Swaragini 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara accepting to have kidnapped Ragini. Everyone is shocked. Dadi comes and tells Durga Prasad that his family have accused her daughters, and even sent them to jail. She says your daughter has done a big crime and got only a slap. Sujata says my daughter can’t do anything wrong. Dadi taunts her for sending chudail to kill Swara. Sujata says your daughters are not purely good. Durga Prasad asks Dadi to stop it and says he can feel how she is feeling. He says there are good and bad people in the world. He says Uttara did wrong and has broken my trust. He says Ragini has the right to decide Uttara’s punishment, and says he is ready to call Police. Ragini says no, and says may be I am responsible for the hatredness which Uttara have for me. She says I don’t want to file

any police complaint, and asks Uttara that she would have told her about the hatredness in her heart. Laksh looks on.

Sanskar feels bad. Swara comes. Sanskar says I don’t believe that Uttara can do such a thing. She was always nearer to Laksh. Swara says I came to see you. Sanskar says just because Uttara accepted her crime, I was out of your doubt. Swara says I came to talk to you. Sanskar says we have no relation now and asks her not to talk to him. Swara asks her not to turn his face from her. Sanskar says I thought we have trust relation, and says I will answer you.

He says I am not fool to use same drug on Ragini. He says he went to that road as he came to know about the big accident there, but couldn’t find Ragini there. He says I burnt that blanket so that Police couldn’t get any proof against you as I can’t see you in pain. Swara apologizes to him and asks for forgiveness. Sanskar says not today, and says you have lost my trust…..This relation is of no use without trust. Swara cries…….. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays…………..

Dadi comes to Swara’s room and asks where is Ragini’s medicine. Swara tells about its address and says she will bring juice for her. Annapurna tells Sujata that Uttara has accepted to have kidnapped Ragini. Sujata says I don’t agree and tells that Uttara herself is scared of darkness and would never dig the land and keep Ragini under ground. Swara thinks why Uttara didn’t defend herself and accepted the crimes so easily.

Swara comes to Laksh’s room. Laksh hides her hand’s wound and acts to wear her shirt. Swara apologizes and turns her face. She says she thought Uttara is hiding someone’s mistake. Laksh says she has accepted her crime. Swara says yes, and says atleast Ragini’s doubt is cleared now. Later Laksh tells Uttara that Swara has a doubt that you couldn’t do anything alone. Uttara says I helped you in this kidnapping as Ragini entered your life forcibly, and then troubling you, Sanskar and Swara. She says I didn’t take your name as Durga Prasad would have given you a tough punishment. Laksh hugs and thanks her. Uttara says I love you both (brothers) and can do anything. Laksh thanks her.

Swara recalls Sujata’s words and says Uttara can’t do this alone. She thinks Uttara is covering up someone’s act and thinks to look out for that nail marks on her hand. Dadi gives medicines to Ragini and says she is going to Baadi. She says Swara will come to give you juice. Laksh thinks he has to do something to Ragini and thinks everything have not happened as per plan. He thinks Swara and Ragini are together even now. Just then electricity goes off. Swara thinks to light the candle.

Doctor informs Durga Prasad that Annapurna got a mild heart attack. Dadi asks Durga Prasad to handover his property and wealth to Ragini. Durga Prasad folds his hands and agrees to give his wealth, property, home and keys to Ragini, and declares her as head of the family. Ragini gets a make over and says she will write Maheshwari family destiny.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Very good sister’s love. But I think uttara don’t know that Laksh want swara back. I guess if she knows that she won’t help Laksh because as much I know uttara loves sanskar more. Anyway waiting for the new drama…

  2. Tania

    Well done sanskar, very good.
    U trusted swara blindly, but she doubted upon u. She does not deserves ur love..

  3. anu

    week spoilers:
    7dec: swara tells uttara is not involved in ragini’s kidnapping. however, she has a slight inkling as to who it could be. will she be able to find the person responsible?
    8th dec; lakshya is driving the car that is about to run over ragini. will he end up killing ragini. ?
    9th dec: swara requests dadi to let ragini take back the complaint against lakshya and get him out of jail. will dadi agree?
    10th dec: dadi tells dp that she fears for her grand daughter’s safety and wants ragini to take charge of the house or she will make sure lakshya rots in jail? will dp relent?
    11dec: ragini reveals her new avatar, much to surpraise of everyone. how will the maheshwari clan react to this change?

  4. rishi

    Behen ho toh uttara jaisi! N that dadi chi shame on him.everyone of gadodia family is sick except sumi! I want ragini to be punished not rewarded by letting her rule mm house! So sick of writers to showcase all this.dont they have responsibility towards society? Overall im hating this track a lot. N sanskar is right!
    Now swara will understand laksh as she too didnt trust sanskar!

  5. Tara

    Wowwwwwww happpppppiieeeeee… yahoooooooo.. lovedddddddd sanskar today. My mono episode fiction came true.. am soooooo happy seeing sanskar’s anger and swara’s tears for him remembering past.. i am soooo soooooooo happpyyy.. superbbbbbbbb episode. My mono episode ??

  6. kashis

    oh!! what is episode.. swasan moments are mind blowing.. first time I am happy for swara. now afterwards she will not take sanskar for granted…. and sanskar has also given her a befitting reply.. oh how cheap laksh was??? poor uttara.. her sister is suffering from pain and accusations still his mind is only on planning plotting.

  7. joya

    no hopes from dis serial…..
    from now i m not wasting my valuable time for dis GHATIYA serail….
    bye guys…l m leaving dis show….

  8. Waise hamari dadi ma ko ho kya gaya h…wo ragini ki side Q le rha h?i knw uska kdnp kya tha but….n Annapurna????usne uttara ko thapppad mara…o plz yeh slp ja ke ragini ko maro

  9. nice episode nd my hearting is melting by seeing sanskar and swara in this state bt i really hope sanky would not forgive swara so easily because she did a big mistake by believing laksh nd doubting sanky so she has to make up nd i hope this time swara realises her feeling for sanskar,……swasan are really cute nd lovely

    • Jhanvi

      Hi bhagiiii…… How r you yar ..?????

      Yeah right I hope swara will realize sans love ….I can’t understand y they r dragging…… First Ragini Nd now laksh……… Both r so irritating they can’t see their brother/ sister happy……

  10. anu

    swaragini: love to bloom between swara & sanskaar post kidnaping drama.
    fans andviewers of colors show swaragini are waiting for love to bloom between their faviourite couple swara and sanskaar.
    swara and sanskaar have been plotted smartly by lakshya in ragini kidnapping plot.
    he has tried to kill ragini and also tried to create rift between swara and sanskaar.
    laksh successfully creates the events that put doubt in swara’s mind against sanskaar.
    however, once it is known that laksh was the main culprit in ragini’s kidnapping, swara’s doubt against sanskaar vanishes.
    sanskaar feels emotionally hurt for swara’s distrust on him while she feels guilty for putting alligations on sanskaar.
    she asks sanskaar to forgive her and pours her heart out to sanskaar.
    this will be starting point for swara and sanskaar’s love relation.
    swara and sanskaar finally be seen getting romantically closer to each other.

  11. angel

    It is so stupid that ragini did soooooo much bad that is attempt to kill swara twice,sumi’s kidnap,false allegation on sanskar for molestation etc. and no one took a severe act but when maharani herself got kidnapped then she is becoming owner if the house??????wah wah kya bat hai……annoying thing….

  12. appu

    Me too quiting dis show.. Nw ragini’s makeover.. Full property to ragini.. Just hate dis show.. Gudbye guys..

  13. anu

    swaragini: laksh falls in valley trying to kill ragini..
    the upcoming episodes of show will show that lakshya brings ragini to a place where swara and sanskaar also follow them.
    lakshya stops the car and ask ragini to wait for him.
    she waits for him and she is shocked as he is bringing car towards her and trying to kill her but lakshya falls in his own trap after loosing his balance.
    his car falls into valley and he holds a tree.
    she is shocked seeing lakshya with a tree and try to save him.
    sanskaar saves lakshya , ragini and swara’s life.
    swara also comes to save him but they find difficult to pull him.
    sanskaar makes heroic entry and saves three of them.
    stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  14. sanju

    swasan scence super.. hope he forgives her she realizes her mistake.. i think uttara dont know that laksh want swara back in his life.. if she knows she didnt help him.. as she loves both the brothers but some what attached to laksh because sanskaar is away from her for 5 years.. i think.. just its my guess
    and ranveer and deepika promoting there upcoming movie bajjaro mastani in swaragini..


  16. xoxo

    Just loved Swasan scenes. I think Ragini and dadi are pretending to be evil so that Swasan get closer. I’m sure Ragini has turned positive

  17. arch

    sanskaar says i vl never forgive you.. may be he is using this to realise swara when someone really feels sorry a and cares for another and if that another doesn’t understand it then how much it hurts.

  18. arch

    swara is remembering there moments started from swara’s realization from swara side and swasan story starts i think..
    and ha guys ranveer singh is protecting sanskaar from getting stabbing .. when this is the sequence of show that when they come to promote shoot sanskaar getting stab and he comes and protects sanskaar .

  19. nik

    Wowwwww swasan scene was awesm.First tm I hv seen swara feeling for sanskar n recalling hr sweet memories with sanskar. N the bkgrnd song added mr beauty to the scene. After this episode any one can say that its only swasan. Now all swasan fans should join swaragini agn coz there will b dfntly swasan scenes in cmng episodes. I can say that it was a mst watch episode. Once agn swasan scene was hrtrntng. N ya it was cnfrmd few he’s bk that lv blossoms between swara n sanskar n they will now gt close to each other as dmnded by there fans. N Ranveer n Deepika will b an promoting baaji………tani in swaragini n they will also help swara n sanskar to CLR their my. Swasan rocks n swasan forever n ever.

  20. Laksh

    Hate this serial …. When ragini did all the mistake there was no one to punish her she did all the evil deeds to maheshwari family and swara was doubted all the time after proving that swara was innocent they didn’t do anything.. But now just because ragini was kidnapped once they will make her the head of the family .. Idiotic serial I have ever seen

  21. nik

    I thnk Dp handed all his property to rag… coz dadi told him if he will not do that she will tell the truth that laksh kdnpd ragini to ap as ap is already I’ll n doc also told that a lil shock can tk hr life. So to sv hs wife n hs sn dp does all this.

  22. Today epi i liked sanskaar role…nala narukunu nakka pudungura madhuri swara va pathu sanskar ketadhu super.. enavah??ah ena vah?? Swara ipa mattum ena moonji vatchukittu sanski kitta pesura??

  23. Shwetha

    Only good thing is Swara will realise she has hurt Sanskar and that their romance will start but God knows when,till then,bye to Swaragini,arch,from whom will Ranvir Singh protect Sanskaar?pls tell.

  24. nik

    Hiiiii Shuva, Saba , rids , rupsikha n all others . 2day I can say it from the core of my hrt that swasan rocks n swasan forever n ever……….lol

  25. Saranya

    Writers pls don’t make Raglak as negative. Pls change them also positive & unite them as well like Swasan. They are also beautiful.

  26. ishu

    i agree with u daniela……..pakki swara….i hate her….im big fan of swasan….bt i hate swara bzc c always accusting sanskar….and this time c cross the all limits….sans is right…..i wish he never ever forgive her….

    d preccap : ragini makeover…..she want revenge from laksh c slap him…..bt swara y shouting ragini??????? when i saw that sceen i was really irrritaing……
    i thing swara still love laksh????!!!!!bzc she always support laksh….
    now i dont want swasan sceens bzc swara is not worth for sanskar….she always hurt him only….ty is tooooo much….

    • angel

      Noooooo swara doesn’t love him…swara jst cares for everyone…..she xz veryyyyyyyyyyyyy good natured…she jst wants ragini to be on straight path but that girl ragini uffffff!!!!!!!!

    • I too hate swara ishu… ava epudi sanskaar ah sandhega padalam?? Theyva swara ku.. nalla ipa ukandhu aluga solu.. nd ishu hi wr r u frm??

  27. harshvardhan

    bakwass total. waah kya mentality hai logo ki. swara wants to be friend with sanskar not his love. should be swalak. I am watching this show till swara decide. if swalak then continue otherwise all the best for worst show I have ever seen till now

  28. harshvardhan

    u guys have changed the meaning of love , friendship, relationships in the wrong way. always gave wrong message to viewers.

  29. AD Musica

    I love swasan hope they get close (fingers crossed )? guys joining back swaragini for swasan and only swasan ….. but pls I wont b able to see them away for long time …, pls make Swara feel for sanky fast ……… swasan rock … they rock ….. swasan fans how many votes to get swasan close …. do reply if u c this comment ???????

  30. harshvardhan

    swara still loves lakshay. must be swalak. plzzzz………… when ragini did so much swara always said to lakshay that she loves you ,accept her in life. and now I will see lakshay did wrong only for swara’s love. from swara’s point of view she should return to lakshay. sorry return nahi in fact us shadi ko todkar Jo forcefully hui thi

  31. mahi

    real wala emotinal scene tha….. btw ranveer n deepika vl b helping swara and sanskar this tym….. wen dey ll cum 2 promote bajirao mastani

  32. And yeh nik
    Today swara finally realised her mistake and apologised to sanskar. And also today she was crying and remembering everything that they went through together. So that means us Swasan fans may not have to wait until valentine day for Swasan to unite.
    And yeh Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

  33. Megha Bisht

    What kind of a serial is this? I mean kuch bhi ho rha hai. Kuch story hi nhi hai. Khi ki story khi le ja rhe hai. Typical Indian television show. Nonsense

  34. Sunshine

    Lol is evil the new trend? I don’t know what’s wrong with dadi. How can she make dp and the other maheshwaris guilty of what lakshya did to ragini. And how will making property in ragini’s name make her any safe in the house? If someone wants to harm her, they will harm her no matter what. Why isn’t dadi smart enough to take ragini away from lakshya. Can’t she understand Tha he doesn’t want her? And he is trying to get rid of her and stooping that low. And his actions are wrong, but justified given the torture ragini has given the maheshwaris.
    And why can’t swara use her stupid brain and tell that she will complain against ragini if something like that happens. They have all proof. Why is she a mute spectator. She’s the stupid one in the house. So modern it seems, doesn’t know how to use technology and brain. And rags, you should really leave all of them and go sit among rags only. You’re the most disgusting vamp I’ve ever seen. And stop opening your mouth all the time and do things other than crying and being selfish.

  35. Sandy

    When ragini did all things wrong everyone left her she should be punished heavily, now she is kidnapped she became owner

  36. MeH

    SwaSan scene was really emotional….sanskaar was crying….goddd…:'(…..did u guyz notice wen she was having flashbacks she also remembered sanskaar putting sindoor….haay…hop she wil realize her love soon…..and y is ragini not getting punished for her mistakes?!…unbelievable….

  37. ahana

    now it confirmed.. it is swsan n i am happy..
    sanskar angry justified .. as swara dont trust him .. sanskar ignoring swara result in swara knowing worth of sanskar…
    i want ragini to be positive.. maybe she did makeover for uniting swasan ..

  38. jo

    ranveer singh and deepika shoot a special sequence for swaragini:
    swaragini on colors has been upbeat about delivering edgy content to its viewers from a long time now.
    bringing in some high voltage drama , highlighting swara and ragini equation change. laksh role in her kidnapping and ragini look change and her become owner of maheshwari house as already reported., the makers will take the glamour quotient a notch higher in its upcoming episodes.
    according to sources bollywood heartthrob ranveer sing and vivacious deepika padukone currently shooting a special segment, to promote their upcoming historical romance ‘bajirao mastani’.
    as per the current track shows tensions between sanskaar and swara., as sanskaar being upset , is seen not talking to swara. the couple will be seen getting closer to each other in the coming episode. ranveer and deepika will be seen playing love cupids., bringing swara and sanskaar close to one another.
    we tried to contact protagainst helly and tejaswi but they remained unavailble for comment.
    keep reading space for more updates.

  39. Swara ne khud Apne pairon par khuladi Maari, she deserves the indifferent approach from Sanskar. She has to suffer for being unreasonable and impractical. Also if she had doubt in Utrada she should have shown patience and enquired about it in privacy. She went out of the way for Ragini who had always tried her level best to destroy Swara . Swara had been foolish and again fooled for supporting Ragini out of the way and trying to be over smart by being a stupid detective. Being true us nice but by being foolish is stupidity. She should have asked Dadi why to react so severely for Ragini , when she herself had supported Ragini in kidnapping her own mother and for keeping her mom as captive. What serial is this where always Ragini is pampered unnecessarily and given undue importance Durgaprasadji a powerful person , is also now shown helpless …Annapurna is useless and stupid character of this serial who doesn’t know to take care the peace of the family . Sujatha though is a comic character of not much importance was right saying the girls Ragini and Swara had created all problems in their house taking away all peace .. !

  40. jo

    uttara dont know that laksh is trying to create misunderstandings between swasan.. she thinks ragini is creating rift between them.. when she told this to lucky that ragini unwantedly creating rift between them laksh is shocked.. as he creatinng differences between them. when if she comes to know laksh is trying to seperate them how uttara react with this…

  41. kusuma

    swaragini latest gossip: sanskaar is not ready to forgive swara.
    the current track of swaragini is revolving around uttara confessing that she was the one who kidnapped ragini although the real culprit is lakshya.
    after uttara’s confession swara will realizes that sanskaar did not do the crime and feels guilty of accusing him.
    sanskaar feels sad that swara did not trust him and had though that she was involved in the kidnapping.
    he explains to her that he had burnt the red blanket in oreder to save her.
    sanskaar also says that he had gone to the kidnapping location as he came to know of a big accident out there and he went searching for ragini.
    hearing the truth, she feels guiltier for not having trust of him and asks for forgiveness.
    however, sanskaar is no mood to forgive swara as he is deeply hurt by her accusation.

  42. tumo handi

    yeah serial bahut bakwaas h swara sanskar look so stupid pagal serial band dono monkeys lagte h naachne waale ghaghra choli pehne hue ma people aur dono.ko kisi horror movie mhona tha ragini bhi pagal h khurafati chalti hd dimag m

  43. kusuma

    deepika and ranveer to play cupids amid swara & sanskaar.
    in the upcoming episodes swara will feel guilty for accusing sanskaar of kidnaping ragini. as seen lakshya is the real culprit behind ragini’s kidnapping and now she has taken the contol over maheshwari house.
    on the other side swara will make attempt’s of seeking forgiveness from sanskaar. he is deeply hurt by swara’s distrust on him and will feel emotionally hurt.
    at this juncture bajirao mastani stars ranveer and dipika will enter the show. both will make swara and sanskaar come together.
    also both will inflame the love between swara and sanskaar.

  44. nik

    In SBB sgmnt it was shown helly saying that “swara ko ab sanskar ki aadt pd gyi h aur use realize hone lga h ki wo sanskar se pyaar kirti h.”

  45. sham

    What revenge Ragini taking from Laksh. She is the one main culprit from the beginning. Who will give punishment for her bad doings done by her from the beginning.

  46. sham

    Ragini tried to kill Swara still no punishment she got. Now if laksh will do kidnap of Ragini it is mistake. Is this make any sense.

  47. ahana

    i have seen scene where SBB telling swara feels guilt for not trusting sanskar n she has started feeling for him …

  48. rosy

    yeh dadi kabhi bhi nahi sudregi…kya chal chali hain par directors plz give us some relief by starting swasan love track coz in the long run wen you will be draging this malkin rags drama we will becum fedup and hence if you dont show us SWASAN LOVE TRACK MANY MANY FANS WILL B QUITING THIS SHOW FOR SURE…….

  49. Sandy

    Hold the breath swalakians there going to be soon a major twist in swaragini that’s going to make audience speechless and reunite of swalak to be happen atlastt in between there are many changes undergo in the show and coming to the part of swasan love story there could be major twists in the show which cannot be revealed soon mentioned in a news and while searching for lead pairs in the show that is mentioned as belly shah and nqmish taneja wait and watch swaragini for it, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen

  50. Kavita

    it seems Ragini will become the Head of the family… as her dadi will demand DP to name te entire property in her name to save laksh… Ragini comes to knw abt lakshs involvement in her kidnapping.. she will ill treat maheshwari family… Swara & Sanskar will come together in this and stand against Ragini.. There will be many moments between them and swara will fall in love with Sanskar….

    We will Swasan coming together very soon…

  51. nik

    Sorry 2 swalak fans , l don’t think that swalak will ever hpn. It was cnfrmd in SBB sgmnt that swara has realized that she hv fln fr sanskar n when he is not talking to hr,she is gtng rstls.N after all this she can not agn fl in lv with laksh.its nt a jk that she will agn n agn change hr lv.N ya what hpns in lst part of teleshops that cnt b ptedctd, even the wrtrs cnt predict ,they tk the story according to viewers dmnd. Bt at prsnt its cnfrm that its swasan.

    • ahana

      i agree after all this happeninga swasan will happen for sure …. swalak is impossible… bt writers unpredictable they can do anything

  52. nik

    The huge fan following of Varun Kapoor is the coz of change of lead pr frm swalak to swasan. As it was shown in pst episodes that he has fln fr swara so his fns wntd swara to b with him. N in Wikipedia also the mn ml ld is sanskar n mn fml ld is swara.

  53. kirti

    Hey nik , shuva n all othr swasan fans its all bcoz of u guyz dat m feeling happy after a long tym as ur comments fr swasan forcd me to see deir scene n it was sooooooo emotional yaar dat my eyes were full of tearz
    Oh i was not able to tolerate sanskaar in tears n happy to see swara crying fr sans 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Rids

    Ni swalak. It’s not happening. I don’t know where these ppl search for swalak news. Deepika and ranveer are planning to unite swasan . swalak is a dream now. Guys please accept it. It is going to be swasan…

  55. Rids

    M not even reading updates now. M jus reading ur comments… :p oly if swasan scene comes I ll watch this serial. M reeeaaalllyyyy bored. Ragini has already crossed all limits. Now wat more Is remaining.

  56. Hi guys
    Hi nik, kirti, rids, neha, saba and everyone. How are you all?
    I don’t know why some people still thinks that it’s going to be Swalak. I mean isn’t it obvious that it’s going to be Swasan not Swalak. Sorry I don’t want hurt any Swalak fans but Yeh it’s Swasan forever because they rock.?

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