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The Episode starts with Sahil giving water to Swara. Swara drinks it. Sahil asks why you are so scared? Swara looks on with teary eyes. Sahil asks her to get afraid of him as he is going to make coffee for him after many years. Maya tells Sahil that he did by bringing Swara to guest room. He comes back to kitchen and asks do you remember when you make coffee last time. Sahil says when we were going to concert and lost Ayesha. Maya tells him that she got her old Sahil back after Swara’s entry, and says I saw same happiness and sparkle in your eyes seeing her. She says you are perfect for her and not anybody else, but God wants something else. Sahil gets emotional. Maya goes.

Sujata comes home and informs her family members that Sumi is pregnant at this age. Ram says what you are saying? Sujata

says we made her understand to abort her child and hopes she don’t change her decision. Laksh holds Ragini’s hands. Annapurna asks Durga Prasad, what he is thinking? Sujata says her age is to become nani, then how can she think of becoming mum? Sanskar asks her to keep quiet. Parineeta says you are saying right and says don’t know what her children is thinking. Ragini looks on cryingly. Durga Prasad says I can understand what you are thinking and saying, but it is their personal matter and we have to keep away from their decisions. Annapurna says but.

Durga Prasad says it is their decision to keep the baby or abort and we shall not force decision on them. He says I am feeling bad for them as they will bear society taunts and insult. He says abortion is not the solution, an innocent live is killed just in the name of justice. Sanskar says Ia gree with you Bade Papa. He says who are we to force decisions on them, and why innocent baby should suffer. Laksh goes to Durga Prasad and says what is the mistake of the innocent baby, everyone want to kill him. Sujata says I was thinking about their betterment. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to come with him. Ragini gets Shekhar’s call and he informs her that Swara is not in baadi. Shekhar says she left her phone also. Sanskar takes the call. Shekhar says she must have seen your marriage photo frame and it was broken. Sanskar promises to bring Swara back home. He asks Ragini to take care and goes.

Sahil makes coffee for Swara and asks her to praise him if she likes it and double praise him if she doesn’t like it. Swara smiles. Sahil asks do you trust me? Swara says I trust you more than my family at this point. I don’t know what they have hidden from me. Sahil asks her to meet Sanskar once. Swara asks Sanskar? Sahil says your husband name is Sanskar…Swara recalls Sanskar shooting at her and says I will not meet him, he is a murderer. Sahil asks her to meet him once just for his sake, and says he can answer for your questions. He says if he want to kill you then why did he come to meet you that day. Just trust on my believe and meet him. Swara agrees and says I will not go alone, you have to come with me. Sahil says yes, I can’t put his life in danger and asks her to call him. Swara says I don’t have my phone. Sahil says you will not have his number also and calls from his phone. Sanskar is searching Swara on the road. Just then he gets call from Sahil’s phone.

Sanskar picks it and says hi Sahil. Swara says hello Sanskar. Sanskar says yes Swara, tell me. I am hearing. Swara says I came to know that we are married. Sanskar recalls all the happy moments between them and keeps his hand on his heart. She says I want to meet you and want to talk. Sanskar says I will come and asks where? Sahil tells her to call him at nature’s park. Swara asks him to meet her after 2 hours at nature’s park. Sanskar says okay. Swara says I will wait for you. Sahil asks Swara to wash her face. Sanskar is happy and thinks Swara’s memory is back. He calls Ragini and informs her that Swara got her memory back. Ragini calls Laksh, and everyone. Laksh and others come and ask what happened? Ragini says Swara’s memory is back. Everyone is happy while Parineeta is shocked and tensed. Annapurna says we will welcome here and asks Utara to bring aarti. Parineeta thinks I have to stop Swara from coming here…..

Sahil and Swara wait for Sanskar at the nature’s park. Sahil asks her to hear the nature’s voice. Swara closes her eyes and when she opens it, she sees goons attacking Sahil. Swara shouts Sahil. Other goon asks his goons to beat Sahil mercilessly. Sanskar thinks Sahil has fulfilled his promise and thanks him while he is on the way. The goons beat up Sahil. Swara ahouts and frees herself from the goon. She runs to get the rod kept there and attacks goons, but she is caught by goon again. One of the goon pushes Swara on the ground. Sahil gets angry and beats the goons. Sahil asks Swara if she is fine…..Just then Sanskar comes there in his car. Goon collides with him and money bundle fall down. Sanskar calls them and return their notes bundle. Swara and Sahil are shocked to see Sanskar giving money to goons. Goon takes the money and runs from there. Swara thinks Sanskar sent the goons.

Swara asks Laksh if he has done arrangements for her. Laksh says my brother hav done it. Swara says I can’t stay in the murderer’s room who tried to kill me many times. Sanskar takes rockstar avatar and collides with Swara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls tell how to update written update of serial as I am going to become kavach’s updater.pls tell.

    1. go to telly updates home page and u can find “submit article” on the left side top of the home page….
      and nyway thnx for writing the written update for kavach!! 😀

  2. I dont like the current track which is full of swara hated to sanskar
    I hate that sahil

    pls unite our swasan pls

    End this memory loss track quickly

  3. week spoilers: no rockstar entry this week according to week spoilers.. his entry next week only happens..
    6th jun: sahil protect swara from some goons. later, she sees the goons with sanskar and assumes that he is the one who sent to harm her.
    7th jun:sahil tries to be heroic in swara’s eyes by saving her from the goons.meanwhile, sharmishtha and shekar inform dadi that they have gone forward with the abortion.
    8th jun:when ragini feels unwell and suddenly faint, the whole family becomes worried for her.
    9th jun:sahil plans a surprise to spend some quality time with swara but she finds out about ragini’s heath and rushes to be by her side. later, ragini convinces swara to stay back at the maheshwari house.
    10th jun: swara comes to the maheshwari house to be with her sister but is very weary of sanskar. later the two end up having a huge show down and she gives an ultimum to sanskar and the family.

  4. tdy episode raglak show swasan picks and try to remember her with spending times with sanskar and back to mm and rag come to sanskar room when he holds swasan pic near chest and rags try to pacify him..

  5. Why so late update bhaiyya pls update fast thanks.

  6. raglak have decided to adopt sumi’s baby.

  7. raglak have decided to adopt sumi’s baby.and ragini will slap parineeta in upcoming epi.

  8. raglak will decide to adopt sumi’s baby n so ragini fakes her pregnancy.n ragini will slap pari in upcoming episode

  9. how come zero comments for the update today? whats wrong

  10. Please end this ml track I am fed of hatred track for sankar,

  11. Sad episode and who called that goons maybe parineeta….

  12. main sahil ko marne se pehle swara ka khoon kar dungi …… baar baar sanskar ko khooni bolti rehti hai aur bechara sanky usske liye na jane kya kya karta hai ab toh seedhe sanskar se kishen ban jayega..yaar pls swasan ko milva do……..

  13. thamiazh magan

    irritated with current track

  14. writers had made all the lead characters as negative…..except swara……but they can’t show her as negative all of a sudden bcz of the way her character was shown until now….So now writers r doing that in the name of memory loss…..( by making her hate sanskar).hats off CV’s to ur creativity

  15. Can anybody tell me why ragini slaps parineeta ?…

  16. i didn’t watch this episode and can’t wait to. But the thing is i want sanskaar to disguise himslf nowwwwww. swaragini is somehow stalling for some reason and i don’t like that

  17. Because paracetamol teases ragini and her mother.

  18. Hate this new track….

  19. Writers r forgetting ragini….ragini is also the lead of the show

  20. Agree with u rumana

  21. This track is became more
    Irritating day by day and swara you are totaly mad
    Why are you always call him murderer his name is sanskar
    Please end this memory loss track and why all these things always happens with swasan raglak has no importance in this show

  22. This show is become irritating day by day
    Please end this stupit memory loss track and reunit swara and sanskar and give some importance to raglak on this show

  23. Guys you all watched d show so I think if you will ask dat y swara is behaving like dat it will consider you a patient(of memory loss) not swara. Y so late update I didnt watch d episode for some reason or otherwise surely done dat. Kishan trak is far not nxt week dont think so ragini is interested in dance kya wo bhi jalak dikla ja mei aayegi. Namrata plzzz post your ff season2 of d3 asap.

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