybe I think… where is dida I like her so much… plz come back dida ur always supporting ur granddaughter sona….we want back of dida charchrcter plz rashimi ji n writters

  41. Anamika

    Durga prasad is also a dumb. Why he ddn’t tell sanskar about the swaras sign in divorce paper?? I am totally irritated

    • Call me Shirley

      I know right!!! This family is retarded! ??? Swara should just leave them alone. They can all bask in their idiocy and become servants in their own house.

  42. cresent

    Thank god this turn came Bcz now swara N sanskar vl come much closer N their story vl also be their. .otherwise it seemed like the story of ragini only who’s evil intentions were beaten up by swara

  43. Kalika

    I love what Ragini said. Swara kept trying to separate RagLak now she’s lost Sanskaar through her stupidity. Kavitha loves Sanskaar the way he deserves to be loved. Swara can go become a detective somewhere and stop bothering everyone.

    • Annie

      Kalika swara never ever tried to seperate raglak it was rags who is always behind swaras happiness…..

    • Well it’s that psyco ragini and that crow face kavita who is bothering everyone so therefore its them crazy witches who should stop bothering and should get lost. Infact they should take those 2 witch with them, snake dadi and that weirdo sujata.

    • noura

      True that !! Let her go nd join some detective agency nd let every1 live in peace….that lady is the cause of all the problems…

      • Call me Shirley

        I wouldn’t say cause, but she certainly makes some issues worse. I don’t understand why they never trusted Swara easily buy drank in all of Ragini’s lies without fail. ??

  44. Annie

    I hate recent spoilers of swaragini I want ragini to b kicked out of lakshs life n frm maheshwari house…..I want laksh to move on in lyf n marry sum other gud girl but not ragini I hate her frm d bottom of my heart……. Want swasan to b united

  45. Rinka

    Disgusting episode… This kavita was chipku I knew but today I lost respect over sanskar as well.. how could he allow kavita to come so close to him,kiss,hug him etc.. and on the other hand ragini.. I feel like giving her a tight slap today.. how could she still blame swara to such an extent? she is not her own sister that’s why.. anyways I will stop watching this serial if they don’t unite swasan on Valentine’s day.. today’s episode made me cry.. rubbish 🙁 :'(
    Anyways can anyone tell me that the song that sanskar sang “tumse hi” and the song he will sing on engagement day are the same or different??

  46. rhea

    If they don’t union swasan and remove kavita then I will stop watching this nonsense serial…this is my promise and I hate ragini

  47. rhea

    If dey don’t unite swasan and remove kavita then I will stop watching this nonsense serial… this is my promise and I hate ragini

  48. liya

    disappointing episode
    and that rags,she is still rude towards swara nd always taunting her.
    i was happy with raglak till this moment…..
    oh god dont let her live peacefully coz she havent realised her sister’s innocence yet.no…ragini knws that swara is good heartened one who never came btw her nd laksh but still she frames swara wrong infront of others

  49. Aliya

    Yukkkk…. ragini ab b nhi sudhri yaar…
    N plzzz ye kisi k dream nhi hona chahiye. .. swara should actually hug sanskar. ..

    Plzzz unite swasan asap

  50. shabrin

    After watching this episode I am feeling like I should stop watching this serial….it was so unbearable…sanskar is thinking about kavita ‘ s happiness…yaa she is his first love but what about swara as he is in love with her now and I also think laksh is also acting to teach a lesson to ragini and swara why should she go to the engagement if she can’t see sanskar with kavita

  51. MiMi

    Do the writers really hv sense of writing.. A bit of little atleast, after doing huge things ragini stays in maheshwari house n evry1 seems being nice to her, n on the other hand after doing alot good swara is suffering n still that not ever ashamed of herself ragini is telling swara that she has done wrong, srsly like srsly, why do u ppl always make everthing extraordinary dramatic.. N now that urvashi thing with negative role, like 3 on 1, ragini,urvashi n kavita opposite of swara.. Shukhssss

    • Call me Shirley

      I agree. Does this serial have any sense of moral reasoning. It makes no sense whatsoever for Swara to still be an outcast and for Ragini to be living the high life after all that she has done. What are the film producers doing? Can’t we have some normalcy for once?

  52. Ugggh!i just hate dat stupid rags.she is a big loser(illistillo).
    Nd I think Swara was dreaming wen she was hugging Sanskar bcus it is not like Swara 2 act dat way.she should hold herself

  53. aathira

    frndssss… as we know.. dere s a. sayinh dat…. those who sacrifice fr others… will keep on. sacrificing and those who accept the benefits will keep on accepting.. its d same case for swara and rags….. swara keeps on. sacrifising for dat fake rags.. nd rags keeps on getting d benefit without knwing d value instead blaming swara….. bt still everyone altlast will b dere for rags and only sumi for swara….

    • Call me Shirley

      Yeah. Because no matter what, Simi is Swara’s mom and number one supporter. And the only person willing to sacrifice herself for Swara’s sake. Everyone else are a bunch of selfish jerks that never show appreciation. They don’t understand Swara’s nature, even now. That she often goes against her wants for other’s sakes. But nobody ever gives her what she wants.

  54. nik

    Guys frankly speaking now we all should quit dis show n after 2-3 years or more dn dat when d show ll go off air dn we can check d last episode on you tube I m sure we ll get SWASAN union in dat episode only.so need of wasting our valuable tm by watching dis crap.

      • bhuvi

        Rid.. Lets wait till Feb 14 dear..if dey lead this track same like this till that day then will stop watching this…

      • rids

        Bhuvi… I knw wat exactly vil happen. Tgey ll drag kavita sanskaar scene till February anyway. Nd when trp reduces they ll start showing as though swasan vil happen nd then again bring something in between… m tired of this. .. nd tat ragini …

      • bhuvi

        Haaan.. Yo are rite Rids… But Atleast come to comment section v ll miss yo dear… N read ragini n Laksh stop troubling swasan in upcoming episode.. Even am going to watch till Feb mid dear..

      • rids

        Yes u ppl r the only reason y m commenting. But I heard swasan vil unite after tat hugging. After that kavitha vil try to separate them… so swasanmeans I ll watch. I jus can’t tolerate ragini… I hate her…

  55. ani

    Psyco ragini … while she was taunting swara i thought of going inside the tv and giving her a slap …idiot what she is thinking of herself ,a very innocent and swara has done this all for separating raglak.. she didnt even realise her sister’s sacrifice . I thought that ragini will help swara and again there will be swaragini.
    Even if ragini turn positive i wiĺl hate her. And writers pls don’t show any sanskaar and kavita scenes it is disguisting and irritating . And ❤swasan forever❤

  56. rids

    Haii nik… yeah I really want laksh t cheat ragini…. nd ditch her nd betray her.. she should be hurt so badly tat in her life again her devil should be scared of hurting others. … nd as far as swasan s concerned I dont think it is going to happen soon… but once kavita is exposed automatically swasan vil happen….

    So rest of sandy s story I don’t thik is true. … lets not worry about tat…

    As of now for me most important things is ragini should be destroyed. .. I cant tolerate her. Actually I dont mind tejasvi quitting the show. M not able to tolerate ragini …

  57. rids

    M really going to stop watching this. M not finding any purpose of watching this. I mean how can ragini speak like that. Y woukd she speak like that . . My oly wish is laksh should cheat her nd destroy her. After tat swasan vil happen or not these stupid writers should know. Writers r actually getting paid for a very bad imagination skills…

  58. rids

    Remember wen swara was blamed during laksh nd ragini s marriage shrkar said tum beti kehlane ki laayak nahi ho. But ragini did little natak of memory loss nd everyone accepted her.

    Wen swara was blamed for trying to use both laksh nd sanskaar annapurna nd sujatha took one full class on that…
    But ragini ke liye nothing. Wt rubbish…

  59. rathi

    Pls friends tell me SwaSan will be back? When? I can’t c kavitha & sanskar whether! Pls Swaragini management unite SwaSan, & don’t drag it. Pls pls pls.
    I think they’ll show the engagement scene in 2days episode @ da and of da show or on Monday. They’re trying 2 drag it.

  60. rids

    Needhi I saw ur comment in the previous. I dont knw wat they vil do. Nd I vil not watch. Nor read updates. This serial s not worth it. Hv bcm emotionally attached to this serial tat m not able to tolerate it…. ihate ragini to the core. Someone should cut her tongue. Look at the way she talks. Selfish crocodile. Witch I hate her.

  61. Leana

    All the ragini fans fail to understand that Laksh hurt Ragini’s feelings unknowingly, she always acted like she wanted Swara to marry Laksh
    Then turns around and knowingly schemes against Swara and Laksh.

    She kept on knowingly deceiving everyone, especially the one she claims to love more than life.
    Her actions were close to phsychotic . No normal thinking person would force their one sided love onto another person.

    Then she turns around tries to make Laksh feel guilty, that he is feeling what she felt.
    I think the writers need to slowly make Ragini thru events come to realization how truly wrong she was in how she behaved.,
    She should genuinely repent.

  62. What the hell is this ?? How dare that Ragini still blame Swara ?? CAn anyone say when did Swara tried to separate Raglak.. WHy did that devil thiought so ??

  63. bhuvi

    Hey friends.. This cv slowly depriving my hope of swasan union day by day… They know v well we are tolerating all this shit oly for swasan… But dey disdaining our wish… N showing so many kavi n san scenes…I can’t digest…

  64. XOXO

    I wish Swara will remember how everyone treated her when she stayed at Mm with Sanskar… How they were thrown out n made to live in tent n how ap n sujata treated her after they thought she was two timing n how ragini treats her… even sanskar left her… if any girl in reality faced such situations she would stand up n say goodbye to all these losers. .. pls cvs show strong independent women not dumb chicks like simar n Swara

  65. rids

    All my dearest frnds of swaragini… each nd every person old nd new … m saying good bye to this serial. I cant tolerate one more scene of this bull shit.. only thing I ll miss s probably u guys… loads of love… this serial s affecting me in a bad way nd thing s they dont deserve it . Bye. Hv fun u guys

  66. rathi

    Frends do I’m kw tere sheher mein which was telecastd on da star plus. They r force 2 stop da serial coz they didn’t fulfil da viewers wish. This wil happen 2 swaragini too if I’m didn’t unite SwaSan! I there wil b a very very very less viewers (countable) 2 watch this serial! So pls fulfil r wish.

  67. minnu

    frnds…don’t worry…swara- sanskar and laksh-ragini…they are the pair of this serial…so..they will fall in love and…united…its sure….pls…wait…

  68. Hi guys
    WhatsApp How are my lovely jablies, my talking baddies. Sorry guys it’s been long time that I didn’t commented here. I’ve missed reading your comments and commenting here. It’s just that I was very busy with my cousin’s wedding and that . Anyways I have missed out allot, I guess I will have to catch up by watching the
    epies. I have read the updates though and I’m not liking the current track. Anyways I’m glad that I’m back guys and I also missed you all my talking baddies.

  69. Diya

    Sanskar and Kavita are getting engaged. Sanskar looked at Swara. Sanskar sings an emotional song,which made everyone understand he is not happy with this engagement with Kavita.He sings Swara’s favorite song and Swara couldn’t stop herself.Sanskar and Swara are upset in the engagement,they married and didn’t love each other.But gradually they fell in love.Swara couldn’t see him getting engaged to someone else, and confesses love.Swara says I got courage and speaks out her feelings.Swara cries and hugs Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar unite,while Kavita is shocked.Swara has confessed her love for Sanskar,in front of everyone,during Kavita’s and Sanskar’s engagement.Swara and Sanskar said I Love You to each other,But this broke Kavita’s heart…

    The new spoiler of swaragini…Loved it wish this actually happens..

  70. Everytym swara sanskar swara sanskar i just hav swara uff Mahaan…..Plz stop giving importance to swara and sanskar only…plz show raglak moments…i knw today ragini scolded bcz swara shud for her love so ragini did this…give importance to ragini nd laksh plz plz plz

  71. sarika

    its typical story in all series. .getting married n engaged 3 or 4 times..y cant ppl face problems together as couple in reality….wud love to see swara n sanskar as same team….pliz writers stop mocking wedded relationships

  72. Sandy

    Hey guys did u see the new news in fb of swaragini-swalak or swasan its just written dat laksh will have a physical relation with ragini for the property and ragini claiming for molestation, is this true does anyone know about this is this true or false plz tell me, its really nonsense

      • Sandy

        Yes some thing like that is written I hope its a fake news and doesn’t want it, I can never accept raglak sorry I don’t want to hurt anyone its my feeling

    • rids

      Ayyo sandy where do u get these news.. ur last news only we hv not yet finished discussing….nd now second news… 🙁 🙁 if its true swaragini makers hv lost their minds. They need psychiatrist. ..

      • Sandy

        I read of in fb swaragini- swalak or swasan true lovers, it is mentioned in that u can check it, I hope its fake

  73. dolly

    pls make sanswara together they are made for eachother,pls writer dont seperate them.swara your emotional scenes are awsome its makes me really cry yaar.

  74. Maansee

    Stop watching this serial now
    Who says ragini badal gayi
    Apni galti ka ehassas hi nai hai use
    Sab galat kar ke vo mehashwari housr mai ho hai … Laksh plz ragini ko uski galti ka ehassas dilwaooooo

    Cv aap sab galat kar rahe ho
    Change it plz

    Or swara ….poor girl what she got after her gud deed

  75. @Ammu@

    The writers cant just make the character of ragini positive all of a sudden…But i m really happy dt laksh started feeling fr ragini….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.