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The Episode starts with Shekhar telling Sanskar that he has no complaints with him, but there is much difference between you and Laksh. He asks him not to force any decision on him. Sanskar says I do agree that Laksh have done many mistakes. He says even I have done many mistakes. He says I have done wrong with Swara and Laksh during their marriage time, along with Ragini, but Swara have forgiven me. Shekhar says these are two different things. Swara says forgiveness is forgiveness only. Sanskar and Swara leave from there. Doctor comes and greets Shekhar. She asks about Ragini….She checks Ragini and says there is so much improvement. It seems you have taken care of her all night. Ragini recalls Laksh taking care of her all night and tying holy thread on her hand. Doctor leaves. Sumi tells Shekhar that

Laksh was here all night and took care of Ragini. She says he is the same Laksh who have united us. She says we can’t oversee his goodness as he has done mistakes. Shekhar is about to leave. Ragini calls him. Shekhar says yes..

Ragini says I know you have forgiven Laksh for that slap and you are angry on him because of my present condition. She says truth is that I loved him very much and may be I will love him forever, but I will not force you to take any decision. She says I was stubborn before, but now I will do as you, dadi, maa and dada ji decide about me. I have full faith on you that my family will take right decision for my betterment. Shekhar looks on.

Sujata tells Annapurna that she will keep nirjhara fast for house. Utara asks you have come back, and says Laksh, Sanskar and Swara came. Sujata asks where are you going? Utara says to marriage. She takes them inside. They see the house decorated. Sujata asks if Kavya came back again. Utara says you will know everything. They see Shekhar, Dadi, and Sumi. Dadi says why you people are staring us? She says you brought alliance at our home, so will make it now. Utara calls Swara and Sanskar. They bring Laksh and Ragini there in a bridal attire. Everyone get happy seeing Laksh and Ragini in bridal attire. Sujata tells Dadi that she is very happy and says you are really big hearted. Dadi says we thought to get the marriage done today, else we might have a change of heart. Laksh and Ragini exchange garlands while the song Aankhiya milade………..Saaton phere….Everyone shower flower petal on them happily. They sit for their marriage…..

Pandit ji asks them to stand up for pheras. Ragini walks ahead of Laksh during first 3 pheras and then Laksh comes forward from 4th phera. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Ragini is happy. Laksh fills her maang with sindoor. Swara and Sanskar looks happily. Pandit ji says marriage is complete and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Laksh holds her hands. They take Pandit ji’s blessing first and then everyone’s blessings. Annapurna does their aarti and lets them enter after grah pravesh.

Sujata says I am very happy today and asks Swara and Ragini to give heirs to family. Swara and Ragini smiles. Sujata asks what wrong did I say. Parineeta gets upset and looks at Adarsh. Later in their room, Adarsh asks Parineeta if she felt bad about Sujata’s words. Annapurna comes there and asks can I come in. Parineeta asks what happened? Annapurna says everything is fine. She says you are my first bahu and I became saas because of you. She says you are special to me, and you have done your duty well. You have even forgave Adarsh for his mistakes. She asks her not to feel bad and not to feel weak. Parineeta hugs her. She asks her to be happy always and goes. Adarsh hugs Parineeta.

Laksh comes to room. He looks at Ragini while she is infront of dressing table. Jeene Laga hun plays……………….He hugs her. Ragini gets shy and gets up. They tease each other and laugh. They sit on the bed and move towards each other.

Laksh asks Ragini about her answer for his morning question. Ragini says I don’t have any option now as we are married now. Laksh says I can take back my hand even now. Ragini asks him not to do that. Laksh says never. They hug each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. SWARAGINI fan

    I m a swasan as well as a raglak fan nd stdying in 8 grade
    why some people are bashing ragini and tejaswi
    please stop it
    I m totally hurted with sandy didis words
    please stop bashing ragini and teju like this

  2. Please ragini ne aam kehvanu bandh karo

  3. Raglak is the bestest jodi in the world for me… I luv u Namish n Tejaswi … Ab bas tumdono kabhi bhi alag mat hona….

  4. Indeed it was a nice episode but after watching it the only doubt was, was ragini originally stabbed

  5. a wellwisher

    i agree with swasa n raglakdon’t use such languages….sandy

  6. some of you guys don’t even know how to write properly.pathetic

  7. They shud start a new track like.. As ragini has nt yet said I love u to laksh.. Laksh shud ask her to tell.. N ragini shows nakhra.. N laksh tries hard to impress her n get those words out of her mouth..

  8. Kavya/karthik n kavita shud unite n start plotting against d 4 lead pair.. Kavya/karthik again raglak n kavita against swasan

  9. Hey manavi u r such a sweetheart how can anyone even deny ur request….off course we all swaragini fan r frds phir chahe wo swasan fan ho ya raglak ya ragsan ya swalak…everyone have their own chioce n guys plzzz stop b*t*hing about cast member …they r doing what they have been told so plzzzzz…
    N ..
    N bhuvi m fine dear….
    Yr kisine reply ni kiya mere coverpages wale Que ka (pout ) reply plzzzzz….
    Ya enemy ur right i like ur suggestion……
    N manvi i m also a raglak fan ..but still l luv my swasan more ..it just that…..

    1. S dear… Swasan n raglak both are good .. I like raglak…But I love swasan…

      1. Hi there Lee and buvhi I also like raglak now but Swasan will always be my favourite bcoz they shine bright like a diamond.

    2. aww thank u so much lee …and my real nme is manvi singh rathore & i m student of class 7 .

      lee apne jo question pucchha tha o scend de chuka h but dnt worry mein apko epi bata dungi serch kar ke ok …

      and also thank u so much anjum yeah i know hr kisika fvrt couple hote h or woh first me toh ayenge hi ….uske baad hi hm kise couple ko fvrt bana sakte ….but i really hpy ki ap sapne hme suprt kiya ….ihope jaise hmsab milgaye h waise hm pure fans ek hojaye or phir apne serial ka fandom power dikha de .


      1. Hi there manvi, Yeah swaragini rocks.?

    3. as usual anjum ji u r right .. swasan will always dock because of varun

      1. Hi stoneheart how are? Yeah Varun really rocks.?

      2. anum ji I hope now everybody in maheshwari house should make swasan spend some time together .. like raglak should send them on honeymoon as a thanks gift for reuniting them

      3. Well I doubt that’s gonna happen coz you know the writers. But yeah it’s a good idea though ?

  10. Hi friends enikum ee swaragini family valya ishta shall i join with u all iam a raglak fan.infact am a veryyy big fan of teju.she is our princess

    1. Hi there ayisha of course you can ?

  11. Oooohoooo..yippee I am happyyyyyyyyyyyu

  12. truly i m laughing while seeing today epi….i thot ki i m watching a movie in forward motn…itz really funny hw can mm ppl can arrang mandap dat too fast nd ya lookng at ragini i gt a doubt is she really got stabbed??? before an hour she want support while walkng nd now???nd there is no bandage or no scar where she stabbed…very funny…why cvs soo fast to shw their mrrg..dey r also a gud couple..i thnk its 3rd or 4th time dey shwng ralaks sugahrat why dnt our swasan…we too want some long romance btw our sweetest couple swasan before any prblm startsss…..SWASAN ROCKSSSS

    1. Hi there ray. I’m sure we will get to see our Swasan romantic moments in upcoming episodes. And yeah Swasan rocks.?

  13. H Hasan mam.. plzz upload d updates sooner as u were b4..

  14. varsha(philo)

    hi guys very very good news for all swaragini fan whos is tamil
    swaragini is going to telecast in polimer tv as ragini from june 6 i am feeling very happy hahahhahehhehe [;-)

    1. Hi there varsha (philo)
      How are you? I see you commenting in IKRS page. Anyways good to see you here and please do comment here. ?

  15. Hi guys Aliya u r right I agree wid u plz don’t separate anyone else

  16. Hi H Hasan how are you? Can you please update today’s epi.?

  17. No offense swasan fans but this serial’s name is not swasan its swaragini. I love swasan myself but don’t expect every episode to have swasan romance In it. Sorry if I hurt any of you

    By the way sandy I have a list for you :

    1. Shut up
    2. Shut up
    3. Shut up
    4. Stop talking trash about ragini
    5. Stop using bad language
    6. If you hate ragini that much then guess what … STOP WATCHING SWARAGINI
    Cuz the name is literally swaRAGINI
    And if you want to keep watching swaragini then follow the list or keep your mean comments to yourself
    Love raglak

  18. And if u can’t do that then u are just a nuisance to us teju/ ragini fans

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