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The Episode starts with Durga Prasad says whenever someone had done anything wrong, then they were punished, and you will be punished too. Parineeta asks Ragini if Durga Prasad is saying right. She says if everyone got the punishment which they deserve truly. Ragini asks what nonsense. Ragini feigns to get pain. Parineeta says I want to tell something. Adarsh says we don’t want to hear your another lie and says you will get divorce papers soon, asks her to leave. Parineeta folds her hands and asks Adarsh to understand her. Adarsh closes the door on her face and says he don’t want to see her face again. She thinks both of you have to suffer and pay the price for my condition. She says Ragini have to bring me back in this house with full respect and will also stop my divorce with adarsh, else your condition

will be like mine.

Ragini tells Laksh that Parineeta knows her lie and knows that Sumi is pregnant instead. She says we have tried to save this baby, but everything would have ended. She says I am scared that Maa don’t take a step to abort the child. She says Swara got her memory back, and it will be shock for her if she comes to know everything from Parineeta. Laksh says Swara will understand you, as you are doing this for your and her mum. There is nothing wrong in it. Ragini says I want to tell Swara. Laksh asks her to tell Swara. Ragini says yes, I will tell her and at the right time.

Swara and Sanskar discuss about Adarsh and Parineeta. Swara feels bad for Adarsh and says he loves Parineeta very much. She says Adarsh got hurt when I slapped Parineeta. She says Parineeta is not bad at heart, but she did this due to her childishness. Adarsh comes there and apologizes to Swara and Sanskar for their sufferings. Sanskar asks him to come. Laksh asks him not to feel guilty. He asks him not to divorce Parineeta. Adarsh says now, I can’t live with her. Sanskar says it is our test. Laksh says you used to give it in our childhood and gives something. Adarsh hugs him. Swara looks on.

Durga Prasad and Ram discuss that they are happy to see brother unity. Ragini says I want to talk to you Swara. Swara asks her to tell. Ram asks Swara to take medicine. Swara says okay and goes. Laksh asks Ragini, did you tell everything to Swara. Ragini says no and says I am scared. Laksh asks her to relax and says we will tell her together.

Everyone get ready for the puja. Sanskar recalls making Swara wear bangle. Swara looks at it on her hand. Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and looks at the bangles. Swara says Ragini has kept it safely. Sanskar looks at Ragini thankfully. Sumi, Shekhar and Dadi come there. Swara hugs Sumi. Swara asks about Sumi’s baby. She says two new members are going to come, I am very happy and excited. Dadi says no, and says only one new member will come and that is because of Ragini. Swara is confused. Dadi says there is no point talking about it. Swara asks Sumi, if she is fine. Sumi says yes. Sanskar thanks Shekhar and Sumi. Dadi says you have fooled us. Shekhar says we are happy as Swara is back. Sujata asks Sumi, if she has gastric problem and says she will give her tablet. Ragini gets tensed and says puja will start now. She says Papa gets headache with havan fire and asks him to go home with Sumi. Laksh says yes, and asks them to go. Sanskar says I will drop you both. Shekhar says we will manage. They leave.

Sujata asks Dadi if Sumi felt bad as she called her fat. Dadi says no, and says Shekhar has migraine. Sujata says even Ram has migraine. Ragini wonders if Dadi or anyone comes to know about it. Laksh says no, and says Sumi will soon go to Nani’s house. Ragini says I will tell truth to Swara later, as time is not right. She gets Parineeta’s call and she threatens to tell her secret to everyone and bring her at the same place. She says everyone will suffer because of you.

Parineeta calls Ragini. Someone picks the call and says Parineeta. Sanskar faints because of the poisonous gas. Swara comes to room and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode.. adsanlak sibling bond super… all scenes super…
    please dont bash me.. its frm point of view i was telling .. but can i ask u cv’s actually the bangles were with sanskar.. when ragini took it and take care of it… itna blunder about this… its with sanskar only nt with ragini.. what you showed… if u want go and conform frm previous episode when sanskar missing swara the next day of her accident frm then its with him only. what a blunder?? show some exact scene compare with previous .. whats wrong with you? and about fp itna ss.. definetely before delivery it comes out…. why u people are streching this fp.. show both couple happy or dealing with other villans.. …

  2. new if article…
    sahil to kidnap swara in swaragini!
    an intense drama to unfold on color’s beloved show swaragini..
    as per the on going track of color’s swaragini, the enemies have united to take on the maheshwari family. parineeta and sahil have joined hands and are busy plotting nefarious plans to attain their ulter motives.
    sahil, who madly in love with swara will be seen disguised as a pandit. sahil mother will held durga poja mm family come to their house, where in sahil enter the house as pandit.but, soon his real identity will get exposed by sanskar, resulting into a big fall out.sahil will take out a knife to kill sanskar, but sanskar will tactfully escape from the situation, saving him self.
    eventually, cops will come and arrest sahil. however this does not mark the end of sahil’s chapter as he will be immediately released from the jail.
    he will then plot an evil plan to kidnap swara. he will send a lady to swara (a ngo lady comes to mm for charity program), inviting her to charity event. swara would readily agree to grace the event.(all mm family tel her to go) however, to everyone’s surprise the family members will soon be informed that swara has been kidnapped!
    how sanskar manages to save his lady love.. is going to be a wait and watch!.
    stay tuned to know more about your favorite shows..

    1. Vyshu10

      oh god….sahil comes back from jail? i didn’t know abt dis.

  3. devakhi&swasan

    Nice one after so long 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Nyc episode…..loved ragini.. 🙂

  5. nice and well balanced episode…….and anu you are absolutely right

  6. one more cvs edit one where raglak swasan stand after pari drama.. some one from family tels sanskar to took swara as she wants rest.. he take her from there.. they edited the scene.. and in iv seg swara told sanskar asked her to wear this sari.. is that scene also cv’s edited.. cv’s almost edited scenes what they showed in segments.. and in hamari adhuri kahani song sequence bangles are with sanskar only… what this? please cv’s for ur drama’s sake dont edit scenes… hate cv”s for this..

    1. Vyshu10

      haan….y do they always edit swasan scenes??

  7. Vyshu10

    nice ep….d brothers’ talk was gud. Loved d small swasan scene

    1. yes u can see in one segment or olv he came back from jail as his mother bailed him he came to patna where swara goes for music charity function.(actually its planed by sahil, no one knows this) . there he asks forgiveness frm her by doing wrong things to swasan, but swara didnt frgave him and scolds him and tels him to go away. he goes i think after this he kidnaps her.. sanskar is not there only she came.. u can watch olvs…

      1. Vyshu10

        oh…i have seen those olvs bt i thought dat patna scenes r before puja scene…got it now.

  8. In the repeat telecast many scenes r cut please don’t do this after memory again swasan romantic scenes was cut, n yesterday sujata scenes with raglak was fully excluded, I watch repeat telecast next day after ready updates at as I return by 9.45 pm, please colors channel don’t delete scenes in the repeat telecast

  9. Nice episode.. well balanced… nd hea der was a very cute RagLak scene.. not mention in this WU. V got a glimpse f old Naughty lucky

  10. wow after long time got some raglak scens it was a balanced epi of swasan and raglak after all this what we wanted equal screen space for raglak and ya found that old laksh today laksh to lucky i hope sahil will get out of this show soon want to see swasan raglak romance after all both couples are dam to hot love u raglak and ya happy ramzan to all raglakians and others

  11. Again boring episode please cvs show some swasan and raglak cute scene and anu you are right bangles are with sanskar

  12. Wow….i loved todays episode….mostly sanlakadharsh bonding
    ….n sanky u r so cute…..swasan looking too adorable….loved their scenes but cvs edites some scenes….always they will edit swasan scenes….anyways love u swasan

    N happy that they balanced 2 couples

  13. Good episode..tanks anu for the information..am from kerala new here.i knew it pari will join hands with sahil ..am eagarly waiting for sharmishta’s negative avatar..swasan and raglak were cute..

  14. Is serial ke sabhi negative characters bohot jadha khatarnak hote hea..I want to say ki ragini ne swara ko nadhi me dhakka de dia..fir laksh ragini ka kidnap ur badh me janse marne ki koshis..kavita ne rag ki masi ko mar dala..fir kavya ne laksh ko jail bejha ur khutki murder ke injam me fashi dena cai ur iske sath ek servant ka murder..fir rajat ne swara ko lekar pahar cei kudh gaia.. Ab ye crazy sahil..jishe pyar karta hea uske upar goli cala dhi an pata nehi pari kia karegi sahil ke sath milkar…I think sabse jadha murder sahedh isi series me hua hea..negative characters dhire dhire psycho ban jate hea…I want ask u molu ki sharmista ka negative shade kab ur kiu aega?

  15. After long time there was raglak scene nice episode

  16. Nupur it is spoiler..dont know why will she become negative

  17. i dont tink kidnaping track go long may or may not.. but jdj is going to be long this time as bigg boss also strted they want to air one episode in week not 2days one day jdj and other bigboss… so is there any chance to swara going to kidnap long..

  18. whyyyyyyyyyyy when swara sanskar will unite whennnnnn

  19. I got a doubt how ragini knows that swara knows about pari…in serial they show us like pari did wrong with swara….but they didnt show that ragini knows that swara about pari…illogical scenes…n i cant understand y this fake pregnancy drama….sumi is very strong woman….but now in this track they r showing her very weak n i had heard swasan vs raglak track will come….

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