Swaragini 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sanskar seeing their marriage pic and thinks he did a mistake and will apologize to her. He hears someone coming and thinks Swara came. He says I can’t face you as I gave you pain and made you cry. I can’t come infront of you. Laksh holds his shoulder and starts laughing. Sanskar stands up surprisingly. Laksh says you could have seen me. Sanskar says you would have knock on the door. Laksh says I came to talk to you. He says I went to my room to talk to Ragini, but….A fb is shown, Laksh tells Ragini that he is happy as finally their problems have ended. Ragini asks him to leave her hand and go out from her room. Laksh asks what happened suddenly? Ragini says you want to know why I am doing this? She calls him Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna and says you stayed with Mansi.

Laksh says circumstances was such that I couldn’t tell you. Ragini says you would have told me or signed me something. She says I was about to die. Laksh says you acted to call me naa. Ragini says I did drama to call you, but later I tried to commit suicide and cut my nerves. She says you have crossed limits and asks him to go from her room. Fb ends. Sanskar asks Laksh, why did he tell Ragini that I was a drama? Laksh says those words fell from his mouth. Sanskar asks him to sit. Laksh says he is worried.

Sanskar says matter is serious and says I don’t know whose wife is more angry, yours or mine. Laksh says yes. Swara tells Ragini..you have scolded Laksh. Ragini says Laksh’s face was like…

Ragini and Swara laugh. Ragini asks Swara to do same thing with Sanskar and tells that she feigned to be angry with Laksh. Swara says idea is not bad. She tells that she made Mishka sleep in Utara’s room. Ragini asks her to try fake anger on Sanskar and says all the best. Swara looks out and calls watchman. Laksh asks Sanskar to practice with conviction. Swara comes there. Laksh says he wants to talk to you. Sanskar apologizes to Swara for his wrong doings, and says he is apologizing to her for last time as he will not repeat his mistake. He promises her that he will never go far from her, and they will be one always, he will always support her and will never doubt her. He bends down on his knees and asks her to forgive him once. Laksh says what an acting, and says it is real. He says he will tell same things to Ragini. He asks Swara if she forgave his brother. Swara says yes, and infact I forgot all this long ago. She tells them that watchman is not outside when she looked out.

They come out and see watchman sitting on his place. Laksh says okay, I will go to my room. Swara tells him that Ragini is just acting to be angry on him. Laksh says okay. Swara asks him not to tell Ragini that she told him. Laksh says okay and goes. Sanskar tells Swara that she thinks about everyone and asks him to think about him also. Laksh comes to room. Ragini says I told you not to return. Laksh says you didn’t do right with me and made bad joke with me. Ragini asks what and is shocked. Swara tells Sanskar that he shouldn’t have told Laksh, and worries that they will fight. Laksh tells Ragini that he was yearning to meet her when he was away. Ragini says I was joking. Laksh says you have no feelings for me, and says it would have been good if I hadn’t not return. Ragini asks him not to say this and says she would have died without him. Laksh asks her not to cry and says he was joking.

Ragini asks how can you do this with me Laksh…They fall together. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays…………………..Sanskar covers Swara and himself under the dupatta. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays. Ragini tries to convince Laksh and dresses his wound. Sanskar lifts Swara and takes her to bed. Swara and Sanskar get romantic. Ragini keeps her head on Laksh’s chest. Few goons enter there.

Everyone hear the voice coming from hall and come there. Swara asks uttara about Mishka. Uttara says she is sleeping in room. Goons switch on the lights. Everyone is shocked to see the masked goons.

Goon shoots and removes his mask. He is Nikhil. Mansi asks Swara to take out jewellery from Abhimanyu’s locker else she shall say bye to Mishka forever. Mishka is seen tied and kept captive by Mansi and Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kakali

    Thnk u mam for d awesome update… !!
    -SanLak- Awwww cutee cuteee ctueeee bromance.. !!!
    It’s kinda LET’S LIVE IT.. !! After so many days yeei. !!
    -SwaRagini- Lil 2 girl with different shades n one heart.. !!! Nailed d sweet scene.. !! Overdramatic Beautiful Ragini.. !!
    Maturely teasing smiling Swara.. !!! GODNESS SwaRagini.. !!
    -Swa_Lak- Best friends kinda.. !! Teasing EO as Bhabhi saa n Devar saa… !!! -RagLak- BACCHA n BACCHA PART 2(Laksh)… !! Damn amezing scenes.. !!! Waaa both r yumpossiable.. !!!
    -SwaSan- both Killed me alive.. !!!
    Sanskar* best ever husband.. awwww he keeled down omgggg EPIC .. !!!
    Swara Sanskar u bith made me total mad … !!! LOVE U INFINITY…


    just read… *just fainting*
    Thanks for update Hasan mam


    my thoughts to my little sister Mica, Aditi, raina and Kakali… POOR YOU… howto watch that in family!!!!

    1. Raina

      i’m not poor, when i was watching it, my mom and dad already slept

      1. MAHIRA

        hehe… what did you put in their dinner to make them sleep?? 😀

    2. Kakali

      Mahiraaaa Apiiiii… !!!! tomorrow my sister having exam sooo cancel her…
      mom is busy with her… sooo cancel mom alsoooo…
      aunty(bua)is sleeping… so cancel her toooo…
      Sooooo i hold a pillow tight blushing light… hiding my face with shy pace
      .. SwaSan look my breath away with every moment had they.. !!! i was enjoying alone ,, there was no one around me… both couple made me blush … Awwwww pinch my red cheeks… !!!! *shy

      1. MAHIRA

        God bless your sister’s exam then 😀

    3. Mica

      don’t count me Mahira didi…… 😛 😛 i’m an adult yay!
      huh! here 00.00 midnite when i start to watch it..
      just rolling over my bed blushing and laughing kinda cute princess to watch this episode.. omgggggg!!!!!

      1. MAHIRA

        How dare you say that to your didi 😉
        and by the way, isn’t you who said “i’m innocent”??… proving not by being shameless club member 😀 😀 😀
        For the episode ……….. OMG!!!!!!!! waiting the subtitled version to enjoy it fully!!!

      2. MAHIRA

        by the way, what time is it now for you?

      3. Mica

        on me, there is 2 hours late than india, so, on me it must be 23.30 to watch swaragini..huh! i’m innocent adult girl :3 :3

    4. Adishu

      offo yaar I slept… n wake up now… but thank God I have holiday tomorrow… so will watch it tomorrow… at any cost… I m very excited…. n that too will watch alone :-p…. without family…. I can’t wait…

    5. Raina

      i did’nt put anything. it was my luck


    And AGAIN damn those goons… Nikhil… I’ll kill you!!!

  5. Kakali

    Swaraaa u forgave ur Prince long back even though u acted … acted to welll… u naughty girl… !!! whatever it is u both SwaSan killed ur fans with that fake_acting_high_intensity_hate_love_revenge_ fans_killing_drama. !! urghhh Heavenly … !!!
    kiss my mobile screen … !!!

  6. Raina

    GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz someone hold me, plz i’m fainting, no no i’m actually dieing. swasan just killed me. they looked so awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who asked this stupid mansi to return?

  7. every scene bw swaragini n sanlak were jus awesome. so love is in the air for both couples. oh so sweet of my fav raglak scene. why r they still draggng tis nikhil n mansi track am scared whether they would end it tragically. hope they dont do tis. pl cvs askng nt do like tat. u r even ending it so pl dont show like tat.

  8. Omg omg omg omg omg omg ????????????????????????????????????
    What an epic episode yr superb amazing mind blowing superrrrrr SE uperrrrr out of this world no words ong omg aaj ka epi dekh k main earth p hu bhi ya nahi khushi k maare kahi or duniya m phuch gai Jo dekha vo sach tha ya sapna ?????????????????????????????????????????????????omggggggggg
    Epi start hua sanky SE ohh my sanky ????
    Phir SANLAK ki masti masti nahi apni apni biwio ko patane ki planning ?????? aaj first time mujhe sanlak ka bond dekha h ???
    Phir laksh or ragini ka flashback scean omg ???? superb poor laksh ragini NE to band hi Baja di laksh ki ???????
    Phir swaragini ki conversation apne apne hot handsome SE*Y ??????????????? husbands ko pareshaan krne ki planning amazing ??????
    Phir SWASAN meri jaan SWASAN ???????ka scean omg omg ????????????? superb superb superb ????
    Phir SWALAK ka bhabhi devar convo I think raglak ki shaadi k baad aaj first time swalak k ek saath itne dialogues the Jo bhi h BT jese laksh NE swara ko bhabhi SAA bola omg yr m paglo ki tarha hassne LG gai ??????
    Phir SWASAN ka aashiqui 2 wala scean dupate k saath ?????????????? or laksh ka ragini k saath prank ????? phir raglak ka emotional plus romantic scean ????
    MOH MOH KE DHAAGE …………….
    Main to khushi k maare maar hi jaungi yr aaj koi sambhal lo mujhe yr ???????????????????????????????????

    Stupid Twitter agar aasa episodes pahale likhta to aaj show ko off air karne ki nobat ni aati???????

    Chodo aaj mujhe apna mood khrasb nahi krna aaj kaa episode words m express nahi kr skti ????????
    Itna kuch likh dia or bol rahi hu words m discribe ni kr skti ??????????
    But kya kru aaj ka episode ????????
    EPIC episode ye epi m kabbi bhi ni bhul skti
    Aaj k episode m sab kuch tha
    Sanlak ka bromance ?????
    Raglak ki masti + nok jhok + romance + care ????????
    SWASAN ka unconditional love + trust + romance + masti ???????
    Swalak masti ?????????
    Sab kuch tha sab kuch jese episode ko dekhne ka mera dream tha vo aaj puta ho gya thank God kuch to acha kiya CVS nr ??????
    Bs bhut ho gai bak bak.
    But ?????????????
    Moh moh k dhage omg omg omg omg ????????????

    1. Sanji

      u r really crazy kakali

      1. Kakali

        Awwww Sanjiii *Blush.. !! ;-*

  9. Hey guy swaragini ka last epi kb hai awww aj ka epi kitna sahi tha yr kyu khatam hora hai yr ye show

  10. Srusti

    What a beautiful episode today it was awesome after a long time our swasan nd raglak have romantic time and again CV’S put Mansi &Nikhil track yyyyyyyyyyy but I’m happy now today episode

    1. cvs n also dont like to show drama in last episodes…but that colors tv forced them to change their story n show drama….hate colors tv

  11. Priyashini

    Ohhh …thank god . after long time, I am very much satisfied now. Entire episode was awesome. Sanlak , swaragini,swasan and raglan scenes are really very cute??i just loved it. Laksh And ragini’s acting really fantastic…. Swara always suspects like a detective…. Wholesome it was beautiful…

  12. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update…
    firstly, i want to apology to CVS for blaming them as their helplessness not to give proper story being under pressure and time limit. i’m sorry for that.

    huh! melted to the core to hear Sanskar’s words…and Laksh spoiled it.
    but i love this bromance…
    i love helly’s make up team, here she looks so mature, and her detective nature never end.
    I just want to bang my head in floor, giggling like maniac and shout
    “duffer Swaraaaa!!!! you such duffer duffer duffer!”
    don’t you remember Ragini’s words ? FAKE ANGER dear,,,FAKE ANGER TO SANSKAR omg..
    She repeatedly ask you to angry to Sanskar, but what you did ha ?
    once you face him, YOU ONLY LOST ON HIM, JUST MELT ON HIM..
    NO fake anger, NO watchman , NO ragini’s demand, NO laksh, NOTHING..huh!
    flop plan ever, huh! this Sanskar’s charm affect you badly… *biting nail

    i love Sanskar annoyed face to Laksh, :D, this Laksh never change..
    Laksh and nonsense talk,..aaww

    Sanskar mood swing..uugghh..
    before he hear about Swara forgiveness , he just a prey in front of Lioness.
    but once he heard that Swara forgives him, he takes the power from Swara..
    well, he can be an assistant, servant or support system for every smart silly action of Swara on their daily life…but HE knows one thing…
    ‘in romance part, he is THE MASTER, and Swara is the prey’
    but what to say, even Swara loves to be his prey… What The God!!!!
    shameless me, all swaragini viewers and CVS… mhuahahahahaha *devil laugh

    1. aww mica u r great i m love ur every comment in tu u r so sweet i still remember ur reply on my comment i love ur thought but now swaragini is ending so want to say good bye to u bye……… be posetive always n be happy

      1. Mica

        waa.. Tanuja..ty *blushing
        hiks,, no good bye please..huhuhuhuhu..
        God bless you dear !

    2. Raina

      gosh!!!!!!!! sanskar is the master and swara is his prey. micaaaaaaa!!!!! i’m blushing reading ur comment. seriously you are way too innocent.

      1. Mica

        don’t blame, it’s obviously Mahira didi’s effect as shameless fan’s leader.. 😀

  13. what an episod…i loved each and every single scene of swasan..first sanky rehearsal himself to ask srry to swara..then sanlak masti..swasanlak scenes..sanky apologizng to swara…sanky kneeled dwn infrnt of swara to ask forgivness..swasan convo…laksh naughtinesd..swalak bhabhi sa devar sa…swaraz jasusii..romantic sanky…sanky shush swara…swasan ashiqui 2…sanky lifting swara..and and and swasan ahem ahem..hehe…

    but one thing i hate in swara that whenever sanky try for a liplock swara ran away..bechara sanky..itz soo dificult for him to get any kiss frm swara except in cheek..hehe….naughty me..hihi..but swasan made me asanskariii

    overall swasan made my way…i m in bed but cant sleep…bcz remembering swasan scenes..and watch old waali swasan romantic scenes…i cant take off frm my swasan…i changed my dp of of my wtsapp insta even my home screen lock screen everythng as my swasan ashiqui waala scene…itzz sooo cute…my swasan…really u guyzz are the jaan of the show


    wiiwh you guyz get a new show soon.
    my doll cutie pie hellu..really gonna miss u dear..my first girl crush ever…love u hellu..love u like heaven..hehe..limitless of love..ummahhhh


  15. i alwayz admire tejaswi$s acting..but today i little bit feel ki she is over acting today..the first scenes which shows in flash back which is soo boring..sorry but i felt ki itz boring..i didnt feel any perfectness in that scene..but scenes with swara is okey..but other scenes i really felt boring..srry if i hurt any teja fans..i m also one of her greatest fan but today i didnt like her acting..how can i convey this to teja???any source other than insta & fb???

    1. yeah me too feel like ragini overacting yesterday and itz soo boring too

  16. Omg teja u proved u r outstanding in whichever role u play today noh jhok was awesome… Ur expression just wow?…RagLak romance omg tey wr sizzling❤️…. Still drooling?…. Laksh was handsome n ragini was a Diva… Proud Tejaholic n proud Temishian

  17. guyz when.wll dey shw the repeating telecast of swaragini???????????????

  18. Raina

    can’t you all come at morning dear goons. i was expecting some morning romance also.

    1. Mica

      and the goons answered ” come there in morning ? we are goons, not servant!” *the goons banged their head on floor.

  19. MAHIRA

    So …
    * Raglak…
    Drama queen ji and mister Lucky are back… just happy for both of them, i missed playful Ragini completely pagal with her high level drama and small girl alike when she’s hurted… and i missed so much this laugh and childish smile of Lucky… :D:D
    * Sanlak
    why didn’t you kick his a*s out Sanskar??? you chota bhai play is first interrupting you then he’s here spying and taking lessons of how how to rule life with so complicated Gadodias behens…
    But i loved that, Sanskar tellig him that his Ragini was bilkul right because he sais she was acting… helpless Laksh reminds me of helpless Sanskar when he slapped Swara inintentionnally
    * SWASAN………………….
    Ragini tumhara behen doesn’t need to act beeing mad at her Sanskar, she’s doing that for the past 6 months… letting him imagine that things will never be fine again but saying to her maa that she hasn’t to worry, she knows they’ll be back together when all this finishes… and again she’s right.
    Sanskar… God… those words, this sincere apologize… “forgive me for the last time Swara”
    he’s litterally kneeling in front of her not giving a damn to his brother’s presence…
    Just like Swara melted under his gaze and words controlling herself from just take him in her arms to wash away all what happened and his guilty feeling… she presses his hand in support, making him feel confident, not wanting him to feel so bad…
    *my heartwant to just out of my chest*
    Laksh nonsense…. he’s really playing the little boy, if my wife don’t want me, i’ll spoile your time together until you find me a way and solution… i think this is why Swara said that her sister was acting… she kbows him, he’ll not let them in peace and her pagal husband is as shameless as their fans… he may say or do something which will embarass her in front of her devar sa for long time :p:p
    Detective Swara…
    madame ji, why did open a wedding plabber affair, you should have a private detective agency… but again , this interlude permetted you to kick you devar sa’s a*s out !!!! jasoosi…smart and queen of your world…
    Then after the cute lovely husband asking forgiveness, Sanskar the hadsome, hot, romantic and passionate lover is back…. “shhhhhhhhhh…”
    *let me die!!!!*
    Princess; your prince is eager to touch you and all you want to do is packing this beautiful dupatta?…. mere ASHIQUI…. tum hai ho…. Sanskar ashiqui lover stealing some intimate moments just there before claiming you as his…
    *RIP ME*
    SO… my supposition of yesterday was right, going out with Swara, Sanskar gave signals to goons to stay on stand by until he… ehem… ehm… let’s say takes some rest with his wife as they arrive when are sleeping….
    LOVE YOU SWASAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mica

      huh! Swara’s pagal husband as shameless as their fans ??? INDEED 😀 😀
      what to say… he is so smart and full of idea in shameless and romantic thingy.
      -the way he made dupatta to cover their head to get romantic effect….
      (if only he is another man, he will just throw away the duppata, rite ?)
      -the way he pick up Swara even thought they were just about 10 feets from bed…
      romantic..romantic..romantic…*blushing to the core

      1. MAHIRA

        The way he takes off her shoe ( Cinderella) ….
        The way he says shhhhhhh.. He orders… He’s the master of her universe…

    2. i just love ur comments Mahira di and Mica di
      i am a fan of both ur comments

      1. MAHIRA

        Oh.. How sweet of you *bear hug* thank you chote sister

      2. *bear hug* to u too badi sister
        its my pleasure

      3. Mica

        waaaa… uugghhh it was shameless comment, we love being shameless *hug myna

      4. hug u too Mica di

  20. Wow the episode was super awesome. Love u Teju. What a phenomenal actress u are. All the very best to all the leads for ur future projects. Keep smiling u all.

  21. Mica

    The bestest moment of today episode, and very very thank you to CVS for this..
    the moment when Swara turn back to see her beloved husband while in conversation with Laksh.
    swara talked to Laksh about Ragini,, Laksh’s wife, but it didn’t let her to forget her husband, to sharing everything with him, She just simply TURNED BACK to him, smile to him to somehow sharing this mischievous yet happy moment with him or asking agreement.
    small act but full of meaning, the meaning that he is the one who matter for her.
    Meanwhile Sanskar simply nodded proudly to her, smile in happy contented lovingly face for her….oh God!!!
    sometime even a small moment is enough to convey everything..
    really proud to Swaragini’s CVS, even though working under pressure, they somehow concern with this small detail. thank you again.
    i replay it more than 20 times…

    2nd best moment, when Sanskar stop Swara with “SSSHHSSHHH”
    it’s shown that it’s his time to take control over Swara..

    1. MAHIRA

      Swasan………. Swara has these small things which made Sanskar fall for her, this innocence, this proud she has for him, this unlimited love she has for him… even angry, hurted, worrying for others… her love for him has never been touched, they were fighting for months, separated, but she loves him as much as when he kneels in front of her claiming his love.

      1. Mica

        THAT’S OUR SWASAN, Mahira di… oh god!

  22. raglak were cute especially that ‘bhabhisa’ ‘devarsa’ and ragu’s acting! brilliant…..

    Luv u sooooooo much raglak.

  24. So easy to escape jail in these soaps, one minute you in jail the next minute you are walking the streets even after killing a man….

    1. MAHIRA

      Don’t remained me rangrasia … Paro’s murder killed me literally…
      But not complaining… Swara escaped from jail to marry her prince, sanskar to help his princess, ragini entered to jail to finally have raglak love story … So God bless SR jail

  25. today’s episode was a blaster
    sanlak raglak swaragini swalak
    my god i was going lol
    loved the bromannce
    laksh and ragini are such dramas both used the word conviction
    swalak’s bhabisa and devarsa was too much
    lucky teaching sanskar to make a puppy face
    finally all are back to normal
    sanskar and laksh finally got their cute and handsome avtar back
    ragini was teasing laksh and laksh called her suicide attempt a natak
    laksh is thrown out of the room
    the first part was what should i say sooooooooooooooo funny

    sanskar asking forgiveness from swara was so emotional
    ragini was again crying laksh’s joke went the wrong way

  26. then the most awaited thing
    seeing swasan and raglak romance i was smiling like an idiot the smile was so difficult to hide my cheeks were paining

    the new spoilers
    why can’t the cvs just show a peaceful week

  27. Astra

    Omg….!!! Awesome epi after many days…!!! Ragu has turned angry lioness…!! Poor laksh became a rat… hahaha..!! And sanLak are awesome…!!! Loved swasan romance….. and raglak awesome…!!!

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