Swaragini 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ragini hearing the Satyavan’s katha from Pandit ji, while everyone is already seated and hearing it. Pandit ji says now we will do aarti. Annapurna asks him to do special puja to keep off evil eyes from their house. Pandit ji says we will do puja outside the house. Everyone goes out. Someone is seen stealing Sanskar’s call and keeps it in his room. Sanskar hears his phone ringing and goes to get it. Everyone goes out. Sanskar comes to his room and picks his phone. Just then he feels suffocation, may be because of poisonous gas and falls down unconsciously. Annapurna and Durga Prasad do the puja together, followed by other couples. Sujata says where is Sanskar? Swara says I will call him. She goes to their room and sees him lying unconscious on the floor. She gets shocked.

She gets Sahil’s call. Sahil says your Sanskar is gone…Swara. Swara is shocked and says Sahil….Sahil says I was yearning to hear this from you. Swara asks Sanskar to wake up. Sahil says you don’t know that I love you very much. Swara calls Bade Papa. Sahil says if you tell everything then I will not tell how to make him fine. He asks if his lips are turning blue. Swara cries and asks why is he doing this? Sahil says I can’t see you crying and says I will be weak. Swara cries. Sahil says I have put small liquid so that he can get unconscious only. Swara cries. Sahil says he has just 5 mins left. Swara says I will do as you says. She asks Sahil to tell her, how to make him fine. Sahil says okay and asks her to find purple bottle in her room. Swara folds her hands and asks him to tell. Sahil says it is on the dressing table. Sujata thinks why Swara and Sanskar are late. Durga Prasad asks Laksh and Ragini to do aarti till they come. Swara makes Sanskar drink it. Sanskar loses all the consciousness. Swara shouts Sanskar……….

Swara cries and asks what was in that bottle? Why Sanskar is not waking up? Sahil says may be he is gone. Swara asks Sanskar to wake up. Sahil says may be I am written in your destiny, asks her not to worry and says I will take care of yours. Swara says I will not leave you if anything happens to Sanskar. She runs outside and tells everyone that something has happened to Sanskar. They run inside and see Sanskar unconscious. Swara cries. Laksh calls Doctor and asks him to come fast. Sujata cries. Ragini brings water and sprinkles on his face. Sujata asks him to wake up and opens his eyes. Sanskar coughs. Everyone is relieved. Swara hugs Sanskar..and cries badly. She says I got scared. Sanskar says I am fine.

Swara hugs him and cries badly again. Sanskar assures that he is fine. Sujata asks what had happened? Durga Prasad also asks him. Annapurna says if it happened because of tiredness. Swara says no, and says Sahil tried to kill him. Ragini says Sahil. Swara tells everything about their conversation. Sujata is shocked and says he is so dangerous. Annapurna says nothing will happen to our Sanskar. Ram says I will take his life. Durga Prasad says I will handle this matter my way. Swara says we shall pray to God that we shall be together always. She says we will do aarti and then says I will do aarti, and you take rest. Sanskar says no, and says we will do aarti together. He says nothing will happen to our love until I am with you. Swara hugs him and cries. Sujata smiles looking at them.

Swara and Sanskar do the aarti together. Pandit ji says may be a guest came and says she shall also do the aarti. They turn and see Maya standing. Sujata gets angry on Maya and asks her to get out. Durga Prasad says I called her here. Sujata asks her to go. Maya apologizes to everyone and says she wants to take them out of this problem. She says Sahil is my son and I gave him understanding about right and wrong, but he forgot. She says Swara came to our house, and I loved her as my daughter. Sujata asks her to stop it. Swara says mom. Maya says Sahil is missing. I will help you people to catch Sahil. She says Sahil will come to his baba’s birthday tomorrow. She calls Sahil and reminds him of puja at their home on his baba’s birthday. She says you people can do what do you want, and goes.

Sahil comes to do puja indisguise of a pandit and gets caught. There is a fight between Sanskar and Sahil. Something gets pierced in Sanskar’s body. Swara shouts Sanskar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Muskan Rajput

    nice episode………helly is such an amazing actress…..and i feel like killing that sahil

  2. anu

    episode is so nice… awesome swasan chemistry and total swasanilious episode…. tmrw also same …

  3. anu

    swasan dialouges wer super.. jab tak mai hum tume kuch nahi hoga and hum hamesha saath rahenge. swara’s tadap for sanky and his understanding her situation.. dialouges all are super..

  4. muskan

    nice episode……….helly is such an amazing actress…….and i feel like killing that Sahil

  5. Mica


    |Registered Member

    woooooooooow ty for fast update H Hasan, and sorry for called you a “mr” on my previous comment.
    EID MUBARAK for my moslem’s friends

  6. kee

    swasan was good missed raglak
    i saw a article on if that swara is going to die and navya to enter sankars live
    and in another article it was written as ragini will die and navya (kanchi) will enter laksh life which article is true

  7. juhi

    What are you saying kee
    Kya helly aur tejasvi me se koi replace hone wala hai
    Please dont let swara or ragini di

  8. juhi

    Kee What are you saying???
    Kya helly aur tejasvi me se koi replace
    hone wali hai please dont replace them

    • kee

      even i shocked by the article hope they dont do that yaar i love teju di a lot and helly di also good but more teju if they are replaced then charm of the show will go temish looking beautiful on the sets of cnb i dont know when the epi will be on air ok gn to all swaraginians

      • SwaSan Fan.................

        No, not at all helly di is the best
        The show is glowing just mow only because of her
        If they do this then the show’s charm will decrease
        Gujaratis are the best

  9. Haritha

    Please give raglak also a proper track…always concentrating on swasan…it goes irritating

  10. Haripriya Krishnadas Vadakara

    i dont knw y some ppl still crucifying ragini?last day saw an article on anothr page by counting her misdeeds.tell me who is perfect in ds world?whatever ragini did,rhe regretted it&repentd.some swara fans pointing dat bridge scene,well whn tanya tried 2 kill swara,who saved?ragini ready 2gave her own life instead of swara get stabbed.

    • Haripriya Krishnandas Vadakara

      ragini now completely turned +ve,still some scratchng her past.then what abt sanskar?once he too done mistakes.isnt?Ragini loved laksh,so her intention was however get back him.bt sanskarz intention 2separate swalak,ruin laksh&his family.4 what?only coz of some misundstandings!!4 that he very well manipulated ragini,by taking advantage of her heartbroken condition&consoled “kuch pane ke liye kuch kona zaroori he&we r fi8ng 4 lv etc” when she felt guilty.aftr teaching&injecting her -vity,he just washed hands as he realized his mistakes.aftr prompting her 2 fi8 4 laksh,oneday b4 marriage he advised her to change.lol is her heart a toy 2 play where he can upload&remove when he want?but on that tym everything skipped frm thm.it was better 2 change b4 upload,aftr 90% loaded,we cant remove so easily.d nxt step is only dlete.bt she cant dlete laksh as she truly loved him.nw sanskar too changed,if u point ragini,thn u must point d brain behind her change,that is sanskar!

      • Ankita

        I agree with you but people still want to live in past let it be we will enjoy present and future.

      • sandy

        Rags will always be a psycho crimijal b*t*h.How the f**k her intention wad good n she wanted to get back laksh when laksh never facking love her

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        hahahaha, see…. i cursed cvs to the core made tejaswi -ve role in swaragini, since her fans unable to distinguish between both…
        for ragini’s fans, killing someone to get her love is normal, understandable, acceptable, and moreover instead of accept the crime, they prefer to blame others and pointed the finger to sanskar for all mistakes…ckckckck
        are you forget, once ragini got electric shock to cover sanskar’s truth from swara( sanskar though she did it for him, but actually she did it to cover herself’s truth),
        sanskar asked ragini to back off, because sanskar RESPECT someone’s LIFE. he can’t put someone’s life in danger. How about ragini ? she even try to kill her own sister just for sooo called LOVE twice. DID YOU EVER SEE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM?

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        omg, my other comment is vanishing, just want to say that i glad cvs finally made ragini save swara’s life, i love this repetance the since finally ragini give value to “life”.
        and you ankita, you must see even haripriya lives in the past, isn’t she ? lol
        btw, for me and for you all… please if you are someone’s fanfreaks, be lil bit wise, don’t change your value, you norm of life due your favourite’s role in a show..ty

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      i did commenting, i counted ragini’s mistakes because she really did that, rite ? did i tell wrong ? ooh big NO…
      and please you should read my comment on previous page properly, else you will misunderstood. or should i ask you questions
      1. i said ragini did many mistakes, am i wrong?
      2. i said maheswary always give ragini forgiveness ALONG BEFORE RAGINI RECTIFY HER MISTAKES. am i wrong? (read it properly since i put huge letters on it to get your attention, i will explain to you what it’s mean of that statement: i mean i definitely know about ragini’s repetance, but she got forgiveness first before she rectify her mistakes).
      I DID count ragini’s mistakes to COMPARING to other maheswary bahu’s mistakes..and THE MAHESWARY’S FORGIVENESS TOWARD THEM. DID YOU GET MY POINT OR NOT ?
      my opinion always about storyline, noelse..
      and you Haripriya, ankita or anyone who praised to ragini’s wrong deed just because you are tejaswi’s fans, and you UNABLE TO DISTINGUISH THE DIFFERENCES between them, it all your problem.

  11. anu

    sujata and sanskar bond super… mom son.. cv’s u already spoiled shoni swara bond nw please dont spoil sanskar sujata bond..

  12. pari

    wt an epi…lvd it alot…lvd swaraz actng….such an amazng actress she is….tday swara lookng more beautifull in new hair style…cant take off my eye frm her….ahe is soooo sioo soooo beautiful…lvd swasan scenes….last part is sooo emotnl…it shld nt be easy for any mothr to go against her son…d pain is clearly visible in sahils mothr…..d precap seems scary..hope nothng happens to sanky…..swasan is best…swara looks soo cute nd beautifull…love u swara

  13. Blush

    Wow.. Osom epi yr.. Well done cvs!! Helly naild it yr??D bst part ws dat dey dint drag d scenes.. N acc to d toi update.. TMRW ALSO V LL GET SWASAN SCENES.. DONT MISS It!! Watch it on TV n RAISE d TRP!! Lets PROVE OUR FANDOM.. Raglak also doing super!!
    Loved d mobile wallpapr of sanskr????
    Luvd Ram Today.. Hehe?

  14. Nupur

    EID MUBARAK.. Me ragini ki burai yaa galti nehi batha rahithi..me bach bolna chahti thi ki iss series ki har negative character dangerous hea Marne per utar ate hea.Even i love teju urf ragini but agar bura laga toh sorry haripriya krisnadas vadakara..becebhi story writers likhte hea ur sab bechahi karte hea..toh hume isse hum logo per hubhi nehi hone dena cahie..mica ager holi diwali sab manate hea toh eid kiu nehi ekbar sabko dil Se Eid Mubarak.. nai din ki suroat sabke lie khushia lai DOA hea meri..

  15. Meera

    Is it true than temish will be replaced? If the news is true I will definitely stop watching this show from the next moment.I am watching this serial only for teju,even though they are not giving proper raglak track.I also wished that teju should quit the show because the lack of importance,but it happens really I can’t watch this serial ,even if helly replaced that’s also not fair bcoz everyone made their mark on this serial by their wonderful acting.Eid Mubarak to all my swaragini friends?

  16. seebu

    Amaging episode….very proud to be helly fan….what an acting by u girl….swasan scenes r awesome….who r saying helly is doing overacting pls think that situation in real life….it will be more than this….

    Anyways accept or not today vahe nailed….even sanskar has 3 dialogues those r enough to him to make perfect…love u swasan

  17. Fairy

    Nyc episode bt still same request gve equal importance to ragini…. N wnt more raglak track…nw i m tired of requestng yaaar….but still continue it coz i jst loveeeeeee ragini\tejaswi n for hr i cn do nythng??

  18. molu

    Hi swaragini fans..swasan was superb..missed raglak scenes..most of characters in swaragini had played negative role ..I think next chance will be given to swara..(just my guessing..not true)

  19. akaashi

    yess we need equal screen space.its highly dissappointing.acc to the spoilers it seems our wait will nt b paid soon.we want raglak track.a complete raglak track along with swasan.bt seems cvs r nt interestd to listen to raglakians….

  20. Silpa

    I m a swasan fan but want raglak track also…I don’t want any character of swaragini to be replaced …all of them are special and have justified their character…and I just love watching varun kapoor…as well as helly , teju and namish also…love u swaragini

  21. kee

    i truely agree with all raglakians temish gone a be replaced if it is true then a big good bye to swaragini
    and ya i saw that article in india forum
    and that sandy does she always comment like this yaar
    so insensitive sandy if u hate ragini dont u dare to comment on her u dont have rights to accuse her got it behave ur self by using such words ur degrading ur self

  22. kee

    did u people check out teja s new insta post she instagramed a vedio which was shot by namish she is just looking dam beautiful

  23. ruhana

    Kee shayd aapne purana article dekha hai kyuki jab show me kavya ki entry hone wali thi tab iss role k liye kanchi singh ka name aa rha tha(chugal khore aunty segment) but baad me rup durgapal ko cast kiya gya kavya k role k liye..

  24. ruhana

    Kee shayd aapne purana article dekha hai kyuki jab show me kavya ki entry hone wali thi tab sunne me aa rha tha ki ye role kanchi singh kr skti hai(in chugal khore aunty segment) but baad me rup durgapal ko cast kiya gya kavya k role k liye..

  25. ruhana

    And uss time pe ragini suiside krne wali thi aur jab funeral drama ka promo dikhaya ja ra tha to aisa lag rha tha ki shayd ragini ki death ho jayegi aur lakshy ki ex girlfriend ki entry hogi but urvasi masi ki death ho jati hai…shayd usi time pe aapne wo article padha hoga…sorry guys because of network problem ek hi comment bar bar send ho ra hai..sorry for that.

  26. SwaSan Fan.................

    Pls. show episodes like this
    Love you SwaSan
    You Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!

  27. Blush

    Acc to d latest update.. Frm nxt week d colors channel wil b casting SWARAGINI at 3:30 pm n not shakti

  28. seebu

    Sandy if u hate ragini….it is ok…but everything has a limit…y r u using such cheap words….not only raglak fans but swasan fans r also saying…dont use these type of cheap comments…u r hurting all of us…what do u get by this….?i am swara fan…but after reading ur ugly comments on ragini..
    I cant control myself….



  29. juhi

    I am a huge fan of varun but i also like namish teju and helly and ragini ka character ab positive ho chuka hai to please koi bhi cheap coment na kare uske baare me

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