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The Episode starts with Ragini and Laksh hugging each other and unite. Ragini asks him to go and gets teary eyes. Sanskar thinks why Swara’s phone is not connecting and thinks things must be sorted now by now. Laksh comes home. Mansi says today is your last day, I mean as you told your truth to your family, so today is your last day as Abhimanyu. Laksh calls Mishka’s name. Mansi says Mishka was upset so aarti took her out. Laksh says we will go with Mishka. Mansi insists that they shall go now. She gets Nikhil’s call and acts as talking to Doctor. She says we will reach your farmhouse soon, and thanks him. Nikhil says he is with her. They leave. Swara shouts for help. Laksh and mansi are about to leave. Sanskar comes there and apologizes to Mansi for doubting on her. Mansi says it was my husband’s

mistake that he came infront of Laksh’s car. Sanskar tells that he came to take Swara. Mansi says Swara is aarti and I am sure you is her husband. Laksh smiles.

Swara frees her hands and shouts asking Sanskar to stop Laksh, but Laksh is already left with Mansi. Mansi sees Sanskar calling Laksh and switches off his phone. Swara comes out and tells Sanskar that Mansi is a cunning woman who wants to kill Laksh today. Sanskar gets shocked. Swara tells that Mansi have hidden Mishka somewhere in the house. She calls Ragini. Ragini happily tells her that Laksh came there. Swara asks her not to worry and tells about Mansi’s dangerous plan to kill Laksh, and asks her to come to Mansi’s house to save Mishka. Ragini is shocked.

Mansi asks Laksh to drive fast and says if Doctor leaves from farm house then it will be a trouble. She asks him take a right turn. Sanskar and Swara are following them in car. Swara asks Sanskar to drive fast. Laksh sees the secluded place and looks on. Ragini comes to Mansi’s house and calls Mishka’s name. Swara tells Sanskar that they must be there. Ragini searches for Mishka in the house and hears her voice coming from cupboard. She gets shocked and opens the cupboard. Mishka takes a heavy breathe as her mouth is tied up. Ragini frees her hands and opens cloth from her mouth. Mishka faints on Ragini. Ragini shouts Mishka.

Mansi asks Laksh to stop the car as they reach the cliff of mountain. She asks him to get down the car. Laksh gets down and asks Mansi what kind of place is this? Which Doctor will come here. Nikhil comes and hits on his head. Laksh turns and sees his face. Laksh says Nikhil..you are alive. Nikhil smirks. Mansi shakes hand with him and says hello Doctor. Nikhil smiles. Laksh is shocked. Goons come there. Nikhil asks them to beat Laksh. They beat Laksh with hockey sticks. Mansi and Nikhil enjoy seeing him getting beaten by goons. Laksh falls down on the sand. Nikhil tells that he has managed to stop Swara and Nikhil. Laksh faints.

Swara and Sanskar come there with Police and get Nikhil and Mansi arrested. Laksh and Sanskar marry Ragini and Swara again. They enter the house as a newly weds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap-Step towards a blissful end…*blank.. Hate u colors tv …

  2. what a lovely scene of raglak hug, jus fabulous were both of them. in precap both couples look so pretty together. so gong to miss the serial a lot tat too teju n namish a lot.

  3. Pirassenadevi

    So how many episodes are remaining

  4. OMG wt a precap??? cant wait for tomorrow
    And today awww raglak hug. ……..mein tho Mar gaya ???
    And soooo sadly saying that there are only 9 epiii r remaining ????
    Plzzzzz cvs dnt end swaragini. ……???

  5. Wow ragini and laksh wedding and now we can see thier romance.i love raglak

  6. Friends is swaragini ending tomorrow?

  7. Haasan ma’am raglak conversation is missing in the update


    Ufff high suspense…
    What kind of precap is that…. like if tomorrow was the last episode!!!
    Thanks Hasan mam for update

    1. Mahiraaa dear even me2 thinking d same … it’s like they gonna end tomorrow… n may b they gonna show us Maha episode … dun know where should i go in cry … *hug

      1. MAHIRA

        *emotional bear hug*
        uuff… let’s enjoy the last moments… hope some more Swasan moments… i really miss them
        waiting for today’s episode subtituled version to be updated

  9. Mona146

    I really expected ragini or swara to become pregnant many times. Sadly it never happened.

    1. Mona146

      I agree with Namish statements that swaragini has lot of potential but production house made some mistakes and it is ending now.

  10. oh plz don’t ent it..plz plz..I miss this series badly…plz colours channel don’t end it..humble request to u..I am big fan of colours..only because of this series..plz..hum logo ki bat manlo..

  11. Superb.thanks for ragsan.update soon.

  12. Sorry for wrong reply

  13. Adishu

    What was that???????
    matlab unbelievable…. these CVS really want us to kill them… hate you…
    guys is really we r going to lose our SR…. really??? my badest nightmare is coming to be true…. the song they used in precap “khusion ka bahaar ” but it was a “DHUKHON KA PAHAD” (mountain full of miseries)….what type of happy moment it was which made me cry… hate u colors TV…. hate u…

  14. Srusti

    Precap was amazing but very sad our swaragini is going to end in 2 weeks coz i never watch colors after swaragini serial is off air

  15. Athira

    I’ll miss you raglak… plz come back with another serial as couples…

  16. Hey this week swaragini ends

  17. Ha ha ha

  18. MAHIRA

    hey… LAksh and Ragini will adopt the little Mishka, really??? just saw the video on net of their come back to home and she’s by their side… this is a happy ending for Raglak
    and Swasan are just looking amazing… already missing them…

    1. Mica

      seem YESS……
      that’s why today scene, there was Ragini to save Mishka, not Swara or Laksh or Sanskar or even Ram Prashad.. it’s Ragini.
      be someone who ever kidnapped Miskha (even Ragini did it for a good reason) , Ragini somehow left a scratch in Mishka’s heart.
      but then, Ragini comes to her as her SAVIOR, her hero.. it’s somehow develop mother-daughter bonding and Mishka will know that Ragini can be a trusted mother for her.
      Laksh will be one and only father that Miskha ever know …

      1. Micuuuuuuuuuu !!! Say me that Kasam is going to end… n our SR will come back with extension or season 2… !!! say me… !!! say meeee… tell me it’s trueeeeeeee…. if it’s true i will bjumo from flyover… *hug Micaaaaaaa tight…

    2. Haaaa Mahira RagLak will adopt Mishka … n after that family members will demand babies from Swaragini… awww what a blissful moments that would b..
      all d cast of SR is looking beautiful… i m fan of their make up costume… i love all about them …SwaSan RagLak were looking breatg taking… Laksh n Sanskar filled their wives mind with a cute intense eyelock…. !!! awwwww…. just crying crying crying…. huhhh after watching d videos i can’t concentrate on any work.. !! but i dun know why my heart says something is unexpected coming to us…. crazy heart…
      Then what about Uttara n Chirag? oh God plzz don’t end SR.. plzzzzzzzz !!!

      1. sorry for typos…
        -it’s manggg … they will fill their wives maangg with vermilion…
        -breath taking…

      2. Mica

        Kakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *hug andy cry together

  19. ARs

    Will miss swaragini so much… ???

  20. Its not fair I hate it. Swara has to save Laksh! Why can’t Ragini save her own husband? Why does it have to be Swara! I hate it!

    1. Mica

      haaaa… you are soo damn right Anika! why Swara didn’t call ragini and say “ragini, save Laksh!, mansi try to kill him!”
      Ragini replied” where is he now Swara ? ”
      Swara answered ” i dunno Ragini, you can ask google map to find Laksh, or you can follow your heart or let Sanskar pick you from baadi first, you both can looking for Laksh together, here i’ll searching for Mishka!”
      and they can pray , wishes Laksh to not killed first as time passed.

      1. MAHIRA

        i just love you little sister!!!!! this is exclty what i tought when i read that…
        Dear Anika, It’s nit Swara who is saving Laksh, but his brother Sanskar who is supported by Swara… God, Swara was tied up in danger when Raglak were romancing at baadi, so please why complaining… By his decision to save a little girl’s life, his brother’s marriage is broken… at the end, his brother has never be the reason and yet he’s making all his possible to protect and save him… Swasan didn’t even got time to have a proper hug… but no complaining … we’re just happy with blushing cheeks of Sanskar talking about jasoosi skills of his wife 😀

      2. Mica

        yaa haaa Mahira didi… Swara just a navigator in this Sanlak’s race 😀 😀

      3. hahahahaha
        dear mica so hilarious would be nice as a scene than we got fairy godmother with her magical wand and make everything good….looooool

      4. ha ha ha
        what a witty ans di

    2. Kakali

      Anikaaaa what r u doing here at this page dear? didn’t u watch yesterday’s episode? tell me how was d situation? tell me how would Ragini save her Laksh? if u can’t understand d situation sooo it’s better b if u shut ur mouth up.. !!! u people blubber anything without knowing d fact n bash Swara … rit.. !!! don’t do it babee… we r silent here not to make any mess … but if u try to ignite more… it going to b not good.. !!! mind it.. !!!

      1. MAHIRA

        Calm down dear Kakali, we’re here to share our views without bashing hai na?… Remember my little story… our princess will always have bashers whatever she does, but she still win hearts and fights 😀

  21. Sally_V

    Aww am soo happy for Ragini but i have many doubts regarding the ending of the serial.., like what will happen chiraag and his revenge ? Uttara didn’t get married ab tak …

  22. A.xx

    Yar precap is bull**it at least they could end it better how can the villains loose already in one episode…nikhil who was smarter than them all can’t be defeated that easily… no wonder there r low trps and I can’t believe ragini forgave him in any other serial raginis character would take a little footage and torture him xx

  23. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update…
    Waaaaaa…. Nikhil save..nikhil save…. thank God my Swara didn’t become a killer..
    *pinch nikhil’s cheek & kick Nikhil’s ass to hell .MISSION COMPLETE.

    uugghhh Sanskar blushing to hear Mansi’s word about Swara…gooood, huh! even i’m blushing.
    and my Swara.. when she could escape from jail, why can she do it now ? seem even Sanskar has faithful on it..ahem ahem

    1. MAHIRA

      Sanskar blushing…… *faint*…. *melt*…. he looks so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute when she says i’m sure you were acting her husband… i just love how everytime Sanskar says sorry to someone he finished by be evil now Mansi, beofre that Sahil…
      and Nikhil… little sister… can I now kill him????
      Happy that Swara didn’t become killer, no one deserves it (but i would like Laksh or Sanskar to really kill him)

      1. Hahaha Mahiraaa dear… !!! sometime i loose my patience badly.. !!! i was seriously not in a mood to bear those craps.. so i overflowed with emotions … urghh still sipping cold coffee to calm down myself… !!! what to do SR going off air news is stabbing me.. !!! hurrahh i should go n n jump from flyover.. !!! ?

      2. Mica

        haa.. this polite and responsible Sanskar…….
        Nikhil it yours now Didi… wish you get well soon after torture him.
        i’m soo happy that Swara didn’t kill Nikhil at least

    2. MAHIRA

      sorry, couldn’t reply to you in the last episode, i was ill 🙁

  24. I hope swaragini will not end if swaragini go off air I vl definitely hate colors………In colors the most famous and lovely serial is swaragini…,…I humbly request u to not end swaragini pls pls pls pls don’t end swaragini?

  25. Hai Guy’s episode was super raglaksh hug was amazing waiting for two marriages don’t end the showshow live swasan raglaksh

    1. Sorry love swasan raglaksh typing mistake

  26. I don’t want to end d serial……. Miss u raglak so much……. Luv ur pairing….. Miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……

  27. Oh god precap dekh k mujhse apne aansoo control hi nahi hua ek side khush hu k SB thik ho gya or dusri side abhi tk bhrosaa nahi ho raha h k swaragini 16 Dec ko khtam ho jayega ????????????????
    SWASAN finally ek ho gye dono bhut bhut bhut ache LG rahe h
    RAGLAK bhi SWASAN SE km nahi LG rahe h BT yr epi m raglak ka scean editing kr k kitna chota kr dia supid editor or episodes time SE pahle khtam kyu kr dete ho yr ek to sirf adhr ghante ka show hota h usme bhi adds aati rahti hu or phir uper SE time SE phle khtam kr dete ho ???????
    Lv u SWASAN soooooo much ??????
    Mujhe ni pata kese rahungi tumhare bina ???????????

  28. Raina

    i think they are going to drag this precap like hell. because though raglak can be united, i think there will be a emotional convo for swasan. though they r not angry anymore. surely it will take some time for them to get together. even if the episode will be aired today itself, i’m expecting a lot of swasan scenes before the serial ends. but when i saw the precap, the first thing i wanted to do was teas sanskar. when sanskar said to gayathri that he and swara will never reunite, i was just thinking, “i will see sanskar how u r going to be away from swara”. and see when they r uniting, i just want to make sanskar blush by teasing him, wish i can do it *dreamy eyes*
    now coming to raglak, i’m so happy for them, their conversation and their hug was very nice. i want ragini to tease laksh by ordering him to do something special for her like swara ordered sanskar. hoping for a lots of raglak scenes too.
    i saw the promo of kasam, there will be a special one hour episode for it on coming friday from 9:30 to 10:30. that means there will be no telecast for swaragini on friday. hate colors for the partiality they show, this always happens. whenever there was a maha episode for ashoka and now when the serial shani started, and now kasam. like seriously i just hate u colors

    1. agree with u
      even i was thinking just the same

      1. Raina

        what u thought same like me?

      2. just the whole thing
        so so sooooooooo much of story is left
        uttara and chirag track is still left
        this story could run for 2 more months
        but i’m sure the last epi will be swasan raglak marriage
        and i hate those serials which take the place of swaragini

        i still don’t understand how can trps be low and how can sasural simar ka run

  29. MAHIRA

    So… Yesterday episode… Continuing on raglak track… Laksh “I really really really…. Love you” took my breath away and some tears with them
    It seems like CVS are reading our comments as they gave this heartfull declaration with a so awaited hug (hats off namish.. It was really a beautiful sincere moment)
    Ragini forgive s him so easily… I really
    don’t think so… She blames him for making her suffer again and again but to say when he’s saving an innocent little and feeling guilty about taking an innocent life too.. She’s the perfect
    wife/lover standing by his side not
    adding salt on his wounds.

  30. Hi everyone how are yes all? So SR is really ending, how sad. I remember I used to comment here allot with my talking buddies as a swasan fan. I miss those moments. Hi rids, neha, nik, Lee, kirti, sunshine and all how are you guys? Anyway s swasan forever swasan rocks.

  31. MAHIRA

    About Swasan…
    Swara dear, as your self, you are already safe when your lovely husband comes worrying about you, i m sure you were absolutely sure he’s coming, you scream his name knowing he’ll hear you above all. You’re worry for mishka, for ragini, for laksh…
    How can you look gorgeous even being Arti and fitting perfectly to your handsome husband
    Sanskar… I just want to hug you, you find your dead brother, you everything is being OK family, in laws, and even with you swara But noooo… You have to worry for her absence, for laksh kidnapping… Let them patch up and make babies :p
    For the probably mishka adoption… Really nice ending for raglak, when ragini kidnapped her they had a special moment in raglak’s room when she showed her laksh’ s life. . and if SR weren’t at the end, who knows may be ragini would have problems to be pregnant since she has been injured by knife in her abdomen by kavia *dramatic filmy me*

  32. don’t should i be sad or happy seeing the precap
    does swaragini really have so low trps that it has to end

    in susural simar ka nobody even comments sometimes and here we have so so sooooooooo many fans of swaragini then also its ending

    the best serials lways end soon and i hate this kind f ending where the last episode is of the couples wedding

    really i don’t know will iread ffs after swaragini end or not

    1. Raina

      no dear. do read ffs. we should prove swaragini’s fandom na. even after its end. we should show that we all are true fans of swaragini. i’m nt forcing u and i’m sorry if i’m forcing u

      1. don’t be sorry
        i’m just a bit sad and emotional and about reading ffs i love them and will surely read them
        but after the serial ends it will be so sad
        reading ffs will remind me of swaragini and how it ended
        so it will be a bit difficult at first

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