Swaragini 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swara asks what happened? A flashback is shown, Sumi tells Shekhar that Ragini will not do anything. She is just trying to scare us. Laksh gives her promise of friendship. Ragini acts to puts rope in her neck and asks everyone to let her die. Laksh breaks the door with other and enters the room saving her. Ragini asks let her die. Laksh asks have you gone mad? Shekhar says what is this childishness? Ragini says she can’t bear anymore. She sheds crocodile tears and says everyone think of her wrong. She says she loves everyone truly. She says she loves Laksh very much, as he is chosen by you all, but destiny didn’t favor it. She says she made herself understand, when Laksh fell for Swara. She says she can’t live with the blame of doing wrong with Swara. She says let me go Papa? She acts…..


says you will not do anything like such. Ragini asks what shall I do then? Laksh says stop blaming youself. Ragini blackmails him emotionally and makes him feel guilty. She says people will taunt me and look at me with bad intentions. She says what I will do then? She asks do you have any solution for this? Can you do anything? Laksh says he has a solution. Evil Ragini trapped Laksh in her net. Laksh holds her hand and takes her to mandap. FB ends. Swara asks what happened then? Dida holds her hand and takes her towards havan kund. She shows the fire. FB starts. Laksh announces that baraat will not return without a bride and declares to marry Ragini.

Durga Prasad says what you are saying? Laksh says you have taken a decision for my happiness, but today I want to accept your last decision. He says he will not punish Ragini for Swara’s mistakes. He says he will not give her more pain. Dida interferes and says Ragini wants the same. She created the situation intentionally so that he marries her. Laksh blames Swara and says why would Ragini allowed us to meet. Dida asks Laksh not to do mistake. Laksh says he has done a mistake by trusting Swara. He says he was blinded in her love that he didn’t realize her intentions. He says she don’t want to marry him, that’s why she never confessed her love. He says I always covers her mistakes, but not anymore. He says Swara is dead for me. Dida cries. He says I don’t want to see her face. Now I will give rights to Ragini which I should have given her before.

Dida cries and asks Laksh not to do this. Dadi asks why he can’t do this. You always said that Swara and Ragini are same for you. Why you are not letting my grand daughter marry. Dida says Swara and Laksh love each other. Dadi says you can’t see other’s happiness. Sumi interferes and says you can’t say that to my mum. She asks Laksh to wait till Swara comes. She says I know that Swara is innocent. Shekhar asks Sumi to stop it and says I am sure that you never accepted Ragini as your daughter. He says it is my biggest mistake when I got married to you. Dida shouts. Dadi says Shekhar is right. Sumi asks why our relation is coming between this. He asks her not to have any hope from him. Sumi asks him to wait till she comes. Spineless Shekhar asks Sumi to bless Laksh and Ragini quietly, if she wants to safe relation with him, and accept that Swara is a betrayal. Ragini says she can’t see their marriage breaking. Shekhar says see, this is my Ragini? She can’t see anything wrong happening. Sumi says I am Swara’s mum before I became your wife. I can’t accept Swara’s truth as her lie. Shekhar asks if you agrees for Laksh and Ragini’s marriage or not. Do you want to save our marriage, or end our marriage for your liar daughter. Sumi announces that she will not attend the marriage. She says she says she will support her Swara as she is right. Sumi goes to Dida’s house. Dida follows her. Annapurna asks Pandit ji to start with the rituals. She asks Parineeta to decorate Evil Ragini, and sends Dadi also to dresses her up. Evil Ragini gets dresses up as a bride, and smiles. She happily marries Laksh and sits on the mandap. Pandit ji asks her parents to do the kanyadaan. Sumi tells Dida that her daughter is not wrong and she didn’t do wrong. Dida says I know and cries. Spineless, blind Shekhar smiles. Laksh and Ragini take pheras while everyone showers flower petals on them. Laksh makes her wear mangalsutra. Evil Ragini smiles. Sumi takes off her mangalsutra. Laksh fills Ragini’s maang with sindoor. It is shown Devi Maa is seeing everything.

After their marriage, Dida curses Ragini for snatching Swara’s happiness. Dadi takes promise from Laksh to keep Ragini happy. He says he will not hurt Ragini for Swara’s mistake. Swara comes to Laksh’s house and meets Ragini outside. She tells her that she will bring her truth out. Evil, psycho, criminal Ragini is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Gracy

    Im confused. What the hell message the makers or writers want to say to the audience. To stay strong in love or not to betray a sister. God in heaven nly knows. 🙂

    • Gauravv

      Hey gracy..the writers basically are trying to convey that..no matter what we people think..they ‘ll go frwd with their own stupid ideas..i think most tv series shud follow the english trend where each seasn at a max consists of 24 episodes..just like colors 24 that was an adapted version of a english series…loving the new channel that they aired colors infinity…it boasts of sm really great shows

    • Nisha

      I look at few comments who are concerned about the serial’s characters and I wonder… these days even reading this update is not possible as two lines into it I get serious headache and ger angry thinking why they treat audience like shit by offering such ugly disaster? I pity of those young or old actors that act in such serials.. and I worry what happens to their brain to keep going through this horror!!

      The writers must be thinking if there are some comments online about how much the audience hate ragini it means people are watching… but what they don’t know is it only takes the rival channel to step up their game to throw this non sense out… in my home whenever we are changing the channel even if this serial comes in between for a second we do not tolerate and am pretty sure same happens all over India… the director is clearly psychotic… and if he thinks torturing people gets TRP he is so wrong… let me see how long this psycho director can go on like this as if people are shit!!! people’s brain’s should tortured and their taste is to be estimated to be so cheap that he/she thinks they watch this crap!!!

      Best comment I ever heard was from my mama.. he often gets irritated by idiotic nonsensical never ending repetitive crap and used to call such serials Anancin.. and he after a long time if by chance mami switches this channels say change this Anacin… ROFL!!!

      • U rock nisha. I agree with u its a total drag of plot. I don’t have time to watch serial but I always check out the daily updates on telly updates( whenever I get time) so I m basically not responsible for any trp of any serials.

      • ms.cool

        I don’t agree wid u nisha…y do u even cmmnt here….did u meet all d Indians…saying soo….ua just a psycho

    • Laxmi

      The message is evil always wins….
      if u want to reach ur destiny shortscuts always worksout. Even u did fasting etc etc is no use. Truth ( swara ) suffers a lot but evil (ragini) will ask sorry at the end everyone forgive her and she will remain happily always…..

    • ar

      Dragging just to move their serial forward just to have good trps….. Who cares about message??….. Totaly they are out of mind…writer cant write logicaly…. If shekhar blames sumi for not accepting ragini as her daughter couldnt sumi say that did u accept swara as ur daughter being ur own blood?? Laksh condition is favorable but all other cast didnt got well script

  2. Gracy

    I m not even able to decide whom to like. All the characters are as such. Bad portrayal but gud actng. The result is the hatred of audience. Plz writers lend ur ears or eyes to our feelings.


    go to hell ragini ! and laksh u did a big mistake by marriying that evil psyco ragini .luv u sanskaar

    • Nisha

      Arrey Anjaly ignore this serial and watch some awesome movies on youtube for free and legally… this director is raping the audience’s brain.. this serial was a brutal epic fck (I stopped watching it and the promos haunt me whenver I turn the channels) and he is creating zombies… I want to express this because I can’t even digest this scary promos.. the moment I saw that some black magic track I was like are you (Serial creative team) out your mind to stoop so low and keep changing ragini’s character like a broken kite or keep doing idiotic things which make no sens????? so thought commenting here often as how crap this crap is!! we cant even call it serial… for this serial the best part is the advertisements that come in between… we are lucky if we caught an ad while changing the channel than seeing any struck characters in this serial…

      OH by the way, does my above comment hurt anyone? then imagine how one can deal with never ending zigantic shitty nonsese this serial is throwing on our brains these days.. we can only get angry this ugly retarded show!!! trust me… it cannot offer anything but shitty temper… to audiences… I hope the loser director reads it some day and understands it…

  4. shipu

    its nt good yr.. lakshy nd swara looks perfect..serial getting bored nw after mrraige of ragini lakshy …

  5. Nonsense episode. We must teach love between two sisters understand ing but this serial is totally opposite. WILL laksh divorce from ragini when her truth will be out and return to swara .Will swara marries sanskar that their marriage will be a fake one?

  6. They are in a mood to drag the serial. Instead of building a good plot. Indian directors should learn from Hollywood directors how they keep deepening the plot. Mostly if watch an episode u would follow the entire series. We are not in any hurry. Take ur time. Build good plot. But they are interested in their weekly trp

  7. lali

    really great Laksh. u deserve ragini only
    . how much swara believed u even when your own parents didn’t and what did u do.
    u really don’t deserve swara.
    swara ke galtiyo ka sazza ragini ko nahi Sega hate uuuuuuuuuuuuu
    in actual tere galte ka saza swara jhel rahi hey

  8. Honey

    Laksh you can’t even trust the one who you love. Finally Ragini won by separating her Maa pap. But it’s good it happened otherwise they will drag the story even more. Now swasan should be United soon.

  9. lali

    the serial has again come to starting because of that ragini even their parents seperated. but well done at least swaras mother believe her. acc to me she should not forgive Shekar its not she but him who showed difference
    he always abandoned her always but yet she believws him always now its peak she CNT forgive him
    he blamed she was his biggest mistake

  10. I liked sanskar. Since I saw him in saraswati Chandra short but good role. Here he was shown in negative but now he is lead of the serial. Now dats appropriate

  11. Joys

    Laksh doesn’t deserve for swara and how could he believe that phsyco ragini … swara u better marry sanskar ‘coz he s sweet and cute …. May that laksh get senses after swara and sanskar gets married ….

  12. nim

    i wish make a change as 2 heroines and 2 heros swara for laksh and ragini for sanskar
    dont drag the serial…

    i join to tht shekar is treating his two own daughters in different way…really bad

    s thre any method to prove tht rangini a behind all of this??

  13. roli

    superb, nice one..ragini why are you frghtened .gve tight slap to that b*t*h . u got laksh. if swara enters house make her life hell

  14. wat d f**k is going .how can that stupid spineless Sekar can trust that evil psyco ragini. I hate this episode .and lucky u shameless how can misunderstand swara with d fake vedio
    y don’t deserv swara . common swara just leave that spineless lucky ..I hope sanskar Is there for u.

  15. Kanchan

    its stretching the story way too long and they have made the raagini’s family character way too strong that it almost feel like that Swara family is playing the submissive role here. No truth has been revealed till now about Raagini that I bet some of the fans who watch it religiously will also get bored with the same tactics all the time..

  16. wat d f**k is going there how can lucky marry rags .if he truly loves swara then he have to trust her ..but he’s not. and spineless seakar also trusted ragini swara is also her blood how can he do such a big mistake.
    sumi was gud trysting her daughter .and dadi was so selfish and evil . totally I hate this episode.

  17. common swara just leave that stupid laksh and throw him away. he don’t deserve u. I hope sanskar will be a gud sole mate fr swara.

  18. daisy

    AT LAST…. RAGINI DID MARRY LAKSH!! i mean wat does dis say? even my papa asked me d same questn!! n i did ans him sarcastically dat evil wins over good….. accolades writers n directors….. even if hv positive story in future i surely dnt thnk “viewers” wud b available then!!!

  19. Shweta

    plzzz writter ab Ragini ka sach sbke samne lao usne bht bura kr lia h swara k sth uski puri image spoil kr di h yha tk ki usne apna pyar pane k liy apne mom dad ka b relation khtm kr diya ..or dida ne to ek dm perfect aashirwad dia i wish ki aisa hi ho us rag…k sth…or laks
    ko b guilty feel ho…or wo rag….se apna relation tod de…

  20. nira

    in wiki pg swara’snm z wrtn as swara shekhar gadodia n i m htng it she was she is she will b swara bose until she gets mrd to a good person

  21. At first i really wished dat laksh n swara b togethr bt after reading ds stupid episode . i gave up…. I thot it is one of da best serials bt nw i regret dat i wasted my time watching it.. Anyway acordng to da characters given to da actors i fell laksh does’nt desrv swara .. Since he does’nt knw da meanin of love n trust n afta he knws da truth of ragini .. If he tries to cum bak to swara . hope swara rejects him n same goes to shekar n sumi hope sumi does’nt go bak to dat hell.

  22. shira

    Just hate dis serial now….
    Wat r these writers upto…irritating 1…
    If they had to unite laksh nd ragini then y all dat drama….?
    Stupid show…but i really wish swara nd laksh 2 unite nd sanskar’s gf should b shown alive somehow…nd then ragini shud b all alone….?

    • hom

      To hell with ragini n laksh…. agar trust hi nahi tha toh pyar kyun kiya….. serve you right laksh…. you don’t deserve swara’s love…

      Stay with that.. psycho, criminal, irritating … ragini….. n baad mein jab sachai ka pata chalega… pachtate raho….

      Unite swara n sanskaar soon….. this will bring some nice n interesting changes in this boring show…..

  23. RajKumari Irina

    I read somwhre wit photo of sanskaar gf that she will comeback….she’s not dead yet…So I dont thnk Swara will pair wit sanskaar..so sad! itz bttr not to watch diz stupid drama anymore

  24. mad

    Um fed up with hating and now I’m going to stop watching the stupid serial. Hope u guys will understand the same.

  25. ADELE( Anu)

    My gosh!! So many negative comments!!! Lyk seriously yar!! This show was so good at starting……. But now it has become a HELL! Writers, swaragini fans have started loosing their interests in it……..u may also be realising it I hope……..so please take some efforts n make the serial interesting so that we can watch it.

    Wat u all r showing us is juz impractical!! A sister can never fall so low that she can kill her sister juz to get her so called love. N that too a sister lyk ragini…..who never knew the meaning of revenge.,……….taking revenge; juz leave aside!!
    Pleaseeee change the track n show something gud……

  26. ADELE( Anu)

    N that shekhar will always hurt sharmishtha n then after realising his mistake……..he will make stupid acts!!?

    N laksh………!! This wasn’t expected from YOU at least….,.this shows that u never learnt to believe in love!!! How can u believe ragini…..whom u never loved??? N u r cursing swara….who saved u n was beside u wen no one trusted u…………You don’t deserve swara now!!!! First I was a big fan of swara laksh.. …..but after seeing laksh’s so called” true love” I don’t support him………

  27. nancy

    yes you are right ,m also a huge fan of swara & laksh and unki jodi bt now plz god kare ki laksh ragini ko divorce dede ar swara laksh ki shaadi ho isse runrating badhegi

  28. Really guys m tired of watching lead ones as antagonist
    Ragini from swaragini
    Shreya from tum hi ho bandhu sakha tumhi
    Meera from saathiya
    Wat da hell is going on????
    But this rags shameless psyco has crossed all the limit…..
    Guys please tell me about upcomi ng storyyy


  29. chizzy

    seriously…why so much hating y’all?i am a nigerian and i am particularly fond of this indian serial.u may not like d twist of d story but lets face it,d writers have a responsibility to show what really happens in d society through their movies..the truth is shit happens….i hate d idea of child abuse and child marriage….but it still happens..so producers through serials like balika vadhu and udaan tells d world d dangers affiliated to such acts…lets pls be realistic and praise d actors for strongly acting out this vice for d world to see.

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Yes chizzy, I agree wid u; but in this serial they r showing nothing practical yaar! A SISTER HATING HER SISTER TO SUCH EXTENT THAT SHE TRIED TO KILL HER???? IS THIS WAT IS GOING ON IN OUR SOCIETY??? I mean yes, small fyts exist between families……..but here wat the hell r they showing dude?!!
      Even they r showing a father’s wrong character………how can a father decide widout having any proper proof that which of his daughter is wrong n who is correct?????? Anything?!?!!!?

  30. shanaya

    guys no need to worry……ragini,her family and laksh and her mother all will suffer….2day they were smiling and enjoying da marriage bt afterwards they will regret …..swara’s day will also come…..bt I want ragini and shekhar should never be forgiven…..they should long for their love throughout their life. hope u guys agree with me

  31. chizzy

    i must also praise tejaswi prakash for her strong portrayal of d ragini character…she brought her all to the table n made d character so believable!!!!!!.well played ragini!!!..lets pls understand that all stories cannot have fairlytale endings.or d will be unrealistic n fake…d reason for d twist in some serials is for you to learn from them the message d want to convey…swaragini talks about love,trust and betrayal…and dese things r real

  32. naima

    up coming scenes will be interesting….coz it will be seen swara taking revenge on ragini…and exposing her..wow waiting for the episode 🙂

  33. ADELE( Anu)

    This had bcum my favourite serial…….I loved the way how the two sisters used to be together n face all the problems……………n the way they united their parents………….it was amazinggg!!!!
    And now…………..!!

  34. ADELE( Anu)

    I can never lyk ragini now!!!!!!! The things she did!!!! God!!!!????
    Even if she bcums good, I cannot juz lyk her……….at first she looked so sweet……..n now she’z juz a source of irritation for me!

  35. ADELE( Anu)

    I totally agree wid u Shanaya!!! Those father n daughter shud never be forgiven…….not shekhar at least

  36. saz

    ragini ka vanda fot janey k baad vi swara our uske maa ko laksh our shekher ke paas bilkul vi baapashnahi jana chahiye.

  37. MeH

    …now swara wil prove her innocence….wanna see the faces of shekhar n laksh that tym…stupids…..

  38. rosy

    If laksh thnks it was a mistake 4 him to love swara den it is right for hm to marry rags…
    It wud be unfair to show to shd dat a man who helpd swara in need wud nt get any importance…already SANSKAR decided to leave maheswari house nd it wud b good dat SWARA N SANSKAR SETTLING IN DER OWN SWEET SMALL HOME….
    Plz SWARA nw truly fall in love wid SANSKAR..

  39. Piyu

    Plz dont do dis yaar..v really lov swalak…aftr revealing rags true face laksh shd apologize a lot 2 swara…and swara shd return to him…n dat hell ragini shd b alone ..hope dida’s wrds come true ..

  40. SWARA

    After marrying Laksh Ragini is happy…..but Laksh can’t forget Swara and can’t accept that she did this…..he remembers romantic moments of swalak…..Laksh says rags that I hv married u but we can’t live like a married couple…….they will not sleep on one bed Laksh will sleep one couch………on the other side Swara says I will marry sanskaar and I will make him get his place in Maheshwari house……….Sumi and dida accept it…….Swara marries sanskaar…….Swara and Sujata make sanskaar get his place in Maheshwari house……swara keeps on finding ways to take out truth of rags with help of Sujata and sanskaar……… She succeeds and rags is thrown out of the house…….Laksh gets a nice girl and

  41. kajal

    Irritating ragini. Disgusting….pls swara don’t forgive ragini…and also laksh…..
    Pls marry sanskar…he is the perfect soul mate fa u….I want to see laksh pain….he is a stupid lover…he believes the psycho ragini….ragini don’t act as innocent ur a witch…and———–‘-

  42. esha

    Laksh is being a miser by not trusting swara who didn’t leave him alone during his bad times..makers are making this show miserable by making ragini evil..the stupidity of the makers is shown in the serial itself..please realise

  43. what rubbish is this! how could lucky do this to swara?swara ws happy in her life bt that lucky himself ws running behind swara saying that he loves her vry much! is this his vry much love?can’t he trust swara? I always liked swara and lucky pair bt nt anymore.lucky deserves that ragini only.

  44. In this show both swara and ragini are main female lead .swara is the protagonist that is good character and ragini the antagonist that is bad character which opposes the protagonist. Both laksh and sanskar are main male lead protagonist.

  45. Dhanu

    Laksh is tell averyone he will marry rags but now jelouse looking sanra together.laksh u deserve this

  46. ?pradishma?

    Hate u rags hate u how can u fall soooo low it’s so very disgusting….. u are cheap very cheap rags…. and dadi u….. u and ur upbringing lectures to sumi an dida for giving swara full independence but their upbringing was way way better than u….. and shekhar this was only expected from u….. u said wrong sumi always looked after rags as her mother only but it was u who didn’t looked after swara as father for name he was swara’s father….. but in real he only loves his ragini(pysyco rags) and u don’t deserve swara the girl who trusted u when nobody…. NOBODY trusted u…. she was the one who did everything to prove his innocence when his own family denied trusting u…..and when time came of urs to trust her… u stepped back……how bad it was …..they girl who fought with everyone for u…..later us denied trusting her……. and TRUST is important in any relation especially in LOVE but what u did….. swara u better move on and get back to ur own attier n attitude…. u deserve someone better least the one who will trust u no matter what…. and it’s good to see bose family back especially dida….

    • varshini

      well said pradhi..I just want to see shekhar n laksh’s reaction after knowing d truth of ragini…DAT time sumi will point t shekhar n his upbringing…wow dis s d best nose cut for ever…best punishment for ever BTW…hi dr

  47. Ahana

    guys u r notice that ragya marriage happend so quickly… I mean 7 phere v thik se nehi dikhaya…..
    bt jo ho I WANT SWALAK TOGETHER…. & I still have a hope 4 swarya……

  48. sudeshna

    Ragya is a woest couple…. & not only ragini but also I dont like tejaswi… matlab in off screne interview she is so oversmart…. I think If tamish jodi happend in real life then namish ko hamesha wohi carna parega jo tejaswi chahate hai….
    & I also think tejaswi look older than namish in some pic…..

    • ?pradishma?

      Ya I totally agree with u even I hate tejaswi she is damm over smart n over reacter….least someone saw truth

  49. Jhhunu

    after watching some offscrene vedio I also think tejaswi is oversmart… & also in onscrene in swara’s get up she look very oversmart… bt I agree that she is very beautiful….
    bt I realy love SWALAK & also love HEMISH… they r made 4 each other….

  50. Kj

    Basically Indian audiences Aur TV show producers ke liye shaadi ek game hai. Jab hum kisi Se haar jaate hai toh partner badal dete hai… Vaise hi isse shaadi nhi hui toh dusri Se… Nayi vaali pasand nhi aayi toh divorce dekar phir Se pehli vaali Se shaadi. Lekin midway he realise hota hai ki Maine 1st waali pe atyaachar kiya toh phir Se divorce and back to pehli vaali. Lekin phir dusri vaali dukhi ho jaati hai. Therefore to kill the confusion the writers decide to make one of the protagonists the villainous wamp so that audience loose all sympathy towards her and the other one becomes balidani all if a sudden , ready to sacrifice her love for the other and thus they convince us of who should be paired opposite the male lead. Then they meet. Antagonist suddenly has a change of mind and becomes protagonist again. Then she gets some other lover who was waiting for centuries untill the last episode to confess his love. Then they also get married and all of a sudden everbody suffers an attack of dementia forgetting that they all had once been a part of a very big love polygon. Pervious lovers hugging each other like long lost siblings. Everyone is happy and hugging at last.END OF STORY!! HAHA!! GO SLEEP NOW!

  51. Bani

    ragya 1sath rahe to swara laksh ragini inme se koi v khush nehi rahega or agar in dono ka divorce & swalak remarriage se atleast swara laksh to khush honge…

  52. Bani

    ragya 1sath rahe to swara laksh ragini inme se koi v khush nehi rahega or agar in dono ka divorce & swalak remarriage se atleast swara laksh to khush honge…
    hope ragini ye bat jaldi samajh jaye….

  53. In other TV show police come to a venue jzt after a crime is committed… But in this show after attempt to murder also police has not appeared… And in a small MMS issue police came running…. Pathetic disgusting as well…in swaragini,saathiya, sasural simar ka, police just comes after a small crime not after a dangerous crime
    Show at least something real….
    Strange but true..wat do U All say GUYS????????

  54. ?pradishma?

    Tejaswi is really damm annoying n over smart……. agree with u sudeshna…. and really yaar she looks older than namish she looks like anuty……and she can be never ever compare to helly…. she is pure soul n sweet…. not over smart like tejaswi…..

      • ?pradishma?

        Yep they will set fire on screen n they look damm adorable….. sry anu I lost my password….. m using my another account…… tmrw I will take ur mail id from punkin….. tc sweet dreams sweetie….. luv u sis

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Totally agree wid u prads! The same thing I had commented some days b4……..
      Btw plz at once check ur mails na……..please

  55. U can insult ragini but not tejaswi…bcz she is ma favourite…….plz ..whenevr i see a person insulting tejaswi…i get hurt….

  56. Dhanu

    Hi prads sis me also agree with u tejaswi too smart and she is not looking good with namish.she is old .but helly is so cute and beutiful.and tejaswi is25 years old helly is 19 years old

  57. ci

    i agre to k j .this is all crap.but mein shuru se laksh ko itna pasand nahi kiya.i always someone better for swara.bt wjen sanskar aaya tho mujhe laga who ragini ke liye higa.but mein tab se usko swara ke liye pasand kiya .pehli baar mera koi soch poori hui.i like that.
    but want to see ragini hatred by everybody.plz don’t make swara to feel sympathy for her.wo kithni neeche kaye apni kushi ke liye wo apni pappa ka rishtha thoda.jo koi willian bhi nahi karoonga.iskeliye swara ko rag se revnge lena chahiye.also want to see laksh aur lakshi ki mom hate rag.itna epi mein swra ko dard diya tho isse syadda epi mein ragini ko thadapthe huye dekhna chahathi hum.

  58. sweta

    I along with my friends finally stopped to watch this negative drama…..If they again reunite SWALAK ,then we wl start.

  59. riya

    i mean just for a guy she is even ready to kill her sis.how desperate is she.she is really going to pay for this . she wouldnt b still happy aftr marryng laksh instead she will start feelng jealous seeing swara nd sanskar tgther. such a jealous person.

  60. Bani

    tejaswi fan I dont hurt u & i agree that tejaswi is very beautiful but really tejaswi is over smart, in offscreen vedio uske attitude bolne ka andaz se atleast mujhe ti aisa hi lagta hai… & I think tejaswi & namish are same aged bt when they r together tejaswi look older than namish….
    Helly is simple & look perfect with namish….

  61. Plz… Do some thing…. For ur fans
    ragini an sanskar look so adorable and cute together
    And plz make ragini,s character positive again… Plz
    And I think that something should happen and ragini and sanskar should fall in love
    And Laksh to be with Swara agian…
    Plz…. A request from one of ur serials biggest fan….

  62. Dhanu

    Guys i think dp is not trust ragini.i think still he is trust swara. He had saw sielent this melodrama.but he is not speak a word.and i have heard rags will treat sujata shut her mouth and otherwise she will do someting to sanskar.

  63. Piyu

    If ragini stays wid laksh it will show dat evil wins…so swalak is best…n yaaa ofcourse laksh shd apologize a lot to swara…it justifies….

  64. Apeksha rai

    Seriously yar common stop now u cannot show that ragini the fake ka natak more,don’t let us to stop watching ur serial…….most of new serials are closing down bcs of changing the serial track nd leads….laksh shouldn’t be shown so bad!!!please we want our swalak back pls…..ragini deserves one slap from swara,one from laksh,one from her own idiot father……that’s it……let swara marry sansakar to make everything right but at end of the day swalak should reunite ???❤❤

  65. Saa mee ksha

    Plz ……ragini ko nikalo
    How devil u r ragini ur innocent face was there xo i watch now i hate u xo much now i could not like u in this show .
    I hate this ragini …..now i and my friends dont watch this show………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.