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Annapurna is shocked to see the photos and asks the servant. He says he don’t know about the guy. Annapurna goes to Durga Prasad and asks him to talk to her. Durga Prasad goes to talk to her. Ragini asks Annapurna and Durga Prasad, where they are going? Annapurna says they will come in 2 mins. Ragini says today is my first karvachauth and moon will appear in few mins. Annapurna says I will come in 2 mins. Ragini thinks when Durga Prasad sees this photo then it will take more than 2 mins. Durga Prasad sees the photos and asks who brought this. Annapurna says Laksh went out with Ragini, and says she thought he don’t want to spend time with her. She says Swara was also out that time. Durga Prasad says Swara always thought about Ragini’s happiness before her, and says whatever is seen could be wrong

too. He shows faith on Swara and asks her to call Laksh and Swara. He calls Laksh and asks him to come to his room. Laksh says okay.

Sanskar asks Sumi, if she is not well. Sumi says she is fine. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar says she has kept fast for Shekhar. Sumi says she is very lucky as she have kept fast for Shekhar for the first time. She says it is our first karvachauth and thanks Swara and Sanskar for making it possible. Ragini looks on. Sanskar says we, husband should also keep the fast. Sumi says husbands can’t be strong like us. Sanskar asks what is the connection of hunger with long life. He jokes and makes them laugh. Sumi says it is their belief. Sanskar says love and relation are based on trust and belief. Sumi says it means you believe on karvachauth. Sanskar says yes, I do believe on it. Ragini looks on evilly. Sanskar says your face is glittering even though you are hungry, and Papa is messaging you and asking if you are feeling hungry. Sumi says yes.

Annapurna asks Swara to come as she need to talk to her. Swara says okay and goes with her. Sumi asks Sanskar if Swara don’t want to keep the marriage then….Sanskar says we will always be best friends and says I will be with her always, and Swara will support me always. He says we will be together always. Sumi smiles.

Laksh and Swara come to Durga Prasad’s room. Durga Prasad shows them photos. Laksh is shocked to see the photos. Swara is shocked too. Durga Prasad tells Laksh that he don’t want to point finger at him, but want to know the truth. He asks what happened? Laksh says actually I went out with Ragini for an outing? He tells about his conversation with Ragini. Annapurna says Ragini said that you had some work and that’s why….Laksh says Ragini lied to you as she don’t want to trouble you with our argument. Swara says Ragini called her mistakenly and she heard her. Laksh says Swara called her and she said she is at the park. Laksh asks Annapurna about the time when Ragini came home. Annapurna says she came after 3 pm. Durga Prasad asks what happened after that. Laksh tells him that Swara was kidnapped, he fought with the kidnappers and saved Swara. Annapurna says so you was taking care of her. Laksh says yes. Durga Prasad says who will do this cheap trick? Laksh laughs and says Ragini. He says this cheap conspiracy can be done by Ragini only and says it was her plan.

Laksh tells Swara that Ragini’s conspiracy is still on. Swara says you have no proofs against her. Laksh says Ragini called you mistakenly, and then told you that she is in park. Swara says we didn’t reach there. Laksh says it was Ragini’s plan, and asks if the goons mistreated her or snatched her things. Swara says nothing. Laksh says the goons want to divert their mind and click their photos. Swara asks him to stop it and asks him to give second chance to Ragini. Annapurna asks if you are giving her second chance. Laksh says if I couldn’t prove her wrong. Swara asks him to collect proofs against her before doubting her. Ragini comes there and asks what you all are doing here? Swara hides the photos. She asks Annapurna, why she is tensed? Ragini says moon will appear and asks them to come. She asks what happened Laksh? Durga Prasad asks Laksh to come as guests must be waiting. They all leave. Ragini eyes the hidden photos and leaves.

Sujata prays that the moon shall appear soon. Parineeta tells that moon has come out. Sujata gets happy. Annapurna says we will break the fast. Ragini asks Swara to break her fast and asks if she has kept fast. Swara says yes. Sanskar feels like fainting. Swara holds him and asks what happened? Sanskar says one good thing have happened. Swara looks on.

Laksh tells Sanskar that he want Swara back in his life as he loves her. Sanskar asks Swara to return in his life, asks her not to break their marriage and accept him.

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  1. s

    swaragini trp decreased this week…
    barc rating this week swaragini rating is 2.8
    in color’s
    1.sasural simar ka 3.3
    2.udaan 3
    3. swaragini 2.8

    • Shipra

      It’s not difficult to understand. Even if ragini had lost her memory, she would remain evil as according to her , her truth is not revealed.

  2. Archies

    Story is dragging…. Now she needs help from Salman Khan to understand that her true love is Sanskar, her hubby???? The whole world can see why can’t she??

    • xoxo

      N in a video i saw she decides to give lucky second chance because sans convinces her.. N rags again creating fights…

  3. s

    it means sanskar dont know about photos ah?? but in spoilers they said he got photos and snatches before family can see.. then different thing happend in episode…. what the hell going in serial… dragging… whats the precap yaar.. not geting please explain.. hand cut seen is next week i think and the same thing that about the sk appearence on swaragini to help her in next week episode.. but whom swara will choose.. lakshya or sanskaar??/ please tel me…

  4. tamanna

    Swara is showing stupidity by trusting ragini again & again. Being good is f9 but being over-sacrificing is foolish !

  5. Nitya

    Swara nd sanskar are awesome nut plz don’t drag ragini evil plans. Don’t show dat being good is a mistake by making evil plans success.

  6. Wot nonsense you guys tlking….jus think yu in dat situation I.e in rea life…..its not possible oly swara and luksh shd mke a beautiful pair…and yu knw writer we tamil nadu stop watching dis serial cos of swara and sanskar pair…dis is not at all good…y the ppl always tlkin about luksh did dat luksh scld swara…jus stop dis and jus think d love will always swara and luksh

    • Sanjana

      I’m from tamilnadu bt I hate laksh so pls stop writing tat al tamilans wil stop watching this serial if swalak not happen….according 2 me laksh s not a perfect life partner 4r swara….swasan is best…

  7. sanju

    upcoming episodes of swaragini like this as per my assumpyions…. after kc and sanlak fight over swara where he ask y he kept fast… swasan in raglak room swara worried fr ragini who faints when laksh was try to tell her drama to swasan she faints after that she is wakes up and tells she got her memory back and try to unite swara and laksh but she is playing another games with them… she tels them that her memory back … when swasan are try to tell family laksh helps her in her lie.. which makes swasan doubt on ragini and how laksh helping her and all goes out laksh blackmail swara but she is admanent so she packs her bags and comes to take blessings when rags comes tell laksh cut his hand and she again playing charads with that situation again swara stays in mm .. she accepts laksh give chance but dont emotional balack mail but she wents out to temple to clear her dilema to choose laksh or sanskaar?? and where she meet salman khan and sonam where she get some love tips from them and she is some what realizes and goes… but whom she will choose laksh or sanskaar we have to wait and see…

  8. xoxo

    Swasan scenes were good but again they dragged the episode.. n today i saw a video where sans convinces swara to give laksh second chance.. Wth.. Writers you please define the genre of the show (romance, suspense, etc) n the leading pairs.. Please don’t make kichadi cause its not tasting good.. First we love rags who was so good that she broke her engagement with lucky for parents then swalak then we moved to swasan now youre showing evil ragini n again swalak n I’m papers you say in the end it will be swaasan… What is happening on the show i can’t get it… But stop playing with emotions your trp fall has already reflected viewers disappointment n irritation.. N if you think yo will show swalak now n more 6 months fit swasan we are not going to wait for you to torture we have our ffs

  9. they are dragging the story. When will swara understand that her true love is sanskaar but not laksh.They are not even showing the moments of swara and sanskar

  10. shaza

    Ohhh so much dragging.
    get bored………
    pls dont play with patienceof audience…
    we want swaragini back like those days which was so entertaining…
    plsssssss dont drag the episode too much….
    and this love tracks very irritating wy this laksh going back to swara.she is his bhabi and whatever happened in their life even unexpected has happened. Now writers pls understand the taste of the audience

  11. rishi

    what the hell is swara problem ? first Laksh not used to trust her and she used to talk abt trust now she herself is not trusting Laksh wat a complicated love is this ? swara cares for her so called evil step sister why dont she care for laksh and wat is this Sanksar another kaabab mein haddi always trying to eye on his brother Laksh love looser Sanskar tere jaisa bhai to bhagawaan kisi ko naa de chipu kahin kaa bakwaas drama hai swara Laksh bas jhagda hi karte rehte hain

  12. Ridz

    I knew it. Trp vil decrease this week. I din watch even a single episode. I was praying no one should watch. They should get their senses and start writing new track. I din even miss the serial. I was tat bored

  13. Swara will choose Sanskar.
    After watching today’s episode I feel that more sensible individuals in whole Swaragini are Laksh and his dad. Laksh learned from his mistake that not to trust Ragini and to use brain. Swara asusual dumb. Is there anything going btw Ragini & Sanskar ? I felt so. Sanskar wants to impress Swara..He wants her to accept him. Laksh is mad at Swara. Very soon he’ll learn this too ki not to fall in love with a girl who loves and trust her sister more than anyone especially when her sister loves you.:-P
    If Ash & Gayathri are reading these comments please reply me , guys have you stopped watching Swaragini? I mean no SwaLaksh fans are here!! Seems like all have stopped watching except me!!! Lolz:-D

    • Gayathri

      Yeah meenakshi I’m not watching this serial…feeling so bad…I think it is going to be swasan…:(:(…watever happens we will support swalak…#swalak?…swalak made for each other….cute pair…

  14. Swara gives same expressions to both Sanskar and Laksh!! Ohh Goshhhh. Writers , where are you leading this to ? I think TRP of Swaragini was high when Ragini’s revelation track was going on . After that they are dragging . Badminton play is going on , bats are Sanskar nd Laksh shuttle is Swara and Ragini is central line . Spoilers can’t be always true. If those were , Swara and Laksh would have United till now!

  15. Reeta

    If they go on dragging like this we swasan fans also will stop watching,agree with u Ridz,even I didn’t watch a single episode fully this week

  16. Mithu

    Writers,if it s swasan please start that track or if it is swalak pls show that,being a swasan fan I can stop watching this asap.you are irritating the fans and taking us for granted and ruining this show, repeated promos,call getting connected multiple times by mistake, three kidnapping episodes,repeated tracks.trp will fall more if u continue like this.

  17. rosy

    Arrey baba memory doesnt go lyk dis n docs also cudnt tl abt it so suddenly…CT scan is required to tl whether its full memory loss or partial…nd laksh was rit dat only 1 day deleted frm brain dats nt possible

  18. ishu

    omg….plz swara realize….ur true love is only sanskar not laksh….even swara choose laksh we want to c stop.the drama…i m also from tamilnadu….
    i like sanskar…he is very nice and good heart guy…he always wish every happy include swara….
    nw laksh act like psycho…he is not love swara…he just want back to him bcz he feel jealous for swara and sanskar to be with happy…and he also anger with raiini…i really hate laksh infact startingly….i dont like laksh….he just think himself only…he alwsys hurt other feelings…
    nw war btw two sis bcz of only laksh…he engage with ragini bt he love swara….he is a villian not ragini…

  19. Gayathri

    It’s dragging so much…and plz don’t blame laksh…it hurts us so much…and remember once upon a time u ppl were also laksh fans…yeah ok ur saying sanskar is good it is because he knows everything because he created everything so plz don’t tell him (laksh) as dump or something…because there are some laksh likers are here…minnie, meenakshi and ash I can’t see this serial anymore…wat abt u guys?

  20. anitha anitha

    I myself a doctor ,amnesia for a day ,ha ha making fun of medical field ,wat an idiotic dramas in indian television ,grown up guys , if u does nit know abt amnesia then dont cook up the stories, such a loosers ,jobless fellows

  21. nik

    They drgd it so much,n it resltd dcrs in their trp , I was knwng earlier that their trp will decrease as they always hrt swasan fans. BT now I think it’s goung 2b swasan I hope that it will atleast increase their trp.

  22. harsha

    Really hate the drama dragging,please show swasan or swalak so that I may decide to watch this serial or not as being swasan fan.swara U re dumb idiot just choose ur man soon girl ….irittated by ur goodness.

  23. san

    swaragini: swasan lakshya confused by ragini behaviour..
    the current track of swaragini shows that lakshya comes to know that ragini is just pretending to have a memory loss.
    lakshya decided to expose her but she once again does another drama.
    she faints and swara gets worried seeing her condition.
    however, lakshya is noot ready in believe in ragini and accuses her but swara continues to support her sister.
    sanskar is confused seeing all this as he knows that ragini can do anything but he also gets shocked this seeing that ragini wants to reunite lakshya and swara.
    ragini does not love lakshya anymore but she traps lakshya, swara and sanskaar making them emotional fools.
    let’s wait and see whether lakshya is able to unravel ragini’s truth to swara.

  24. san

    swaragini: salman to help swara to choose in lakshya and sanskaar.
    upcoming episodes lakshya will cut off his wrist to emotionally blackmail swara while swara will get in bigger dilema over lakshya and sanskaar.
    she will end up reaching temple to get divine guidance and will end up meeting salman and sonam.
    prem aka salman will lighten up swara’s mood and will take off her pressure with his wittiness.
    he will also guide herto look in to her heart to take the right decision about her life partner.
    a visibly relaxed swara will then dance with salman and sonam on prem ratan dhan payo song.
    let’s see who swara choses to be life partner.

  25. anu

    today e24 segmnt showed that ragini acts like she gains memory back but lakshya doubts her.. in iv tejaswi tld that now when she wants to do swalak marry obvisouly sanskaar does not like this.. and she told now swara is loves sanskaar…she clearly told that “””swara ab sanskaar se pyaar karte hai”””

    • Mahira

      I swear this is really bad THE WRITTERS CANT SEE LAKSH KA PAIN MAANNNN THEY NEED TO UNDERSTAND LAKSHS SITUATION ALSO NA AND SWARA IS LAKSHS FIRST LOVE NOT SANSKARS THIS IS HORRIBLE n last time Laksh came in raginis trap when swara fell in the river n this time swara is doing a mistake trusting ragini so I should say that SWARA SHOULD ACCEPT LAKSH #swalak rockssssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️???❤️❤️❤️????? this is horrible man that the writers don’t understand that SWALAK IS MADE FOR EACH OTHER !

      • Mahira

        Yaaa n both did mistakes both trusted ragini soooo pleaseeeee swaraaaaa choose LAKSH PLEASEEEEE SWALAK SWALAK SWALAK PLEASEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????

      • Mahira

        By the way this was for meenakshi I replied on ur comment by mistake ! Even the swasan fans can read this and may be they change their mind. ?? ???

  26. jo

    swaragini: swara agrees to marry lakshya post sucide attempt.
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini shows that swarabecomes ready to leave the maheshwari house.
    she takes blessings from the family members and sanskaar gets sad seeing swara leaving.
    suddenly ragini shouts and tells everyone about lakshya trying to commite sucide.
    everyone rushes off to see him and gets shocked to see that he has cut his wrist..
    swara angrily does the bandage for him and ragini gets upset seeing this…
    swara knows that lakshya did all this just so that he could get her back in his life.
    however, lakshya thinks that sanskaar has brainwashed swara as although she accepted him but she can later on leave him.
    both sanskaar and ragini do not want lakshya and swara re-unite…

  27. I’m watching Gayathri , to enjoy SwaLaksh’s last moments. Yaar it was confirmed it’s going to be SwaSan when Laksh married Ragini long back!! I was never a Laksh fan but SwaSan fans made me a Laksh fan too:-P Can’t bear his pain:-D

  28. Well, presently wikipedia shows swara and sanskaar to be the lead pair. So most probably (infact I am quite sure) Swara is going to choose Sanskaar 😀 obviously writers are going to drag the show and show laksh-ragini melodrama. Doesn’t matter, ultimately it would be SwaSan ^_^

  29. nik

    I think hope is cmng true for swasan fans. BT now this tm if they don’t cnfrm swasan they will slip out from top tn or to the bottom of the trp chart.

  30. Just now i read the spoiler. I think ragini wants to take revenge from sanskar. He loves swara so she is making swara to be with lakshya so that sanskar will feel bad and dipressed. I dont know wjy swara trusts ragini a lot.

  31. Gayathri

    Yeah meenakshi don’t worry yaar…wat to do?…but swalak always good and cute… and be happy there are some ppl to support swalak …#swalak holics….

  32. Oni

    Someone please give me the contact number of these faithful trustworthy kidnappers. Please please please.

  33. Veena

    @Oni,super ya,even I was thinking hw many times call will get connected by mistake and people will rush to the spot without a second thought,ah,they must have adopted the kidnappers since there other members who r nt yet kidnapped,please writers,don’t take us for granted,I will watch swaragini again only if Swasan happens.

  34. Shwetha

    Please upload the ffs,they r much better,writers should buy the copyright from ff writers n include it.

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