Swaragini 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laksh tells that he can’t go against his papa. Everyone is shocked. He thinks atleast Ragini’s life will be saved now and even Swara will get her father’s name now. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to come. He walks behind his father. Ragini picks up the ring from the floor. Daadimaa asks what did you do? Why did you ruin your life? Sumi cries. Daadimaa and Ragini cries. Daadimaa takes her inside the house. Shekhar looks at Sumi. Daadimaa asks why did you became shameless and breaks the alliance. You would have thought about your life atleast. Now what will happen to you. Who will marry you? Ragini says I did what I was taught by you all. Daada ji says it was not needed now. Ragini says I couldn’t hide the truth from him. Someone already sent the video to him. He knows the truth. Daadimaa asks you

wants to say that he wanted to break the alliance. She says it is done by Dida and her daughters. She says Ragini is walking on her father’s footsteps. Shekhar says Ragini has started loving Laksh and is hurt very much. Daadimaa says it is waste to talk now. She scolds Shekhar. Ragini tries to say. Shekhar asks her to go to room. Daadimaa says Ragini is listening to her father now, instead of listening to me. Ragini says it is not like that and cries. Shekhar takes her to room. Daadimaa cries and prays God to take her.

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Swara looks at Shekhar and Sumi looking at each other and speaking with their eyes. She says you both can’t hide your feelings. We have to give name to your relation. Ragini thinks about how Sumi protected her like a mum. She sees her mum Janki’s pic, says she has taken a decision and hopes she is with her. Swara tells Sumi that she has understood now, why this is happening. She says I wants to make you explain that. Sumi asks what you wants to say. Ragini asks Shekhar to fulfill the promise. Shekhar asks which promise, I came to apologize to you. Ragini asks him not to apologize and says she has only only wish. She asks him to fulfill the promise made to Sumi and asks him to marry Sumi. Shekhar is shocked.

Durga Prasad asks Laksh, why did you go there. His mum tries to protect her son. Laksh’s chacha says we are saved from that family. Durga Prasad says no one can save them from him. Laksh asks him to forget everything. Durga Prasad angrily asks what did you say? Laksh says leave them alone. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to bring the invitation card along with match stick. He asks him to read it aloud. Laksh reads the card. Durga Prasad burns the card and asks him to continue reading. Annapurna says his hand will be burnt. Everyone look shocked. Durga Prasad asks him to leave it. Annapurna asks Uttara to bring ice. Durga Prasad stops her and says he can’t let them stay in peace. He ruined my respect. Laksh is shocked. Durga Prasad talks to someone. Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad picks up the ashes and says now Garodia family will know what happens when face gets blackens.

Dida gets up with Sumi’s help. Sumi calls her maa. Dida says you betrayed me all these years. I didn’t know that Shekhar is Swara’s father. I thought he betrayed you in love, but he betrayed you big. Swara comes. Dida asks her to give phone and says she will leave after selling the house. I can’t live here. Swara says how can we go from here. Infact we have to stay here, after getting maa and papa married. Dida shouts stop and says Shekhar hurt my daughter very much. She refuses to get Sumi married to Shekhar. Swara asks her to think from Sumi’s point of view and says her dream can be fulfilled now. Dida asks do you think like this. Sumi is silent. Dida says ok, do whatever you want. I will leave from here. If Sumi needs Shekhar then she have to forget me. Swara asks how can she choose between you both. Sumi says we will go from here. I also don’t want to stay here. She asks Swara to make Dida eat the medicines. Swara says but. Sumi asks her not to argue. Sumi talks on phone and says they are selling the house. Shekhar and Ragini hear her. Sumi says now they want to stay here anymore. Shekhar is shocked. Sumi says sometimes we have to take some decisions which is painful too.

Durga Prasad brings some goons and attacks Shekhar and Sumi’s family with sticks. He says Shekhar and his family are not part of our society anymore. Ragini shouts no.

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