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The Episode starts with Ragini hearing the Satyavan’s katha from Pandit ji, while everyone is already seated and hearing it. Pandit ji says now we will do aarti. Annapurna asks him to do special puja to keep off evil eyes from their house. Pandit ji says we will do puja outside the house. Everyone goes out. Someone is seen stealing Sanskar’s call and keeps it in his room. Sanskar hears his phone ringing and goes to get it. Everyone goes out. Sanskar comes to his room and picks his phone. Just then he feels suffocation, may be because of poisonous gas and falls down unconsciously. Annapurna and Durga Prasad do the puja together, followed by other couples. Sujata says where is Sanskar? Swara says I will call him. She goes to their room and sees him lying unconscious on the floor. She gets shocked.

She gets Sahil’s call. Sahil says your Sanskar is gone…Swara. Swara is shocked and says Sahil….Sahil says I was yearning to hear this from you. Swara asks Sanskar to wake up. Sahil says you don’t know that I love you very much. Swara calls Bade Papa. Sahil says if you tell everything then I will not tell how to make him fine. He asks if his lips are turning blue. Swara cries and asks why is he doing this? Sahil says I can’t see you crying and says I will be weak. Swara cries. Sahil says I have put small liquid so that he can get unconscious only. Swara cries. Sahil says he has just 5 mins left. Swara says I will do as you says. She asks Sahil to tell her, how to make him fine. Sahil says okay and asks her to find purple bottle in her room. Swara folds her hands and asks him to tell. Sahil says it is on the dressing table. Sujata thinks why Swara and Sanskar are late. Durga Prasad asks Laksh and Ragini to do aarti till they come. Swara makes Sanskar drink it. Sanskar loses all the consciousness. Swara shouts Sanskar……….

Swara cries and asks what was in that bottle? Why Sanskar is not waking up? Sahil says may be he is gone. Swara asks Sanskar to wake up. Sahil says may be I am written in your destiny, asks her not to worry and says I will take care of yours. Swara says I will not leave you if anything happens to Sanskar. She runs outside and tells everyone that something has happened to Sanskar. They run inside and see Sanskar unconscious. Swara cries. Laksh calls Doctor and asks him to come fast. Sujata cries. Ragini brings water and sprinkles on his face. Sujata asks him to wake up and opens his eyes. Sanskar coughs. Everyone is relieved. Swara hugs Sanskar..and cries badly. She says I got scared. Sanskar says I am fine.

Swara hugs him and cries badly again. Sanskar assures that he is fine. Sujata asks what had happened? Durga Prasad also asks him. Annapurna says if it happened because of tiredness. Swara says no, and says Sahil tried to kill him. Ragini says Sahil. Swara tells everything about their conversation. Sujata is shocked and says he is so dangerous. Annapurna says nothing will happen to our Sanskar. Ram says I will take his life. Durga Prasad says I will handle this matter my way. Swara says we shall pray to God that we shall be together always. She says we will do aarti and then says I will do aarti, and you take rest. Sanskar says no, and says we will do aarti together. He says nothing will happen to our love until I am with you. Swara hugs him and cries. Sujata smiles looking at them.

Swara and Sanskar do the aarti together. Pandit ji says may be a guest came and says she shall also do the aarti. They turn and see Maya standing. Sujata gets angry on Maya and asks her to get out. Durga Prasad says I called her here. Sujata asks her to go. Maya apologizes to everyone and says she wants to take them out of this problem. She says Sahil is my son and I gave him understanding about right and wrong, but he forgot. She says Swara came to our house, and I loved her as my daughter. Sujata asks her to stop it. Swara says mom. Maya says Sahil is missing. I will help you people to catch Sahil. She says Sahil will come to his baba’s birthday tomorrow. She calls Sahil and reminds him of puja at their home on his baba’s birthday. She says you people can do what do you want, and goes.

Sahil comes to do puja indisguise of a pandit and gets caught. There is a fight between Sanskar and Sahil. Something gets pierced in Sanskar’s body. Swara shouts Sanskar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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