Swaragini 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shekhar blames Sumi for differentiating between Swara and Ragini, as the latter is not her own blood. Dadi says you are right and badmouths about her. Sumi tells Dadi that Ragini is lying. Ragini runs to room. Laksh goes after her showing concern. Swara tells Sanskar that they have to go from other way as the way is closed. Sanskar says it will take more time. Police stops them and asks Sanskar to show licence. Sanskar says he doesn’t have now. Swara says she will manage and take auto or lift Sanskar says it will take 3-4 hours for you to reach home. Swara says she will manage. She gets a lift from someone. She reaches home and sees people taking the decorations from there.

Swara sees the decorations and sees the havand kund. She goes to her house and sees Shekhar sitting sadly. She asks

what is happening here and where they went? She tells Ragini has changed so much. Shekhar asks her not to blame Ragini for her mistakes. She says Ragini was blamed while trying to protect you. She says what you are saying? Shekhar says a child is the bridge between a father and a mother, but now you have separated us. She asks what did I do? Shekhar says he can’t hear her lie anymore and his family will never forgive her for her doings. Swara asks what do you mean? I am also your family naa. She says wrong has happened with me by Ragini. I will clear everything, call her.

Shekhar closes the door and asks her not to show her face again. Sumi hears Swara voice and comes to her from Dida’s house. Sumi calls her Shona….Swara runs to her and hugs her. They cry. Sumi asks are you alright? Sumi asks where did you went without informing us. Swara asks her to tell first, where is Ragini? She asks where is everyone? She asks why Shekhar is behaving her rudely and blamed her for breaking the family. Sumi tells her that Shekhar has broken relation with her. Swara is shocked and looked at her forehead and neck, as it is without sindoor and mangalsutra.

Swara stops Sumi and sees Dida fine. Dida gets happy seeing her. Swara hugs her and cries. Swara says you have got well. Dida cries and says she couldn’t make things fine. Swara asks what you are saying? Dida asks where did you go? Swara asks what happened here, and papa gave her photo frame. She asks why no one is saying? Dida says Ragini is the answer for your every question. She tells that Ragini told everyone that Sanskar is not mad. Durga Prasad kicked him out. She says Laksh gets video message from her, confessing to have taken the drugs. Ragini telling that Swara needs a second chance. She tells that she slapped Ragini. Shekhar and Sumi’s argument. Ragini goes to room. Swara asks what happened then? Laksh and everyone ask her to open the door. Ragini gets the table and dupatta to hang herself.

Shekhar, Laksh and others ask her to open the door. Ragini tells Shekhar that she can’t see her family breaking and please let her die. Laksh asks her not to commit suicide. Shekhar asks her to talk sensible. Ragini says she will die and her dead body will come out now. Shekhar asks Sumi, how can you see Ragini dying. Ragini tells them that everyone will think Ragini is just pretending. She says she always thought about everyone’s betterment and got this insult. She says who will marry me now and blackmails Laksh. She says she saw a dream and her alliance got fixed with him, but was broken again and again. She says my life plays hide and seek with me, and I can’t bear anymore. Today I was blamed that I did wrong with my sister. She says she can’t bear anymore, and have to die. Dada ji asks her to get down. Ragini starts acting and ties dupatta on the fan. She waits for Laksh to speak up. Laksh looks on stunned.

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  1. Sindhu

    Ye serial tho swaragini se “bakwaasgini” ho raha he.. Wid rags bakwaas havin been valued all around !!

  2. s

    what is ragini upto uska pyar pane ke liye uska parents ka rishtha unko alag kardiya….. and she marry laksh and went happily with him without thinking about her parents…. now when and how there parents will unite… after 20years lovebirds are united by sisters only.. now ragini seperated them and went to sasural.. and try to harm swara…

  3. Sindhu

    Writers !! Seriously guys ! Heights !! U r showin how a woman can use her tears to weaken d entire family ! This is not expected.. A wicked woman ruining d whole plot .sure dat laksh s gonna marry rags. Oh wait a sec! Are we watchin ichha tapasya story all again ?. I swear m not goin to see dis crap anymore.. ??

  4. Honey

    Please someone tell me that does Ragini aur Laksh got married. In today’s episode I don’t like whatever Shekhar did with swara. Drama queen Ragini hate her to the core.

  5. this is not gud y shekar do this to sumi he have to trust her and swara .I hate lucky if he marry rags ..sekar and lucky r d same guys without backbone. evil b***h rags let her die ..how can she do this..
    today was d most worst episode .common swara fight fr ur justice . sanskar pls help swara ….

    • nb

      Me too, swara and sanskar look good together and Swara deserves someone better than laksh, Sanskar is smart and knows how to deal with odd situation.

      • victoria

        I know its a tv serial but just Can’t stand Ragini anymore.. swara definitely deserves someone better but I wanna see her getting all the respect back.

  6. Ayush

    Omg hate Shekhar more than Ragini. Really shekhar is the worst charector from. The beginning, he cannot decide wrong and right from the begginig. I am sure writter will change ragini’s charector again but hate shekhar

  7. Shekhar will have to commit suicide when he comes to know about rags truth. And serial is swaragni so some of ragini’s plan will succeed. But at d end it would turn out to b another uttaran

  8. kirthi

    I hate ragini. I want sanskar to marry swara. Laksh didn’t have trust in their love. So it is better swara not to marry laksh. Why to marry a person who does not trust. Ragini you just wait to face swara and sanskar

  9. Ivy

    has ragini gone mad …. If not then why she is doing so …even a mad will never ever do so…..just cant bear the negative side of ragini…and am happy for sanskar..dont know whats gonna happen next…juss hope this track comes to an end…

  10. Mahika jain

    Kamini ko aids hojaye tadap tadap mare in real life and death sali rags cheeee so cheap shame on you rags and director basted go anddie wat Swara will do know shut the serial killers boring yeh guy don’t watch this bakwas seriAl all same uttaran part 2pls write this comment and pass every where people even know what going this stupid flop serial shameful

  11. sna

    what a bullshit drama is going on…. is they trying to show that step sister is like this…. very insane and stupidity they are showing how a sister can be so dangerous to other one….. very idiotic serial… This serial sucks now

  12. Priya

    Sanskar n swara look better together. Laksh looks like a fool to me. He is good for ragini. Please marry her????

  13. Reema sharma

    Wap!! Lux… Dsn”t blv swra itz bttr if swra marry sanskar … Thn he will feel the pain…

  14. priya

    why is laksh marrying ragini thats not right why did they do all that if they aren’t going to get married thats so stupis

  15. Woahhh!!
    I wanted swarakaar be married…I hope the will happen in d show n there will be more n more rebel in show..BTW lakshya will not give any sort of importance to ragz.. BT swarakaar will b jolly…
    BT plz Dnt draag thiz drama more…I want both couple to get married den d show will rock!!
    N on d track

  16. rosy

    Frm day sanskar’s negativity was shown i knew sanskar nd swara wud b paird up…nd plz make SANSKAR n SWARA marry…dat brute laksh dumbo,,emotional fool,,,ek 5 saal ke bache ki tarah rone wala deserves dat vamp psycho,,,granny of all villains ‘RAGINI’…..i knew shekhar dat backbone less hate him..selfish…!!
    SWARA marry SANSKAR…
    But plz dnt make dis serial lyk UTTARAN OR AMRIT MANTHAN….
    SWARA n SANSKAR wl slowly fall in love…as SWARA seemed to get influencd quickly by laksh thnking infatuatn as love…nw she shd hav to maturely fall in love wid a mature guy lyk SANSKAR

  17. nb

    Swara and Sanskars pair look good, they should marry and then take revenge from Ragini. Also I guess Swara will start to luv Sanskar more then Laksh.

  18. Lipsi

    Swara and sanskar looks nice together….ragini is a b*t*h… How she break her parents relationship.. Selfish ….

  19. rajivi

    Swara, sanskar is not worth for u n laksh is also not.
    Sanskar ne bahut sataya ta tuje, dont forget dat.
    Agar logo ne aaj sanskar ko maaf kiya toh kal ragini ko maaf karega , koi suprise nahi.

    • U can’t keep on punishing a person for their past mistakes. Rite now sanskar is the one helping swara. And also he is much more mature than other leads. He would b the strength that swara needs throughout her life. If she had married laksh her life would b similar to her mom. Shekhar didn’t believe her today nor supported her. Sanskar would now support swara no matter what the consequence are. Ragini if turns good. And try to make up for her mistake she too deserve forgiveness. Might b swara and Laksh never belonged together

  20. krithi

    Guys when is this laksh gonna marry ragini. And sanskaar with swara. Waiting for dat episode…..

  21. nira

    swarya fans r already hrtbrkn n leaving d show sm fans r still watchng to see hw nagini get punish n swasan chemistry bt if dey handle d ftr track in same way if dey brk swasan aftr makng dan dey r gonna lose der blvd trp

    • Agreed. I heard dat after a bit of confusion clearing. Between laksh, family and swara. Ragini would again try to make swara life difficult. As she didn’t get close to laksh as swara is to sansar. And care which sanskar does for Swara. In a rage she would plant a doubt in sanskars mind

  22. Ark

    Hi frnds. ..
    I m new here..no doubt this gng to b new uttran..who r all supporting ragini ill get slapps wen they get to knw ragini truth…at last dadi s successful in seprating sumi and shekar

  23. Ark

    Hi frnds. ..
    I m new here..no doubt this gng to b new uttran..who r all supporting ragini ill get shocks of their life wen they get to knw ragini truth…at last dadi s successful in seprating sumi and shekar….waiting for reaction of laksh wen he know the truth. .sanskaar nd swara make gud pair. Please make them as leads…

  24. I want swara with sanskar coz they make a gud pair than swalak……And that evil ragini dump her in garbage .She and her father are alike . Both are stupid and selfish.When laksh will see swara happy with sanskar he would be jealous and he will not give ragini the place in his heart which is for swara.Don’t know what ragini will do after she will not get laksh love after marrying him.I think she will mix poison in heart of sanskar for swara.But sanskar will not believe her becoz she betrayed him………..Want Sanskar to be with Swara forever…………….

  25. Debjani Deghuria

    All crew members of this serial … pl change the story …nt again pl pl pl…. app log kiu achey khasey serial kaa waat laga dete ho itna boring karkey… itna acha chal raha tha .. but app logo ko shayed hamari khusi jamti nehi hey… me only ye ek hi serial dekhti hu ..but pecence ki bhi ek had hoti hey.. ragani ki sachai pl dikha dijiye … aur agar laksya and ragani ki sadhiki shoot ho chuki hey … then abhi app story vchange kardo pl… writer dada … pl change .. nt again utaran the bakwas and all. … ye story bahat achi hey … pl iska waat mat lagao… its request. .

  26. roli

    This is what telly soaps are.
    From beginning we said ragni will marry laksh.
    laksh doesnt have love at all.
    he will engage ragini, then break it.again engage and again break it.
    He will love swara but wont trust.
    cheeeee laksh.

    whereas sanskaar took revenge for hs love kavitha, he also supporting swara.
    make sanskaar the hero. thu laksh

  27. RajKumari Irina

    SWARA and SANSKAAR are the main lead of swaragini according to google wiki….but ystrdy episode meantz dat laksh and Ragini already marriages b4 swara reach het home..she wonder wht had hppen?? Oh SAd our swalaksh moment was too gud from the beginng but now their destiny was steal by Ragini…?? at last she get her laksh bach and made her parent separate….but laksh would nevr love ragini he married her only to save from attempt to suicide herself when she ask who will marry her..!! And stupid shekhar nvr bliv still wat his devil daughter(ragini) did all this drama only to get her selfish love…laksh..! soon swara will get married to sanskaar to teach a new lesson of wht Ragini did on her…and hope swara won’t love sanskaar but only to revenge ragini…..and on another side the 4 couple not love each other because the pair was wrong may be sanskaar will love swara but swara can’t love him and ragini love laksh but Laksh can’t love her…laksh will still love his Sona(swara) and swara too love him but each couple already married for some reason…!!”

  28. Anu

    Ragini would so happy reading this…its her acting skills that made evrybody hate…. so as an actress she wiuld very happy thinking that she did complete justice to her character… :)…

    • Anjali

      But she was unhappy that her character is turning negative and she talked to creative directors but they convinced her to do this .I read it somewhere

  29. I think Ragini will not marry laksh as swara will find proof and will stop the marriage when laksh is about to marry ragini. All news given cannot be true that swara will marry sanskar .it is just a serial.

  30. Swara and sanskar will b shown happily married after a few months. With awesome chemistry between them. People soon will forget swalaksh pair was initially meant to happen. Wait and watch. Same people will b wishing for union of sanskar and swara

  31. Actually sanskar n swara r the 1st main lead pair of this show…so definitely sanskar would marry swara …check on wikipedia…

  32. roop

    I always liked swara more than ragini… aur ragini ne jo kiya wo to mafi k layak nhi hai.. laksh n ragini dono pachtayga.. I hate ragini n shekhar

  33. saz

    jaisa sasur waisa damaad dono ko hi apne pyar par trust nahi. Pls don;t make another uttran. Rags ka truth jaldi saamne lao nd swara our saanskaar ka sadi karawo.laksh swara ko deserve nahi karta.

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