Swaragini 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sujata asking Annapurna why she is taking Ragini’s side. Annapurna says she is not taking her side, but if we do same like her then what will be difference between us. Ragini hears them. Sujata warns Ragini. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Sujata says atleast she didn’t give us a reply. Annapurna says we did wrong with Swara and couldn’t stop her when she was going. Kavita asks Sanskar if nothing has changed. Sanskar shows something and says it was your last thing and I have kept it safely. Kavita asks if something happened? Why he is looking worried. Sanskar says he has made up his mind that she is no more, and is now making him understand that she is alive. She reminds him of the night before they were about to marry, where Sanskar promises to be with her always. Swara

is still confused about Sanskar’s decision. Kavita hugs Sanskar and tells him that if she loses him again, then she will die. Sanskar gets tensed hearing her words.

Swara cries thinking about Sanskar. Sumi comes and asks what she is doing? Swara says she is preparing for tomorrow. Sumi asks her to eat food, and asks what she is preparing? Swara says she is preparing for Janki maa’s barsi puja. Sumi asks what you are doing? She asks if she wants to prove that she is not getting affected with Sanskar and Kavita’s union. Swara hugs her and cries saying she can’t forget Sanskar. Shekhar comes and sympathizes with her. Swara says she will attend the barsi for the first time and hopes Ragini gets her mum’s blessings. She says she wants old Ragini and not this Ragini who has changed a lot. Shekhar hugs her.

Laksh and Ragini are in the room. He asks her not to let the wound open. Ragini says this wouldn’t have happened if you….Laksh says if I haven’t broken engagement, marriage etc. He asks her not to argue and apply ointment. Just then Dadi comes and reminds Ragini that tomorrow is her mum’s barsi. Ragini says Swara messaged me. Ragini tells Laksh that tomorrow is her mum’s barsi and she wants to sit with him as per the ritual. Dadi says he won’t come. Ragini says I am talking to my husband. Laksh asks about the time and says he will come. He says I can understand about the importance of the day. Dadi says can you wake up so early? Ragini asks Dadi to come with her and asks how can she talk to Laksh rudely? Dadi says I don’t believe on his intentions. Ragini says he is my husband and asks her to go to Baadi. She says she will come with Laksh. Dadi is shocked. Sujata taunts her.

Swara misses Sanskar and cries. She thinks of Kavita’s words and cries. Sanskar is also restless and thinks about Swara. He hears someone playing guitar and thinks Swara has returned. He goes near her and hugs her saying he was missing her. Kavita says she missed him too. Sanskar realizes that she is not Swara and gets uncomfortable. Kavita asks him about the tape in his hand, and says I can understand that your life is moved on. Swara sees Sanskar and turns her face. Sanskar calls her name. Swara tells him that she came to buy some stuff for Janki’s barsi. She asks if everyone is fine at home. Sanskar says I came to meet you and says I couldn’t say anything to you as everything happened in a hurry. Swara asks him not to say and says our relation ended. She says everyone will agree with your alliance with Kavita and talks about their marriage. Sanskar holds her and asks if she thought about them, their relation etc.

Sanskar tells Kavita that he loves Swara. Sanskar asks Swara if she don’t love him. Swara says she doesn’t love him. During the barsi, Janki’s sister comes and tells that her sister is unhappy and she told herself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Tara

    Swaraaaaaaaaaa ???????????????????????? I hateeeeee swara. Hate her to d coreeeeee. ????????????????? First time I’m quitting swaragini.

    • Tara

      Hating* swaragini. Y is she always sacrificing.. oh goddd. Fan fiction writers atleast you also portray her differently. Only ffs r making us happy

  2. Adithi

    Oo.. Lot of confusion in this writers mind I think. They don’t know how to take the track.. Anyway swasan seems were nice as always…

  3. akshant

    thanks hasan for the update. i thought that i will not be able to read today’s episode also like yesterday.

  4. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Such a painfully episode… Loved varun acting..wat an expression only he could do it ..

  5. ammu

    arre yaar swara r u mad??? now sanskar wants u n u r?????.?pls dont say that i dont luv sanskar pls i beg of u

  6. Anita

    I feel that swara is heartbroken. ….but please how can she say that she doesn’t love sanky…..
    Can’t u see his love through his eyes…(last seen was awsm….while sanskaar was talking to swara..)
    Just hope everything gets sorted out soon?

  7. ammu

    n wat a fast update h hasan …….thnx…….first sanskar loved swara ehile she hated him.
    then swara loved sandkar while he hated her
    n now sanskar wants her n she is rejecting….wat is going on in this??? me not understanding anythng!!!!!!! swasan fan

  8. ammu

    n wat a fast update h hasan …….thnx…….first sanskar loved swara ehile she hated him.
    then swara loved sandkar while he hated her
    n now sanskar wants her n she is rejecting….wat is going on in this??? me not understanding anythng!!!!!!! swasan fan

  9. rosy

    That scene was heavenly where sanky says abt closing the curtains and swara too replyng him bt remaining detached frm each oder…awesum heart it

  10. Saranya

    Pls writers don’t drag swasan union. If it is raglak means it is meaningful yar. B’cos of rags attitude. But for swasan it is not matching. For raglak pls drag the good love story.

  11. XOXO

    Instead of showing new Swasan scenes they are showing old scenes… Most of the serial goes in flashback… We are fed up please start Swasan track… N end this Kavita and Mausi track ASAP before your viewership goes for a toss

  12. Shelly

    Omg Sanskar there are three girls in love with you.
    Kavita, Swara and Me…
    Swara don’t do this !
    I don’t think Kavita’s intentions are genuine. She is definitely upto something. The new VAMP

  13. Guys, I feel like crying. What the hell is this ,, why did swara say she does not love sanskaar?? Why , why always she wants to become a Devi?

  14. Aditi Singh

    wow guys nice epi….happy to know that he wanted to hug swara unfortunately she was cavity….
    last part was really very very very nice ,mind blowing,superb….
    i don’t know what problem that writers have with SWASAN they always show their scene in the last and also incomplete…..
    how to wait till tomorrow….
    hope to see SWASAN together soon….
    guys 14th Feb is Sunday are u guys sure that they will unite till that day…
    1 more question guys….will our SWASAN will unite any day?will we get to see our SWASAN together forever? plzzzzz tell me……thank…

  15. Neha

    Guys I have read some comments DAT there will be something gonna happen on 14th Feb..can anyone tell me exactly what is gonna happen on 14th feb…. Plzz reply

  16. Neha

    Why did u tell that u don’t love sanskar, swara..plz don’t do this…plz reunite with sanskar soon…n give us happiness.. Luv u swasan

  17. silly

    I didnt understand the precap… Firstly swara said that shw would accept sanskaar’s decision as the final decision. Nw when he is confessing his love y is she denying hers… How long will this drag???

  18. siya

    Am really furious… Shit… Guys I really worried after reading Sandy update.. God I won’t be true… V oly want swasan…

  19. Can’t see swasan separately ,hate cavity n sujata ,it was swara who helped dp instead of cavity ,sanskars mom is really unthankful lady,I can’t see swara crying.

  20. siya

    Am really furious… Shit… Guys I really worried after reading Sandy update.. God It won’t be true… V oly want swasan…

  21. amee

    Why swara is doing this stupidity wen she knows sanskar loves her more then kavita
    I hate u swara for hurting sanskar not once but 3 tyms
    Nd kavita i m going to kill u

  22. muskaan

    ohhh noo what crab is this precap!!!!!
    how can swara say that….
    how can she just leave her love!!!!!

  23. Aditi Singh

    swara plz don’t do this…plz sanskar don’t listen her listen your heart only…plllllzzzzzzz……we want SWASAN….only SWASAN…..

  24. Rinka

    God knows why are they dragging so much… but in the beginning I didn’t like sanskar’s dialogues to kavita while she hugged him.. he said how he could leave her last memories.. if he starts becoming emotional with her, kavita will get more chance to blackmail him.. and why is swara sacrificing when sanskar is confessing he loves her.. she said she will accept his decision.. then why is she doing like that?? so stupid of her.. she was longing for his love but now herself is ignoring…. I don’t understand… “swara, people don’t get true love in this world and when u r getting u r denying it”.. we fans are saddened.. 🙁

      • Sathya

        Hey, what is the Sandy Comments yar? I couldn’t find it. Can you please tell what was that update which makes everyone sad.

    • Snaars

      Though I’m a silent reader, I would like to clarify that please don’t worry, this is not the first time a false and abnormal rumor is tried to spread by an individual. Chill nothing like this is going to happen. Her alleged news had no major info regarding cavity, whereas the current track is related to cavity. Peace

    • neha

      i hope sandy is wrong.i just cant imagine swalak and ragsan…………only swasan forever….plz make sandy’s rumors wrong

  25. Rithu

    Stop watching this crap guys,let them learn from the worst trp..They may at least start swasan love track or add more swasan scenes then..all fans should stop,I think

  26. rhea

    Plz…unite swasan….swara..don’t change ur mind…i love this scene when sanskaar comes closer to swara…omg omg….i love u sanky

  27. Sree harini

    I really hate helly shah and varun kapoor so much. After all they are making me to feel the charecters and I am spending many sleepless nights because of them. Especially varun …he nails every expression.

    • Anita

      Lol…..i think u r emotionally connected to those characters. …..
      And that’s why your ff stands out from others’
      Love ur ff dr☺☺

  28. Leyla Ramadhani

    swara your love for Sanskar is strong and I believe ur words doesn’t mean anything you say bcz u think sanskar Is still loving Kavita….love you Swara stay strong as always

  29. SWEETY


  30. Anamika

    I hate swara. Why she say she don’t love him? Swara pls look kavitha. She is fighting for her love. Why you are not fighting for ur love??

  31. Shevani

    Seriously! Ppl will stop watching if swara leaves sanskaar…. It will become a flop show then… fans wants them to romance… doesn’t want to see her sacrificing her life…. swarsan … rockss…

  32. ritu

    Ragini ar lakshya ko Mila k ye negative msg jata hai k koi kisi ko pane k liye kisi v had tak Jaye to achha hai chahe isme kitne logo ka nuksaan kyu na ho kitna negative mind hai aaplogo ka bht galat dikha rahe ho plz mind mt krna bt ragini lakshya ko mat milao swara lakshya ka pair achha tha plz finally swalak ko milao ragini ko hatao

  33. Rey

    omg… again i cried alot today i cn’t see swara cryng nd she s heart broken writers plzzz dn’t do this to swara already u hav snatched her 1st luv dis s her 2nd luv if it is broken thn hw she feels… nd swara dn’t do this plzzz tell to sanky that u r n luv with him madly definetely he wn’t leave u nd last scene wow supr sanky comes closer to swara eagerly waiting to watch trmw episode…

  34. Neha

    Oh god last scene was so unexpected their closeness was just so sensuous I loved it especially sanky’s expression and his dialogues but why swara said she doesn’t love him yaar swara itne shock ke bad wo tmhare pas aaya aur tum use duur kar rahi ho kyun ye CVS wale bahut chalak h swasan ki extra closeness dikhakar heart fail karwate h aur phir alag karke heart attack dete h seriously loved swasan scenes

  35. Prit

    I told u before that swara will sacrifice her love for kavita…bcz she is d MAHAN AATMA…GREAT SOUL…now sanky also choosed her and if she will accept sanky kavita’s plan will be flop…instead of supporting sanskar she tried to go away from him…disgusting swara…???

  36. Hey neha loved ur comment.
    The cv’s are very cunning they knw how to lure swasan fans n engage them to see the whole epidode just to see one scene of them.

    • Neha

      Yeah manasmeet ek swasan scene ke liye pura waste episodes dekhna padhta h don’t know what CVS get by irritating us

  37. needhi

    Neha very true.i feel that varun is lead and all r supporting characters(ragini,laksh).Being sanskaars ladylove swara too gets the much required limelight.if sanskaar would have not been in the show i would not have tolerated detective mahaan swara devi and the serial for one day even.i am now thinking to stop watching this drama .i will watch when swasan will unite.i dont have any problem with sanskaars character even now.it has been portrayed well how he cares for his exgirlfriend but love is only for his wife.i am fed up of this swara devi.even i dont like raglak scenes.it just irritates me.varun kapoor the sole reason for watching thus crap.i have never been so much crazy about an actor as i am for varun.

    • Neha

      Yeah needhi I too hate her detectiveness and her being mahan now also she is doing same by saying no to him and thats the reason why sanky was irritated with her it’s just because of varun I am also tolerating this bull shit crap I don’t know why but I don’t want to miss a chance to see him he has made me crazy for him and see needhi how these dumb cvs are cunning we want swasan romance and they are shooting raglak intimacy scenes feel like hitting them

  38. eshu

    blo*dy ediot swara stop the act…..don’t show yourself a great soul…you are mindless person…..

  39. Can someone go and kill that kavita please coz she is so annoying and getting on my nerves. And swara swara swara what are you doing, can’t you just be selfish for once. Go and get what’s yours which is sanskar. That kavita will never take swara’s place and I really hope that soon that kavita gets lost from Swasan lives and never ever comes back.

  40. Tina

    From epi 1 r to till now i hate that naagin dadi ……she is not at all a good person ….it is bcoz of her ragini is like this ,…..hate her to the core ………and kavita …….fed up of her …….kavita pls go away from swasan…

  41. happy

    I do not understand Sujatha. Both swara and kavitha are Bengalies. She accepts Kavitha who does not have father, her mother is blackmailer and went to jail minimum twice. Her family background is unknown. With swara, even though swara proved her worthiness innumerable times still Sujatha does not want her as her daughter-in-law. Why?

  42. nik

    Hiiiii……guyz , now we all hv changed kavitas name 2 cavity. Its so funny cavityyy… N it really suits on hr. So what SWASAN should use 2 get rid of dis cavity ,
    For pep….type1,fr col….2, n fr Ora….3.

  43. happy

    About Kavitha and Kaveri:
    Kavitha wanted to marry Sanskar bcos he was rich. But Durga prasath opposed and oust Sanskar. So no money. So the deo planned and made a fake murder scene and blackmailed Durga prasath for it. When they come to know Durga prasath accepted Sanskar and made him partner too, they wanted to move in. So accidentely showing the photo to Ragini (who would carry such gold mining evidence openly), When she can easily persuade Durga Prasad for lakhs and lakhs of money Kaveri spillls the beans for mere jewellery swara wearing.

    Everything is planned. Now Kavitha saved Durga prasath of murder charge, lost her mother’s support and become orphan and mentally weak so no shock should be given. So even Sanskar does not love her, he will be compelled to lie. She gets golden opportunity to marry him. Very cleaver. Foolish Swara, not to suspect this.

  44. rathi

    Pls don’t separate SwaSan! I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m watching this serial because of SwaSan. First you separated SwaLak, now trying to separate SwaSan! Pls don’t do it. This is Swara’s 2nd love & don’t go for the 3rd, 4th, ….. Therefore finish this with this. If you’ll do so you’ll loss lot of fans. Please fulfil our wish.

  45. rids

    Hello people.. hw r u ? I am tired of hoping and expecting I am just giving up. I ll watch till I feel swasan might happen. .. if the track changes like how sandy said I ll stop watching this serial and tat ll be the end if swaragini for me..

    .I ll think swasan United . Raglak changed nd united nd show ended….

    • Yup. Rids. I think d same cuz do u remember when simar came in swaragini, she gave us a sign that swasan will happen. And then when deepika and ranveer came for the promotion of their movie, they said that it is true love. And then when salman and soonam came for their movie they also gave us a sign that swasan will happen. And I really saw truthness in laksh’ eyes when he save Regina from Kaveri. He thinks bout the past that ragini did all these only cuz she loves him. So I really don’t think that makers will the track and I’ll seperate swasan. Swasan will happen. SWASAN FOREVER

  46. rids

    I was telling my mom what sandy had commented saying marriage divorce marriage divorce … she started laughing and told.. stop creating ur own stories… tat s how lame the track vil be. So I dont think it ll happen ..

    • Neha

      Yeah rids I didn’t too get it if Sandy’s comment is true than its the worst show ever in television industry seriously making a joke of relationships dewar bhabhi becomes pati patni how cheap and mean

      • rids

        Yeah my mom really thought m making up story…. nd she started laughing.. I dont think its true…

  47. Vishve

    What the hell………this swara has no other work than giving pain to sanskar for her personal satisfaction……….i hate her?……i just watch it for sanskar he the one who only seen lots of pain and still he is in pain…….? and I think he even don’t have one happy moments in this drama………WHY ONLY SANSKAR………..i the name of the drama should also be sanskar not Swaragini…………………guys please tell me will swasan unite or not or any other bull shit will happen in the story as it happens in other serial stories……plz tell me

  48. jenny

    In starting when we like swalak CVS separate them now when we want swasan they are going to separate them.They have problem with viewers

  49. ashu

    hey guys there is a good news for raglak fan
    acording to sbs segment they shoot intemacy scene in the show .

  50. ashu

    hey guys there is a good news for raglak fan
    acording to sbs segment they consumate there marraige on the show

    • neha

      ya ashu but they also told what ragini did with laksh n family & what laksh did with ragini after dat ragini should forget that laksh will love him truely….i just hope laksh loves ragini truely n never comes btw our swasan

  51. wellwisher

    i think now kavita will marry laksh and sanskar will stay with swara…ragini will be left alone and will turn a good girl again…show will end

    • Anandi

      show will never end like this. Ekta is very mean.. Don’t think Kavita will leave Sanskaar easily and that stupid Swara will tell Sanskaar her feelings. She shld b selfish atleast for once yaar.

  52. Naveena

    Guys c saas bahu aur betiya Aaj swasan ka segment hai swara by running hugs sanskaar in front of whole family n he hugs her back toooo watch sbs @2:30 today

  53. needhi

    Guys i really dont get what cvs r upto.swara after so much evil deeds by ragini is expecting her to change.wow this girl is really a godess even godess cannot forgive so easily but this girl has the nerves to forgive a killer,kidnapper,blackmailer and pshyco lover ragini.swara devi ki jai ho★now laksh is even following swaras footsteps .he too has become saint and is ready to forgive lunatic ragini.what i think is that both swara and laksh should go to haridwar and should start spreading their spiritual message of forgiving every criminal and at last rewarding these criminal people with what they want as these criminals have put so much effort in commiting sins,so they must be awarded like ragini.

  54. That’s the thing that I don’t understand. After what ragini did people are willing to forgive her for bad deeds. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy to hear that she will soon turn positive but the thing is that if kavita’s mum went to jail but why not ragini. After all she tried to kill her own sister twice, kidnapped her mum, she also blackmailed dp with her snake dadi. So why ain’t she in jail. I’m sorry to say this but I won’t forgive or forget what she did and how much pain she gave to everyone. I know it’s just a drama but this is how I feel. With me it will take time to start liking her the way I liked her before when she was sweet and innocent.

  55. Plz unite swasan and kick out that blo*dy nonsense dump kavita from swasan’s life and from this show. I hearted that that stupid irriting girl will meet wid an accident. Then m praying for kavita’s death.

  56. ani

    Wat is going on in this show… y is this swara saying that she is not loving sanskaar .. pls sanskaar atleast u understand that swara is loving u a lot and as usuasl playing mahaan drama.and plz stop showing this hug scenes between sanskaar and kavita . It irritates me alot

  57. And also I really want that crow kavita out of Swasan’s lives. Who does she think she is, oh yeah she’s just a crow who could just spread her wings and fly away from Swasan lives. Do you get it crow kavita just get lost you weirdo.

  58. Sunshine

    Oh god, not again.
    Why on earth is swara so dumb. Why can’t she see that Sanskar loves her and not kavita. She’s ruining three lives, none of them will be happy. And that kavita is so irritating. Why can’t she be mature enough and move on with her life and leave sanskar alone. Writers, please make it a nice serial like before. There’s no need to bring in exes and rekindle romances amymore. Stick to the main pairs and leads. I’ve not watched this serial from a long time, but have made it a point to follow the written updates. Don’t drag it and make the audience so frustrated that they stop watching it completely. It’s becoming better, make it the best like before and quickly. Don’t take a year to make it good.

  59. siya

    Hey… San n kavi got engaged.. San n kavi exchanging ring each infront of whole family.. Swara too there… I can’t control myself.. It broke my heart… feel like crying… Dunno how will v able watch that episode…??nowadays am keepin tissue paper while watching…I guess that day I have to use it more….

    • rids

      Me too.. my brother asked me to keep bucket while watching swaragini.. two days hv cried. Today dont know what vil happen…

  60. naz

    Plzzzzzzzzz don’t separate swasan bcz they r d glittering stars of the serial and most of us r d fans of swasan.we r waiting for swasan romance

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