Swaragini 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara telling Sanskar that she is happy for him. Sanskar asks about her notes, love confession, tape recorder etc….and asks what is all that? Swara says it was our past Sanskar…..Sanskar says so it was our past….you meant that you don’t love me. Swara says no. Kavita comes to kitchen and says good morning to Annapurna and Sujata. Annapurna tells her good morning. Kavita says she wants to help them. Sujata asks her to rest. Kavita says it is my duty to help you. Ragini comes and says Sujata is right, you should rest and need not work. She asks Annapurna, Sujata and Uttara to rest, and says you don’t have to work from today. She asks servant to make food etc. She tells Annapurna that she is going to attend her mum’s barsi. Kavita says she saw her mum yesterday. Ragini

says it is Swara and my mum, but Janki maa is my own mum. She tells that she died as she fell down the stairs. Sujata says everything is changed as Kavita came home. Annapurna says who brought her here, Swara……

Sanskar asks her to think about their love and says Kavita is his past. Swara asks him not to refuse old love and says you are lucky to get her back. She says Kavita is alone and have no one with her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him not to make her weak with his words. Sanskar says okay and asks what do you want? Swara asks him to understand Kavita’s feelings, and asks him to take a decision thinking about her. She says you have to decide thinking what do you want, and don’t think about people or my feelings. Sujata says I am not snatching anything from Swara, and says I couldn’t lower her favors. Annapurna says Sanskar loves Swara too. Sujata says Sanskar loves Kavita too, and says our thinking has changed now. Annapurna says our thinking is changed because of Swara. Sujata says Sanskar loved Kavita too, and when she is back wanting to marry him, then I will not back off. She says Kavita was Sanskar’s first love. Annapurna says Swara and Sanskar are real life partner in true means as they held each other others when no one was with them, and leaves the decision on Sanskar.

Swara does the arrangement of the puja. Dadi serves food to Dada ji and says she will give medicine. Dada ji scolds her to staying in Ragini’s house and misbehaving with her inlaws, and says you was least bothered about me. He says Shekhar told me everything. Dadi thinks Ragini haven’t come till now. Ragini comes. Swara gives her photo frame and says Baba told her that Ragini used to place garland on the photo. Ragini thanks her and places garland on the photo frame. Laksh enters there and sits for puja. Pandit ji starts the puja. Ragini cries and gets emotional on her mum’s barsi. Pandit ji asks them to do daan. Shekhar does the rituals. Pandit ji asks him to put the bhog for the crows and asks everyone to do dhyaan with closed eyes. A crow comes to eat the bhog, but some lady comes and throws the bhog. Pandit ji asks what you have done? The lady’s face is revealed and she looks angrily.

Ragini looks at the lady and calls her Urvashi maasi. She asks why did you do this. Pandit ji says Pooja is ruined. Swara says she did it mistakenly. Urvashi says why you are doing this pint daan and says my jiju isn’t happy and her soul is not at peace, she herself told me this. Everyone is shocked.

Sanskar recalls about Swara’s words that she don’t love him and reminding him of his love for Kavita. Durga Prasad calls Sanskar and says it is good that you came, I need to talk to you about something important. Sanskar asks what do you want to say? Durga Prasad says I can understand what you are feeling after Kavita returned in your life, and says Kavita has asked something from him. Kavita tells that they should get engaged and marry. Sanskar is shocked.

Kavita says I was thinking that I couldn’t stay here for long and that’s why talked about my marriage with you. She says her mum was always busy in performances and then Sanskar came in her life. She asks Annapurna to bless their relation. Sujata agrees and gives her approval. She tells Sanskar that Kavita wants to get engaged to him tomorrow. Durga Prasad asks her to let him decide and gives time. Annapurna asks Kavita to give some time to Sanskar to take a decision. Kavita says she has taken a decision and asks will you get engaged to me tomorrow.
Sanskar thinks about Swara’s words asking him to think about Kavita, and thinks what does he want. He agrees surprising everyone.

Precap: Sanskar and Kavita get engaged. Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings an emotional song. Swara couldn’t stop her emotions and runs towards him to hug him surprising and shocking everyone, specially Kavita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Honey

    Oh.. Lovely precap.. If it is true that will be great, awesome, wonderful..?☺ But as we all know this writers won’t give us such happiness.. So I think it will be swara’s imagination.. ?

    • siya

      Even I think the same… It ll b imagination… God it shudnot dream…v want it to b real..but it was so beautiful scene… Plz unite them…plz…n luvd Ap today… First time she said right thing to sujatha… Except sujatha no one is happy for san n kavi engagement… N this kavitha is emotionally trapping everyone…plz… Sanskar don’t leave swara…

    • anandi

      The precap is nice. Swara shld be selfish for once. They shld tell that they luv each other. And get married again.

    • neha

      hey honey..i am just praying dat it is not a dream sequence…plz writers make it real swasan seen no more imaginations we fans can handle

    • Likhitha

      Exactly..! I thought the same…The track is worst now…Why should sanskar always suffer? Why only him? Always he would be in a dilemma for some or the other thing… Y should swara sacrifice her love…Why did she say no ?
      Hell would be better than this show..
      Writers plz make sanskar happy…

    • No honey I don’t think that it’s her imagination coz I read somewhere that sans will now break their engagement n tell kavita that he loves her no more but swara she will run outside with shock n will meet with an accident in front of sans confusing him to leave her or not
      I don’t know how much this is true

  2. Vaishnavi

    I hate Sujata. Why she is behaving like this. Swara only help them. Swara act too smart. Why she lied to Sanskar? Idiot Swara. She hurts herself as well as Sanskar.

  3. Tara

    Aweeeeeee whatttt a precap … in tat bgm.. swasan hug.. wowww wat else v need ?❤ let it b dream imagination etc etc.. bt v r al out of d world.
    Stupid sujatha, idiot sujatha, unfaithful sujatha, double standard sujatha.
    Swara wen ll u stop sacrificing

    • nik

      Ya Tara ,precap was aswsm n if dis is not imagination of sm1 dn plzzzz….SWASAN confess yr feelings 2 each odr in front of dat b*****y cavity(kavita) n throw hr out of yr life’s n also from mm.

    • nik

      N ya I want 2 gv a nice slap 2 dat sujatha, earlier she used 2 tell dat she don’t hv any problem wid swara buts its only dat she doesn’t want a Bengali bahu dn wat about kavita she is also a Bengali, why sujatha is accepting her????? I must say dat she is a girgit .

      • Tara

        Right. I felt like giving tightttt slap to sujata. Irritating sujatha. If swara is bengali she doesn’t want her but it is ok wid kavita. She is like only kavita changed their fate. It is only bcoz of swara tey r back to normal. How unfaithful. Worst than a dog ?? coming to kavita… ohhh god let her b negative nd separate swasan bt 1st of all 4 separating tey shud n united nd stand against her 2ghr. Cavity kavita

    • Anita

      I too loved d precap….tara….
      And tat was an awesome song from hasee toh phasee….
      Love tat movie tooo…..
      Namma katharal epdiyum writers kathila vilatu…..wait panni tan aaganum??and that’s our last choice

  4. Maavia

    Hii all..m not used to see serials stuff..but few days back..ragini attitude got my attention… She used to be cute kind stuff…
    Wats wrong with her??..anyone??

  5. rids

    Mad this swara is…. if she hugs like tat kavitha vil bcm more insecure nd vil keep marriage also soon. ..

  6. Pri

    oh god.. i cant see swasan seperation again.. writers r killing our emotions yar.. y dis kavitas drama nw.. 🙁

  7. priya

    no.. its true.. its not an imagination.. i saw it it in the latest updates on saas bahu and saazish aired on abp news everyday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm..

  8. rathi

    Nowadays most of the dramas are being stopped in tv channels because they didn’t fulfil viewers wish (as I know there are 2 dramas in star plus). Therefore please swaragini team plus unite SwaSan or you’ll loss your viewers & ratings will go down then you’ll have to your serial. If there are no viewers then there is no need of serial. Without dragging to weeks & months please unite SwaSan soon. And don’t make Swara character as a joke! 1st lash then sanskar then who? This is not practical for the real life for Swara’s character. Think & make viewers happy. I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m watching this serial. So think everyone (all countries)wants SwaSan & their lovely moments.

  9. I am Ragini’s fan, but first time I am feeling so bad for swara, Hope sanskar soon realise that swara is his true love not kavita……

  10. Swasan

    Oh god pls someone tell me precap swara hugs sanskar idhu unmaiya illa swara or sanskar oda dream pls god idhu unmaiya irukanum I want swasan forever

  11. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Loved this episode..wen i saw the precap ..awesome, hope that it won’t be dream sequence. I think kavitha is genuine, writers justified kavitha’s character.
    Swara’s last dialogue superb “don’t think wat others will think about him or wat she felt or about kavitha feelings. Only decides wat he wants in his life.”

  12. Aditi Singh

    oh god so lovely…I m still on7th cloud….they hugged each other….he sang the song for swara although he was looking at that cavity….I just want to kill no stab her and cut her into pieces with a sharp axe…..I just luv that moment its just like a magic eagerly waiting for it…I know they will show it on Friday but not tomorrow….. hope that its not a dream….writers plzzzz no more dreams of SWASAN……
    we want our SWASAN SWASAN forever…… only SWASAN……

  13. Shwetha

    It will be Swara’s dream, these writers are not bothered abt Swasan fans’ feelings.Writers,unite our Swasan,we are literally begging.

  14. Sarna

    I also think it’s a dream. I see swaragini only swasan and if they are not going to be there then I won’t see this serial.

  15. Swara sondha money la sooniyam vatchukitiye… hahahehe… and precap is fiction ie imagination.. no way… cv’s are superb in dragging the story… and i hate diz stupid idiot sujatha.. gonna kill hr along wth kavi.. and mahan swara u njy ur sufferings…

  16. Manu

    Wat the hell is happening.. Thank god i dint watch the episode.. Everything is happening in a fraction of second?? Engagement, marriage… Sanskaar y did u do sooo :(.. And finallly tis sujatha.. Paagal.. Wat kind of mother is she? Always against her son’s wish.. She deserves a tight slap..

  17. s

    Oh.. Lovely precap.. I hop it is true .
    I think kavita is the negative character between swara and sanskar

  18. Truly superb precap… But y is it that when one of swara and sanskar tell the other that they love them,the other would always reply in negative? I hope the readers would do something…. I want to see swara and sanskar together…


    Having headaches watching this serial!wen is it gonno end?Ragini stil in d house?4real?Swara acting all stupid coz she wanna please Kavita?I’m begining to get bored!

  20. suman

    ahhhhh…… i cant see all this thing I want them to unite ……… I wont watch this serial anymore its painfull……. I want swasan back……..

  21. Rey

    awesome precap…. nd swara y u always want to sacrifice n everythng even ur 2nd luv too … i always used to luv u alottt bt fr 1st tym 2day i hate u swara plzzz look at ur lyf who s kavita to u y u want to sacrifice fr hr ..nd sujatha i cn’t understand u actually wats ur prob disgusting ..
    nd precap i hope its true if it is imagination of swara r sanky definetely i stop watchng this serial bcoz its gettng hyper tension fr me …

  22. mottu

    so bakwaas swara was looking and sanskaar is looking joker hahaha …….and ragini is metal and laksh is idiot by nature ……………..

  23. Todays swasan seen was really touching…..when sanskar asked dint u love me…swara replied no… thank god she continued saying it was our past…..so she accepted tat she is in love…….

  24. I hav a doubt Kavita said tat she is Bengali…..and swara is also bengali…then y tis Sujatha accepted Kavita but not swara????i hope tis Kavita entered with a plan and tis Sujatha is helping her…..

  25. rosy

    Wow wow SWARA MAHAN U ARE so selfish wen sanskar tld he wants to move on wid her how cn u reject him….n SUJATA y u hate swara cz she is bengali den y r u favoring cavity n more ovr u r tryng to impose ur decisn on sanky..sanky loved(past) cavity bt loves (present) swara

  26. O i agree wid u honey
    Y swara always act as mahaan y she cant think fr hrself once n dis kavi ise toh chullu bhar paani mein doobkr mar jaana chahiye chipku kahin ki
    Bechara sanky uski haalat dekhkar taras aata hai n ho sakta hai k kisi din yeh akela paagal na ho jaye kahin

    • nik

      Hiiiii….jolly. How r u ??? N why did u change yr nm from kirti 2 jolly. Kirti sounds much better dn jolly??? Plzzz…after reading dis don’t gt angry on me.

  27. zellafarook

    Swasan made for each other, kavita please try to understand. Writers if u dare to separate swasan Allah ki kasam I will find you and kill you guys?

  28. sree

    Why there r no comments till now? Tomorrow precap is good…sanskar singing …manchala….song….that too my favourite songs…he looks at Swara while singing with so much pain nd love….i am excited to watch tomorrow episode….will kavsan engagement happen ? Or Swara/ Sanskar will do some thing to stop this engagement…anyone know abt this??

  29. Aliya

    What is dis yaar?? Come on swara..ab zyada heroine banne k koshish mat kro.. coz tm already heroine ho…
    Ab maan b jaao n sanskar ko bata do..
    N plzz.. kavita go away yaar…
    Tum coma me hi achchi thi

    Unite swasan…

  30. Nice precap but I m damn sure it’s going to b swara’s dream. I didnt watched the epi today but colors hvnt uploaded the episode on youtube…dun knw why ,I m dying to see it.

    • Manasmeet how do you watch swaragini on YouTube coz whenever I try to watch swaragini,matsh, and bb9 it says its not allowed in my country….can plz tell me how can I watch on YouTube

  31. swasan aur raglak ke chaakar me hum dadi aur dadaji ke scene ko bhul gaye …aaj dadaji was rocking …dida ko le ao aur dadi ko unke saath feet karwa do ..aur maja ayega …cat fights

  32. Nazmina

    Honestly I am so sick of this back and forth with swara like she should just think about what she wants we all know she loves Sanskar why is she telling him she doesn’t love him only to hug him when he’s singing like?, she should just tell him how she really feels and stop putting everyone else above her like she always does. Also Sanskar? Like why is he impulsively agreeing to marry kavita this is just like when lakshya married ragini they did it out of sympathy.

    • Anita

      I think that sanskaar agreeing for marriage wid kavs…’is totally different from laksh marrying ragini….
      Bcos kavita… sanskaar ka pehla pyar hai…..but laksh …..didn’t love ragini…..but still married her…..
      And….it’s my point….sry….if i had hurted you

  33. Sala

    Ok, seriously, the series needs to stop dragging and at least come up with more realistic situations. I mean c’mon, for someone who has lost her first love and be able to have a chance to fall in love again, only to sacrifice that love??? ?
    I’m from Fiji and I love the show, but its getting a bit frustrating now ?

  34. ani

    I hope this precap is not a dream .. swara should say sanskaar that she loves him very much atleast today. And guys today is helly shah’s birthday ?.. ???happy birthday helly shah aka swara??? have a wonderful birthday ,may all ur wishes turn into really…

  35. madhu

    why sanskar is doing this yarr…..and plz swara express ur feeling …..and kavita why are u interfering in their life …

  36. Shwetha

    Have anybody read Sandy’s comment under 1st January written update,it is fake news or spoilers…?

  37. bhuvi

    Hey… Guys… V r all scolding swara for not accepting her love to san… Did yo guys think how difficult for her to say no to him… Second time she got heart broken… Its pain so much… If they confession their love n start their life Wat wil happen to kavI..no one is Der for kavi now expect sanskar n his family.. Due to lonelNess kavi can kill herself…after kavi death san n swara can live happily??? This guilt will swasan through out their whole life… This l give more pain than their separation… Now makers has two options 1 they should make kavi character negative or 2 kavi should understand san loves swara n happy with swara not with her n she should withdraw of claiming sanskar.. N she herself unite them…n we are all swasan crazy fans… We can’t see their separation… Plz plz unite them soon… We are dying

  38. Neha

    Hey guys I have seen SBS video of yesterday.n they showed finally swara will confess her love n swasan said I love u to each other..but from dn kabita will b villain n try to harm swara…n she will go any extent to separate d both luv birds…so I am guessing this is not an imagination …this is a pure true hug

  39. Shwetha

    Happy birthday Helly ,can’t see u crying as Swara,in reel anyways tolerating that,bt in real,wish u all happiness.

  40. joya

    swara k dialogues sune aaj ke……
    great joke…..
    is serial k writer ke pas sach me dimag nahi hai ya dimag nam ka koi part insan k body me hota hai yeh baat unhe pata nahi hai…..
    swara-sanskar wo notes and all ab humra past hai…(bullshit…. swara ka character kitna mandbuddhi hai…kuch din pehle ka uska sanskar se rishta ab past ho gaya hai.to bewkuf ladki sanskar aur kavita ka rishta to past pannon me kab ka dafan ho gaya hai….sanskar ne move on kar liya hai)

    swara-yeh bhi to sach hai na sanskar kavita tumhara pehla pyar hai..(are laksh bhi to tumhara pehla pyar tha..even u r enjoying laksh’s friendship after that farmhouse drama..u r living wid laksh in same house..khudki baat ho to kitna bada chadhakar bolegi but she can not accept truth….fake)

    sanskar-swara tumhe koi fark nahi padta kavita ke wapas aane se…tum mujhse pyar nahi karti??????
    swara-no..(abe to sanskar k samne ro q rahe hi….uske jane k baad roti)

    sanskar-tum kya chahti ho..?
    swara-kavita k bare me socho.usko apnalo..(aisa hi kuch)

    swara-duniya kya chahti hai,main kya chahti hu,kavita kya chahti hai..isse koi fark nahi padta..fark padta hai tum kya chahte ho…(what the hell….pehle khud kehti hai ki me chahti hu ki kavita ka sath do..pehli bhi uske sath koi nahi tha..aaj bhi koi nahi hai…uske bare me socho….pehle dimag me kida bhi isine bhara ab advice bhi de rahi hai.)

    kahe ka sacrifice…..
    precap to sab ne dekha….jarurat kya thi sanskar ke sagai me jane ki….fir control nahi huaa aur sanskar k gale padi…..
    yahi hai to pehle hi yeh sab drama nahi karna tha…..
    bat wo karni chahiye ji hum nibha sake…apni baat pe khade reh sake…

    pehla pyar pehla pyar….
    swara-lucky hote hai wo jinhe khoya huaa pyar milta hai( lucky to bhi thi..laksh bhi to wapas aaya tha..par ab wo uski behan ka pati hai ab….i m not saying dt ki swara ko laksh ko maf karna chahiye tha and all…pehla pyar pehla pyar bus dimag kharab ho gaya hai)

    band kar do yeh serial…..itne bachkane dialogue… matlb non sense……….

  41. rids

    Pig nd buffalo… this kavitha chipkali is. . She is acting as though she only is important.. only she has suffered… selfih. I dont like her.

    • neha

      yeah rids she is only talking about herself did she once asked sanskar how was he in the last 5 years what he has gone through as being alive and having a big family he lived alone not only that he made himself die in eyes of his family NO only thinking of herself yeah she has suffered but ignoring his sufferings is also irresponsible only she knows now is forcing and blackmailing

  42. C’mm on!!!!…I don’t want that the precap that was shown,that while sanskar was singing…. Swara hugged,I really don’t want it to be a dream,neither of swara nor sanskar,swara and sanskar should reunite methodically,or else,they own each other,their chemistry is superb,I’m a great fan of all four of u,helly didi,tejaswi didi,varun and namish bhaiya,I wish if we could meet,it would b great,…let me give a brief intro,after all you should also know about ur fan,…I’m Shreoshi Haldar from west Bengal, student of class XII bio science,in kendriya vidyalaya,no2:)….I think,I didn’t bore you,… O ya,one thing more,I liked varun Bhaiya in saraswatichandra too….in fact swaragini is also superb,..keep it up:)

    • bhuvi

      Hey nik .. Wat creators trying show us?? That we will change swasanian to raglakian by watching raglak romance scene….?? N we will loose interest in swasan union….???so that they can manage to unite san with kavi?? Nbring third ashiqui for swara??? If they think like that… Then that’s there stupidity … V never ever change… We were swasanian we are swasanians n we will be swasanians always… Do yo agree???

      • nik

        Ya dear, l agree . u know what when it was in d news dat swalak marriage ll hpn after ragini truth cm out I think it was in October at dat tm I left watching swaragini n started agn when it was cnfrmd dat lead pair ll b SWASAN .n if de ll agn repeat it l ll quit d show. N I also want 2 say dat I was a swasanian, I m a swasanian n always ll b a swasanian.

  43. neha

    guys another news for u dat raglak romance which was shown to us dat was actually a dream sequence of ragini…lol

  44. rathi

    Actually @ what time colors tv telecasts Swaragini daily? In Sri Lanka they telecast 2.30 pm daily but 1 day late means 2day they’ll telecast da yesterday’s.

  45. rids

    Hey neha I saw ur link…. full swara sanskaar … wow I loved it… I love u neha… :* :* :* … nd I saw one more video where laksh nd ragini r romancing… fullyy… josh… fire candle light and all….. but fire catches to ragini s saree…

    • Neha

      Hey rids thnx for ur appreciation n u know what I read some where that candle romance scene was a dream sequence ..but I hope it is real

  46. rids

    Okay guys. Here is in short of turn of events.

    Swasan vil confess their love …… nd now kavitha vil try to separate them… but I think ragii vil support swara nd givr her moral support.

    Ragini s melting down to laksh s changed behaviour. They hv romantic moment but because of too many candles ragini s saree vil catch fire. Nd its not sure if laksh s faking it. But he saves ragini from fire.

    Nd this new masi that has entered the show is going to tell ragini tat her dadi s responsible for her mother s death. Laksh vil stand as a support to ragini at tat time also.

    Nd lastly I want to hit sujatha on her head. Wats her problem in life.. cantshe see her sons happiness.. comedy piece…

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      agree with your comment on sujata………..
      it is actually not swaragini it is SWARA KI LOVE TRIANGLE…………
      1st it was ragini laksh swara
      next it was laksh swara sanskar
      now swara sanskar kavita
      stupid fellows…………….

  47. bhuvi

    I expect whole family will help swara to get sanskar after that hug scene of swasan if its Not a dream sequence…but I can’t trust sujatha she ll support are not.. But I guess other members of mm ll support her…

  48. nik

    Shocking!!!! Guys u rmmbr Sandy’s cmnt about laksh plan , ya its now in news dat laksh ll act 2 b in lv wid ragini 2 gt swara bk. It mks me doubt wdr sandy was r8???? What do u all think????

    • bhuvi

      Nik.. Lucky is acting to get back swara into his life… I read it n someupcoming update sites … I dunno Wat will happen …swasan happen in future or not?? Am afraid…I guess sandy comment is true…

    • neha

      omg nik..if sandy’s cmnt is true then i will die…plz makers give us swasan..no other things……we want swasan

  49. aathira

    It is time to rejoice for fans of RagLak as the two are set for a sizzling romantic episode
    It’s all about love and loss on the show. While the love story of Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) has somewhat gone off track, the other couple Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) and Lakshya (Namish Taneja) are busy mending their relationship. On last night’s episode, we saw how Lakshya agreed to be a part of Ragini’s mother’s death anniversary pooja thereby softening her heart. He is also regretting the fact that all the trouble arose because he did not accept her feelings in the first place.

    In the coming episodes, we will see how Lakshya will try to win over Ragini. The two will share an extremely romantic moment when he will decorate a room with candles especially for her. Ragini is shown as looking very pretty in a white and pink sari while Lakshya is in a white shirt. Lakshya will profess his love for her and she will be moved. Later, her saree will catch fire and he will douse it. Thereafter, the two will share a tight hug. Later, we will see the two of them coming close and there will be a bit of sensuality in Swaragini.

    On the other hand, Swara will sacrifice her love for Sanskaar even when he confesses that he loves her above Kavita (Nikita Sharma). There will be some trouble in the Baadi as Ragini’s mausi makes an entry on the show. The role is played by Sonia Singh. She will accuse Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) of murdering her sister Janki, Ragini’s mom. This will bring a change in Shekhar (Sachin Tyagi) and Mishti’s life.

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  50. Neha

    N I also hope dis will go in a good manner…n laksh will fall in luv wid ragini truley during his fake love acting seeing our positive ragini back

    • nik

      Ya neha,hope so.don’t know what ll hpn??? U know what I was just thinking if it is agn going 2 b swalak wat must b d reason behind that. N I cm 2 d conclusion dat there can b 2 reasons . 1-may b Varun is quiting d show coz its common wid tele actors n widout him SWASAN can’t hpn. 2-The wrtrs r psycho.

      • Neha

        Nik ur all cmnts make me smile ….n I hope there will b no swalak only swasan..n if again there will b swalak..that better this serial goes off air

  51. Hey bhuvii n neha thank u sooooo much fr such a cool piece of news
    N nik u can call me bembi plz yaar as its my humble request to u

    Guyz i think dis cavity has lust fr sanky n not luv while its swara who luvs him a lot n do not hav lust fr oir sanky
    Swasan r lyk juno’s swans who r juz inseparable
    O god sujata u r so disgusting cant u see sanky is happy wid swara only. i wanna giv u 100s of slaps

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