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Ragini drinks the poison and laughs. She says this was needed to know the truth. Swara and Laksh are shocked. Swara sees Ragini opening her eyes. Ragini calls her buddu, and says it was juice in the bottle. Sumi is coming from Dida’s house and brings the mawa in the cup. Dadi asks what did you bring? Sumi says she brought mawa as she wants to make something for Ragini. Dadi scolds Sumi. Dida comes and says she cleaned the vessels before making the mawa. Dadi refuses to take anything from her house. Sumi returns the mawa and says she will ask Shekhar to bring it from the shop. Swara asks who did this stupidity? Laksh asks are you mad? Ragini holds her ears and says sorry. Swara asks what is it? Ragini reminds of her promise and says she is accepting the decision from her heart.

Swara asks aren’t

you angry on me? Ragini says I was never angry on you. I didn’t talk to you because of Dadi. She says I needed time to explain myself too. Swara hugs her and cries. Ragini smiles too. Swara says I was scared. Ragini says truth wouldn’t have come out if I hadn’t done this. She says you both didn’t allow each other to drink poison. She says you both have real bonding, which I don’t have with Laksh. Swara says we don’t have any bonding. Ragini asks why you didn’t let him drink? Swara says I can’t see anyone drinking it. Laksh apologizes. Ragini asks I needs a gift from you. Swara asks what? Ragini asks Swara to accept Laksh’s love.

Swara refuses and says never. She says we can’t be one in our life. Ragini asks her to tell looking in her eyes. Ragini says she would be very happy seeing them united. She says Laksh loves you very much. Swara says I hates him. Ragini asks him to accept Laksh’s love. Swara says I don’t love him. He was my best friend, but the way he treated you, I hate him. I am sorry, but I couldn’t give you this gift. Ragini says everything is changed, but one thing is same, ie, Laksh’s love. She asks her to give one chance to Laksh. Swara says it is not possible. Laksh looks on tearful eyes. Swara leaves. Ragini asks Laksh to stop her. Laksh says he won’t stop her. Ragini says she will make family members understand. She promises. Laksh says he can wait for his life. He apologizes again.

Ragini says she is happy to hear that he loves her sister very much. She makes friendship with him. Laksh shakes hand and accepts her friendship. He says I can’t afford to lose friend like you. Laksh thanks her. Ragini says there is no sorry and thank you in friendship. Someone (Nakul) is keeping an eye on Laksh and informs Sanskar. Sanskar says ok. He thinks you can’t be happy when I am here. I will let you be happy. Swara thinks about Ragini’s words. She thinks it is not possible. She turns and sees Laksh coming home. She thinks what he is doing here? She goes and asks him. Laksh says I can tell, but you won’t give me a chance to say.

Swara says Ragini forgave you, but that doesn’t mean you shall come here. Ragini hears them. Dadi scolds Laksh and asks why did you come here. Dadi announces to the neighborhood that Ragini doesn’t have any relation with Laksh. Laksh walks towards someone house. A lady opens the door. Laksh touches her feet and takes his blessings. Dadi, Dida, Sumi, Swara and Ragini looks on surprisingly. Ramesh’s mum apologizes to Laksh. Laksh says he did wrong, but we can’t punish his family for his mistakes. He says we will give house expenses and his daughter education expenses monthly. He gives the money.

Ramesh’s mum thanks him and closes the door. Laksh greets everyone and leaves. Dida tells Dadi that you have a habit to shout without knowing anything. She says even Swara is like Dadi. Dadi says Laksh needs an excuse to come here. Ragini tells Sumi, that it is wrong to shout at someone without any reason. Swara looks on.

No Precap.

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  1. Precap: ragini tells laksh that tmrw is swaras birhday do something to impres her sankaar watches them later swara and laksh meet and they see ragini in a van shouting for help

    1. First to comment yay

  2. omg all is well but SANSKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR WHY are u such a villain?if ragini is ok n cool after xo much heartache WHY NOT U?

  3. swaragini is ok………….now swara will u pls stop being sturrbon n kiss the groom! ur sis is ok

  4. Hope Ragini won’t be negative. And that Sanskaar. He is such a pain.

    1. i will migrate to other pastures if that happens the series has enough villains….sanskar,sujata and dadi let alone durga prsad who doesnt like swara’s family i will come back when she is good again and all is well with marrige ceremonies ,which will be at the end i think

  5. The tables will turn around in the show Swaragini as the innocent character Ragini will now turn negative.  How will this happen?  Read on to find out more…..
    Colors’ show Swaragini is currently revolving around a love triangle where finally Ragini is heart broken as she has come across the truth that Laksya loves Swara and not her. She is feeling cheated but soon Ragini will do the unexpected by turning negative.
    Our source informs us, “Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will get kidnapped on the day of Swara’s birthday. Thus Laksya (Namish Taneja) and Swara will get a call from an anonymous number asking them to follow what he says, if they want to see Ragini alive.  It will come as a surprise that the caller will also Laksya and Swara (Helly Shah) to dance together, kiss each other and confess their feelings in front of everyone.  Later, everyone will find out that Ragini and Sanskar had conspired to separate Laksya and Swara.  It is here that Ragini.negative shades start unraveling as she does not want to lose her love Laksya at any cost.      

    1. Let this spoiler be false pls i don’t want ragini in negative character

    2. I have a doubt why are the bringing swara laksh close to seprate already swara is refusing him ??¿¿

    3. if this is true i will stop watching this series………….why ruining perfect plots n characters just for more drama and drama extension?

      1. Because they want the other lead sanskar and ragini to come close. They are shown negative but soon both undersyand eachother and become positive

    4. it will be a good way to ruin a good series…………………..writers re loosing their theme which was family based and going for villains,another qubool hai.

  6. superb epi. I hope swara accepts lucky’s luv soon & hate u sanskar.

  7. Swara didnt accept lakshya even after ragini’s words.then also ragini isnt realising her sis.

  8. pls i hope this is a good path not the start of a long cycle of misfortune and family drama nt to forget lies.it will become boring and tiresome

  9. pls ragini dont turn into negative..
    sanskar u turn into positive…
    sanskar & ragini pls forget your past & love each other…. & u r not coming in the middle of swara-laksh….

  10. Nice episode

  11. ragini y did u do dis plz marry laksh bt don’t turn negative

    1. Ragini did this cuz she knows that only swara can keep laksh happy

  12. swara plz don’t accept laksh forever let ua sweet n innocent sister ragini marry him . so sad of ragini tat she is being cheated twice by laksh

    1. No it should not happen laksh dosent love ragini so he can never keep her happy and by this three lives will be destroyed don’t only think of ragini think also of laksh’s happiness and laksh’s happiness is in swara and he always wanted a life partner as a frnd

      1. You are totally right. No one thinks about Laksh or abt his happiness. Every one wanys him to keep others happy. Bt nobody gives a damn about him. So sad for him!!! ??

  13. I think rag does nt turn negative bt san-rag r tryng to get swaluck close to each othr… san losed his luv bt he does nt want lucky to lose his luv may be… dis z jst my prediction I wish aisa hi ho

    1. No sanskaar will be negative there will be new hero for ragini and sanskaar wants laksh to lose his love don’t u watch this serial I guess u don’t if u would be Watching then u should have known that or maybe u have jus started Watching cuz I NEVER saw u commenting here u r coming here from last two days

  14. And I dint saw even liya commenting here she has started to watch this serial now

  15. laksh oly thinks abt his happiness

    1. No u r wrong He would have married ragini ragini wud never have been happy not even swara as her sis iS upset by all this three life would be destroyed

  16. But Ragini was cheated twice by him even ragini has feelings even she is a human

    1. Laksh had cleared that he dosent loves her but dadi kept her in wrong thinking that he loves her and second she was kept in wrong thinking by swara as in it was not fault of swara it was a misunderstanding and we kno she is human but we Can’t spoil two lives for one’s happiness

      1. U r ryt prads…..its dadi’s fault….coz of her ragini had started loving luksh more…..she is da one who kept ragini even after knwin all the truth……..hate dadi!!!!!

      2. Who kept ragini in false hopes

  17. NYC epi…….but the spoilers r horrible! Plz don’t separate swaluk…..n ragini! How can u do this? Even after ur saying soo much swara is not accepting laksh…that too for u….still u wanna take revenge?!!?

    1. Wait anu its not confirmed that she will be negative rags can’t do this we all kno swargini will not cheat or take revenge from each other

      1. Hmmm….I hope so…but of she turns negative..then I vil really feel bad…… 🙁 coz swaragini r incomplete widout each other

      2. Ya right anu swaragini r incomplete widthout eachother their song is there no
        “ek dhoop chan chan hai ek chandani fhir bhi hai ek dooje k liye bane”

  18. O i luv u so so mch rags….. Pls dnt gt negative….

  19. Plz Ragini never turn negative n don’t lisn to sanskaar plzzz he will ruin ua character swara is ua sis never hurt her

  20. Ragini ua so beautiful than swara so don’t wry u will get a better guy than laksh

  21. Swara ua d oly prblm foh me always if u wudnt ve cm in my lyf i wud ve ben married to laksh earlier bt u ruined my lyf I hate u bcoz u grabbed my laksh

    1. HAVE u lost it whT r u saying

    2. What r u saying??? How can u curse lyk swara lyk this? She did not do anything! Dadi n sanskar r responsible for ragini’s sadness………swara is her sis….she can never hurt ragini

  22. I wish dat d spoiler cums out 2 be fLse………..swara shud accept lakshn raagini plss dont turn negetive…..

  23. If ragini turns negetive den i wl stp wtchng d show……….cozz der r already many negetive roles dada dadi durga prasa sanskaar n sujata…..enough of negetive roles nt anymore……..

  24. It is same as uttran

  25. Di, can u cum to 27th may update…..we can talk there……(…)

      1. Hey i posted a comment on 27th update. Sorry for the late!!!!!??

  26. kill swara

    1. Shut up u should be killed

    2. hey ragini whats ur prbzzz……in most of d episods u comment dat kill swara…why???why u always angry on swara??bcz u thnk dat swara cheat ragss….or she comes btw rags nd laksh….is it???np rags r d one who comes btw laksh nd swara…and for ur kind information swara does nt accept laksh evena aftr rags wordss…okey bcz she lvs ragss mor than laksh…okey u got it……nd finally if u dont lv swara’buy a map, get a car and go to hell……we dont care abt u…kkkk

  27. don’t gt ragini in negative in role,swara plz understand laksh’s love

  28. Di…I replied..plz do check

    1. I replied annu.

      1. Di u can cal me anu

      2. I replied..

  29. Hey anu I’ve gotta little problem Cn u chk my post in 27th written update?????

    1. I replied dii

      1. I sent u a mail anu. Chk ur mails.

      2. Hey di sent a msg…

  30. luv u ragini wit laksh

    1. In ur dreams poor girl

      1. Lolzzzz

  31. its good to see swragini unite…pls dont seperate them….nd swara why r u always rude to laksh….yeah we knw ur feelings that ki u lv ur sister more than laksh thats why u doing like dis bt its not d good way….so pls swra accept laksh…lv u swara.nd swaragini

  32. i m very excited to c swalak 2gether

  33. I am in big confusion how will they bring sanskar ragini together any idea

    1. First of all sanskaar is not for ragini there is some1 else for ragini and second don’t think don’t be in a wrong belief that ragini will be paired wid sanskaar

      Sry I dint mean u be rude wid u sry if it hurts u nika

  34. go to hell ragini

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