Swaragini 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini asks Swara to rest. Swara says she can’t rest until she enquires about the person doing the conspiracy against her. She says she has an idea. Ragini asks if she doubts anyone. Swara says she don’t know, but swears to find out the criminal. Laksh comes home. Sanskar tells Laksh that he saw him with Ragini on TV. Durga Prasad looks on, with questions in his mind. Laksh asks why did you call me suddenly? Durga Prasad switches on the TV and shows the news to Laksh. He says this news is continuously running and asks what you were doing in that hotel with Ragini. Swara comes to the hospital and insists to see CCTV footage of the hospital. Ragini gets shocked and asks her to come. The security refuses to let her see the footage. Laksh is about to tell Durga Prasad, but then recalls Ragini’s words.

He tells that his friend was stuck there, and he was helping him. Durga Prasad asks who was he? Laksh says he was Omi. Utara says it was cleared that the hotel was good. Durga Prasad tells Laksh that you didn’t do right, by taking Ragini there. Just then Inspector comes shocking Laksh.

The Inspector apologizes to Durga Prasad, and says he came to talk about that issue. Durga Prasad asks what? Swara asks the security to show the footage between the time range. The security shows the footage. Ragini gets tensed. Swara couldn’t see anything. The Inspector is about to tell Durga Prasad about Swara, but Laksh cuts the conversation and says he is talking about Omi. Sanskar starts acting and says his head is paining. Sujata takes him. Sanskar tells Sujata that Laksh’s lies will be exposed. Durga Prasad thanks the Inspector. Swara comes out of the hospital, and tries to enquire with the shop keeper.

The Inspector tells Laksh that he thought you told your family about Swara. Laksh says he didn’t tell about Swara. The Inspector asks him about Swara. He asks if she is doing something strange in recent time. Laksh says no. The Inspector says she might have taken drugs. Laksh says Swara can’t take drugs. The Inspector says someone might have given her drugs. Swara asks Ragini, why did you stop me from enquiring. Ragini says you can’t tell anyone that you was unconscious. Sumi comes. Swara says it is good that you are here, and is about to tell her the hotel room. Just then Ragini stops her and lies again. Sumi says I was angry, but knew you would not have gone if it was not important. Swara asks Ragini, why did you lie? Ragini says if I would have tell the truth, then Maa would have felt bad. She asks her to sit and makes her drink water. She looks at her evilly and gives her drug water. She goes to balcony in the hospital. She calls Laksh and tells him that she is fine and is at home ( What a big liar, Swara don’t need an enemy as her sister is a big wicked, evil, enemy, liar and disaster for her). She says I need to tell you about Swara, and asks him not to tell their family. She says Swara went to have tea, and she was cleaning the room. She opened the almari and found a small medicine liquid bottle, with a syringe. Laksh recalls Inspector’s words. Ragini says she is getting tensed, and don’t know if Swara takes drugs from before. Laksh is in shock, and asks her to get syringe and that bottle. Ragini agrees, and acts as honest( worst enemy/sister in the world). She asks will you leave Swara. Laksh says how can you think like that, I will never leave Swara. Ragini is shocked, and thanks him.

Swara is partying in the club. Laksh asks her to come. Swara refuses and asks who are you? Laksh is shocked. Wicked Ragini looks on at her working plan.

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