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The episode starts with Laksh taking care of Ragini while Sumi is sleeping. He hears Ragini’s coughing and makes her drink water immediately. Sumi is still sleeping. He sees Sumi waking up and hides. Sumi checks Ragini’s fever and thinks fever has come down. She sees morning tablets kept there and wonders who kept it. Swara gets a message and smiles…….She wakes up Sanskar and asks him to get ready as they have to do arrangements. Sanskar asks what? Swara says Ragini…..Sanskar asks what? Swara smiles broadly. Laksh is standing near the window. Ragini wakes up and finds him there. Laksh says your fever have come down. He asks her not to say anything as he wants to say something. He says circumstances was bad since few days, we were together but far. One thing was same, and that is my love for you.

He says I want to unite my love with your love so that we can get strong. Shekhar says I will go and check Ragini once. Laksh says I love you……Ragini gets teary eyes. Laksh says I know you will not believe me, but I am ready to lose everything for you. I want to love you with the intensity with which you loved me. I want to rectify my mistake and want to marry you. He says I, Laksh Maheshwari want one chance to spend my life with you and asks will you give me a chance?

Ragini is touched and with teary eyes. Sumi comes there and sees Laksh sitting there. She asks him to go as Maa and Shekhar will come here. Laksh refuses and says I won’t go without taking Ragini’s answer. Ragini asks him to go. Just then something breaks, Dadi and Shekhar come there and are shocked to see Laksh there. Shekhar slaps Laksh and says when I sent my daughter to help you in jail, I was scared that something wrong will happen. He says my daughter gets punished for your sins. He slaps him repeatedly and says he was never a right choice for Ragini. He says Ragini was just doing penance and have never loved you. Laksh says I did a big mistake..Papa. Shekhar slaps him again and asks him not to call Papa. Laksh says I won’t leave until I get answers from Ragini. Shekhar slaps him repeatedly. Ragini asks Dadi not to beat Laksh. Dadi says he deserves this. Laksh says we will make a new start. I love you…I really love you. I will die without you…Ragini. Shekhar takes him out from there and pushes on floor. Laksh holds his feet and asks for a chance. Shekhar refuses and says I can’t give you a chance. Laksh says I love your daughter and want to start afresh. Shekhar refuses and asks him to go. Laksh says I have realized my love for her and asks him not to separate him with Ragini.

Swara comes there with her inlaws and asks will you not agree to me baba….Sanskar helps Laksh gets up. Swara says Laksh told me that he wants to marry Ragini and will tell her about his feelings. She says we have shagun for Ragini. She says I came here to ask Ragini’s alliance for my dewar/brother in law. Shekhar looks angrily. Durga Prasad says I am telling you for the last time, and says Laksh wants to do penance and want to rectify his mistake. Annapurna asks Shekhar to give Ragini’s hand for Laksh. She says Laksh and Ragini are incomplete without each other, and asks him to complete their relation. Shekhar closes his eyes. Annapurna says I beg infront of you. Dadi comes and asks Shekhar not to fall weak.

She says I know their tears very well. They do mistake again and again and then apologize. She says I will not allow my Ragini to go to your house. Swara says no Dadi..We don’t have right to take decision about Ragini. She says Laksh have asked Ragini, so Ragini will answer. She goes inside and brings Ragini out. Ragini looks at Laksh. Shekhar says this is not right. Swara asks him to ask Ragini. Dadi says if our daughter is saying this or Maheshwari family bahu. Swara holds Ragini’s hands and says this is Ragini’s sister Swara. She says nothing is more important to me than my sister’s happiness. Dadi asks Ragini to speak up and says everyone is waiting for your answer. She asks will you marry him? Who have left you infront of everyone and have slapped your dad. Ragini looks on with teary eyes. Laksh says Dadi is saying right, I have done many mistakes. I can just say sorry to you as nothing is left with me except my penance. He says these words are small infront of my doing, but I just needs a chance. Ragini recalls Laksh’s words that he never liked her. He recalls Laksh slapping Shekhar. She leaves Swara’s hand. Swara is shocked. Ragini goes backwards. Shekhar asks did you get her answer? Now leave.Sujata says she didn’t say no. Dadi says she didn’t say yes also. She asks them to go. Laksh asks Shekhar not to ask him to go, and says he can’t live without her. He cries. Jag Suna Suna plays………………..Laksh is leaving and looks at her with teary eyes. Dadi asks Ragini to come. They look at each other.

Ragini tells Shekhar that you have forgiven Laksh for the slap, but is angry on him because of my condition. She says truth is that I have loved him very much, and will always love him, but I will do whatever you, Maa, Dadi and Dada ji tell me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awesome just love raglak awesome couple

  2. Poor Rags and lucky
    Swara plz make them unite soon
    Shekaar JI please understand your daughters love for laksh and unite them
    As per the spoilers raglak is going to be united excited and happy about that ??????????

  3. Superu …

  4. YAY!! tmrw v will get to c RagLak wedding..

  5. Nice episode….Thnku H Hassan mam fr the updates..?

  6. YAYYYYYY!! tmrw RagLak wedding.. cant wait <3 .. i think its gonna b like.. ragini confesses her love fr laksh in frnt of her dad.. n her dad n laksh do all d preparing fr marriage in d maheshwari mansion.. n sujatha n annapurna come down n r shocked to c d deci oration (as in 1 segment i saw this scene where they walk down d stairs n r shocked to c arrangments)

  7. Why did they make Laksh cry?
    Ragini And Lakshya are coming closer. Interesting

  8. Spoiler: Ragini and Laksh get married
    Ragini + Laksh = RagLak

  9. Tears were rolling from my eyes..Namsh’s acting is out standing.. Badly wanna see RAGLAK together

  10. Laksh just nailed today’s episode with his cute and lovable confession… I was just jumping while listening him saying I LOVE U RAGINI? Loved it… Waiting for the precap ?

  11. Superb episode.

  12. wow very nice episode

  13. hey all swaragini fans hw r u

  14. i likes swara

    1. Hi Suman, y always posting hate comments under IKRS page?I think it is hurting them,they are giving u strong replies and still u post something .We have this page na why to hurt others ?

      1. Oh yeah I remember you suman always commenting bad about IKRS but why??

  15. Wahhh kya epi tha..full on luxji drama..shekar ws like ye maara..de ghumake?saare janmo ka badla le liya..itne chamat maare ki luxji ki duniya hi hila daali..is dadi ko koi himalay bhej do kitni ajeeb hai ye..aaj directly maari swara ko omg…
    luxji ji thode expression dijiye..emotional scene me I ws laughing..apni honewali biwi se sikho thoda..kal achha kiye aap aaj kya hogaya..
    Chalo Ab raglak mrg is on d way..widout drama..RS Mata ki jay..

    1. Hi angel I didn’t get to watch today’s epi yet but read the update. This dadi always has to interfere. I saw some pictures in Swaragini Facebook of raglak’ marriage. Ragini was wearing royal blue which is my favourite colour and swara was wearing pink. Both of them was looking so pretty. Our swara had a side bun, she looked like cute princess. Sanlak also looked handsome and dashing. Anyways got go take care.?

  16. Hate raglak….hate hate hate hate

  17. The most dumbarse boring couple is rahlak.cvs sidelined the power couple tp hive mote screen space to them two shit ppl ragini and laksh.most f**ked up love story criminal ragini finally got what she wanted lakah love n laksh has to spend the rest of his life with a psycho b*t*h.colors n swaragini giving wrong message on love.so boys ig a girl dont lovr u like u do rape her humiliate her family n pretend to get stab while saving the girl n she will fall instantly for u like laksh has for ragini.

    1. who else gets pissed off by this sandy person???

      1. Me

      2. Me too since days,she won’t change,but barking dog. But here,not getting bitten with replies also,useless.

      3. Me too evn though m not a raglak fan but wat dis sandy is barking is juz more den enough yaar.
        aur haan itna toh kabhi swalak k bare mein b aaj tak kisi ne nhi kaha hoga n na hi swasan ke bare mein

    2. Sandy,get lost u,coward,always seeking attention and irritating raglak fans n Tejaswi fans,u psycho Sandy,go to hell,telly admin,just ban her comments, simply causing fights and spreading negativity.

    3. Oh come on u stupid girl,everyday getting enough under your comments and still coming back asking for me,foolish psycho.I am not sorry for using this against you.Get a life.What is your problem ,climb a mountain and jump down or ask somebodybto hit your head against a wall,irritating others since days ,how long should we keep quiet.B..h

      1. Kutti Sandy,ninakku branthano alavalathi?Oru paridhiyille ellathinum maramakri ,thalakkakathu cheliyano ??vazhakkundakkaan kacha ketti irangiyirikkukayanu ,ninakku janmam thannavar enthu pizhachu ennorthu mathram avarkku parayunnilla,ninne polulla sandanangal undenkil adi parcel kittum avarkku,poyi chakedi veruthe aalukale thammil adippikkathe chette.

  18. I’ve raglak sences …. Y the Epi vedio not update to YouTube the voot is very weast app on this world I cont see the episodes … Any one help me

    1. I agree.. Voot is nt so good.. Evn am facing a lot of problems wid d voot app.. -_-

      1. Thank @raglak.ian

      2. Thank u @raglag.ian

    2. I wud sujjest u to watch d serial on deso serial.com.. U type d name of d serial n date.. U will c options there.. N on insta there is a person wid d user name swaraginiii.. They post swaragini episodes. :)) :)(:

      1. Desi*

  19. Laksh actiing is awesome…pls unite ralak..

  20. Superb episode

  21. Shraddha Sharma

    Super episode… but i knew it ragini will not say yes as now she wants to do what her family ask… but seeing precap i think now family will be ready…

    Iss pure show ne agr kuch fixed raha hai to vo hai ragini ka pyr laksh ke liye vrna baki sb to hmesha confuse rehe hai.. sawara for laksh and sanskar, sanskar for kavita and sawara… and award for falling in love goes to laksh as first for sawara, fir tanya and now finally ragini… ?????????

    But happy for uniting sawara and sanskar and ragini and laksh will be uniting by next week..

  22. Laksh ko kitna jaldi jaldi sacha wala pyaar hojata hai…achanak se koi uski dunya ban jaati hai his true luv life cnt live widout itna jaldi to mausam bhi nhi badalte lakshji….bus dhoka milne ki der n lakshji is ready fr nthr one..

    1. ???? good one

  23. guys can ny1 tell me the name of the song wich was played in yestrdays episode at the end….during raglak scence…saiyaan song…n the name of the film…?? i want to download it plzz sm1 tell

    1. Gunday movie

    2. gunday movie

  24. yaay for ragini ka precap dialog… a slap across shekhar ka face … woohoo.!

      1. Hi there Anjum how are??

      2. I’m all good thanks ?

  25. Guys I have a doubt…. is there anything at least one thing that swara can not do???? (Only swara not Helly) I mean come on yaar I feel kinda joke…. she can do anything…. like starting from trying to get ragini and laksh close in past to saving laksh and then facing ragini and kaveri and kavitha and kavya and now again trying to make raglak’s love story…. wah super woman…. (Only Swara Not Helly)

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      She is lead of the show abd in every show lead can do anything… from cooking till making culprit punish and if require mudering and leads are the smartest of all they can see what others can’t and they are more brave than police and have power to make convince god to give life to any person….

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        And lead is who don’t eat at all expect one bite in morning/evening (anyone time) and never feels hungry or thirsty expect when she needs to find culprit… lead will never fall ill…
        And all these qualities make her super woman in tv serial…

        And don’t think its about personal anyone its about leads in tv serial…

      2. Oops I just forgot to mention that I don’t watch serial I just read the story and it’s just about character not actress ☺☺☺☺

    2. Well the name of this serial is swaragini and who’s name comes first from swaragini well it’s swara’s. So maybe that’s why she is shown more with scripts and also shown as the main lead . Just imagine the serial was called raginiswara then I’m sure that ragini would be shown in the spotlight more , she would be the main lead. Anyways I’m liking the way how the current track is going. I just hope that the writers don’t spoil it though.

  26. Superb episode…loved raglak…hope everything will be fine soon…and guys..i wanna tell you something..i’m a regular reader of written updates..and i also comment on other serials regularly…but sorry to say that such hate,bad comments are only in swaragini’s updates…it’s common that some of us like ragini and some swara…but please don’t fight over them…and please no any bad comments…let’s be swaragini fans…and convey our thoughts,views through comments…please don’t misuse comments box…

  27. Nice episode love u Raglak..

  28. Hi guys What’s up, how are you all?
    I’m glad that we are not bashing eachother the way we used to before over Swasan, swara, raglak and ragini. Things has changed now it has calm down now in Swaragini page and I hope that it stays this way. I do see 1or to people still commenting bad but you know guys they just want attention that’s all so I’m just going to ignore their crap comments. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    1. 1 or 2 people I meant ?

      1. Hi there precious gem how are you? I hope you don’t mind me calling you that it’s just that your name means precious gem. And yeah apart from 1or 2 people this swaragini page has calmed down which is a good thing.

  29. Raashi Agrawal

    I love swasan?….just bring laksh and ragini together nd complete their family and bring another twist rather than seperating these two couples

  30. Seriously because of not uploading episodes in you tube, I couldn’t watch this serial and couldn’t watch my favorite swasan scenes..really missing those scenes…please do something..

  31. The only hope is that atleast I could read the written update of this serial..

  32. Shraddha Sharma

    Plz update today’s episode… ab itna tym ho gya wait krte krte . Plz jaldi update kr diya kro…

  33. hey where z todayz epissode…plzz post it

  34. I am also waiting for todays episode

  35. Hey even me. I’m also waiting for today’s update. Hi there H Hasan can you please upload today’s updated.

  36. i jus saw the last part of today that raglak were celebrating their mrg nyt….hasanji plz update soon i wanna read how all agreed fr mrg

  37. Looks like we won’t get to read today’s telly updates of Swaragini. It’s just that since yesterday for some reason I don’t see colours tv in my sky box, I don’t know what happened. I guess I will have to watch the epi from online.

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