Swaragini 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara and Sanskar coming to the wrong place. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is not here. Meanwhile Nikhil thanks Laksh for confirming himself as Abhimanyu infront of the world and tells that now they will get his property. He tells Mansi that Mishka knows so much about them and have to die. Mansi is shocked and tells Nikhil that Mishka is a little girl and will forget with time. She says we have so much money and this will help her move on in life. Nikhil is adamant on his decision to kill Mishka. Mansi agrees and says okay. Laksh is shocked and still lying on the sand.

Mansi tells Laksh that she can give peace to his soul. She tells him that he hadn’t killed her husband. She tells that she couldn’t have a good relationship with her husband Abhimanyu and she got closer

to Nikhil. She says she got pregnant with Nikhil’s child, but he didn’t want a baby. So she convinced Abhimanyu that the baby is his. Abhimanyu agreed and gave her a chance. She says then he came to India and then I came to know that I will not get his property. She says they decided to kill him to get his property. When your car hit him, he was taking his last breath, as we killed him. She asks Nikhil to come and are about to go. Laksh hears everything. Police comes there with Swara and Sanskar and arrests Mansi and Nikhil.

Larer Swara- Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh are seen coming home as a newly weds. Sujata does their aarti happily. Annapurna says she is very happy today. Sujata says they will give happiness to us. Swara and Ragini step inside after grah pravesh. Laksh holds his head. Ragini asks are you fine? Laksh says yes. Annapurna also asks him. Laksh says I am fine. Annapurna apologizes to Sanskar for blaming him for Laksh’s disappearance and says Laksh is here because of you and Sanskar. She says I can’t return your favors. Sanskar says Laksh is my brother. Durga Prasad says it is not easy for forget the past. Sumi says she is feeling bad for the girl.

Lady constable brings Mishka there. Sujata says she is here. Laksh says I called her here. Mishka runs to him calling him papa and hugs him. Laksh turns to Durga Prasad and tells him that he came closer to Mishka over some months, and says what is her mistake. I have two options, one to drop her at orphanage, other is Ragini and I can adopt her. He says we want to ask you, but was not having courage before. Durga Prasad says he is very proud of his thinking and says Mishka is a part of our house and family. Mishka smiles.

Laksh and Ragini thanks Durga Prasad and hugs Mishka. Ragini thanks Laksh for completing their family. Annapurna says we will take God’s blessings. Sujata asks the God to shower his blessings on their family and to keep them happy always. Annapurna says one thing is left still. Ram asks what is left. Annapurna says I will tell. She picks the sindoor from the inhouse temple and asks her sons to fill their respective wife’s maang with sindoor and end their wait. Everyone smile. Kya Kehna song plays……………Laksh and Sanskar fill Ragini and Swara’s maang respectively and take elders’ blessings. Uttara takes their pics with family.

Swara-Sanskar, Ragini- Laksh spend some romantic time while the song yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays…………Swara tells Sanskar and Laksh that watchman is not near the gate and she feels something fishy. They get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap- MOH MOH KE DHAGEEE.. !!!!
    omggggggg My SwaSan.. !!!

    1. Mica

      i hate you.. how can you be first commentator.. huaaaaa

      1. Waaaaaa u jump to Pluto … *get set poooooooo

  2. Yeiiiii yeiiiiii once again i m d 1st commentator… !!!*jumo jump jump…
    My heart is doing DHINA DHIN DHAAA !!! omggg today’s episode was sooo beautiful with Ram’s one dialogue.. waaaa Love u SR love u SanLak. !!! love u all MM family.. it was so blissful .. i just cried n even today my mom too accompany me.. !! awwww !!!
    PRECAP- giving me HOPE . that something will happen… !!!
    SwaSan my God … they gonna kill me in next part with their cuteee n blushing romance… !!!
    RagLak m proud of u… !!!
    DP n AP ji thnk u fir giving such pure upbringing… !!!
    LOVE D whole episode… *igone negativity.. !!!
    one love n emotions… !!!
    MICAAA,,, MAHIRAAA,, ADITII,, RAINAAA,, LOUNAA n all ,, let’s Nachoooooo.. !!! *Nagin Dance in tune of Disco Diwane….

    Thnk u soooo much for light speed update H.Hasan Mam.. !!! God bless u.. !! ;-*

    1. Adishu

      I will surely join u… nagin dance on disco tune… but after giving my physics exam that is tomorrow… otherwise my dear Sandeep sir my physics teacher will make me dance in front of whole class….

      1. Waaaa All d b

      2. Waaaa All d best Aditi….. bang d sheet … urghhhhh then we will doo dum dum dum… !!! *Neha Kakkar’s song..
        hee even me2 going for Anthropology test..?

    2. Mica

      NOOO… i don’t want to dance with you..huh! you are be first commentator..
      and i hate CVS, i prefer to hear my Swasan emotional conversation before patch up than just romance hiks…

      1. Uuuuuu M

      2. Uuuuuu Maaa Micaaaaaaa !!!! they r SwaSan… not RagLak.. !! huhh CVs has to show us their emotional convo… otherwise My SwaSan will never agree for romance..
        -1st emotional convo.
        -2nd letting go all of their pain that they had gona through these months..
        -3rd then a warm SWASAN hugg with lots of love…
        -4th SwaSan wiping eo brining tears…
        -5th an intense eyelock..
        -6th ommgggg MOH MOH KE DHAGEE or whatever song with our SwaSan/prince n Princess pure Romance…. *shy
        -7th disturbance from RagLak. ehemm ehemmm…
        -8th Something is wrong acc to Swara…
        -9th MM members kidnapped n they r in jungle..
        -10th as SR has no much time “They will b back soon with d helf Our SwaSan n RagLak… “smirt people with lots of brain.. *almonds
        -11th again romance…*blush
        -12th SR pregnant… awwww *my high hopes..
        -13th a beautiful n blissful ending.. with all d SR fans … SwaSan fans,RagLak fans,SwaLak Fans…MF fans… *sob
        -14th kick to colors channel… i hate it…
        -15th Finally i will disappear…
        yeeiiiii my ” A DREAM “… (only this ending of SR making me stick to this site)
        Gd Mrng ev1…

      3. Raina

        yup! even i expected an intense emotional conversation of swasan.

      4. Mica

        too much imagination.. huaaaaaaaaaa… you killed me

      5. i love ur imagination and hopes Kakali di
        wish they come true

    3. Raina

      i will definitely join u in dance dear. same pinch, hope something will happen for swasan.

    4. MAHIRA

      if i dance, i want a guerwa dance with Sanskar … ooops Varun ( don’t want Swara to kill me) :p

  3. Asw

    There my raglak has some quality time

  4. I hate colors tv . Only few episodes are left . This friday also sr will not telecaste due to the one hour episode of kasam . I hate this colors .

  5. Pooja26

    finally……. swasan & raglak……..
    m sooooo haappiiieeeeeeee

  6. what is this
    they should have atleast shown some emotional talks between swasan
    and when i thought everything is gonna be fine something comes up
    can’t they let us enjoy swaragini family time for a few times
    but precap is out of the world waiting for it
    my god moh moh ke dhaage

  7. But what about swasan’s fight

    1. Yupp Sagarikaaa !! Hope CVs show us emotional convo of SwaSan showing their pain to us .. then no fight no revenge … only “SWASAN’S PARADISE”….

  8. Finally swasan…..sooo happy..nd raglak also..

  9. Moh moh ke dhaage is only for my raglak.they can use gerua or anything else for swasan

  10. swara u look so cute lovely gorgeous no one is equal to swasan both r lovely and coming 8 Dec is the last date of swaragini

  11. MAHIRA

    More more interesting .. Not soo simply end!!!
    Please please Swasan having a baby… Please CVS!!!

    1. Kakali

      Mahira dear… there is a lot to come… like Swara kidnapped, sanskar rescue her… hurrahhh … *dreaming

      1. MAHIRA

        this is much much better track… the “SANSKAAAR” moment of yesterday episode was EPIC!!! pure Swasan love which made my heart skip a beat!!!

    2. Mica

      neeeee….. they won’t have it as they never get romance properly..ahem ahem…

      1. MAHIRA

        Why why goons choose that night to come… Pffff

  12. Raina

    episode was too good. i seriously did’nt expect that it would come today itself, i mean i thought they are going to drag this precap like hell, but thankfully they did’nt drag it.
    gosh!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! plz someone hold me, i’m just fainting. i just squealed and literally shouted in joy when i saw the precap. GOSH!!!!!! my swasan. love them soooooooooooo much

    1. MAHIRA

      OH yes!!!! PRECAP… *searching word which will not have to be sensored*
      Finally, when he’s carrying her…
      But i’m sad that apparently bad guys will arrive in the same night, so i just hope they will be started in their sleep and not interrupted or i would wish Sanskar to go out and say, please guys, you can come to kill/kidnapp us like you want but tomorrow in the morning… :p

      1. Raina

        hahaha…….. seriously mahira, your idea is very nice. sanskar has to say this

      2. Mica

        omg.. shameless fans’s leader, start to poisoning My Swasan…
        hiks,,,, but even i want that… why Swara has to be soo sensitive and has detective nature…it’s nature will ruin their romance…

  13. Simi

    Was smiling like an idiot while watchhing 😀

  14. Thank god I really thought that today is the last episode but wrong there are few more episodes heeeyyyyy im dancing here????
    And the precap more interesting.
    Today”s episode is soooo gud
    Finally raglak had a child thier family pic is soooooo very good loved them to seeen as a family
    N finally of course cant wait for tomorrow

  15. Shit men aaj ka epi m dekh ni paai ????
    Stupid xms ke wajha se??????
    But updates padh k dio khush ho gya mujhe laga tha aaj nikhil or maansi ka drama chlega bt aaj hi swaragini ka graha prvesh bhi ho gya
    Swara ka jasusi dimag kabhi rest bhi krta h ya nHi ???
    SWASAN raglak NE SB ki band to Baja di aab sirf chiraag or uski family ki baraat nikalni raha gai h ???????
    Rajat ko to jaan SE haath dhona pada chiraag ka kya hoga ??????
    Lv u SWASAN ??????????????????

  16. Adishu

    what was that… why they are so eager to drag… what kind of patch up was that… till now sanskar was shouting revenge revenge.. what now….
    n now that mansi n nikhil going to kidnap whole maheshwari family…. wowww…..
    I dont understand these CVS… whenever I think they will do what I think they again do something unbelievable….
    tomorrow’s episode gonna very very interesting…. but how will I watch it… u know guys nowadays my father is also watching SR :-p with me…. how will I watch their romance in front of him…

    1. Mica

      Aditiiiiii…. hahahhahahah poor you girl..
      waaaaa… i ever in that situation.. i just close my eyes and my cheek blushing

      1. Waaaa even my mom,my sis,my aunty(bua ji) now a days giving me company all d way…. how will a watch d next part… goshhhh… *send them to Somewhere for one day..

  17. ohh my god..swara was looking damn beautifull intodayz episod..i cant take off my eyes from her..such a gorgeous diva..she looks sooo beautifull….she has a great sense in selectng jewelleries makeups etc…she is so damn pretty..
    and coming to precap..what a precap..my swasan ahem ahem..hihuhiiiii…naughty swasan..only bcz of them i still watch SR….
    i m really gonna miss swasan hellu &laksh….

  18. Hi guys
    What’s up how are you guys?? I haven’t watched the eppi yet but read the update. I’m from UK so i will have to wait till 10:30 to watch it. Anyways swasan forever swasan rocks.

    1. Mica

      Hi Shuva… huh! even i have to wait to watch SR.. yeaah Swasan forever and Swasan rocks

      1. Hi mica
        How are you? Yeah swasan forever swasan rocks.

    2. Mica

      fine Shuva.. but uugghhhh feeling blue

  19. MAHIRA

    So today’s episode… really a beautiful one, but feeling like if they jumped a month in once!?
    I mean Laksh says “i wanted to ask you lot of time but didn’t find courage!”
    So they are saying, don’t worry they took their time to patch up peacefully far from our eyes and CVs cameras!??
    whatever… it was a sublime episode 🙂
    First… Ragini/Mishka…
    Ragini has this special thing in her, this lack of mother presence for her whole life made her so sensitive whenver it comes to this kind of relation, she first adopted completely and immediatly Sumi as a mother even when she did big mistakes with her, but her mother place in her heart never changed
    And now, she has no idea if Laksh is safe ornot, but she’s equally worrying and waiting there by her side shocked by her mother Mansi…
    Adopting Mishka is really a very good ending to that track, Laksh can’t simply forget her after 6 months being her real father.
    haa… i really want you to apologize to your bhai!!! remember how much your hurted him by accusing him about police issue, shradh rites, insulting his mother, insulting him… and above all, making him live hell for 6 months searching you and fighting with his beloved wife…
    How much Sanskar will bear from his family?
    by the way… Namish sir… hope you’re happy now. You wanted to quite because you didn’t want to play negative role so CVs transform you in 464 episodes from immature rich son to reponsable man asking to adopt a little girl being a father before your elder brother… happy???
    Aree Sanskar, my sweet Sanskar, why are you doubting about your jasoosi’s wife instincts… if she says he’s by here, so don’t argue lol
    He fights 2 guys and asks Swara to back off worrying about her then immediatly they win, Swara is jumping in the car… no time to nothing…
    Then… i told you Raglakians, Sanskar is saving his brother, Swara is here to replace stupid inefficace police.
    they need a bomb expolosion to kill both of them…

    The reunion moment…
    Lovely, they look so beautiful, but it’s toooo short…


    1. Mica

      i just somehow smiling when Sanskar tried to argue to his smart wife.. omg..
      it’s always ended with swara become a winner by some reasons..
      Swara is right, being a good husband, his love for swara or a thought that he will surely can payback it later..ahem ahem….:D 😀 *shameless thought

  20. MAHIRA

    precap: *faiting*

    1. Raina

      did u saw my comment. well the same reaction like you. precap is like aww! so excited for today’s episode

      1. MAHIRA

        just replied above dear raina 🙂

  21. Raglak is heavenly couple and ragini is so beautiful and laksh is really handsome.

  22. i was smiling like a fool during maheshwari family reunion and laksh mishka reunion
    but they jumped a whole of 1 month story and if they had dragged like showing mansi and nikhil running away from jail and all it could have been 2 moths
    they didn’t show swasan talks and what about sanskar’s revenge
    they didn’t even show raglak discussing about mishka
    everything is so incomplete
    but i was happy seeing the reunion

    1. MAHIRA

      we all have this feeling… but it can’t be 1 month, Laksh is still having injuries…

      1. i didn’t mean the way u thought
        i meant if the cvs had dragged the story it could surely have been a month

    2. MAHIRA

      Ha OK … If only there was a month remaining in swaragini…

      1. wish it was a year

  23. wow what a happy family

  24. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update… uugghh you missed the first part.. 🙂
    waaaaa……. what was that ? is he Varun Kapoor or Vivian Dsena ?
    when he helped Laksh to stand up,.. he was just like Vivian Dsena…
    and this Pratap Hada.. uugghh i want to pull his cheek, somehow his cheek kinda my nephew’s cheek.

    i dunno why i hate this episode, though that my Swasan will have emotional conversation first, i know that their all actions cleared enough to show how much they love each other, how much they care for each other, but still a conversation between them will make it PERFECT.

    huh! every time i know that the show will end, it just lost it’s charm, even i feel that the roles (all of actors and actress) were not give soo much effort in their acting.

    i just wish that SR ending will have awesome end as Marmaziyan /MMZ, but i dunno yet as i have bad experience about MATSH on color TV, the worst ending ever of serial i ever saw.
    How the serial shown as hot romantic couple , married couple time, deep love, but it’s need more than 400 episodes to be come 1, happened in 2 last episode, that too under drug.. oh God Ishveer….

    Swaragini and Sanlak… omg, they beyond awesome in bridal attire..
    Ragini soo beautiful once we see her, her bright skin, everything perfect.
    Swara more mature with her hair do and pretty, but more we see her, she sound more beautiful, her cute sweet face so exotic, never boring.
    Laksh..omg, i just melt to see him, his cute smile is back..yess it’s back..
    Sanskar…he is more mature with his beard and his cute nomore, replaced by s*xy hotty handsome man. gooosshh….

    omg.. i miss you guyz, i mean Ram Prashad family especially Sujata mam, cute Uttara and silly father Ram.
    Sharmita and her mother nature, with all of her happiness she still remember about Mishka. NO doubt that her upbringing, her daughter, Swara is grown as selfless person.

    1. Lounaa

      Dear Mica
      All of us when watching the last episodes feel the serial is snatched from us with a rushed ending not a proper one and that is shattering me apart in fact
      As for today episode thank dear Hassan for the update
      Swara my lionesse she couldnt stand spotting her Sanskar beaten from goons so she tried to help him which one more time prove to me that she is our Lionesse..
      That Mansi iiritates me till a point i want to kill her by my own hands she is so mentally disoriented…she agreed to kill her daughter for godnesz sake what is she?

      Nikhil u want to kill Swara and Sanskar..i fell pitty for you as you are like Mansi mentally ill u want to kill Mishka who is your daughter

      Swara and Ragini are perfect as bridal…My Swara she is so gorgeous so radiating so pure…
      Sanskar was taking the sindhor in a rush as if he wants to show the whole world that Swara is back in his life…
      Precap is interesting Nikhil will once more show here which irritates me more as if he is superman he can evades river prison death…so i think i should kill him and Mansi so i can be sure they are dead

      I wish to see my Swara pregnant to see Swasan conversation and romantic scene

      1. Mica

        haaa.. that’s true Lounaa… i hate it soo much
        really i just wish that CVS didn’t ruined ending kinda MATSH serial..
        as no matter how awesome the serial in the beginning, if only they end it in bad way..we will remember the bad only
        a day rain sweep away the years of dry season

  25. Mica

    upps.. yaahh i forgot… when Sanskar got catch by the goons, his Swara’s voice and worried face when she shouted “Sanskaarrr !!!! ” beyond enough to give him strengthen….
    omggg… my Swasan…

    1. Now Micaaaaa u plzzz don’t shout… huhhh my Dinner plate fell from my hand for that unbelievable lovable shout… urghhh my testy dinner… *compensation with SwaSan romance…

      1. Mica

        bhukaaaaaddddd *sent Kaku to join Helly in food court

    2. MAHIRA

      Micaa…. my little sister… let me join you to beat cvs!!!
      Exactly the same awful feeling about this too simple patch up!!!
      I mean it’s so UN-Sanskar! I know they were patching up slowly but surely since they tought that LAksh was dead, but GOD! this is Sanskar Maheshwari, it’s not his style to just forget 6 months of drinking all night alone because his wife accused him to be a killer in one second and just peacefuly fill her maang with sindoor like she has promised when she quited him!!!
      Annapurna is here asking forgiveness from who considers her like his mother about her blamings and Swara who really hurted him by that doesn’t?!!!??? Why cvs??? and no it didn’t happen on that seat outdoor when she tried to console him, it was a beatiful moment but he didn’t let her make her excuses, what she said to her mother, this what should he hear her saying not this jump in the time!!
      On her side, Swara has always been more exigent from Sanskar than anyone else and to see her just forget he hurted her over those months by accusations, insulting jealousy, menaces… he let her fall on the ground!!!… he has a lot to sorry about too but nothing…
      That night, when they came in hurry to see Ragini after her suicide attempts… Sanskar stayed at baade and in the early morning when she’s preparing some milk for her sister, they are changed and freshed up and Sanskar is here standing by her side just looking peacefully to her cooking!?!? she was shattered about her sister, he was angry at his brother… this is Swasan and their unexpected love…
      But then, emotional conversation and more have to be shown as a flash back at least… it would be more credible in the story… just like Laksh and Ragini took their time to think about their future and decide to be parents for the little Mishka.

      And there is a Sanlak emotional conversation missing too…
      This two so close brother were separated, if Sanskar made a big mistake to really try to kill him and should say sorry, Laksh made much more like accusing him, beating him when he didn’t ripost, inulting him and his mother, made death rites for him and caused his marriage’s break (causing by the same way Uttara engagement to bad family’s son then her broken relation)…

      And yes, how Sanskar is looking hot and s*xy in that red sherwani with beard uffffff!!!! and he took some more kilos making that chest more confortobale to just land head on and hug him… and his cheeks… pff…
      About romancing!!!! they’ll be stopped in middle of… as it’s clear that goons (apka cute Nikhil) will make an assault on MM…

      1. Mica

        Mahira Didiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… I L O V E YOUR THEORY…aaaaawwww
        but it’s not fair… they both always show us about their fight, even somehow their romance, but then they didn’t let us know about their emotional chat ? huh!
        don’t say that they are just acting in front of us ? 😀 (or they think we are Mansi’s gang)
        as after that blissful and blushful morning, there wasn’t any tension between them, there wasn’t any hesitation to have touch to each others…
        or every time Sanskar see his wife, his eyes just show his proud only about her smartness, no pain,….
        seem that morning conversation, about TRUST (in baadi, in front of their parent) when Sanskar somehow blame Swara and Swara admitted it.. it;s beyond enough for him to forgive his love..
        huh! we are too much bak bak to cover CVS’s flaw….
        only God know how kind we are as viewers….. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        huh! don’t say about sanlak moment…. aaarrgghhh i’m on fire again

      2. i too love ur theory and totally agree with u Mahira di

    3. MAHIRA

      After that blessful and blushful morning no any tension… Remember they were looking in the kitchen… Ehem ehem.. More than an emotional chat… How she gripped on his shirt next the river touching his bare chest *shameless thoughts*

  26. Amrutha

    Well,I expected already,they won’t give any raglak scenes, but shockingly no swasan emotional scenes. This time they prefered to give some family time. Precap is interesting. My raglak, oooooh laksh is kissing my ragini’s wound, because it has happened for him???????

  27. Srusti

    Hii mica dear I am really a fan of u and I have a doubt on u nd i am just kidding yaar nd i become ur fan because of ur imaginary power nd when u explained our cute swara nd sanky expression nd emotions of sanky feeling towards swara nd swara feeling towards sanky in TU i am eagerly checking for ur comments only and if u don’t mind can u accept me as friend nd sorry if i ask u and precap Was really super nd fantastic nd no words to describe it and I am eagerly waiting for the romance between our lovely couple swasan nd raglak at last I’m happy CV’S give nd precap gave me a hope that our serial should not go off air and mica if u know about our swaragini latest news u can contact me in TU take care dear

    1. Mica

      aawwww… how sweet of you.. you have a doubt on me that i’m Alien ? ahem ahem..
      sure,, we are Swasan family, rite ? *hug
      well seem you should join our shameless group…as we are thinking about romance only 😀 😀

  28. MAHIRA

    ps: i’m worrying about Laksh health… i mean is it just me or the manner he handled his head isn’t about how much he has been beaten!?

  29. http://tellyreviews.com/2016/12/07/colors-mini-spoilers-24/

    just look at the spoilers
    when i thought finally they will show some happy time
    cvs are again behind drama
    kidnapping and all
    swasan will save mishka and really what are raglak doing

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