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The Episode starts with Sumi waking up in Shekhar’s house and wonders how did she reach here. She sees Dadi sleeping on bed. Ragini comes to Swara and asks how was yesterday night? She says you might not have slept entire night. Swara says yes, and says she has accepted her defeat. She says she is waiting for Maa. Ragini closes the door and asks what do you mean? Swara tells I met Laksh yesterday and told him half truth. Now Chakravyu is in his hands. Ragini says Laksh will not try to find proofs, and he believes me and hates you. Sanskar says he was freed yesterday and would have come by now. Ragini says I thought Swara is clever, but don’t know she is stupid. Parineeta knocks on the door. Ragini opens the door. Parineeta asks them to come. Ragini says she has given clothes to Swara and Sanskar.

She says Swara’s mehendi color is dark and Sanskar loves her so much. She asks Swara to get ready and asks Sujata to come.

Doctor tells Laksh that he can’t go being weak. Laksh says I can’t let Swara marry else her life will be ruined. He looks for his phone. Doctor informs him that his phone was washed away in river. Laksh requests him to give his phone. He recalls his landline number and calls on that number. Durga Prasad is about to pick the phone, but Ragini picks the call. Laksh tells that Swara said right and was innocent. Someone was conspired against her along with Sanskar. He asks her to stop their wedding as Swara don’t love Sanskar. He hears Pandit calling bride and groom. Ragini says I will do something. Laksh says I will come home and tell everything to everyone, but this marriage shouldn’t happen. Ragini cries. Sumi pushes the glass to wake up Dadi. Dadi wakes up and picks the glass. Shekhar calls Dadi. Dadi asks Sumi to be silent. Shekhar says I am going to stop the wedding. Dadi asks him not to go there, and let Swara do what she wants. Shekhar says okay. Dadi closes the door.

Laksh’s words echoes in Ragini’s ears. Swara keeps looking at the door. Sanskar says Laksh will not come. Swara says he will come and stop our wedding. Sanskar says he might have come by now. Swara says he might be searching for proofs and will come. Ragini gets worried thinking she will be exposed, and prays to Krishna not to make Laksh reach home before their marriage. Sanskar says we will tell everything to Durga Prasad, and promises that he will take blame on himself. Swara asks why he wants to do big favor on her. Sanskar says I can’t see your life ruined. Ragini thinks they can’t tell the truth to Durga Prasad, else I will be ruined. Ram asks Durga Prasad, who will do the kanyadaan, as Shekhar refused to attend the wedding. Durga Prasad says I will do the kanyadaan. Sujata thinks to stop the wedding and pretends to faint. Everyone try to wake her up. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar and Adarsh to take her to room.

Ragini thinks Sujata is acting to stop the wedding. She calls Dadi and asks if everything is fine? Dadi tells Sumi saw me. Ragini apologizes to her and asks her to take care of Sumi. She says she will make everything fine. Dadi says I am supporting for your better future, and please keep me informed about next move. Laksh is on the way and asks the driver to drive fast. Adarsh says I will call the doctor. Ram says we have to get the marriage within an hour, and asks someone to sit with Sujata. Annapurna says this marriage should happen. Ragini calls Swara. Swara says she will inform Durga Prasad about their truth and says you have won. Ragini asks her to marry Sanskar else she will forget that the woman in her custody is her maa. She says you will be blamed if anything happens to her. Swara is shocked.

Ragini says I want Maa and Bapa to be together, but can’t lose Laksh. She says Laksh called and told that he trusts her. Swara says Laksh trust me. Ragini asks her not to try calling Laksh and asks her to marry Sanskar. She says if you don’t marry Sanskar then Maa will be killed. Dadi opens Sumi’s mouth. Sumi asks Dadi why she is supporting Ragini. Dadi asks why did she not stopped Swara from kidnapping Laksh? She blames Sumi and her upbringing? She calls Swara shameless, and keeping eye on sister’s husband. She says once Laksh returns, then he will kick Swara out. Then I will also kick you out. She covers her mouth with cloth asking her to see the drama silently. Ragini lies to Durga Prasad that they have to preponed the wedding time, and have to get the marriage done right now. Sujata says no, and tries to stop the wedding. Sanskar tells Swara that they will tell truth to Durga Prasad. Swara is shocked and recalls Ragini’s threat. Sanskar asks what happened? Did Ragini say anything? Swara says Ragini threatened me that if we don’t marry then she will kill Maa. Sanskar is shocked.

Sumi escapes from Dadi’s captivity, and tries to reach Maheshwari house. Laksh runs on the road, and reaches Maheshwari house. He sees Swara and Sanskar getting married, and Sanskar making Swara wear mangalsutra around her neck. He is shocked.

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  1. shifa(shakira)

    hi prads,.i hope sawlak together

  2. eagerly waiting 4 the day when ragini’s truth will be relieved

  3. show is ready for its climax in the next week where Ragini’s biggest truth will be out. Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will get to know about all the planning and plotting done by Ragini. Actually what happens is, after Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) marriage, Lakshya keeps a condition that only if the newly wed couple takes their marriage a step further, he will go ahead with Ragini. To keep his words Swara and Sanskar go to their farm house where Laskhya too follows them. He starts quarrelling and fights with Sanskar with a knife in his hand. While searching for her husband Ragini too reaches their.”
    “In the fight Lakshya gets knocked unconscious. Ragini panics seeing this and spells out every wrong thing she did to get him.”
    Well well well… Lakshya who was unconscious will hear Ragini’s self-confession and will be stunned to know her evil face.

  4. Now Laksh is stuck with this cheapest sickest pyscho wife…am sure the next track will be that Laksh will not be able to get over Swara and Rags will have a change of heart and help Laksh win Swara back. And then the couples will swap and remarry…

    but before that should see Dadi and Shekar face when Ragini truth is out. What will Bade papa and others decide about Ragini. What punishment will she be given. How will they handle this track?? Rags has to have a change in heart otherwise there is nothing much to show case!!

  5. love u laksh…

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