Swaragini 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laksh announcing that he wants to marry Ragini again if Swara and Sanskar don’t have any objection, then he will marry her on their mandap. Sanskar and Swara says ofcourse…..happily. Ragini gets teary eyes and emotional. Laksh bends down on his knees and asks Ragini can I marry again with you if you don’t have any objection. Can we do all the rituals again together. Ragini cries and says yes. Laksh thanks her. He hugs her infront of everyone. Everyone is happy. Ragini gets shy. They take Durga Prasad’s blessings. Durga Prasad says you both have taken a right decision. Sanskar tells Swara that they are looking happy. Swara says they are marrying as they love each other. She looks at him lovingly. Annapurna asks him not to act with Ragini. Laksh says I have realized my

mistake and thought to give a chance to Ragini. If I can be forgiven, then why can’t she. Annapurna is happy for her and says I am proud of him. Laksh thinks nobody is understanding him.

Swara comes to Ragini and thanks her as they are again talking because of Laksh’s announcement. Ragini says I am very happy as Laksh have started loving me. She asks why you snatch my happiness again. She says I got happiness after you left from here. She asks can I trust you Swara? Swara says you shall make a list. I shall question you. Will I reach to the mandap? Ragini asks her to stop talking nonsense and answer her simple question. She says she is worried about her Maasi’s talk. Swara says Maasi is lying. Ragini says I know that she is not lying. Swara says if you don’t trust me then it is okay, but my today’s plan will expose her. She says Urvashi is maligning Janki’s image and hurting Sumi and her also. Ragini asks what she is going to do.

Swara says I will not tell you. Ragini says I knew that some drama will happen if you return home. She says that’s why Janki is signing her. Swara asks her not to accept that Janki can harm anyone. She says she will take help of someone, who will help her in every way. Ragini asks whom? Kavita comes. Swara thanks her and says special guest is here with us. Kavita greets them. Urvashi gets tensed. Sujata asks Annapurna who called Kavita here. Annapurna asks Kavita to come inside. Kavita says okay and comes inside. Ragini asks Swara what Kavita is doing here. Swara says Kavita will help me in bringing Urvashi’s truth out. Ragini says I hope you are not doing wrong. Swara asks her not to worry.

Sanskar asks Kavita what she is doing here? Kavita asks what did I do that your smile vanished seeing me? She says she is called here by Swara. Swara tells him that she has invited Kavita. Kavita says I felt bad hearing that you have a doubt on me, and says she has moved on in life. She greets everyone. Sanskar asks Swara, why did you call Kavita here. Swara says we can keep an eye on her if she is here. We can know that if your doubt is right or not.

Swara tells Sanskar that she wants to trust on Kavita, and says she needs to know the truth. Sanskar asks what you are going to do? Swara says I have a plan. Sanskar asks her to tell. Swara says you are already tensed and asks him to leave everything on her. Sanskar asks her to take care and asks her not to let his love lose. Uttara calls Durga Prasad and Annapurna, and make them dance on the song Shava Shava. Annapurna gets shy. Kavita says I will teach you both. Swara asks Ragini and Laksh to come, as it is their sangeet today. Ragini says she don’t want to dance. She asks why you are doing this. Swara says time has come to bring out the truth. Kavita wonders why Swara called me. Laksh takes Ragini to dance. Swara asks Kavita to come with her. She says I have a plan. Ragini looks at Swara. Swara asks Kavita to do something and asks her to keep eye on Urvashi. Kavita gets shocked and asks why? If anything happened? Swara says I have a doubt that Urvashi is trying to stop my marriage. Urvashi says okay, and says you can trust me. Swara says I trust you a lot.

Annapurna shows the sarees to Sumi and says she has chosen this for Swara. Sumi says your choice is good. Kavita tells Swara through hidden microphone that she is keeping an eye on Urvashi. Urvashi takes her to side and asks what happened to her. Kavita signs her not to speak and says swara have made plan to catch you. She says I don’t know and will inform you. She wears microphone again seeing Swara coming and asks Urvashi to hide. Swara asks what happened Kavita. Kavita says I had fallen and my ear piece fell too. She asks her to go and says she will keep an eye on Urvashi. Uttara calls Swara. Swara says I will just come in 2 mins after going to washroom. Kavita thinks I have to stop Swara else my truth will come out also.

Sumi slaps Urvashi and asks her not to dare coming towards her daughters. Urvashi says you all will never be happy and tells Ragini that she will repent for trusting Swara. Sanskar says he will face the trouble before it hits Swara. Swara asks her to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh God.. What to say.. Swara got a right person for her plan.. Really very clever.. Ha ha.. Velangidum..
    But innum precap adukagadan waiting..

  2. wow.. swara u surprised us by telling that want to keep eye on kavita also… good going… swsan super.. sanskar dialouge super not to let his love lose… precap if anyone try to harm swara they have to face sanskar first…

  3. as per today sbs segment chugalkor aunty told and kanchi also posted her pic with namish in her insta.. this news is correct or not dont know but try to share with you all..

    kanchi singh to enter swaragini.
    kanchi singh will join the cast of swaragini., and will be essaying the role of lakshya’s girl friend in the show.
    according to reports, kanchi’s entry will bring new twists in the story line. if sources are to be believed that she will be essaying the new lead opposite to laksh aka namish taneja in the show. and a new love story between laksh and her will begin.
    what will happen next? is this end of ragini&laksh love hate story saga? is tejaswii leaving swaragini?
    we will try to dig out the more info on her entry and character in the story line. till then stay tuned.

  4. after much tym felt some relief

  5. Swara has done a good job by not telling Kavitha abt her plan… But dnt knw wat this Laksh is upto…

  6. How dare ragini speak to swara in such a way….she is d one who snatches swara ‘ s happiness n dis happiness that she got after swara left is going to turn into so much pain….I so want laksh to betray ragini badly…she deserves it.
    Ragini needs to realize dat she is d one who is evil n not swara. How dare she blame n accuse swara.
    Nyways laksh’si ex-gf is going to enter soon so d so called ‘innocent’ ragini will get wat she deserves

    1. Well said dear ye ragini jai sare fasad ki jad ……. She did wromg with swara or abhi bhi usko hi blam kar rahi hai apni galti na mani usneu abhi tak family ke samney laksh teek kar raha hai iske sath just hate her yaar

  7. hey guys… rids, nik, sree harini , Tara, lee , neha , n all swaragini n swasanians…how are yo all..I loved Swasan conversation today…

    1. Haiii bhuvi hw r u … m good… yeah… ragini s not realising her mistakes… y s laksh again spoiling her simply…

    2. Hi bhuvi evn i luvd dat part n ya swasan look cool n today i juz got impreszd by swara wen she said to keep an eye on kavi also

      1. hi…rids nik bembi…though I don’t like ragini .. am really feeling very bad for her..lucky is playing same game with her… before he played with her emotion for sanskar n family sake…he didn’t think to hurt her… but this time his intention to hurt her…

  8. Ya precap is awesum specially sanky’ line…. Superb
    Love u swasan

    1. Hiiii…bhuvi, rids,jolly n Lee. How r u guys???? Don’t know what’s happening in dis show n d big question is dat who will die???? I think it will b sumi…..what do u all think????

      1. Nikkk… hw r u.. hello… finally old people r coming back nd messaging… m good… yes I loved yesterday s episode… over all good….. no I think it is going to be kavitha… please not sumi…

      2. no… I don’t sumi to die… I want kavitha or urvasi to die…

      3. Hi nik i saw a spoiler of 4 feb n in dat it was said dat maybe ” swara is going to die in d show ” but i dont know if its gonna happen

      4. Ya I also don’t want sumi to die. Dida already left n if sumi ll also die dn swara ll b all alone.ya I know sanky is dr but as we can see more dn love de argue n ft. N honestly de don’t trust each odr as we can see in current trk.For silly reasons de r arguing .
        sorry for dis statement but its fact. Sorry once agn……..

      5. it is urvashi who is going to die and kavitha is behind this.but she wil trap swara and swara will be taken to jail:(

  9. Looks like Colors Swaragini want to bring all the past ex-girlfriends of both the leads.Recently we have seen how Nikita Sharma entered the show Kavita, Sanskar’s ex-love and TRP raised in the same way we are going to see Kanchi Singh who was last seen as Avni in Zee TV Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya to emigrate as Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) ex-girlfriend.Colors Swaragini promo says Lakshya will throw out Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) once Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) marriage happens. But now the current track focusing on Lakshya and Ragini’s re-marriage too.So in what Kanchi will enter the show. Will she also turn into negative to get her love back?Well says “What goes around, comes around.”Does Ragini have to go through the same pain what she gave to her sister Swara?

  10. i really love our detective swara

  11. Nice episode

  12. just nervous Incase ragini becomes mean again anyone with me?

  13. Nice… Pls writers not only mass but also revealed the kavitha’s truth as soon as possible. And unite Swasan,raglak & swaragini. At least try to show their team to reveal the truth ( not only swaragini including sanlak as well) pls.

  14. hey guys!!!!!
    i have posted the SPOILERS of swaragini….read it now……here is the link


  15. Name of show should be changed to swaragini the love triangle….
    Now writers are going make new entry..laksh ex..srsly..wth..writer doesn’t have better story line that’s why repeating same track..stuck with love triangles..
    & swaragini characters r so much confusing yesterday laksh was giving expressions like everything is OK..he has accepted ragini..genuinely.. & today..y so much confusion wid characters..
    N did ragini agn blaming I think she has lost her memory wat she did wid swara..n swara taking help of kavita to bring truth out..wow..good lady James Bond..couldn’t get anyone else..writer is totally mad..

  16. Even though this bewakoof cvs want his love triangles.. Rags ka ex lana chahiye tha..kuchh toh interesting hota…at least rags ko bhi toh koi nhi hai..start se.. lksh mila wo bhi..dhoka de raha..at least rags ka aata..toh aur interisting hota..kbse sbke ex leads ke picche pade hai..first swara den sans nw laksh..poor rags..idiot writer..lksh ka gf lane kya zaroorat thi..aur laksh ka gf kaha se aa gai..pehli sans ki dead gf ko zinda krdiya..ab ise kaha se utha laye..I think simar ke patal lok se mili hai..
    Since beginning dey r showing love triangles nly..there’s no end of dis track..sbka ex aa gya..ghatiya soch writer….
    Change the story line..

    1. angel dear I totally agree with u…I think they have totally lost it…sach me agar rags ka bf hota to bohat bohat bohat interesting hota really…from day 1they r only showing love triangle…I think they have fallen in love with love triangles like seriously…bakwas…

    2. im with u on that sis i wanna see lakhs expression wen rags ex comes on

  17. Nice episode. Infact very interesting.

  18. Oh com on ragini .have u lost ur mind???????u snatch swara’s happiness. Gee men ……..stop behaving like a b*t*h now .I jus hope laksh betray the way u betray swara and as to u massi n kavita I hope y’all truth com out soon bec I keep hating y’all every second.

  19. For a second I tat swasan relationship was gonna gonna be in jeopardy …love the precap. So sweet of sanskar to face the trouble for swara.:* 🙂 … I think urvashi deserve 2 slaps n 1 is OK for kavita . what do u guys think ??????.

  20. I really don’t understand the fan following for this serial. . This serial is so lame.. that swara looks like a child artist.. and ragini talks like she has asthma..

    1. Lol You’re so funny
      Yeah now that you mentioned you’re right about that ragini she talks like though that she has asthma.

    2. Lol so true…srsly ragini talks like she has asthma n swara looks sooooo younger dan ragini.

    3. anitha anitha

      Hmmmm very true

    4. U r right.. I agree this serial has stupidest story line.but right from the frst episode everyone has started watching this serial. Atleast most of us. So irrespective of hw bad the story line goes or hw much I try not to watch I vil end up watching this srrial atleast in bits nd pieces. Since we hv watched it from EPI 1 there s sense of belonging. May be . Ashoka serial used to come 9 to 10..wewatch tat… then they added this serial9 30 to 10… so we used to continue. Nd then got attached ..

  21. Upcoming twists. Ex of sujata n dadi to enter next.. to raise trps;-)

    1. Hahaha lol wat a sarcastic comment yaar

  22. m commenting after so many silence. this serial is totally disgusting day by day. the serial exposing only one character swara not ragini.story line has been changed frequently. wat the hell they are doing .I mean the writer. sob problem sanskar se shuru hua.now he is given the all those for which lakhy deserves. sanskar loved kavita deeply. so he wanted to take revenge and separated swara and lakhs.now he doesn’t love kavitha.ha ha pyar ka matlab to samjho na sanskar. swara the great dramebaj .one more thing this serial became famous due to ragini’s negative role. so credit goes to ragini.i was swalak fan.but now I hate swara and sanskar both.swara is a good actress but kuch nehi hei acting me jo ragini me hei.frens better you should move to krishnadasi. its a nice serial with different story

  23. anitha anitha

    First of al vil it really happen in life like tis , n nobody has tat so called common sense , the writer s so dumb he or she does not even know how to write a story , except marrying hundred n one times n quarreling wit each other , don they hav any other work expect telling bla bla abt love ,, mad people

  24. All swalak fans blame sans for their separation..n wo bhi ek reason tha separation ka..bt swara aur laksh bhi nahi bacha paye khudke rln ko..I m regular viewer of SR since beginning I used to like swara n lksh pair..mujhe laga jab sans shadi ke din swara ko dhudne gaya mujhe lga..swara aur lksh ka marriage hoga..swara time pe aa jayegi mujhe bilkul aisa nai laga ki wo log..swra aur sans ka pair banayenge..bt lksh already rags se shadi kr chuka tha..n after calling a girl characterless.. A girl hvng self respect kbhi uski life me nai jayegi..aur usme uski behen ka husband ho..aur..rahi bat sans ki toh usne apni mistake har bar rectify krne ki koshish ki..krvachauth wale din bhi usne swra ko kha lksh pass Jane ke liye kha..even though wo uski wife hai..uske baad bhi usne swara ko manaya lksh ko chance dene ke liye..aur wo kya karega..agr swara Hi nhi chahti toh..agr sans bhi swara pr trust nai krta aur agr uske character pr sawal uthata..jb rags be misunderstanding create kri thi swara aur lksh ke honeymoon papers dikhake toh..me khti swara ko sans ko bhi chhodna chahiye bt sirf sans be uspe trust kiya firse..
    Aur aaj bhi woh swara ke liye sbke..agnst khada hota fir chahe wo kavita bhi kyu na ho..m not sans fan or vk fan or swara fan..bt as regular viewer.. N after reading comments of all swalak fanz..This is wat I think…even i used tk like der pair..i knw..sans did wrong in d past bt after realising mistake he tried his best to reunite dem..agr sans nhi hota toh lksh ne swara kaha hai..ye find krne ki bhi try nhi ki..aur jab wo wapas aayi toh ye bhi nai socha agr use chhodna tha toh wo wapas kyu aayi..wapas aane ke baad bhi usne use blame krna nai chhoda..n dis is really wrong..I knw dis jst drama..bt den too I wanted to express my views on it..
    Sry thoda jyada likh diya….bt as SR viewer this is wat I think..
    D show will loose d trp if dey again spoil d leads character…. N try spoil d relationship which appreciated by viewers till nw..like swra n sans..

    1. Ya u r ryt yaar n also i think dat d impact of dis show is much more on u as compared to others n ya m juz joking but i agree wid u

      1. No..it’s nt like dat..it is my fvt show..bt its getting irritating nw..dats y I said

    2. Haiii angel exactly like u there r many of us who hv watched this serial from first episode. Nd no matter hw much they spoil the story we still watch hoping for change. Nd all these doubt s tat u hv had. We all hv had discussion about these before . Like swalak fans saying ragini created misunderstanding but wen ragini created misunderstanding between swasan nd swalak wth honeymoon papers…. laksh asked her to give explanation but sanskaar askd his mom to keep quiet nd supported her… tat s wen we swasan fans said now no one should have complaints about swalak not re uniting .

      Nd yes sanskaar had the courage to accept his mistakes nd become sooo good but ragini even yesterday she blamed swara.

  25. All swalak fans always blame sans..n wo bhi ek reason tha separation ka..even though i used to like der pair and bonding..nw m nt vk fan or sans fan or swara fan..i want say something..yess sans was d reasin bt..bt swlk bhi khudke rln ko nhi bacha paye..yes he tried to separate dem bt usne..kiski ko harm nhi kiya like rags..n he also tried to reunite dem on d date of mrg he tried to find swra..which should hv been done by lksh..muje lga swra time pe aa jayegi mujhe bilkul nhi laga ki wk log sans swara ka pair banayenge..swra waps aane ke baad bhi lksh ne swra ko nahi puchha ki wo kaha thi use chot kaise lgi..evn though swra explained everything he shud trust her..bt he never..
    N rahi baat sans ki toh usne glti ki bt us mistake ko rectify krne ki puri koshish ki..krvachauth wale din bhi usne kha sw ko use lksh ke paas jana chahiye aur baad me bhi usne sw ko manaya lksh chance de ke liye..agr swara nahi chahti toh wo kya kare..aur wo bhi galat nahi..after calling characterless aur usme uska devar plus jija..wo kaise jayegi..it would be wrong..
    M nt sans fan swara fan or lksh hater/fan
    As a regular viewer of SR dis is wat I think if..sans ne swara ke character pr sawal uthata ya uspr trust nai krta at time when rags tried to create mu btn sans n swara by showing lksh n swara honeymoon papers..I would say swara shud leave sans also bt agn sans trusted swara..bt lksh questioned her..even though she is sans wife he can give her gift which so normal….
    N now..also he stands for swara agnst everyone fir wo kavita bhi kyu na ho..fir swara usse kitna bhi hurt kyu na kare..n dis wat..trust n rln is..bt I hope writers do not spoil der rln also it would really disgusting den..bcz de wer together al d time n trp ws high..
    Sry thoda jyada ho gaya I know dis is juzz drama..bt wanted to express my views..as m regular SR viewer since beginning..
    D show will loose trp if dey spoil lead characters..relation which is appreciated by viewers till nw like swarasans..

    1. u r absolutely corret……I completely agree with u 🙂

  26. I hate this serial. I do agree with naina

  27. sakshi ajishma

    stupid!!ragini is so sweet&her voice 2oo…and also she luks more cuter day by day!!

  28. in twitter and if page i saw swara is in jail? why she is in jail? what going to happen on sangeeth? she look so shattered?? something happend which is we have to see.. in tb video kavita said on sangeeth swara will comes to know about her but some more drama is there.. now swara is in jail.. i think somethink going to happen swara ging to be framed… and ends up injail…
    where is sanskar? hope nw he is in action.. he have to save her.. where is sanskar and wht going to hapn? hw she ends up in jail? hope sanskar comes to know about kavita.. i think marriage get halted for some time.. now its sure.

    1. Wat !!! is it true?????

    2. Wat?? Omg… so Swasan marriage won’t happen… I knew it… kavi ll do some drama like.. Swara ll be blamed for kavitha or urvasi murder.. but they are not actually dead.. n threaten sanskar n put two conditions that marry her(kavitha) n leave Swara .. then they ll release Swara from jail… sanskar accept this condition..like other serial…

    3. swasan will get married…..bcz literally d viewers have threaten the director if they separate swasan den dey have to pay for it….soo chill…our sanky will get her out 🙂

    4. are yo sure that its police station??actually I too saw that image…but it looks someone kidnapped n kept her inside that bar…the wall of that room is so old…that’s y asking… is it confirmed that she Is under police custody ???

    5. guys i saw nikita aka kavita insta where she posted her pic with urvashi mausi and she is going to attend sangeeth and did there something and its land upon swara and she goes to jail.. sanskar or ragini saves him… hope think so.. in tb video age sangeet mai bahuth drama hone wali hai and swara comes to know that kavita and masi together doing.. (in sangeet mausi and kavita again do something to create problem in swasan wedding to stop their wedding)..
      nikita stated that with pic “s#swaragini#kavita#urvashi masi#high -drama#twist#turn #shoot”
      kavita and masi will do something against swara and she lands up in jail.. hope sanskar to see in action… to save his princess… can we hope swara and sanskar comes to know about kavita true intentions? now… hope for best want to see swasan maarige soon… and sanskar is action…

      1. Yes…new twist is that maasi is murdered by kavita and the blame comes on swara…..she will be in jail…ragini and sanskaar will join hands to find kavita as they know she is behind the murder…dey both will console swara…swasan hugs each other…..laksh is not there in the video…….
        watch it in youtube desifeedvideo……….

  29. superb episode but same precap

  30. Is there any way to change this fan fiction thing to a separate page..cuz its getting difficult to find the actual update… :/

    1. Hi alaika yaar u can click on “written updates only” tab to find d actual update

  31. Tejaswi ningalude valya oru fansaanu njangal

  32. Nothing new .Dis is second tm swara going to jail. Just enjoy it guyz. Everything ll hpn except marriage.

    1. Plz tell me wen was d 1st wen swara was in jail as i dint watch d show before august

      1. For ragini’s kidnapping .

      2. Swara did not go to jail…. for ragini s kidnapping… they just threatened her…

      3. rids u remmbr wn simar cm at dat tm swara was arrested for attacking on ragini after hr kidnapping. But at dat tm it was for short duration n she cm out wid simar’s help.N u r correct it was not for knping but for attacking on ragini. So we can say dat dis is second tm swara going to jail.

      4. Guyz we were guessing dat SWASAN marriage n union on v-day but d current trk of murder n jail is indicating dat drag ll cross dis expected day also.So I hv already set new tmlimit n dat is festival of clrs holy.

  33. Onscreen swara n kavita r rivals but off screen de r besties. I hv seen sm of dr dubsmashes n one of dm includes varun also n in dat de said tamasha dialogue “Jo kahenge jhoot kahenge -varun said,jhoot se siwa kuch nhi kahenge -helly said ,n wat hpns in Corsica -Nikita said, stays in Corsica -trio said it togdr.” It is very nice.

  34. Guys since you review the comments,i am writing this..please see it and take action.
    You are giving writers an opportunity to write and publish them,thats a really good thing.But its so annoying to search for the written episode,i had to swipe 9 pages for the written update of 5th Feb.
    Please shift the written episodes to a specific area so that people like me who are willing to only read those rather than all fan fiction.
    Please take some action.

    1. There is a green coloured filter in the home page,it has been there since October and it is only for written updates .

  35. Swara ll b behind bars in urvashi masi murder charge dats really sad but good thing is dat prince is supporting his princess n swaragini sisters r bk. Sanskar ll go in jail to meet swara n ll cansole hr n ragini too ll go to meet swara wid homemd food for her n she ll feed swara wid her own hands. Now sanskar n ragini ll join hands to prove swara innocence.

  36. raglak fans chill!!#
    there is a great news for u.
    kanchi singh wil not enter swaragini.
    she clarrified thisin her instagram.so chill.
    and about namish and kanchi‘s photo they clicked it at the airport when they met.
    so there will be no entry of laksh‘s ex-gf.

    1. for more details about swara in jail read my spoiler http://www.tellyupdates.com/spoiler-for-swaragini/

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