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Sumi looks at Shekhar and goes to her house. Swara sees them. She gets Laksh’s call and says she will come after giving medicine to Dida. She is riding the cycle and slips. Laksh holds her on time. He asks are you okay? Swara thanks him. Laksh says thank you, you came with my one call. He tells that his papa is not relieved after insulting Ragini’s family and tells everything. Swara is shocked and tells that he didn’t know that things would go worse. Swara asks what do you mean? Laksh says he means to say that he didn’t know that his papa could do as such. Swara asks do you love Ragini even now. Laksh says we will talk later about it, now you shall inform Ragini. Swara says ok and says she will inform Ragini and will call him. Once she leaves, Laksh says he never loved Ragini. Ragini looks at his

pic, says she loves him and will always love him. Main roam roam plays………….She cries and hugs his wrist band.

Ragini asks herself to stop crying and accept the truth. Laksh says how could he tell to Swara that he sent the video to his papa. Omi asks him to tell the truth to Swara. Laksh says once everything gets well, he will inform Swara.

Sumi and Shekhar are seen sitting in the park’s bench. Sumi says they were helpless before, but not anymore. She asks Shekhar to accept her sayings. Shekhar says he won’t refuse her words. Sumi asks him to call Durga prasad and convince him to agree for Ragini and Laksh’s marriage. She says she will go away from his life. Shekhar says but…….Sumi asks him to go and save Ragini’s relation. Shekhar asks her to look at him once. Sumi says if I looks at you, then I can’t keep my eyes off from you. He asks can I call you Mishti. She nods no. He calls her Mishti……Mishti…..Mishti……Sumi gets emotional and turns to look at him. They go in different direction. A song plays………

Ragini seeks permission of her grand parents to serve dinner. Ragini asks her to eat food and demands poison instead. They hear the dhol sound and look outside. Ragini says this noise is coming towards our home. Daadi maa thinks it might be bengalan’s work. She comes out calling bengalan and sees her house closed. She tells Daada ji that this voice comes……..when…..Ragini asks what? Daadi maa says we have to stop it. Dida opens the door hearing the noise. Durga Prasad enters with the goons and says this is the house. Dada ji panics and falls down on his feet, apologizes. Daadimaa also apologizes. Swara comes and is shocked.

Ragini asks why you are apologizing to him. Daadi maa asks her to call Shekhar and asks him to come home fast. Durga Prasad asks the goons to stop music and says call Shekhar. He shall also know what happens when one goes against society. He shows the ashes and says it is Ragini’s life which has become ashes now. Daadi maa pleads not to do this. The goons put the black ashes on the name plate. Swara is shocked. Daadimaa cries aloud. Swara goes and asks them to leave. Ragini asks them to leave her Dada ji. Dada ji sits with his head low, with folded hands. Durga Prasad applies ashes on his face. Shekhar comes and stops him. He asks how dare you touch my ather. Dida brings water and asks the neighbor to give water to Daadi maa.

Swara asks who are these goons. Dida says sometimes our rituals are not good. Durga Prasad says you have to bear now. Shekhar says didn’t you insult us yesterday. Durga Prasad says he wants to ruin him and refers his mistakes as sin. Laksh comes there running. Durga Prasad announces that Shekhar’s doings will be faced by his family and daughter. Dadi ji apologizes. Durga Prasad says this family will no longer be part of our society. He declares that no one will talk to them, nor will have any relation with them. He says if anyone disobeys his order then will have to face the same. He says you have to bear and asks him to call illegimate child Swara as his daughter. He says now you are marry openly.

He asks your illegitimate daughter will get some low family, but who will marry Ragini. He bad mouths about Ragini and asks Shekhar to push Ragini in illegal affair. Shekhar couldn’t bear and slaps him hard. Shekhar asks him not to speak anything against his daughters. The goons start beating Shekhar. Ragini calls Papa and cries. Dida stops Swara. Laksh tries to stop the goons, but Durga Prasad stops and asks him to go back if he wants to stay in his house. Laksh leaves. Ragini asks the neighbors to save her father. Dada ji apologizes to him. Daadi maa says she is accepting his decision and asks to leave Shekhar. Sumi comes and is shocked to see Shekhar falling down. Ragini comes, but Sumi saves her and gets hurt instead. Ragini and Swara see their parents hurt. The goons are about to hit Ragini, Swara, Shekhar and Sumi, just then Ragini shouts stop and holds Swara’s hand. Durga Prasad sees their unity.

Ragini declares that she accepts Swara as her sister and takes oath that she will unite their parents. She says Swaragini. Swara says no one can stop them now. Durga Prasad gets irked. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. Going great
    Love the chemistry between shekar and sumi

  2. SUPER…WELLL DONE… kepp it up…going gud

  3. I love this drama

  4. I thnk swara n laksh fal in love

  5. Laksh have to tell the truth to both sisters that he doesn’t love raagini.he is doing a big mistake by giving raagini hope. In coming episode laksh may fall in love with swara. But swara won’t accept it as she know raagini loves him. Somebody, or durga prasad himself make use of this situation as a weapon against the unity of sisters.

  6. All the actors are doing well.

  7. i want ragini and laksh together

  8. Hi everyone! Okay, for starters, I think it’ll be a repeat of history.
    Sharmishta: Swara
    Shekher: Lakshya
    Jaanvi (I think??): Ragini
    The show will be interesting if a repeat of history occurs. But maybe it’ll be a different ending…

    Also I wrote a fanfic:

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