Swaragini 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji asks Swara and Sanskar to come fast. Sanskar asks Swara, what happened? Swara signs him towards Ragini. Sanskar gets angry. Swara holds his hand stopping him. Sanskar asks what happened? Did Ragini do something again. Swara says Ragini has threatened me that if we don’t marry then she will kill Maa. Parineeta asks Swara and Sanskar to sit down. Sanskar looks angrily and shocked. Ragini looks on tensed. Sanskar and Swara sits down for their marriage. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras for marriage. Sanskar says she wanted us to reveal the truth. Swara says Laksh trusts me now, and will tell the truth to all. She says if we get married then…….She says I am helpless, only Laksh can stop this marriage and not us. Sumi is in Dadi’s captivity and thinks she can’t let Shona do this mistake.

She tries to free her hands. Laksh sees Police at the check post and thinks he has to reach on time. He goes to talk to Police and asks why the way is stopped. Inspector says road is block and no one can go as it is dangerous.

Laksh asks the driver to reach Maheshwari house and promises to give him money there. Driver says okay. Laksh with his injured leg starts walking and then manages to run. Sumi tries to free her hands from rope. Ragini threatens Swara silently and shows the phone in her hand. However Sumi manages to open the rope and sees Dadi coming there. Pandit ji continues to recite the mantras. Sanskar asks Swara not to do this big mistake. Sujata comes down. Adarsh asks what you are doing here? Sujata says I am still unwell, but have to attend my son’s wedding. Adarsh takes her downstairs. Swara says we don’t have any way out. Sanskar says Ragini can’t do anything and I will not let her do anything. Swara cries and says I don’t trust her. Sanskar says you ar shivering, we are tied in this relation to expose Ragini, but you are more important to me than bringing out Ragini’s truth. I can’t see you like this and says sorry. He gets up shocking Swara. Pandit ji asks why did you get up? Sanskar says to Durga Prasad, Sujata that……..He recalls Ragini’s threat and sits back.

Pandit ji asks Swara’s parents to do the kanyadaan, but Durga Prasad and Annapurna do the kanyadaan rituals. Laksh runs on the road to reach the mandap. He sees a jug of water and drinks it. He sees a man parking his bike and drives his bike to reach the house. The man runs after him. Dadi goes after taking clothes. Sumi opens the rope and frees her hands and legs. She tries to go, but sees Dadi standing. She requests her to let her go, and try to understand. Dadi asks her not to do drama and asks her to sit silently. Sumi refuses and says she needs to go. She apologizes and pushes her on ground. Then she locks her in the room and goes. She says I am coming Shona, and can’t see anything bad happen to you. Dadi calls Ragini and informs her that Sumi has eloped. Pandit ji asks who will do the ghat bandhan. Parineeta do the ghat bandhan. Ragini asks how can you let her go? Dadi says I tried, but…….She asks about Laksh. Ragini disconnects the call. Laksh is on the way on bike and drives fast. Pandit ji asks Swara and Sanskar to get up for pheras. Swara and Sanskar take the pheras while Ragini is still tensed and showers flower petals on them. Sumi walks on the road to reach maheshwari house. Everyone shower flower petals on them happily. Swara’s eyes are hooked on the door as she waits for Laksh to come and stop her wedding. Ragini too looks at the door tensedly. Suddenly the bike stops. Laksh gets down the bike and shouts. Sumi faints and falls on road.

Laksh continues to run. Swara and Sanskar takes the rounds with the hope that Laksh stops their marriage. Laksh enters Maheshwari house and opens the gate. He runs inside and falls down. Pandit ji declares that 7 pheras are completed and asks them to sit down. Laksh comes inside. Pandit ji asks Sanskar to make Swara wear mangalsutra. Laksh is shocked as Sanskar makes her wear mangalsutra. Laksh is teary eyed. Pandit ji asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor. Sanskar fills her maang with sindoor and closes his eyes. Swara is teary eyed as her hope has broken. Laksh is shocked and heart broken. Pandit ji declares that marriage is completed and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Ragini turns and sees Laksh standing. She is shocked.

Laksh asks Ragini, why you didn’t stop Swara. Ragini says I tried, but she didn’t listen. Laksh tells he fell down in the river and tells Swara was saying right. She didn’t lie. Laksh looks at Swara.

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  1. Shwetha

    Being a Swasan fan,m happy dat they got married,bt waiting to c Ragini gets her long due punishment…

  2. Ridz

    I know. I don’t understand how far s maheshwari house. Sometimes they reach early sometimes they don’t. Lik today. Nd tat temple y did swara go to a temple so far away on her wedding day. It’s really stupid.

    • rosy

      I agree with you i want them together n want to see rags punish n good to see lucky regretting his action n mistakes lol not feeling vad at all to be honest because he deserves it

    • Honest

      Yessss! Because when Laksh really needed swara, she stood by him & trusted him unconditionally! But when she needed him, he trusted ragini instead of her! Sanskar has made mistakes too, but he accepts them… Laksh just blames others for his own mistakes! Swara & sanskar def deserve each other! & Laksh doesn’t deserve swara! NOOO SWALAK! SWASAN PLEASE!!

  3. anu

    are yar once make ragini ko fail. idar raginiko sab believe kartha tha bt swarako nahi. a war btween 2 equal persons super bt not like the way director shows us

  4. rosy

    What the hell took soo long to update making me wait for 3 hours just to read when i should be Already sleeping…. anyway soo happy fir swasan marriage finally i hope they dont get separate as sanskar love her so much n good lesson fir laskh or whatever his name is thats the punishment you get for not believing in your love…. like they said there is no such thing as love if there is no trust soo its his lose and really hoping swara love sanskar back as he love her

  5. arnesh

    what the hell……….disgusting serial………writers i think so u don’t have brain actually……….what u made swara, sanskar & laksh puppets or jokers……..ragini won again…….ragini( rabbit ) takes rest but wins everytime……..swasanlak( tortoise) don’t even touch the win line without being taken rest….

  6. ishveer

    Disgustingggggggg……I hate this track….I hope laksh and swara never unite …..I am soooooo irritating….

  7. Babita

    I think the writer does not want to reveal Raginis mistakes.Serial is going bad.dont watch this serial

  8. harsha

    I never,ever seen such a idiotic serial ever,first they showed swalak then swasan after drama of shadhis after again swalak,what writers do U think about us we all are fool,do U think it’s abroad changing couples after the mrgs.plz don’t have bullshit on ur mind and put into serial ….totally bullshit.

  9. super like for today’s episode..
    good to see swasan being united…
    truth should be revealed…
    n ragini should get the best punishment ever… such a worst sis…

  10. Shwetha

    Evil should not win so Ragini should not get Laksh bt I like Swasan pair,to add drama,writers may again make fun f marriage rituals n separate swasan,bt pls writers,don’t separate Swasan…

  11. In upcoming episodes swara and sanaskar will go out to spend some quality time than lakshay will come there and sanaskar will fight with him. Ragni Will try to stop him but swara will stop her. In fight lakshay will try to Stabb sanaskar but opposite will happen and lakshay will be stabbed by sanskar.

  12. Pavithrakrishnan

    Eppo pa Ragini ya laksh love pannuvaaru seekaram pa cant wait to see ragya together??… But am happy now bcoz swasan happens…. ND finally raglak also gng to happen….

  13. Pri

    Am sad dat swasans mrg hpnd in these situation with out swasans consent
    Nd I was literally laughing when laksh was running on the road
    He is running from one side to the other and frn there to the other hahaha
    And I hate rags xpression always opens her mouth with an exclamatory mark
    And always always cries
    I feel her as a robot doesn’t blink her eyes like all of us
    Like sanskaars love fr swara hope she understands him soon and falls in love

  14. pati

    when this ragini is going to exposed……plz….make it soon otherwise this serial is going to be boring…..

  15. Hate this drama wish laksh stop the wedding so ragini fall in her trap this drama a flop like susral simirca fking hate this wish ragini truth gets solved quick f ing hurry up get this solved

  16. hny

    Happy swasan mrg happened..bt so sad..it happen like this..all r very sad..it vd b nyc if swara accepted sanskar whole heartedly then marry him

  17. jhanvi

    Finally d mrg happened.!!!!

    I also want to see swasan together… Plsssss don’t separate them… I want swara to start loving sanskar…. BT don’t know what will happen next..????

    Eagerly waiting for d day when d truth will ccome out…. Nd also excited to know what will happen next ..swalak or swasan….

    Swasan plsssss…

    BT in spoilers I read that ” swara to marry laksh “….BT if writers are want to reunite swalak, what’s d need of mrg….!!!
    Plsssss don’t separate swasan….

  18. R B A

    Although this can be a good watchable show, it’s getting a bit too dumb. 1stly Sumi who was tied up cud definitely reach out torthe cloth tied on her mouth nd after untying herself she cud hve screamt out which did not hpn… well ok thn Swara actually overacting at the wedding scene, as if she’s marrying a ghost or a devil ..what is so scary nd depressing in marrying Sanskaar, a fact that he loves her endlessly nd cannot think of hurting her whereas Laksh who Swara loved so much found every opportunity nd chance 2 insult her nd degrade her ! After getting married what is the use of bringing out Ragini’s truth ??!! This shud hve hppnd b4 they got married then the real fun wud be when Laksh realises his worst mistake in life by believing the wrong person, Ragini but Swara goes ahead nd marries Sanskaar even aftr the truth comes out ! Laksh is left heart broken nd Ragini wl neither hve her fmly’s support nor Laksh in her life !!
    This serial is getting vry nonsensical nd irritating, as its going out of track, like hw i stopped watching MATSH long bck, same way Swaragini wl be a washout !!
    So writers of this serial, make it interesting nd not pathetic like now, instead add some fun element, some romance, some laughter … its alwys been revenge, blackmail, so on .., alwys negative atmosphere. Before this serial shuts shop nd packs off bcoz of the ridiculous storyline, u bttr think a bit cleverly nd make some quality serial nd quality storyline !!!

  19. New twist in the story is updated. Swara sanskar and lakshya to bring Ragini truth out soon. They will plan against her to bring truth out in front of family.

  20. Kat

    Laksh’s expression when he saw Swara is already married to his brother and he was too late!!!!! God I felt really sad seeing Swalak in tears both of them with broken heart!!!!!! ?????

  21. shyam

    Balika Vadhu mein Anandhi won’t meet her daughter any soon and here also ragini’s true face won’t exposed.. Dragggggggingggggggg..I won’t see anymore these serials except above 2 Scenes episode..I hate these writers man

  22. rosy

    swara do not even try to blame sanskar for ur foolish doins as nw you will b desperate to insult his love and every time say him that he loves you and not you and even you will embarass him by saying we marrried out of compulsion and you wl b wanting freedom…..from the so cald wedding!!!! dont even try to insult his love as till the end even he tried to stop the marriage and ur belief of laksh stopping the marriage got broken….if you wanw leave sanakar leave him but dont jst insult him by showing that ur parvarish dont allow you to leave sanskar…..

  23. Reeta

    Respect the feelings of Swalak fans bt writers, then y did u make our Swasan marriage happen,Sanskar was too wrong in the pastpast,bt he stood with Swara n loves her unconditionally,tried to stop marriage,if u r going to unite swalak y d sindoor drama n nw marriage with rituals,too much drama,your trp will fall if swasan separates….

  24. Reeta

    Respect the feelings of Swalak fans bt writers, then y did u make our Swasan marriage happen,Sanskar was too wrong in the pastpast,bt he stood with Swara n loves her unconditionally,tried to stop marriage,if u r going to unite swalak y d sindoor drama n nw marriage with rituals,too much drama,your trp will fa ll if
    swasan separates….

  25. dipu

    Yo Hu….finally swasan got married….now ds dumb laksh should take all d pain ND get jelous fr not trusting swara…nd aftr knowing raginis truth…he must hate her nd should stay being devdas…..nd swara should respect sanskars love

    • Ridz

      No no. Tat review of their marriage s made up media who made this video. I don’t think t ll happen. Common swasan r bliss to watch

  26. banu

    disgusting serial….writers r waste..really waste..dragggng too much ..no value for love..marriage..emotions…stop tis nonsense serial..bring sum upcumg better serials..its like completely utarran serial ..same side goal…

  27. Suraj

    Ppl blaming writer… This is a daily soap what do expect?? If ragini is exposed what next 😀 they should end the show… This will continue as long as TRPs wont drop

  28. Vasu

    Lakshay aur swara ki shaadi nahi honi chahiye. Sanskaar ka Kya hoga, uske pyaar ka Kya hoga…ragini should be punished..please lakshay aur swara ki shaadi nahi honi chahiye. Swara ko sanskaar ki feelings samjhni chahiye.

  29. Ridz

    Swasan fan hv bcm. I was really okay with either sanskar o lakshya anybody but after yesterday s episode… Sanskar s ma favvv.. Oh my god. He s such a sweetheart. He was upset to see swara lik tat…

  30. Meera

    Swasan forever please….don’t separate Swasan..understand Laksh n Swars’s feelings bt I like Swasan pair….I think all Swasan fans will stop watching if they r separated… No offense to Swalak fans bt m a big fan of Swasan..

    • Ridz

      I hope they don’t. Sanskaar s a darling. If they separate them I ll marry him.. He s much much much better fr swara….

  31. Sapna

    Hope writers won’t separate Swasan,Swara u should realise Sanskar ‘s love,n if u wanted to separate Swasan y u made Sanskar confess his love, also,sindoor drama,nw marriage,what r writers up to,marriage s dis fun,nw to unite swalak two divorces or what,daily soaps considers marriages and relationships as dis simple…pls don’t separate SWASAN….

  32. Rovi

    M a fan of Swasan,I am watching this only to c them,if Swasan gets separatseparated, then no more Swaragini for me…

  33. jhanvi

    Feeling very sad for laksh…BT can’t see swasan separation….

    If it will happen I will leave swaragini…. Nd swara plsssss try to understand sanskar’s unconditional love.. I think u shld respect his love.. After last epi.. I mst say no one can love u like sanskar… He loves u nd wants to marry u BT only for ur wish he tried hard to stop mrg… Jst love it…. He is so cute …!! I can’t see him without u…..

  34. Nidhi

    Yes jhanvi,me too cant c Swasan getting separated though I am sad for Swara and laksh… Sanskar it s difficult to love somebody so unconditionally, if Swara goes bk it s her loss,bt me too won’t watch this if Swasan separates

  35. Amna Ayub

    Plz….don’t separate swasan.i luv varun and helly.They r awesome. I think ragini’s character will be positive then there is no need to separate swasan.

  36. Ayush

    Omg sawara will again marry laksh in comming episodes.
    Please unite Sanskar and but seperate Laksh and Ragini
    They should bring Kalpana back for Sanskar and Ragini should be married to an old man

  37. laara

    hmm….m so happy to see the video in which ragini is getting the slaps.ragini is really so cute but her character in the show ll make me give her slap.
    swara is looking prety in the epi.
    plz writters….unite swalak.
    i dont have any prob with swasan but still swalak rockzz
    jo bhi ho….if swasan unite means also plz dont unite raglak

    she did such a wrong deeds nd if raglak unite,bad ll win over good.

    and swaragini ll be the worst serial 4 me

    • Ridz

      Cute to see ppl still want swalak… But for me either ways t s k. But after yesterday s episode m in love wth sanskar… He s a swweett heart

  38. Naina

    Writers,don’t separate Swasan,nw two divorces n Swara marries laksh or what,marriages r fun or what,too bad…we wish to c Swasan together forever

  39. Evita

    Y to separate Swasan,punish Ragini, bt don’t separate Swasan…I will stop watching if that happens…

  40. Krithi

    Guyz I don’t think swara will be ready to marry laksh. Becoz she won’t allow her sister’s (although ragini cheated swara she will still consider her as sis) life to get ruin. She will forgive ragini and will convince laksh to forgive her and not to break their marriage.
    And now as she is married to sanskar she will accept him as her husband (she knows the value of relations). So swasan fans(me too) don’t need to worry.

  41. rosy

    This is wat sanskar deserves to support, love ,respect n care swara n her motives….
    And it is laksh who really deserves swara after accusing her n bring her down to a prostitue…
    All shows r jst f**king horrible to show 1 person atleast marrying twice and atmost infinity tyms…MARRIAGE IS NOT A Doll’s play dnt insult its importance..we r Indians not Americans who dont bother to sleep wid other pple even wen they r married…in india we stl have a supreme court wich tells divorce can happen after 3 months…nd 1 cant marry without divorce…bt these serials they al belong to a plutonic world were there is no law no culture no limitatn

  42. Reeta

    @Kriti,hope what you said happens,being a Swasan fan very sad to think that they will get separated, writers,please don’t separate,punish Ragini for her wrongs bt Swasan forever n ever

  43. laara

    i like sanskar.he supports swara than laksh did.
    he even luv swara then also till the last moment of marriage ,he told swara to rethink.he has a cute way to handle situations but v swalak fans had already accepted them as the ultimate couples in our mind so it ll be little hard to accept swasan

    if swasan unites i dont have any objection.as per the current track probably swasan is gng to unite.

    i wish that writters should change the story

  44. Ridz

    Oh god. I don knw where this separating swasan comes from. Can we please wait till truth gets exposed at least. Oly after tat we ll know wat s going to happen. I don think they ll get separated. From yesterday everyone s telling don’t separate few r telling separate. It ll be one month before all tat starts

  45. Ramya

    I don’t knw y Bt sanskaar looks like shahid kapoor to me sometimes
    Where I dnt knw Bt I feel like dat

  46. Pri

    If swara and sanskaar are separated that would b the lst episode of this serial for many swasan fans like us
    We want swasan to unite after sometime.after revealing raginis secret swara will go out frm that house rite
    Then swara should remember sanskaar how much he took care of her and supported her and she should miss him and realize his love and also her love for hi
    I dnt think that writers will make swalak again dnt think they are dt much stupid
    Bt rashmi telefilms are mental candidates
    Wt they do with the serial even they also dont knw.
    How Many mrgs u will make swara to do with laksh then sanskaar and tthen again laksh
    Pls unite swasan hope so

  47. Reeta

    @Ridz,read some spoiler that Swalak will unite,don’t knw if it will haopen,bt being a Swasan fan felt sad reading that

  48. rosy

    If swara marries laksh again then how is she different from ragini….?????????????????


  49. alku

    If sanskar knws the value of love , and the pain in losing the loved one, he won’t seperate swara nd laksh…

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