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Swaragini Part:

The Episode starts with Rajat’s fake dad changing time in Rajat’s room watch. Rajat wakes up and sees him. He asks Rajat to wake up, and says today is marriage day. Rajat says it is 6 am now, and asks him to go. Later in the morning, he talks to Utara and comes out. He sees his car tyres punctured and gets angry. Rajat’s mum calls Swara and informs her that they have changed the time so that he couldn’t make it to the mandap. Rajat’s fake dad comes out and asks what happened? Rajat says car tyres are punctured and asks him to do something. His fake dad says it will take 1 hour to repair car. Rajat asks him to repair it. He calls someone and asks them to send cab by 11 am. He gets to know that they have changed the time. Rajat’s mum asks him about Parineeta’s whereabouts.

He refuses to say anything and goes inside. He calls his goon and asks if she is troubling you. Goon says no. Rajat thinks I have done good planning, and Swara will never be able to find her.

Rajat gets ready for the marriage. Goon comes and says car is ready. Rajat gets happy and calls his fake parents. He asks them to give turban. Utara gets ready and asks Swara, how is she looking? Swara says you are looking beautiful like a fairy tale angel. Utara gets happy, and says my prince charming came, as she gets message beep. Rajat asks his goons to be ready and keep Parineeta where he asked them to keep. Utara hugs Swara happily. Swara thinks he don’t deserve you. Rajat sees cloth piece and opens car decky. He sees Parineeta and closes the car decky again.

Rajat asks the goon not to do any mistake and don’t move away from the cake. Rajat’s fake parents come there. Rajat asks them to come. Sumi and Shekhar comes to attend Utara’s marriage function. Dadi also comes. Durga prasad greets them. Ragini and Swara gets happy. Swara hugs Sumi and Shekhar happily, and congratulates them. She says I am very happy. Shekhar and Sumi smiles. Dadi asks Sumi not to show jaw and smile. Dadi asks Swara not to tell this thing to her family. Sumi says Swara will not tell anyone. Durga Prasad asks Sumi about her health. Sumi says I am fine now.

Rajat comes inside. Sujata says groom is here and asks him to wait at the entrance. Annapurna asks Swara to bring aarti thaali. She asks Sujata to come. Swara tells Sanskar that they can’t let this happen. She says we have to save bhabhi, but can’t let Utara marry this cheap man. Ragini says yes, you said right. We have to do something. Sujata tells about the ritual, and says groom have to step down the stairs dancing. Rajat says ok, play the dhol. He comes inside dancing. Ram says let him sit now. Rajat sits on the groom’s chair. Swara tells Sanskar that she will tell everyone. Rajat looks on. Swara shows the chits kept under her pallu. She recalls Rajat’s threats and thinks to expose Rajat and stop Utara’s marriage.

Swara comes to Durga Prasad and says Mr. Sharma was asking about you. Durga Prasad says okay, I will see. Swara gives chit in his hand. Ragini and Swara give chit to everyone. Swara gives chit to Sujata, and it falls from her hand. Rajat gets alert. Swara keeps paper in her hand and goes. Sujata reads the chit asking her to come upstairs making an excuse. Everyone goes upstairs. Swara is about to go, but goon in disguise of a waiter stops her and shows threatening message on paper. Swara gets shocked. Goon shows off his revolver. Swara gets shocked. She sees all waiters keeping gun and is shocked.

No Precap for Swaragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanku hasan 4 todays update

  2. Swaragini fan

    wow amazing are u all busy tats y not commenting no precap very bad and u all got to know about telly updates comment change. Episode was really amazing na hope everything settle down fast. Plz tell me who won d poll. I hope its swaragini. Waiting for memory loss trak.
    Is it true new entry etc. Maza aayege aur fanfollowing bhi badegi comments too.

  3. What’s the Precap for Swaragini?

    1. IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak

      No precap coz it is climax ka friday or sumthing

  4. No precap ???

  5. Y only 5 commnts??????
    Nobody lyks swaragini or wat?????

  6. Swaragini fan

    I think we had to visit ffs and there we have to ask y u r not commenting???? If dont like the show than y r u writting reading ff??? So bad I dont know wats happening waise to bekaar se bekaar trak pe com krte hai aur ab accha chal ra hai to mushkil se do com hote hai kai hasan likna hi na band kerde!!! ogod plzzzzzzzz

  7. I luv swaragni i hve trust they cn fight from any problems

  8. Guys there is precap i saw it….Swara will tell laksh,sanskaar and ragini about waiter having gun……….uttara comes there and sits..rajat will also sit..swara will get tensed..uttara faints..rajat will take her in his arms

  9. I have decided to quit watching swaragini I can’t see swara romances with other than sanskar first Laksh then sanskar now new guy who would be anup, why writers u r doing this with swasan fans

  10. I hate ths serial because they are always swara swara swara they are ignoring teju fans every guy will love swara hate ths serial

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