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All the ladies do the puja and come to their respective husbands. Ragini asks Laksh to look at her and says she has kept fast for him. Sanskar stumbles and faints. Swara asks him to sit. Sujata asks what happened? Doctor checks and tells Sanskar is hungry since morning. Dadi tells Dada that Sanskar has kept fast. Sumi and Shekhar smiles. Durga Prasad and Annapurna smiles. Ragini asks Laksh to learn something from Sanskar and says he loves Swara very much. Sanskar says he is fine and asks everyone to break their fast. All the ladies break their fast by looking at the moon, and then their respective husband.

Swara looks angrily at Sanskar while doing the ritual. Sanskar asks why she is angry? He apologizes for fainting. Swara says what was the need to keep fast? Sanskar says you will not stop

me from keeping fast. Laksh is shocked and looks at them. Sanskar asks her to hurry up as he is hungry. Ragini asks Laksh why he is seeing at the other way. Swara asks Sanskar to drink water fast. She makes him break his fast. Laksh is hurt and breaks Ragini’s fast hesitantly. He looks at Swara emotionally. Sanskar breaks Swara’s fast.

Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara and Sanskar will never separate. Sujata says she wants Swara to be her bahu always. Durga Prasad says lets go inside. Laksh stops Sanskar and asks him to come with him. He stares her angrily. Sanskar asks him to listen to him. Laksh asks why did you keep fast for Swara. You said that you don’t love her. He says why you are confusing me? You knew that I love Swara and want her back in my life and asks him to say what is going on? Sanskar asks what is your problem. He says first you made her away from you and then want her back in your life. He asks if he doesn’t care about Swara’s thoughts.

Laksh asks him to reply straight. Sanskar accepts to love Swara and says whatever he said in a drunkard state was truth. Ragini hears them. Sanskar says he is sad thinking Swara will never love him, but don’t want to prove his love to others. He says I have realized that I will not get her and have understood. Laksh says this lecture is for me. Sanskar says may be. Laksh says when I asked you to convince Swara to file for divorce, you have refused. Sanskar says he don’t want to force anyone, like him.

Laksh says I have understood that you are thinking to get Swara, and asks him not to forget that Swara has kept fast for him because of Ragini. Sanskar says you have not heard me fully and says Swara will never accept him. Laksh says he don’t understand it. Sanskar asks what is the difference between you and Ragini, and says you both want to get your love. Laksh says he want Swara in his life as she loves him, and says you also loves her and want to get her. Sanskar says he don’t want to get her and says it is his love, and his problem. Laksh questions him and asks why did you keep fast for her when you don’t hope anything. He says truth is that you want to compete with my love and asks how can he fall so low. Sanskar asks what nonsense? Sanskar holds Laksh’s collar. Ragini hears them.

Sanskar says you will never understand and says he can convince Swara, but he don’t want to as relations are connected by heart. He says he don’t want to have relations by force. Laksh goes angrily. Ragini tells Laksh that everyone blessed Swara and said that she is fortunate as she has a good husband like Sanskar. She says Sanskar loves her very much, and that’s why kept fast for her. She tells him that he should also have kept fast for her. Laksh tells her that he will come in sometime. Ragini says family members are waiting for them over dinner. Laksh says I am not hungry. Ragini says I love you very much, and felt good seeing you fighting for love. She says today you will understand my pain. She says “mohabbat buri hain, phir bhi hum kiye jaarahe hai…kiya jaarahe hai…………………” love is bad, even though we are doing it.

Sanskar asks Swara to come in his life, be his wife and not to break their marriage. Swara looks on shockingly. Laksh hears them and is angry.

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  1. I like today’s ragini’s acting. Laksh turned to a villain. Sanskar’s talk was nice. Pls add more scenes to him. I don’t like laksh. Sanskar is so cute.

  2. Well I know it’s just a drama, but think about it. I mean in real life would any of you guys would want to be with someone who has trust issues? Who does not believe you but believes what others says, Like laksh he believed the video that ragini showed to him and then went ahead and married her. He could have waited for swara but he didn’t. And now that he knows the truth he wants her back. Just imagine if it was in real life and you were in swara’s situation what would you do? Would you want to be with someone who goes and marries your sister because he didn’t believe you? Would you also be with someone who insulted you and called you characterless? I wouldn’t. I’m not saying that laksh is bad but the day he married ragini this is when I thought that he doesn’t deserve swara. I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anybody. It’s just my opinion.

    1. i had a trust issues in my real life in love….
      my life had became more complicated than swara…
      therefor i understand if there is no trust in love,dt love is real love….
      jab kisi ka break up hota h to shayad insan tut jata h…bt hme sachchhai dekhani chahiye….
      some one says dt how can swara shifted her love from laksh to sanskar in 3-4 weaks….
      yr jab sach samne aaya hmari jindgi me to ek bat samj aayi ki jis se humne pyar kiya tha wo waisa tha hi nhi jaisa hum apni life me chahte the…to hmara pyar bhi khatm ho gaya uske liye…wo bhi jaldi….
      guys pyar galat nhi hota hmri choice ya wo insan galat hota h….

  3. Oh Yeh guys,
    I forgot to say something. And that something is swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  4. Kajal patial

    Yes anu u are right swasan are best

  5. i guys am new here but i read most of ur comments i dnt agree with those who support laksh…..bec for me more than ragini laksh nd her dadimaa at fault bec they two r the people who always played with ragini’s emotions laksh sirf apni aap se pyaar kartha hai shayadh sirf ehi ek vajha hai jo uski aaj tak kabhi rishitom ka matlab nahi patha Chala vo pehle ragini ki emotions ke saath kheltha tha aur phir baadh me sanskaar ke saath aur phir aab swara ko emotionaly blackmail karna its such a disgusting thing…….. in today’s episode i really felt i want to slap that laksh…..nd yah sanskaar at fault bt he has a reason that he become bad nd he rectified his mistake if laksh is nt trusting swara then vo shaadi ke baadh bhi kisi aur ke baathom me aa kar use chod diya hotha nd yar plzzzz koi mujhe bathavo ki salman ne kya tips diya aur swara kisko chunegi laksh ya phir sanskaar i really it’s sanskaar

    1. Hey bhagi …how r u ??
      Missing u a lot on YHM page…..

  6. Ppl who are writing fan fiction please find another page to post on, It’s takIng forever to find the daily episode update in all the million fan fiction being posted

  7. I too thng laksh is too immature for him love means how he can remain happy….lyk he accused swara dat wen u left me(seeing fake video) u never thought how wl i live widout u….
    He is always thnkng wat wl happen to his happiness if he doesnt get swara…he is lyk rags only who wl not see wat others wl thnk bt dat moment it is very impt for them to remain happy n let others go to hell….
    And how dare laksh insult sanskar’s love…
    He said sanskar “u wana compete my love” wen da truth is dat laksh is actually competing sanskar’s unexpressed,unconditional,,untold love….he is fearing dat he might lose….as he knws bt doesnt wana show dat his love is not based on trust….

  8. nanu tamil tha

  9. Oh God.. Ragini and laksh makes a good pair.. Both are selfish people.. Laksh humself abdandoned Swara, called her characterless and now he want her again in his life.. If he loved Swara truly, he would have trusted her but he din’t do that.. and Plzz Some one teach laksh acting.. he is soo pathetic..

  10. Guys I jst wchd e24 segmnt shwng rag actually tej saying that sanskar lv swara,swara lv sanskar, n lak lv swara BT now ragini doesn’t lv anyone.

  11. Guys plz dont compare laksh &ragini.ragini when turned evil didnt cared about anything, and didnt showed the brain to think that she is pretty enough to be loved by anyone.but laksh even when he had full proof that swara left him,he couldnt move a bit in his life.his love to swara was the only reason behind his each and every reaction.plus he is the only straight person in this entire drama(he reveals his feelings-love, anger, confusion -to the concerened person.unlike swara, ragini, &sanskar he dont hide things or do drama).
    And the imp thing if u let raglaksh unite it will prove ragini right.plus swara and sanskar doesnt even match in height.and of course sanskar s love will be pefect because he is experienced(kavita).and about laksh – he might be thinking his silence tookaway his lve once now he wont let that happen-everyone cannot be magnu /romeo some have to be srk in dwdljg.and he didnt hurted anyone but himself till now and the thing about swara ‘s feelings first of all she herself dont have clarification in that and if laksh ‘s actions touches her feelings that implies she is still in lve with him …if swara thinks her parents love each other and deserves to be together then she should not have a confusion about laksh too….

  12. yeah right laksh getting a second chance what rubbish the writters are going to show I hate rashmi sharma for all her shows they are really worth watching first sathiya and then ssk I really don’t want to hate this show but if they show swalak now I am going to call it(no words to say about this nonsense) and for swara if she has agreed to give laksh a chance then she has no right to talk about self respect and honour
    SERIOUSLY being a girl I don’t understand that how will she live with laksh that too infront of sanskar yeah now someone will say that how can she live with sanskar infront of laksh but guys she has never married laksh, marriage isn’t a joke and if she agrees for laksh then the accusation which laksh put on swara as characterless will really turn out to be true (matlab apne ex pati ke samne uske bhai ki patni AHH seriously) I really don’t get it

    1. Well said neha,
      I totally agree with you.
      You’re absolutely right.

      1. Thanku guest it was just what I feel and yeah really want swasan not for their love but for their understanding

  13. I think swara shld chose sanskar over laksh n hope dfntly she will chose. I pry god may gve hr sdbudhi. Fngrs crossed , wtng fr hr dcsn.

  14. what d hell????
    what do u want sanskar exactly????
    yeh laksh aur sanskar ki bat ho rahi thi tb yeh swara kaha gayi thi…????
    uske samne sanskar ko chakkar aa rahe the….
    aise hi chali gayi at least ek bar dekhne to aa sakti ki sanskar abhi tak khana khane q nhi aaya????
    she does not care for sanskar……..

  15. I well I disagree with you sree,
    So you’re saying That sanskar don’t match with swara because swara is short and sanskar is tall. So you’re are saying That sort girls shouldn’t be with tall guys because they are short. I’m sure every girls dream would be to have a tall hanky guy in their life. And beside my mum is short and my dad is tall, they look good together. I’m sorry. But I still think that swasan will look good together even though swara is shorter then sanskar. Infact they will make a good couple, swasan forever and swasan rocks.?

  16. The bndBT swasan is like ionic bnd , n San.. Is like sodium always sacrifing n doesn’t expct anythng n swara like chlorine always tkng advntg of sanskar BT then also is the strngst bnd.

    1. nice chemistry explanation………
      but its true………..

  17. Hahaha:-D before Sanskar’ s entry there was a SwaLaksh. Who were cute . Really cute. Laksh never loved Ragini even he told her several times. 1st it was swara who told Ragini Laksh loves her then Dadi ma. Before Sanskar’ s entry there was a Laksh who was spoiler brat but became a good boy after many experience with Swara . Before entry of Sanskar there was a Laksh who helped Swaragini to unite their parents. Before sanskar’ s entry and after Sanskar’ s entry there was a Laksh who loved trusted and supported Swara unconditionally . Only once he didn’t and for that he’s still paying . When Sanskar was acting like abnormal Ragini used to take care of him. Well , old Ragini. They were cute too. And and Laksh never forced Swara to love him. He was going away from her. But Ragini supported her nd somehow Swara herself realised she loves Laksh. Nd when it comes to real life , I don’t think that one brother will try to break love of another brother if ever he loved someone. And a sister will not try to kill her own sister . I don’t know whether there is any medicine or drug to do kind of stuffs that ragini made swara to say. Sometimes the writers themselves forget what wrote before in shows. I think they forgot Laksh helped SwaSan to reveal Ragini’s truth. Well…well…well…when talk about SwaSan , my mom and I think that SwaSan looks like brother and sister. Whatever , I will a SwaLaksh fan always . I give a damn if Swara choose Sanskar over Laksh. I’ll simply stop watching Swaragini. I like Tejaswi a lot . I agree to whatever SwaSan fans tell about sanskar!! But spare Laksh. Writers please accept my request. Please make Ragini old Ragini. Bring a new pair for her. Never make Laksh a psycho. Psycho nature won’t suit him. Bring a new pair for him as well. I have nothing to say about SwaSan. And Guys,why you always say unite SwaSan unite SwaSan? When it’s going to happen anyway. They will drag it….drag it to the core. This show will make me mental!! Uff!! I shouldn’t have watched this…..doing what I nvr did b4:-P 😀 hahaha lolz

    1. You are correct. I dont think swasan like bro and sis. They are like true friends. But I always like swalak. At any cast I dont want to change. Please writer dont change laksh character as negative. He is perfect hero. I dont care about sanskar and ragini. Because they are the criminals to spoil swalak s life. I am not a mahan like swara. ragsan are go to hell or live together. So what Both are same

  18. I’m sorry To say this meenakshi, but I disagree with you about swara and sanskar looking like brother and sister. I know it’s your opinion but in my view I think that they will look good together as couple. I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you. It’s just my opinion.

  19. Please tell me what is conditional love and what is unconditional love. Every body told sanskar s love is unconditional and laksh is confidential love.100 % I cant understand.plese expain any language like tamil or english.

  20. hi friends wow inga ivalo tamil people la i’m very happy makalay.,unmayavey intha serial sema mokaya poguthu pa.ama swara ku sanskar jodi serunga ilaya atleast laks navathu jodi ya potu tholaing.pora poka patha jodi setharathaiya salvachu seriala mutuachuruvanga pola.analum ragini ya ivalo koturama katavenam pa.pavaw laks mattum ragini ya accept pana avana vida lucky hub yarum ila.atha swara unakum.kalayana panni kuta jodi yaru yanyai polampa vitring a

  21. You guys can discuss this till you are blue in the face. As per the storyline. Laksh is shown as an immature person, who doesn’t not want to see beyond his own feelings. That shows a selfish trait in him.
    Ragini is just conniving. She feels that just because she loves Laksh, she can get him and he will love her back.
    Someone in the earlier comment said that relationships and marriage is based on trust. They are correct, if someone betrays your trust, you cannot trust them back.
    Plus laksh is now Ragini’s husband. I would never accept my sister’s husband, she may still have some feelings for Laksh but will never fully accept him.
    Swara doesn’t love Sanskar right now, but will fall in love with him, they started as friends. Their intentions were to bring out Ragini’s lie and open Laksh’s eye to the truth. In the process Sanskar couldn’t help himself, he fell in love with Swara. They will show Swara realizing slowly that she has fallen live with Sanskar,
    Ragini is extremely obsessive and Laksh is showing some signs of the same. Because he is not hearing what Swara is telling him that he is her sister’s husband and she doesn’t want him back.
    Salmon will open Swara’s mind and eyes to the fact that she is falling in love with Sanskar.

    1. Wow leena what you said is exactly true and right. Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  22. Arrey no no it’s absolutely alright Guest. You have right to give your opinion. I just gave my opinion.:-)
    As I said before, I don’t have any problem if Swara choose Sanskar. I’ll always remain a SwaLaksh fan. Being a SwaLaksh fan it’s natural that I’ll stop watching this show even will stop reading written updates nd commenting here too. Well it’s a good thing. My mind will be free from mad tellies. Fact is that , I’m very much angry and disappointed with current track of Swaragini. I believe they spoiled a nice story. They wanted to pair Swara and Sanskar for that they almost destroyed two beautiful characters Laksh nd Ragini. Now when I watch Swaragini I get wonder seeing the difference btw old Ragini nd new Ragini Laksh nd new Laksh. Yaar it can be simple too na . Pair SwaSan fast without irritating SwaLaksh fans nd make Ragini positive. After SwaSan RagLaksh union will take place. Till then Swaragini will loose SwaLaksh fans(they have already, majority of Swalaksh fans) if any RagSan fans are out there they too will stop watching. SwaSan fans will watch this show later on . But I don’t know how long they will continue Swaragini with Swasan and RagLaksh. Bcs RagLaksh not at all nice!! Not even .0001% of SwaSan.

  23. I am getting bore with this serial bocz all serials are in the same manner loving someone marrying someone.please ee serial lo aina unite swalak becoz they love each other in past

  24. Hi meenakshi,
    You are absolutely right, you do have right to give your opinion. So do I and everyone else. I’m not stopping you so go ahead give your opinion. It’s just that I disagree with some of your comments that’s all. Other then that feel free to give your opinions.

  25. Such a boring episode……. Plz stop dragging the story

  26. And 1 more thing meenakshi, I was also a swalak fan at the beginning. But the day when laksh got married to that psyco ragini and he started To behave weird towards swara and being mean to her,this is when I thought that laksh doesn’t deserve swara. I too used to like their chemistry, but not any more.

  27. Hey hey nanum Tamil dhan itana peiru indha serial pakro nu ipa than thryudhu.. That too Tamil karanga ! Enakum swasan onnu aganum nu than asaa! Papom enavoo ! Modhala manmarziyan(starplus) show pathu craze ayten aprm knjsm naal viten again swaragini adhum sanskar swara fake marr aprm than paka start panen ipa nala pochu again twist twist nu gaandu etharanga yaaa ! Nambala story eludha sonale theliva eludhu vom pola iruku suthi suthi drag pandranga yaaa

  28. Guest I think ur die hard fan of swasan and me too ur views are absolutely correct.

    1. Thanks harsha,
      Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

  29. Even I sometime get irritated by ragini but II sometimes I feel she wud have gone through same pain ! When their parents brought an alliance (laksh )for ragini every gal wud be dreaming about that guy na! If laksh was not interested he wud have rejected her at their first approval! But he did not and played with her feelings so her feelings got strong for him! He did many things that made a gal feel that he too had some interest on her! He too long time to tell her that he don’t have such thought on her! Which gal ll bear such thing when her fiancé has interest on her sister! I don’t accuse him that he loved swara its his wish to love either ragini r swara! But he should have tell it before so that no one will be hurted! But no! It’s kind of cheating only! Engaging for one gal and he loves her sis! Sorry laksh fan even I like him lot! But I m telling them fact! Which is my opinion! Not to hurt any of you here! nd ragini did a lot of mistakes! I agree that’s wrong! And coming to swara love many said that how she can 2nd time fall in love! This is rubbish! No one in this world have only first love stayed till the end! Only 30-40% get successful at first love! It doesn’t mean that it’s not love if she loves again! Pls you be a her situation and he is getting married to your sis without trusting you and abusing you characterless will you be waiting for him till your life! ? Love is made up f trust,each others happiness and understanding which was lack in their love! But this was strong in swara and sanskar case! I agree he was one who tried to separate them if their love was strong g enuf am damn sure they wouldn’t have separated! So it means that it’s not so strong! Again note it am not telling their love is not a love am telling its weak pls try to make difference in it! Now the way laksh is behaving is literally like a child who is very stubborn in getting a toy! Its like immature love whereas sans love is mature where he never expect anything from her! Only her happiness! It’s through my experience I have written about it! Love is made up of trust happiness and understanding which is so important!

    1. Yeah divya I totally agree with you sanskar was at fault but after reading your comments a thought came to my mind that when san tried to separate swalak he did every wrong with swara why not laksh he didn’t treat him as his brother he used to hate him
      U know I think he didn’t did anything to laksh because at laksh’s case swara’s trust was needed and I think that he somewhere knew that she would have trusted lucky wo laksh par bharosa karti aur sanskar isliye swara ke saath ye sab kiya
      I seriously don’t know why I feel like this

  30. Even I love ragini and laksh character a lot! But the way now they are portraying it is not worth watching! Instead to bring swasan they wud have brought any other new entry to make them close! But its not fair making laksh character to be very arrogant and immature! Pls I don’t want any1 to get hurted ! I feel bad for ragini laksh swara and sanskar but to ragini a lot! Both male lead are in love with swara and. No lead for ragini ! But to say the title of the show is swaragini but no importance to ragini other than -ve ity to her! Pavam ava andha KC apoyum both wer starting at swara no one was there for her to look!

  31. Watching n waiting to see Swasan,hope it will happen.

  32. me too. !!!! I am also tamilian. I am frm madurai.where u all from?

    1. Boring story…:(…Even me…Im also tamizhian. ..I’m from ooty

  33. Happiee to so many tamil ppl here….

  34. Am from Chennai!

  35. Today 1 hour show with cute swasan scene irritating raglak scene

  36. Swasan rocks.?

  37. When is the episode for 8th November (today) being posted???

  38. Where’s today’s Maha episode.

    Msg from Team: You will see it in Homepage featured slider when posted.

  39. Love the swasan scenes

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